How to Create Amazing Lifehacks That Will Make Daily Life So Much Easier


We all have chores we really don’t like doing, like cooking, cleaning, shopping, or fixing things that have been broken for ages. These tasks can be tiring and annoying, which is why we often avoid doing them. That’s why we made a super helpful list of tips and tricks to make these chores easier and less stressful. This list will also help you finish these tasks quicker and better. Don’t wait! Check it out and see how much simpler your life can become!

Lighting Candles

Candles and their holders come in lots of shapes and sizes. It’s hard to light them sometimes if you don’t have a long lighter. But there’s a kitchen item that can help with this!

Use dry spaghetti noodles to light tricky candles! Just light the end of the pasta and then use it to light the candle wick. Easy fix!

Erase Highlighter

Many people enjoy using a highlighter to mark important parts in books. It helps highlight poems or key data for reports, making it easier to find later on.

But using a highlighter can harm a book and make it tough for others to read. If a book is heavily highlighted, try this: get a Q-tip, dip the cotton part in lemon juice, and gently rub it over the highlighted areas.

Regulate Pet Food

Some pets, especially young puppies, love to eat a lot and may not understand when they’re full yet.

To help your puppy avoid overeating, take a piece of PVC pipe and a drill. Make a few holes in the pipe so that the kibble can fall out. The puppy will stop eating once it’s full.

Finding The Right Key

Many folks carry multiple keys on their keychains: house keys, office keys, garage fobs, bike lock keys, and more. It can be tricky to find the right key when you need it.

If you have trouble finding the correct key, don’t worry! There’s a simple trick. Get some nail polish and delicately paint the top of each key. Each color will match what the key is used for.

The DIY Water Hose

Kitchens vary, and not all sinks can fit a bucket. If your sink can’t accommodate a bucket, here’s what you need.

You can use a pool noodle as a makeshift water hose! Position it under the faucet, turn on the water, and there you go. It helps fill up buckets or any other containers that need water.

The Seed Case

Seeds often get overlooked when winter arrives. Though those paper packets protect them in stores, they still need care at home.

To maintain seed freshness, use an airtight container, such as an old pencil case. Include a few silica packets in the container. Silica absorbs moisture, keeping the seeds dry and ready for spring.

Goodbye Foggy Mirrors

Unless your bathroom has a fantastic fan, your mirror might fog up when hot water streams from the showerhead.

To prevent mirror fogging, apply car polish all over the mirror’s front. After your shower, wipe off the polish. This should stop the mirror from fogging up.

Lego Needs A Bath Too

Kids handle toys like Legos frequently. So, these little plastic blocks need occasional sanitizing to prevent bacteria growth.

Sanitizing Legos is easy: fill a mesh laundry bag, put it in the dishwasher, and run a cycle. After washing, take out the bag and lay the Legos on a towel to dry.

Spruce Up Old Furniture

Kids often enjoy drawing on walls and putting stickers on furniture. Many parents are fine with this as it’s a way for kids to explore their creativity.

If your child went sticker-crazy on your furniture, it’s alright! Use a blow dryer and a putty knife to easily remove the stickers. The blow dryer heats up the adhesive, making them simple to peel off.

Always Hang Items Straight

If you’ve ever tried the ‘eyeball’ method of guessing what’s straight by just staring at a wall, you probably know it hardly ever works.

That’s why it’s better to use painter’s tape and a leveler to ensure the holes you’re drilling are straight. This way, you’ll never end up hanging a painting that looks a bit off-center.

No More Wrinkles

Many folks are familiar with tossing their damp clothes into the dryer, taking them out, and then spending an hour or two carefully ironing their clothing.

You can save time by adding a couple of damp washcloths or a handful of ice cubes into the dryer with your wet clothes. The ice or moisture in the washcloths turns to steam, giving your clothes a steam bath that helps eliminate wrinkles during drying.

Rotating Plants

When spring arrives, it’s the perfect time to plan your garden. Do you envision clusters of daisies in one corner and snow peas in the other?

If you’re unsure about plant placement, try using large plastic pots in different spots within your garden beds. This allows you to switch plants still in their pots until you achieve the desired look you envisioned.

Kindling In The Dryer

Camping is fantastic—it gets you out of the city and back to basics, with the joy of a campfire. While some rely on lighter fluid or paper to start a fire, we’ve got a neat trick for you.

Dryer lint is highly flammable, making it a quick way to start a fire. Collect it in a plastic bag and bring it along for an instant fire starter on your next camping trip.

Keep Your Phone Upright

Many online stores sell expensive phone stands, but you can easily make one at home without spending much. Need a phone stand without breaking the bank?

Simply take a couple of zip-ties from your drawer or toolbox and fasten them around the edges of your phone. The extended plastic part you’d typically cut off will help keep your phone upright, making watching movies and reading much easier.

Hide Your Cash

Having a secret stash of cash can be a lifesaver in moments when you forget your wallet and think, ‘Oh no!’

With a hollowed-out Chapstick tube containing a few rolled-up bills, you’ll always have cash on hand. It’s handy for travelers too, as thieves usually don’t think to take used lip balms.

Drip Irrigation

In many developing nations, there’s a technique called drip irrigation, which involves a garden hose punctured evenly along its length.

Once water flows through the hose, it releases a fine drip or mist into the nearby soil. This method provides plants with the necessary water while preventing pooling and wastage of water.

The Rope Carrying Hack

Occasionally, when you’re in the garage or yard, you might find yourself needing an extra set of hands. Carrying something bulky like plywood can be quite challenging in such situations.

With an 18-foot piece of rope on hand, you can set up a carrying system that evenly spreads the weight of whatever you need to transport.

Two Is Better Than One

Sealable plastic bags are available in various sizes, but narrow ones might not be handy when needed. For a quick small sealable bag, just cut a regular-sized bag in half.

After halving the bag, take a knife heated on a stove element and carefully run it along the open plastic side. The heat will seal the edges, creating a new plastic bag.

The Homemade Air Pump

Nowadays, many inflatables, such as pool toys and air mattresses, come equipped with built-in air pumps. But what about older items that still need a standard hand pump?

If you have a shop vacuum, you can easily convert it into an air pump. Simply attach a plastic squeeze bottle nozzle to the exhaust side using duct tape, and it’ll do the job of inflating for you.

Wall Protection

An empty home might feel incomplete, so choosing cute prints that match your design style is essential. However, putting up picture frames can sometimes scrape the wall paint, resulting in potentially expensive touch-ups.

To prevent scratches and keep your pictures secure, here’s a simple solution. Apply a small dab of hot glue from a glue gun on the back corners of the frame. Once dry, hang the frame back up, and the glue will act as a bumper, keeping it in place.

The Paint Covered Carpet

Applying a fresh coat of paint can transform a room into a relaxing oasis or a lively party space, depending on your vibe. However, sometimes during the painting process, paint can accidentally spill or splatter onto the carpet.

Spilled paint on carpet might seem like a disaster, but it doesn’t have to be. Use a rag that matches the carpet’s color dipped in denatured alcohol to effectively remove the paint with careful rubbing.

A Cute To-Do List

You don’t need a massive whiteboard that takes up a whole wall for your to-do lists. You can create a smaller one that blends in with your decor and is incredibly easy to make.

Creating an adorable to-do list board is simple! Get dry-erase paper, cut it to size, and place it into a picture frame for the kitchen display. For added charm, you can paint the frame in fun colors.

Mulching About

Garden beds benefit from mulch as it acts as an insulator, helping plants retain vital nutrients for healthy growth. While arranging mulch requires some effort, your plants will appreciate it in the long run.

To simplify transporting mulch, avoid carrying the bag around the garden. Instead, fill up buckets with the mulch and sprinkle it around plants and flower beds as required.

Extra Plush Rugs

Rugs often get overlooked as accessories, but they shouldn’t be! These colorful floor coverings not only feel great underfoot but also add a dash of spice to a room.

For an even more luxurious feel, place a thick layer of carpet padding underneath the rug. This way, your feet will sink into the softness every time you walk on it.

Lint Rollers And Lampshades

Have you ever walked past a lamp and seen a thin layer of dust covering the entire lampshade? Similar to shelves, lampshades often gather a lot of dust.

Cleaning lampshades can be tricky, but here’s a helpful trick: use a lint roller typically used for clothing, and it quickly removes all the dust from the shade.

Make That Table Taller

While many desks have the feature to rise and lower, most work tables lack this capability. If you’re tired of hunching over while working at a folding table, fret not, we’ve got a solution for you.

Head to your local hardware store and get PVC piping. Cut it to the desired height for each table leg. Repeat for all legs, then slip the piping into place. Your table will be higher, yet still adjustable if needed.

A Gummy Situation

Chewing gum can be quite sticky and challenging to remove once it’s stuck in hair or carpet. Many resort to cutting it out, but with some patience, there’s a less intrusive method available.

Similar to other substances, gum can freeze. If it’s stuck in the carpet, place a sealed bag of ice on top of the gum and let it harden. Once frozen, chip the gum out of the carpet.

Keep Lawns Straight

Creating precise edges for a lawn or flowerbed requires skill. Maintaining straight lines without them turning wavy can be challenging, especially after a long day working in the sun.

Try using a 2×6 piece of wood! Lay it down and edge your entire garden or lawn along its side. This simple trick will help keep all your lines straight and give your landscaping a professional finish.

Fill In Those Chinks

Anything made of wood can chip or develop dents over time. If your favorite table or bookshelf has a noticeable chunk missing, here’s an inexpensive alternative to wood filler.

Instead of purchasing wood filler from the hardware store, mix sawdust with wood glue. This paste works just as effectively as wood filler, filling in any missing areas. Plus, it can be stained to match the surrounding wood.

Cool Cans Faster

There are various hacks to cool down cans, but one of the most effective is wrapping a damp paper towel around the can.

While some might doubt this hack, after a few tests, we found that the drinks did taste cooler. It could be the placebo effect, but you’ll have to try it yourself to see.

Make Shoes White Again

Maintaining the pristine look of white shoes is quite the challenge. Despite efforts, they often acquire a greyish tint that persists even after a run through the washing machine.

To restore your white shoes, try using whitening toothpaste (not gel). Gently scrub any marks with an old toothbrush. Remember, not all toothpaste is alike, so it’s wise to do a swatch test first.

Strengthening Sandpaper

Sandpaper is a crucial tool that every handy person has in their toolkit, especially for those who work with wood and refinish furniture.

Thin sandpaper, typically used for fine surfaces, tends to tear easily. Applying duct tape to the back prevents it from disintegrating, extending its lifespan for longer use during sanding.

Preserve Phone Chargers

The cords used to charge smartphones aren’t as durable as manufacturers claim. Over time, the plastic coating often starts to tear, revealing the wires underneath.

To prevent this issue, take the metal spring from a pen and some heat shrink tubing. Slide the spring down to the cord’s bottom, apply the tubing, and use a lighter to shrink it. This trick should help maintain the durability of your phone charger for about a year.

Sweep Up Everything

Sweeping can be quite a hassle, especially when dealing with a thin line of dust that won’t go into your dustpan. An easy hack for this involves using duct tape.

Apply a thin strip of duct tape along the edge of the dustpan. This will help the dustpan adhere more closely to the floor, allowing you to sweep up all those annoying bits of sand, crumbs, and dust bunnies more effectively.

Ice Pack On The Go

Ice packs are items you tend to use only during accidents or when you need to keep food cold in a cooler. Otherwise, they’re not something you think about very often.

If you suddenly need an ice pack, check your kitchen. Dampen a sponge with water, put it in a sealable plastic bag, and freeze it. Voila! You have a DIY ice pack ready whenever you need it.

Save On Car Mats

Car companies often manufacture all the necessary products for their vehicles, including car mats. Since every vehicle has differently sized floors, mats need to be custom measured to fit if they’re not purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Measuring is important, but you don’t necessarily have to purchase official car mats. Hardware stores often carry scrap carpets at affordable prices. Simply cut the carpet to the desired size, and presto! You have custom-made car mats ready to use.

Keep A Tension Rod In Place

People enjoy getting crafty, particularly with home improvements. The husband of a seamstress noticed that her tension rod, used for hanging clothes, kept falling down.

To prevent this issue, he discovered a solution – using bottle caps as inserts to secure the rod. By drilling plastic bottle caps from water bottles into the wall, he found they effectively hold the tension rods in place while also protecting the wall from damage.

Locate Lost Things

Losing earrings and other small items often leads to a frantic search around the house, checking under furniture and feeling around in rugs to find them.

To avoid this hassle, cover the nozzle of your vacuum with a thin sock. Then, vacuum over your rugs and in the seat cushions of your furniture. The sock acts as a barrier, preventing any lost items from being sucked up.

The Permanent Marker Hack

Permanent markers and dry erase markers often look quite similar. Unfortunately, someone always ends up leaving a permanent mark close enough to the whiteboard, causing confusion for the next person who uses it.

Writing with a permanent marker can be a “What have I done?” moment. Fortunately, you can rectify this by simply writing over the permanent marker with a dry erase marker, allowing you to wipe both marks away.

Feeling Wobbly

It’s a mystery how it happens, but occasionally, one table leg ends up shorter than the others. This can result in a wobbly dining experience, which becomes even more precarious when drinks are involved.

To prevent drinks from spilling, a quick fix for a wobbly table leg is to glue a penny or two onto it. This temporary solution will stabilize the table until a more permanent fix is implemented.

Little Notes

To prevent drinks from spilling, a quick fix for a wobbly table leg is to glue a penny or two onto it. This temporary solution will stabilize the table until a more permanent fix is implemented.

Another option is to leave a note reminding yourself or a family member to switch over the laundry, ensuring everyone has dry sheets for the evening.

Screws On Hand

When working on quick projects that require screws and a drill gun, keeping those screws nearby can be a challenge. Do you keep them in your pocket or in a bowl nearby?

The life hack for this involves gluing a rare earth metal magnet to the base of the drill. This way, all your screws will stick to it, ready for use whenever you need them.

Get Permanent Markers Working

If not used frequently, permanent markers tend to dry up, posing a challenge when you require swift usage for making marks or signing.

If you keep rubbing alcohol in your bathroom, adding a few drops of it into the marker will revive its ability to draw. Remember to give it a few spins to distribute the alcohol throughout the marker.

The Perfect Sharpener

Over time, cutting tools such as scissors and knives naturally lose their sharpness and require sharpening, which can be done by a professional or using a sharpening stone.

If you don’t have a dedicated sharpening stone available, using the bottom of a ceramic mug can serve as a substitute. The ceramic surface functions similarly to a stone, enabling you to restore the sharpness of your knives and scissors, getting them ready for efficient cutting.

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