How to Overcome the Challenges of a Man’s Ego


People often think that men are naturally skilled at fixing things, building stuff, and moving heavy furniture. But that’s not always true. Sometimes, even if they try, they might not do it right or safely.

In fact, some guys don’t think much about safety when they’re trying to do things themselves. Here are 50 funny instances when a guy thought he could do anything and ended up going a bit overboard in the process.


That setup looks totally shaky. Doesn’t he know that doors move? It’s like he’s living life on the edge, but this? This is a whole different level of risky business.

Red spray paint

He wanted to spray paint something, which should’ve been easy. But things went wrong—the spray nozzle was facing the wrong way. And yep, you guessed it, that’s red paint all over him.


He evidently aimed for the ideal photo and succeeded, but we must question whether the risk involved was truly justified.


What’s more concerning than a single man confident he can do anything without a ladder? Two men without a ladder. Yikes indeed!


The idea of effortlessly parking the car in the garage with just a button press seemed fantastic. But a single mistimed button press by someone led to this outcome.

Not a good idea

The origins of this idea remain a mystery to us, and frankly, we’re not sure we even want to uncover them. As for the outcome, our best guess is that it didn’t turn out well.


Smoking on the job is typically bad on its own, but he escalates it to an entirely new level of risk and danger.

Life or death

Summer becomes unbearable when the air conditioner malfunctions. Nevertheless, it’s hardly worth endangering your life over it.

Updating the will

Having clean windows is crucial, but so are fundamental safety measures. Unfortunately, it seems only the former is being prioritized in this situation.

Impending disaster

This situation is undeniably risky. Simply observing it is enough to make most individuals too anxious to attempt it. Regrettably, it didn’t seem to bother this person at all.

“Hold my legs!”

Shouldn’t there be safety harnesses and ladders available for such scenarios? What could they possibly be thinking to overlook those precautions?

More heights

There are safe protocols for accessing the exterior of buildings. However, this approach definitely doesn’t fall into that category.

Another brave soul

Here’s another example of someone with perhaps a bit too much courage. At least in this case, the fall wouldn’t be as far, thankfully.

Safety bucket

At least this guy recognizes the importance of safety. However, how he puts that awareness into practice is another story altogether.

Weight limit

We’re curious about the weight capacity of an air conditioning unit. Somehow, we doubt it’s designed to bear the weight of a person.

Spatial awareness

This highlights the significance of having a clear workspace and ample room.


Absolutely, making a bad decision on your own is tough, but having someone join in on that same bad decision can make it even worse.

It’s not just construction

Life’s dangers extend beyond just high altitudes; there are also relational pitfalls that require careful navigation.

The medical bills

True, carrying the sofa down the stairs might take a bit longer. But those extra three minutes could potentially save you from a trip to the hospital.

Not the proudest driver

That’s fair. Car accidents can happen without egos even being a part of the equation.


When you spend all day working alongside the same people and equipment, it’s easy to build trust. Yet, there are still situations where putting all your trust in them might not be the best choice.

Not recommended

Somehow, we doubt this was ever listed in the job safety manual. In fact, it probably falls under the “never do this” section, if there were one.

Holding on

Exactly, while the guy at the top might seem relaxed, it’s the effort and strain the guy at the bottom is enduring that’s concerning. That setup doesn’t look like it’ll hold for much longer.

Use as instructed

The whole purpose of holding a jackhammer by hand is to have a firm grip for control. This setup doesn’t bode well at all.

 No ladder needed

That’s a valid question. What kind of painter arrives at a job without a ladder?

Bad idea

They aimed to raise the car for a look underneath. This was their chosen method.

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