Braids? For Guys Too! Rock a Look That’s All You

Discover the trendiest braids for men Hairstyle that fuse style and individuality. From classic cornrows to modern fishtail braids

Braids for Men A Stylish Guide to Trendy Hairstyles
Braids for Men A Stylish Guide to Trendy Hairstyles

In recent years, men’s hairstyles have evolved beyond traditional cuts and styles. Braided hairstyles for men have become a prominent trend, gaining immense popularity. Braids are a versatile and stylish way for men to express their personality and showcase their unique fashion sense. Whether you’re looking to rock a rugged look or exude sophistication, there’s a braid style for every man. In this blog, we’ll explore various braided hairstyles for men, offering inspiration and step-by-step guides to achieve these trendy looks.

What Is Braided Hairstyle?

A braid is a way of styling hair by weaving three or more strands together. It’s like making a pattern with hair. Braids can have a simple or fancy appearance, and individuals can wear them in various hairstyles. People use braids to enhance the appearance of their hair, and there are numerous ways to achieve this style. In addition to hair, people also utilize braiding to create items like baskets or ropes by weaving different materials together. Therefore, a braid represents a distinctive design formed through the interweaving of strands or materials.

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Types of Braid Hairstyles To Use for Men

Here are some popular types of braid hairstyles:

1. Three-Strand Braid (Regular Braid):

A regular braid, also known as a three-strand braid, is an easy and classic hairstyle for men. To make it, you divide your hair into three parts. First, you take the right section and put it over the middle one. Then, you take the left section and put it over the new middle part. Keep doing this, switching sides, until you reach the end of your hair. This makes a neat pattern that holds your hair together nicely. It’s a simple and timeless style that works for both everyday and more formal looks.

2. French Braids For Men:

The French braid, or “French plait,” is a men’s hairstyle that begins at the top of the head and gradually adds more hair as it goes down, creating a smooth and interwoven appearance. This technique starts with three sections of hair at the crown and intertwines them, picking up additional hair from the sides as you progress down the head. The end result is a stylish and elegant braided look.

3. Dutch Braids For Men:

Dutch Braid for men Similar to the French braid, the Dutch braid involves crossing sections of hair under each other instead of over, creating a raised or “3D” effect.

4. Fishtail Braids For Men:

This intricate braid resembles a fishtail and is created by dividing the hair into two sections and alternating small pieces from each section as you braid.

5. Box Braids:

These are small, box-shaped braids that are typically achieved using hair extensions. They can be worn long or short and are known for their versatility and low-maintenance nature.

6. Cornrows:

Cornrows are tight, flat braids that are braided close to the scalp. They can be worn in straight rows or in intricate patterns, and they’re often associated with various cultural styles.

7. Braided Bun:

A braided bun combines the elegance of a bun with the texture of braids. The bun can be formed by twisting or wrapping the braided hair into a knot.

8. Waterfall Braid:

This romantic style features cascading strands that resemble a waterfall. Sections of hair are dropped as you braid, creating a flowing effect.

9. Viking or Warrior Braids:

Inspired by historical warriors, these braids are thick and bold, often adorned with beads or other accessories.

10. Crown Braid:

The hair is braided around the head, creating a “crown” effect. This elegant style is suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

11. Feed-In Braids:

These braids start with your natural hair at the base and gradually incorporate added hair extensions as you braid. This technique provides a more gradual and natural look.

12. Micro Braids:

Extremely small braids that are meticulously created using small sections of hair. They can be time-consuming to install but can result in a unique and eye-catching look.

Step-By-Step Guide On How to Create A Simple Hairstyle Braids For Men

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a simple braided hairstyle for men. Let’s go through the process of creating a basic three-strand braid:

Materials Needed:

  • Hairbrush or comb
  • Hair ties or bands (optional)
  • Hair product (gel, wax, or pomade) for a neater finish (optional)


  1. Preparation:
    • Start with clean and dry hair. If your hair is too slippery, you can apply a small amount of hair product to add grip.
    • Brush or comb your hair to remove any tangles and ensure it’s smooth.
  2. Divide Hair:
    • Divide your hair into three even sections. You can do this by parting your hair down the middle to create two larger sections, and then splitting one of those sections into two.
  3. Cross the Strands:
    • Hold the left section with your left hand, the middle section with your right hand, and let the right section rest between your fingers.
    • Cross the left section over the middle section, moving the left section to the center.
    • The strand that was in the left position is now in the middle.
  4. Cross Again:
    • Now, cross the right section over the new middle section, moving the right section to the center.
    • The strand that was in the right position is now in the middle.
  5. Repeat:
    • Continue this process, alternating between crossing the left and right sections over the middle section.
    • As you continue, you’ll notice the braid forming and becoming more defined.
  6. Secure the End:
    • When you’ve braided to the desired length, secure the end with a hair tie or band to prevent the braid from unraveling.
  7. Tug and Adjust:
    • Gently tug on the edges of the braid to loosen it slightly and create a more relaxed, textured look.
  8. Optional Finishing:
    • If you want a neater appearance, you can apply a small amount of hair product to the braid, smoothing down any flyaways and ensuring a polished finish.


Braided hairstyles for men have become an integral part of modern grooming and fashion. From classic cornrows to bold Viking-inspired braids, the options are limitless. By experimenting with different braid styles, you can effortlessly express your personality and stay ahead of the style curve. Embrace your adventurous side and transform your look with these trendy and versatile braided hairstyles.


Q1: Can men wear braided hairstyles?
Absolutely! Braided hairstyles are not limited by gender. Men can embrace braids to add a stylish and unique touch to their look.

Q2: How long does my hair need to be for braids?
The required hair length varies depending on the type of braid. Some styles work well with shorter hair, while others require longer hair. Consulting with a hairstylist can help determine the best options based on your hair length.

Q4: Can I swim or play sports with braids?
Yes, you can enjoy physical activities with braids. Secure your braids to prevent unraveling and rinse your hair after swimming to remove chlorine or saltwater.

Q5: How do I keep my scalp healthy with braids?
Moisturize your scalp regularly using lightweight oils or leave-in conditioners. Avoid over-tightening braids and give your scalp breaks between styles.

Q7: Can I braid short hair?
While some styles are better suited for longer hair, there are braiding techniques suitable for shorter hair lengths. Your stylist can recommend the best options for your hair.

Q8: How long does it take to get braids?
The time needed depends on the braid style and your hair type. Some styles can take a few hours, while others may take longer.

Q9: Can I add accessories to my braids?
Absolutely! Beads, bands, and other accessories can enhance your braided look and add a personal touch.

Q10: How do I choose the right braided style for me?
Consider factors like your hair length, personal style, and maintenance preferences. A hairstylist can help you choose a style that suits your features and lifestyle.

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