6 Easy Ways to Look Hot

To look hot, according to the urban dictionary, is to be gorgeous, pretty, cute, or attractive. Looks are the most important thing, and now you will learn a few things about people's value-added.


     To look hot, according to the urban dictionary, is to be gorgeous, pretty, cute, or attractive. Looks are the most important thing, and now you will learn a few things about people’s value-added.


1. Reveal One Area of

     The very first way to look hot is to reveal one area of your body, and it’s not about your chest cleavage here, but about an area that’s generally considered not that special like the arms, the neck, the shoulders, so for example, if you’re wearing a very basic grey cardigan, not just take it off and kind of put it slightly off your shoulders, it totally changes up the look and it will be very attractive.

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2. Neck Lines

     Another way to look extra attractive is by showing off your neck lines by actually wearing a necklace that is extremely subtle but doesn’t overpower your neck. If you have a husband or a boyfriend potential interest, this will be great for you. If you don’t have one, that’s okay. You can still apply these tips and walk around feeling good about yourself.


3. Lipstick Lustre

     So, if you want to look hot, you have to look kissable and as much as girls love glossy shiny lipstick, guys don’t really want to get up all in that it kind of gets the message to put on your favorite lipstick. Even try that powder trick where you actually block powder in to a tissue to really set it all day. That gives it a natural matte look and a natural healthy lip is always the way to go.


4. Eyeliner

     If you want to make it look like you have a large horizon, the easiest way to do that is to actually use brown eyeliner. I don’t know why everyone in the entire world always grabs black because brown eyeliner is the trick to large eyes. This brown eyeliner is by Ardency Inn. Another trick is to kind of just focus more on the top of your eyes and then kind of carpet down at the corner of your eyes. Don’t go overboard. Don’t over line your eyes. That used to be a thing, it’s not anymore and they just take any eye makeup brush and smoke it out. You smoke it out and pull up your eyes are instantly larger.


     Just pick one thing on your body and make it a little bit longer, so you can have longer hair and you could also go for longer nails to kind of elongate your hands. You could find a pair of heels that match your skin tone that really elongates your legs. You can even focus on your eyelashes and make them longer. So many people love the look of very long eyelashes. There are lots of tricks you can do. You can obviously play around.

5. Mascara


     With mascara, you get eyelash extensions. Flair your mascara. Test it out.

     It’s a nice thing to do, and if you compare a nice person with a standoffish or rude person, I guarantee you the nice person will be better looking in your eyes. It kind of makes you look more confident, and confidence is such an attractive and hot treat.


6 .Chin Up

     Speaking of confidence, the trick is to keep your head high, but I mean actually keep your chin up and keep it up, keep your jaw line defined. It actually has this trick of swimming at your face, so when you walk into a room just keep it elevated just a little bit. You don’t want to walk into a room with your nose looking up in the air like you’re super stuck up.


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