40+ Brides That Scored Their Wedding Dress at a Thrift Store

40+ Brides That Scored Their Wedding Dress at a Thrift Store

Getting married can be costly as you have to pay for the location, decorations, food, and other essential components. This can leave you with limited funds. Even though every bride desires to have a beautiful wedding dress, it may be difficult to accomplish that, especially with a limited budget. But, as Macklemore suggested, one could opt for secondhand stores. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find a dress you adore.

Classic A-Line Gown

We are getting a strong princess vibe from this beautiful A-line dress. It is surprising to know that the bride found it at a thrift store. The off-the-shoulder design is both delightful and conventional. Additionally, the lace embellishment on the skirt provides a touch of timeless elegance.

The groom was undoubtedly mesmerized by the bride’s appearance, which was stunning. Surprisingly, the gown was purchased at a significantly lower cost than what one would pay for a boutique or couture gown. It truly is a dream fairytale wedding dress.

An Elizabethan Beauty

If you aim to achieve a classic look for your wedding, then buying a secondhand dress can be a great option. For instance, this dress had a magnificent neck ruffle and elongated, graceful sleeves, giving off the impression of being taken straight from a Shakespearean movie set.

You have the freedom to draw inspiration from various historical eras and customize your attire to suit your unique preferences. Moreover, this particular gown style is ideal for individuals seeking a conservative appearance on their wedding day.

Empire Line Glamor

This unique wedding dress found in a thrift shop is remarkable because of its Empire-line style and intricate lace detail that adds elegance. It’s difficult to come across a simple wedding dress when buying a new gown due to the abundance of flashy sequins, sparkles, and tulle that dominate popular designs.

By opting for a simpler wedding gown, you can accentuate your overall look with stylish ornaments. It appears that this bride has discovered her ideal dress at a secondhand store.

Brilliant Ball Gown

On her wedding day, it is important for every bride to feel unique and important. While some prefer a simple and timeless appearance, others opt for a more extravagant and grandiose look. It is delightful to witness brides unleashing their glamorous personalities by wearing a stunning ball gown. The bride in question is exuding a captivating vibe with her enormous skirt, creating a truly dramatic effect.

Picture yourself spinning on the dance floor donning this extravagant gown! The gloves provide an air of elegance, and the use of satin fabric keeps the dress from appearing too gaudy or excessive.

Trumpet Dress of Dreams

The beautiful bride looks stunning in her trumpet-style dress, which fits her body perfectly. The sweetheart neckline highlights her feminine shoulders, and the flared bottom provides a flattering silhouette. One might mistake the gown for being bought at a high-end boutique.

Rather than any other option, she decided to go to the secondhand store and looked through the clothing to find her ideal dress. It seems fortune was in her favor as she has found the perfect one. Some things just happen to be destined.

Thrift Store Elegance

You don’t necessarily need a fancy ball gown or a classic A-line dress with a long tail to find the perfect wedding dress. In some cases, simplicity is key, and this bride’s attire is a prime example of that. She scoured for a secondhand dress and discovered a tasteful batwing gown with a plunging ‘V’ neckline, which perfectly fits her style.

The style is a combination of mature and modern elements, making it an ideal choice for an intimate and simple wedding. Due to the current situation where many brides have had to delay their grand wedding plans, more understated and modest styles are becoming popular.

A Stunning Strapless Look

The bride was extremely fortunate to discover her ideal dress at a thrift store. Her desire was for a stunning, sleeveless dress adorned with intricate beadwork and a hint of shimmer, and this dress fulfills all her requirements.

The fit and flare design is stylish and contemporary, complemented by the mesh detailing at the hem that amplifies its alluring allure. Generally, it’s difficult to discover an ideal gown in traditional bridal stores, but this bride has been fortunate enough to find one.

DIY Thrift Flip

It’s not always possible for a bride to find her dream wedding dress in a thrift store. In such cases, one needs to be innovative. One such bride utilized her exceptional sewing abilities to transform a bulkier and less flattering dress into an entirely original wedding dress.

She made a complete makeover of the dress that was too big for her petite body. On her special day, she confidently wore a unique and stunning light pink dress.

Pink Ombre Masterpiece

Is following the traditional wedding dress style a must? Opting for a thrifted wedding dress can provide a unique touch to your special day. This way, you could put a personal touch on your gown, as done by an innovative bride who discovered a stunning strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline and empire waist.

Although she enjoyed it, she felt like it lacked originality. Therefore, she decided to incorporate some off-the-shoulder sleeves and apply a dip-dye effect on the lower part of the material using various shades of pink.

Vintage-Inspired Dream Dress

If you’re a bride-to-be who loves classic styles, you’ll absolutely love this one. The bride in question opted for a vintage look, complete with a high neckline and long sleeves reminiscent of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s elegant gowns.

You can achieve a stylishly royal appearance by incorporating traditional lace accents, sheer sleeves, and a lengthy veil, without breaking the bank. Visit your nearby secondhand and vintage shops for affordable options.

Reworked Vintage Look

Even though it was a secondhand find, this dress looks as good as new! The bride discovered a lovely vintage dress but unfortunately, it didn’t fit her properly. The high neckline with long sleeves looked unattractive on her and the lace was excessively intricate.

Rather than starting over, the bride opted to modify the dress to resemble the image she had envisioned. She made some changes to the sleeves by shortening them, tightened the dress to fit her body shape, and adjusted the neckline to achieve a better fit.

Sweetheart in Satin

The reason why Sweetheart necklines are in demand is due to the match of a flattering waistband and a stunning A-line skirt. The outcome of such a combination gives a ladylike, elegant and fashionable look. There is no need to go to an expensive wedding boutique to achieve a princess-like look on your wedding day.

Alternatively, you can scour the racks at a nearby thrift or resale shop. Numerous newlyweds opt to give away their bridal attire following their wedding, which means you can discover your own dress at a reduced price.

Heavenly Halter Neck

Not every bride desires to have a princess-like appearance with a voluminous, swirling ballgown filled with tulle and taffeta. Few women prefer a more simple and modest look for their wedding day, such as this bride. She was fortunate enough to discover a previously owned wedding dress that matched her individual taste flawlessly.

The wedding gown with a halter-neck and column skirt exudes sophistication and style. It’s important to strive for perfection and feel at ease during your special day. The stunning bride and her spouse make a beautiful couple.

Ivory and Lace

Ivory and lace is a classic combination. Many bridal beauties want to have a traditional ceremony, and this style of dress creates a stunning and timeless look. The shade of the gown perfectly matches the bouquet of flowers, and the Queen Anne neckline is totally flattering.

Can you believe that this bride scored her dress at a thrift store? It almost seems too good to be true. They say that fashion fades, but style is eternal. What an accurate statement.

Gothic Wedding Gown

Who said wedding dresses have to be white? In this day and age, brides can go for a range of colors and styles, without being judged or criticized for their alternative choices. This gothic bride chose a jaw-dropping shade of raven black, while the lace adds a traditional sensibility.

This striking look may not be for everyone, but we love how bold and brave it is. Imagine the wedding pictures! They must be absolutely stunning!

Fresh Fabulous Florals

A patterned wedding dress is a bold choice. This bride was not afraid to go for a floral look on her big day. Elegant and delicate touches bring some sophistication to the gown, just like those sparkling straps.

This bride decided to show off her sense of fun and femininity at her wedding. Why not choose a dress that matches your personality? Check out your local thrift store to see if you can find a unique gown like this one.

Lovely in Lace

Plain white or ivory gowns can sometimes look too simple. Adding lace to a wedding dress is a perfect way to add depth and texture whilst still achieving a classic, traditional style.

This bride found a stunning lace dress at a secondhand wedding dress store, proving that you don’t need to break the bank to look like a star on your big day. The open back on this gown adds a sensual touch. We are obsessed with this look!

We Can Hear the Bells

You don’t have to go to Kleinfeld to say yes to the dress. You can find amazing secondhand dresses at thrift stores, special secondhand wedding dress outlets, vintage retailers, online marketplaces, and re-selling platforms.

This thrifty bride found her V-neck gown at a low price, allowing her to spend her spare funds on accessories and other wedding essentials, like flowers and catering. You would have no idea that her wedding dress wasn’t bought at full price! It’s classic, understated, and chic.

A True Backless Beauty

Plenty of confident brides decide to go backless on their big day. No matter your size or shape, backless dresses are for everyone. If you want to go for a sensual and sassy look, check out your local secondhand bridal store — which is where this gal went — or shop online to find a dress just like this one.

Choosing a backless wedding dress is also a fantastic way to show some skin whilst still maintaining a sophisticated, bridal-esque look. It’s definitely a yes from us!

Gorgeous in Gray

This is another prime example of a non-traditional wedding dress that will take your breath away. This dove gray dress is perfect for brides who want that soft and charming look, without wearing white. The ‘V’ neckline, high waistband, and empire-line skirt create the perfect silhouette.

It’s a totally unique look that can only be achieved by thinking outside of the box. Shopping secondhand will help you find a similarly special dress.

Bohemian Bridal Beauty

Are you ready for another secondhand find that will make you swoon? This wedding dress looks like it was ripped straight from the pages of a J.R.R. Tolkien novel. Just like Liv Tyler in Lord of the Rings, this bride looks like an elven goddess.

The balloon sleeves are fun and fresh, whilst the lace gives us all of the magical vibes. Don’t give up on finding the dress of your dreams! The thrift store might be the answer.

A True Bridal Bargain

You won’t believe that this dress cost only $12! That’s right — with some savvy shopping skills, you can find a gorgeous wedding dress for less than the price of a Domino’s pizza. This bride couldn’t believe her luck when browsing the racks at her local thrift store.

Whilst this form-fitting gown may not have originally been designed as a wedding dress, it’s a perfect bridal look for a modern and casual wedding. We love the lace and deep ‘V’ neckline.

Lucky Lady in Lace

There’s no feeling like standing in a fitting room and snapping the ‘I just found my wedding dress’ selfie! This bride did not have to head to any expensive, upmarket bridal boutiques. Yep, you guessed it — she got her dream wedding dress at a thrift store.

You don’t have to sacrifice style when shopping secondhand, as this gorgeous gown demonstrates. The head-to-toe lace creates a striking yet classic look, and it’s the perfect fit! What a find.

Fabulous Thrifted Find

Trumpet style wedding dresses are all the rage right now, and we can see why! The pool of lace left at the bottom of this silhouette is just so romantic. This bride couldn’t believe her luck when she came across this second-hand bargain whilst shopping online.

After a few alterations here and there, she was wearing the dress of her dreams. It’s a striking dress that suits the young bride, with a dramatic deep ‘V’ neckline and all-over lace.

Dream Dress Double Whammy

This bride could not believe her luck when she found not only one thrifted wedding dress, but two! She now has one to wear for her ceremony and a shorter option for dancing the night away at the reception.

The first dress is classic and elegant with its longer length, illusion neckline, and bow. The second dress, on the other hand, is a 1950s-inspired tea dress, with long sleeves and a full skirt perfect for twirling on the dancefloor. We love them!

Updated ’80s Gown

Vintage dresses have plenty of charm and personality. However, some styles are simply too dated to work in this day and age. This 1980s gown is a perfect example, with its outrageously puffy shoulders and shiny satin skirt. But, you don’t have to throw your retro gown out the window — talented dressmakers can completely transform wedding dresses to suit your desired style.

This bride traded the ’80s look for a gorgeous off-the-shoulder design that transforms the gown into a modern-day piece of art. It’s so gorgeous!

Vintage Dress Transformation

This is another example of a vintage dress that has been transformed and updated for the modern bride. When this bride came across this long-sleeved, lace gown, she knew that she had found the one. But, it needed some contemporary touches to make it appropriate for her wedding.

Fast forward a few months later and she was wearing the dress of her dreams. A handy seamstress worked her magic, removing the sleeves and altering it to fit the bride’s frame.

Frumpy to Fabulous

This thrift transformation will surprise you! The first image shows the bride in a secondhand wedding dress from decades ago. Not only does it drown her frame, but it looks completely dated and dreary. Instead of splashing cash on a brand new gown, she decided to get creative.

It’s hard to believe that the second photo is of the same dress. Gone are the frumpy long sleeves and stuffy high neckline. Now, she wears a stunning strapless, empire-line wedding dress.

Tulle and Lace Perfection

We would definitely get down on one knee for this stunning thrifted dress! It’s truly special — with a ‘V’ neckline, floral lace, and a beautiful, flowing tulle skirt. This definitely looks like the type of dress that you would purchase from a designer bridal boutique.

Instead, this bride found her dream gown at a second-hand wedding dress outlet. So, not only does she get to wear a stunning gown on her big day, but she also saved heaps of money in the process!

Adding Finishing Touches

Buying a thrifted gown is an excellent way to save money on your wedding whilst also protecting the environment and preventing fabric waste. However, sometimes when you buy a second-hand wedding dress, it isn’t quite perfect.

This bride liked her dress, but decided that she would prefer it if it had slightly thicker — lace — straps. So, she found a talented seamstress who was able to attach handcrafted lace straps, giving this bride her dream look for the big day!

A Touch of Movie Magic

This bride got lucky when she found this vintage wedding dress at a thrift store. It’s an almost exact replica of Kimberly Williams-Paisley’s lacy white number in cult 1990s comedy Father of the Bride. If you’re a fan of the film, you’ll love this look!

But even if you’ve never seen it, you will still be able to appreciate the beauty of this traditional wedding dress. The empire-line cut creates a classic silhouette that will never go out of style.

Hat’s Off to the Bride

Another impressive thrift transformation, this wedding dress began its life as a frumpy monstrosity. It was an unflattering, awkward mid-length gown with puffy 1980s sleeves and an unusual veiled bowler hat! This bride said no to the dowdy look and decided to overhaul the entire wedding dress to suit her personal style.

The result was totally impressive and the dress was unrecognizable. They kept the original bodice, adding a mermaid silhouette and cap sleeves for a sophisticated and contemporary touch.

A Huge Change

If the idea of being the center of attention on your wedding day gives you the creeps, you’ll want to avoid sweeping ball gowns. This bride decided to reconstruct this retro thrifted wedding dress from top to bottom, turning it into a completely new design. Before, it boasted ginormous sleeves and a round, Renaissance-style skirt.

It looks totally different now! The sleek, short skirt is perfect for casual nuptials or elopement, while the round neck is feminine and sweet.

Happily Ever After

Will you take this dress to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part? We bet that the answer is yes.

This thrifted wedding dress is a dream come true — with its elegant, long lace sleeves and round, prim, boat neckline. Paired with a chic, slightly messy up-do hairstyle, this bohemian bridal look is to die for.

Bows, Be Gone

We love a dramatic sleeve on a wedding dress. Give us long, sweeping poet sleeves, ladylike cap sleeves, dainty three-quarter length sleeves, or billowing balloon sleeves. We’ll take them all. However, this thrifted, vintage dress from the 1980s takes the sleeve trend way too far.

The bride in question did not hesitate to remove the giant bow sleeves on this gown, replacing them with some simple, lacy straps. The resulting look is much more modern and flattering than the original.

Flower Crown Queen

If you saw the original dress before it had been given a complete makeover, you would never guess that it would make a stunningly modern, minimalist wedding gown. This bride found her wedding dress at a thrift store, embarking on a DIY project that would see her become a beautiful, boho bride.

The Queen Anne neckline adds sophistication, while she kept some of the lace detailing of the original design, moving this to instead focus on the nipped-in empire waist.

Princess Bride Potential

If you saw this dress being modeled on the catwalk of an exclusive bridal couture designer, you wouldn’t bat an eyelash. It has all the hallmarks of a high fashion gown — with its delicate lace sleeves, expensive-looking fabric, and elegant A-line shape. The bride’s low, messy bun adds some model-off-duty chic to the look.

Keep an open mind when looking for your wedding dress and you might just come across something similarly special when browsing second-hand stores.

Show Off Your Ink

If you’re a tattooed woman, you’ve probably been subject to some criticism from members of the older generation. Ya know, those who ask, “What will those look like on your wedding day?” Next time, instead of rolling your eyes and telling them where to go, just show them this photo!

This bride found the perfect secondhand wedding dress to compliment her ink. The illusion halter neck style with sheer fabric perfectly showcases her tattoos and highlights her edgy, fun personality.

The New Classic

Don’t let the events of this chaotic year ruin your big day. Support local and small businesses by shopping in secondhand stores, like this beautiful bride! She decided to go for a long, form-fitting trumpet style gown with a deep ‘V’ neckline.

The resulting look is mature yet youthful, revealing yet classy, and modern yet traditional. Even if your ceremony needs to be scaled down, make sure that you don’t settle for less than perfect with your dress!

Caped in Ivory

Whether you believe it or not, this wedding gown actually started out as a bridal party dress. Rather than shelling out tons of money on a traditional wedding dress, this gal decided to order the bridesmaid dress in an ivory color and cover it with a cape.

The result is proof that you don’t need to break the bank to feel and look good on your big day. Sometimes, all it takes is just a bit of creative thinking.

“I Love It”

Some things are truly meant to be — like this lady and her dress, for instance. Gone are the days that you’re forced to shop at a bridal shop to find the wedding gown of your dreams.

Nowadays, you can say yes to the dress at a thrift store, secondhand shop, or even online! Reddit user u/petitpoirier ordered her dress online for a fraction of the price that you’d normally see at a bridal store and that’s exactly why she made it on to this list!

Six Dollars

Get this, people — this bride-to-be found her dress at Goodwill for six dollars. SIX DOLLARS! And according to the lady herself, the gown “fits like a glove and needs very minimal alterations, so I’m feeling incredibly lucky right now.”

Well, we would be, too! The only change that this gal made to her dress was swapping out the current beige liner for a lighter one to give it a more bridal feel. We bet she looked absolutely stunning on her special day!

Take the Plunge

And here we have yet another bargain steal, all thanks to the wonders of the internet. While some are skeptical about ordering clothes online for fear that they may not fit the right way, there are others that decide to take the plunge.

This bride-to-be bought her dress for less than $100! Can you guess where she ordered it from? Well, Amazon, of course! How crazy is that?! You can literally plan your wedding using Amazon alone. Oh, technology.

The Ultimate Hack

Okay, so this bride found the ultimate hack when it comes to shopping for a wedding dress. It’s an art, really. For those of you that are afraid to order your wedding gown online before trying it on, just do what this gal did.

She went to a bridal shop and tried on a variety of dresses until she finally found the one! Then, rather than buying it right there and then, she bought the dress online for 70% off! Frankly, she sounds like a master. Perhaps she should become a wedding planner…

That Wedding Day Glow

This bride is absolutely glowing, and we can understand why! Not only did she get to marry her best friend, but she also found a way to do it on a budget! Her dress, which is absolutely stunning, cost $100 on Amazon — where she also bought her veil for an additional 10 bucks.

She then got her earrings from Walmart for two dollars, and her flowers from Albertsons for $25. And that, our friends, is how you have the perfect wedding without breaking the bank. Take notes!

Expand Your Horizons

Let’s be real — the wedding gown pictured here fits this bride-to-be like a glove. And the best part is the fact that she found it at a secondhand store for $30, plus it’s never even been worn! Ladies, this is what dreams are made of, are we right?!

While it may have come as a bit of a surprise that secondhand stores carry gems such as this one, it gives you all the more reason to expand your horizons when it comes time to look for your wedding gown.

Talk About a Steal

Okay, guys. Just look at this glowing bride-to-be! It’s clear that she “found THE dress!” We mean, what’s not to love about this form-fitting lace and ivory pink wedding gown?

And to think that it cost this beauty less than 200 bucks! Talk about a steal. For those future brides out there that are stressing about finding the perfect dress within their budget, we promise that it’s possible! And we hope that this list is all the proof you need!

Elegant & Sassy

As if you thought you couldn’t find any better bargains than the ones you’ve already seen — BAM! There’s another one. This time, a beautiful bride bought her wedding dress for $20. Yes, you read that correctly.

While this knee-length dress may not be the most traditional of wedding gowns, it’s just right for this gal. It is the perfect combination of elegant and sassy, thanks to the open back and flared sleeves. Are you guys feeling inspired yet?

Work It!

We know, we know — this isn’t necessarily a wedding gown but it is the outfit that this bride-to-be chose for her big day and honestly, we’re absolutely loving it! Reddit user u/yr-favorite-hedonist clearly marches to the beat of her own drum and to that we say, work it!

This blushing beauty advised other “untraditional brides [to] check out your local shopping outlets!” She found the “dress” for $11.90! Yep. And she seriously looks fab, right?! This might be our favorite wedding look to have made this list.

Another Vintage Gem

Shopping the racks of vintage or thrift stores can reveal some real gems. It might be more difficult to find ‘the one’ than if you went to a brand new bridal boutique, but we promise that the hunt is worth it!

You are likely to find something totally unique that no other bride will be able to replicate, especially if you alter your dress to fit your desired style. This bride removed the excessive shoulder material to modernize her look.

Modern Lace Look

It is said in the wedding industry that too much lace can sometimes make a dress look old fashioned. This bride decided to break with convention, taking a lace forward dress and adding some contemporary flair. Her stunning, second-hand gown is brought up to date with a plunging neckline and elegant, flowing trumpet style skirt.

Her wedding dress definitely works for a rustic ceremony, and the floral bouquet compliments her style perfectly. We are in love with this look!

A Sleek Wedding Look

You don’t need a full skirt with layers of tulle to make an impression on your guests and husband to be. With her gorgeous thrifted gown, this bride proves that you can wear something understated and still bring the ‘wow’ factor.

This full length, column-style skirt is minimalistic and chic, whilst the lace adds a touch of traditional class. Accessories can make or break a bridal look, and it’s safe to say that the long veil is a perfect choice.

Elegance on a Budget

This happy bride hit the jackpot when visiting her local thrift store. You won’t believe that a chic, strapless wedding dress set her back a mere $59! For less than 100 dollars, she achieved a timeless look with this mermaid style gown.

She is sure to turn heads in this dress with its sweetheart neckline, lace detail, and subtle ruching effect. This has definitely proven that secondhand is the way to go when planning a wedding on a budget.

Glitz and Glamor

Buying a secondhand wedding dresses doesn’t always involve trawling through vintage gowns from years gone by. If you know where to shop, you can easily find a modern style at the thrift. This bride found a beautifully contemporary empire line gown with a draping back and sparkling lace detail.

This looks like it would have originally cost big bucks in a bridal boutique. It’s elegant yet bohemian, perfect for the laidback bride who still wants a bit of sparkle.

While weddings can be a source of stress and panic for many, extra dedicated brides who take the time to add “make my wedding dress” to their to-do lists are especially ready for the challenge. These creative brides who made their own wedding dresses are here to show us that an idea and a bit of patience can be transformed into the most perfect gown. Keep reading to see how these brides-to-be got their creative juices flowing…

Modern Modifications to Mom’s Wedding Dress

When this bride inherited her mother’s old wedding dress, she didn’t think twice of it at the time. She was set on seeking out her own brand new dress. However, after many disappointing searches, she came to realize that she could simply make her own dream dress.

So, she went back to her mother’s gown. Soon enough, with some inspiration and careful planning, the bride had her dress. The thirty-year-old gown was completely transformed, but without wasting a single element of the original fabric.

Crochet Pastime

Chi Krneta began crocheting on her bus commute home from work to pass the time but didn’t realize that she would soon be crafting her own wedding gown. For five months, her pastime became a special project. For just the low cost of the materials, she soon had a beautiful gown.

This intricate design was one of Chi’s very own — she didn’t use any specific pattern while making her dress but has since posted one online for the many fans she acquired after her story went viral.

Delicate Lace Dress

Instead of buying a wedding dress that cost upwards of thousands of dollars, this DIY bride decided to take matters into her own hands. Before she started on the dress, she knew she needed to be sure it was a perfect fit.

With her fiancé’s help, she soon had a mannequin made of duct tape — thanks to a YouTube tutorial — and enough fabric to begin the project. The final result? Gorgeous!

A Modern Twist to a Vintage Gown

While this bride was delighted to find a beautiful vintage wedding dress for just $50, she realized some changes were necessary if she was going to find the perfect fit and show off her true style.

By removing the sleeves and the high neck and fitting the bodice to her figure, the dress was transformed from an antique find to a classically detailed gown — perfect for this bride’s special day.

DIY Dress Success

Choosing to make one’s own wedding dress can be a bold choice, especially without moral support. But, this bride didn’t falter even though her friends and family didn’t think her endeavor would be worthwhile.

Turns out her DIY dress was a smashing success. With several meters of fabric and a plan to craft her dream dress, the bride shocked everyone on her big day with her stylish — and well-made — gown.

Classic and Colorful

For her big day, this bride-to-be wanted to make sure her dress reflected her personal style. Thus, she decided to make her own gown. After a few trips to the fabric store and the unique find of an antique white gown, the perfect dress was born.

Colorful tulle under the bottom hem of this princess dress added just the right touch of whimsy for this bride and groom, who each wore coordinating red shoes for an extra pop.

Designer Bride

Bride-to-be Maya worked with a seamstress and her own special design to craft the perfect dress for her wedding, which was to take place on a beautiful cliffside in Israel. From the gown to the veil, Maya played a key role in making this dress match her dream.

For her headpiece, Maya incorporated a vintage Dior necklace from the 1970s. She found it at a shop in Paris, and because the city meant so much to her and her fiancé, she had to make it the key detail on her glamorous veil.

Revamping Mother’s Wedding Dress

When Erica tried on her mother’s dress from the ’80s, it took her a while to see the vision of what it could be. However, with the help of a talented seamstress, Erica was able to transform this family keepsake into a modern gown for her 2018 wedding.

While adjusting the open back, taking in the sleeves, and fitting the skirt to Erica’s shape, she and her seamstress — Lisa — still managed to maintain the original lace of the dress. The classic shape was intact but with enough updates to truly fit Erica’s personal style.

Autumnal Mermaid Theme

This couple had a flair for fantasy, so the bride-to-be knew she wanted to incorporate those themes into her dream wedding. By hand designing and crafting not just her own dress, but her husband’s suit and party decorations, she kept busy but was proud of her work.

In her fall-themed gown with nautical mermaid touches, this bride was able to capture the day’s special moments in photos to be treasured forever.

YouTube Tutorial

YouTube is a great place to learn how to do just about anything — and that includes making your own wedding dress. This bride took on the challenge herself and decided to follow a tutorial by Nick Verreos.

Because she was able to customize as she went, she ended up with a gown perfect for her shape and style. And all the delicate lace and tedious sewing? Totally worth it for an unforgettable dress.

Balenciaga-Inspired Wedding Gown

This bride had always loved designing classic clothing pieces with a ’50s feel. For her wedding, she knew she had to incorporate her favorite style. A haute couture suit from Cristobal Balenciaga, the late Spanish designer, became the template for her wedding gown.

In her intricately detailed dress with precision embroidery, she poses next to her groom on the big day. The sleek silhouette and flared skirt of the dress are complemented by vintage jewelry and delicate flowers.

Beaded Bodice Wedding Dress

A dancer and artist at heart, this bride shocked no one when she decided to design her own wedding dress. Still, the end result undoubtedly turned heads. She created the silk skirt and intricate bodice as two pieces, leaving the skirt simple and flowing while adding precision rhinestone detail to the top.

By using her own pattern for the beading, the bride was able to express her true artistic self throughout the making of the dress. And it showed — she looks happier than ever pictured here on her special day.

Traditional Indian Wedding Dress

This bride’s traditional Indian wedding gown has a special handmade touch. On each piece of the dress, there are design embellishments that illustrate the bride and groom’s love story, from its beginning to the present day.

The skirt itself has the couple’s names carefully handstitched in Zari thread. The gown was a highlight of the wedding day and will sure to be a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Colorful Gradient Wedding Dress

This bride’s larger-than-life personality required her to do something extra special with her wedding dress in order to let it shine through. She decided to try her hand at customizing the dress herself, and thus began the process of airbrushing a colorful gradient starting from the hem up.

Even though she felt unsure at the start of the process, the bride quickly gained more confidence and used it to create a stunning one-of-a-kind wedding gown.

Beautiful Short Wedding Dress

Bride and wedding dress designer, Brooks Ann Camper, had long been making wedding gowns for her friends and family as part of her successful design business. When it came time for her own special day, it was only natural for her to begin thinking about designing her own.

She decided to switch it up and opt for a short design when it came to her own wedding dress, and the results spoke for themselves. This bride looked beautiful and classic in her custom-made knee-length dress.

Gold Sequin Wedding Dress

This bride wanted to be sure her wedding dress made a splash on her big day. To achieve this look, she spent countless hours customizing her simple white dress with gold sequins and rhinestones.

In addition to its unique and flattering silhouette, the dress would now sparkle and glisten under the ceremony lights. It’s safe to say that the bride’s time and effort was well spent in creating this memorable gown.

Tight Budget

This bride and her fiancé committed to designing their wedding to their tastes and tight budget. With the help of friends and family, the couple planned handmade decorations, bouquets, wedding cake, and most importantly — the bride’s dress.

The final result culminated in beautiful photos of the couple celebrating each other and their hard work. The bride undeniably stands out in her delicate lace gown with colorful green lining and pink heels.

Vintage Floral Handmade Wedding Gown

This classic bride adores the vintage floral designs of gowns from the ’50s and ’60s. For her wedding day, she decided to take this inspiration and use it to her to design her own dress by hand.

On her special day, this bride looked beautiful in a youthful yet classic dress design, complete with a floral pattern and matching headpiece. In photos, she looks like something out of a storybook — she will certainly look back on her hard work with admiration.

Fun Cocktail Dress

This bride wanted a fun and different approach to her wedding dress. While on the hunt for the perfect gown, she came across a vintage traditional wedding gown that she realized had tons of potential.

With lots of hard work and patience, the bride elegantly transformed the antique dress into a playful cocktail-style wedding gown. She even used extra fabric pieces from the original to design a matching headband.

White Wedding Dress Gets a Makeover

This bride renovated her own wedding dress from its traditional white style to punk rock and colorful. By cutting the dress into a high-low shape to show off her legs and adding splashes of green and purple paint, she took wedding wear to the next level.

She even cut and colored her hair to complement the new look and made sure to take before and after photos to show off the remarkable transformation.

Yellow Gradient Wedding Gown

Incorporating your favorite color into your wedding dress is a simple but impactful way to make it truly your own — at least, that’s what this bride discovered when she customized her own wedding gown.

For her special day, she accented not just the bridal party and venue with her favorite color yellow, but hand-dyed a gradient yellow pattern on the dress itself. Against a rustic natural background, this bride shines on her special day.

Fantasy Blue Wedding Dress

The bride and groom of this fantasy-themed wedding went all out in terms of style on their special day. Next to the groom’s blue medieval look, the bride in her hand-dyed blue wedding dress looks straight from a fairytale.

To match her blue-tipped hair and custom blue and purple bouquet, the bride added her own dye design and lace embellishments to the wedding gown to make it the perfect fit for the occasion.

Bohemian-Inspired Wedding Dress for a Natural Bride

This simple and flowing white dress was taken up a notch for this outdoor wedding. Bride-to-be decided to customize her bohemian-style wedding dress by adding her favorite color, blue. To do so, she created a gradient of dark navy to ocean blue up from the bottom of the skirt.

She knew she needed a way to add her own style to her wedding, and it turns out she nailed it by custom-dying her wedding gown. Next to the water on her wedding day, this bride appears to be one with nature.

Handstitched Ruffles

This bride, Emma, knew she needed a very special designer to make her the dress of her dreams for her wedding day. That’s why she turned to her sister, renowned bridal designer, as well as a group of friends to collaborate on the perfect gown.

The final result? A stunning wedding dress with a simple open back and tons of hand-stitched ruffles on the skirt. Because so many people played a part in making this dress, it will surely be a keepsake for legacies to come.

Two-Piece Wedding Dress Sewed by Bride

Even without much sewing experience, this bride was determined to custom make her own wedding dress. With some patience and practice, she was able to pull off a stunning design with lace embellishments.

The two-piece gown may have been the bride’s first handmade garment, but it was a special one that deserved much care and attention. And in the end, she got her dream dress that will always bring back memories of her wedding day.

From the ’80s to Modern Day

This bride tried on a classic ’80s-style wedding dress and saw it not for what it was, but for what it could be. She knew that with the help of a talented tailor, she would be able to design her own dream wedding gown using this outdated piece.

By removing the sleeves and adding a crinoline underneath the skirt for structure, the tailor left the bride with a modern, elegant wedding dress for the big day.

Passed Down From Mother to Daughter

When this bride tried on her mother’s vintage wedding dress, she didn’t expect to find that some components of the style truly inspired her. To her mother’s surprise, she agreed to wear the dress under the premise that she would make significant changes.

She kept the core inspiration of the dress the same but altered the shape to be more modern and flattering on her shape. She also changed the veil and removed the sleeves, while still maintaining the original lace accents.

45-Year-Old Dress Looks Stunning on Modern Bride

This bride wanted to get married in a vintage gown more than 40 years old, but she wanted to be sure that her personal style would shine through. She chose to make some custom changes to the classic garment in order to build her perfect dress.

By keeping the original print of the bodice intact and fitting the silk skirt to her shape, the bride was able to create a simple modern gown perfect for the occasion.

Designer Turned Bride-to-Be

Madalynne, an intimates and lingerie designer, embarked on a journey to create her own wedding dress out of muslin material and a basic pattern. She documented the journey on her design blog and the results were outstanding.

She photographed the alterations every step of the way so her readers could see each stage. Even before its completion, the shape of the dress and its natural fit looked great on the bride-to-be.

Mom’s Wedding Gown Gets a Western-Inspired Update

This country bride wanted to wear her mother’s wedding gown on her big day, but also wanted to incorporate more western-inspired touches to the garment. After some necessary planning and creativity, she was able to make a few simple but impactful changes.

By shortening the sleeves and the total length, without losing the original lace, the bride was able to transform the original dress’s style to fit her best. With cowboy boots and simple accessories, the end result was beautiful.

Accessory Swap Turned Vintage Dress Into Something New

This bride loved her mom’s original wedding dress so much that she didn’t want to change much before putting it on for her wedding day. Once it was fit to the bride’s shape, she committed to leaving everything intact except for the accessories.

By changing the veil from its original state to something longer and more elegant, the bride was able to add her own flair to her mom’s beloved keepsake dress.

Bride-to-Be Customizes ’80s Wedding Dress

With just a few simple changes, this voluminous ’80s wedding dress turned into a modern beauty. This inspired bride got to work on her DIY wedding dress by removing the puffy sleeves, altering the shape of the bodice, and adding a simple jeweled belt.

These changes sound small but made a huge impact. The end result was a delicate lace wedding gown that perfectly fit the bride, her style, and the tone for the big day.

’70s Dress Gets a Modern Twist for Wedding

This bride absolutely loved her mother’s ’70s-style wedding dress that she tried on before her big day. However, it needed just a bit of work before it would fit properly and also reflect the bride’s true style and personality.

By removing the sleeves, altering the neckline, and swapping out the headpieces, the bride was able to create a modern wedding gown from her beloved ’70s inspiration.

Bride Chooses Vintage Dress as DIY Inspiration

This bride was set on finding her dream dress for her wedding. When she tried on this vintage gown with voluminous train, sleeves, and veil, she was surprised to fall in love with it.

To keep the original feel of the dress and still make enough changes to fit the bride-to-be, she opted to maintain the structured collar and open neckline. The final result was a fitted modern gown with a vintage-inspired neckline that was sure to make a statement.

Bride-to-Be Customizes Her Antique Lace Dress

This bride tried on a vintage dress and knew it would be hers for her big day. However, she also knew that she wanted to maintain just one true element of the dress while changing the rest to reflect her personal style and best fit.

That’s why the original delicate lace pattern of the bodice was left intact for the modern wedding. So, while the dress looked brand new, the bride was happy to have held on to the lace as a nod to the original garment.

A Knitted Masterpiece

Here we have yet another beautiful bride that chose to go down the route of knitting her own wedding dress for the big day. Not only does the gown look mega comfortable but the details — from the unique plum color of the dress itself to the white overskirt and even the bejeweled belt — are absolutely incredible.

And it’s clear that the bride herself thought so, too. Whether that smile is due to the fact that she made her own dress or because she’s marrying her best friend, there’s no denying she’s full of pride.

Aggressive Dancing

This particular bride designed and handmade her own wedding dress over the course of eight months, using an online tutorial site. According to the gal herself, “It’s not perfect at all, and I ripped the mesh a bit during some aggressive dancing…but I did it and that’s what counts!”

And we really couldn’t agree more! Kelsie here put in the hard work and effort into making something special of her own, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! We mean, look at all the detail that went into this gown — and those sleeves are to die for!


Just because this wedding dress is unconventional doesn’t make it any less beautiful. In fact, we love how much it stands out.

According to the bride herself, she “made this dress with a Vogue Pattern […] For fabric, I used a cotton satin with a silver finishing on the surface to give off a bridal look. The choice of color was based off of the jacket of my husband.” In order to show the step-by-step process of how she made the dress, this gal even posted a video via YouTube!

Bohemian Chic

If we’re being honest here, we’d love for this gal to sew our wedding dress. We adore absolutely everything about this gown — the bohemian-type sleeves, the lace accents, the wrap-around style, and simply how flowy it is.

While the bride herself hasn’t revealed much about the process of making her own gown for the big day, it’s clear that she feels as beautiful in this creation as she looks to us. This dress only further proves the point that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look absolutely radiant.

The Dress Has Pockets!

This bride may not have worn white on her wedding day but she looks like an absolute princess — and it’s clear that she feels it, too. The best part? She added pockets to her gown, and what gal doesn’t love pockets?!

According to the beauty herself, she “added the sash and antique brooch for fun! Bolero [jacket] is hand sewn and lined with silk organza. Fabric is silk dupioni from Silk Baron and beaded lace from Mood Fabrics.” And that, ladies, is how you own your wedding day!

Completed the Day Before Her Wedding

Okay, so, how awesome is this dress?! Not only is this gown beautifully unique, but according to the bride herself, it was made in the nick of time! Being that she’s a fashion designer, she wanted to make something of her own.

The interesting part, though, is that “I didn’t make my dress ’till a day to my wedding, I was busy making clothes for other people…” Knowing those details, we’re nothing short of impressed that she was able to create something so striking in such little time!

Crocheted Beauty

Let’s be real here, people — this dress is elegant, clean, and special in every way. According to a Reddit post that the bride had posted on, her now-husband proposed to her after Thanksgiving. That’s when she began working on her handmade, crocheted gown.

It was only four weeks later that she and her beau exchanged “I dos” at their local town hall. Aside from the fact that this creation is one of a kind, this gal looks absolutely radiant and so ecstatic to be marrying her best friend!

Purple Craze

Wow! We’re absolutely in love with this color scheme! Not only did this bride create her own gown but she also made the attire for her whole wedding party, as well as for her now-husband! With that, we think it’s safe to say that this gal has quite a lot of patience!

In any event, according to the bride herself, all the patterns are self-drafted. She made her bridesmaids’ dresses, as well as her own, using a silk jersey blend. And she added beading and gemstones to the lace for a touch of sparkle.

27 Yards of Hem

How radiant does the bride look? And understandably so considering that she not only married the love of her life, but she also designed her own wedding gown for the big day!

She has no idea how long it took her to actually create and complete the dress — it must have taken quite a while — but she does know that she used 27 yards of hem to make it happen! The skirt is made of panels of circle skirt pieced together. The upper bodice is boned with three layers of fabric, and a lace bodice over the top.

A Fairy Princess

The first thought that came to mind after seeing this bride in her masterpiece of a gown is of a fairy princess! We mean, she’s absolutely glowing, is she not?! This gown is the perfect combination of simple and classically elegant.

And we can’t forget to mention the details — the shape of the neckline, the floral pattern streaming down the tulle skirt, the mesh accents. It’s just all incredible, and truly no wonder why it took the bombshell around 50 to 60 hours to complete this work of art.

A Liking for Teal

Call us crazy but we’re getting the impression that this bride is really into teal, and we can’t say we blame her because she’s totally rocking it! Apparently, the process of making this dress wasn’t all that simple. Although she only made one mock-up for the skirt, this beauty ended up creating five different mock-ups for the top!

She tried out a few different styles before deciding on the final one. In order to have the teal accent low enough to show, she hacked two crinolines — a structured petticoat designed to hold out a woman’s skirt — together.

Thanks, Sis!

So, it turns out that the bride herself didn’t actually design and create the gown herself. It was actually her sister that created this masterpiece — what an amazing sibling! In any case, she used about 100 yards of tulle, and probably another 50 yards of crinoline and netting in order to make this work of art.

Although she hasn’t revealed just how long it took her to design this gown, we do know that she learned much of her technique using YouTube tutorials.

A Few Bucks Can Go a Long Way

There’s no denying — that after looking at the before-and-after of this wedding dress — this bride is super creative. According to her Reddit post, she spent $25 on this wedding dress from 1986.

In order to make her dream dress, she got rid of the ruffle using a seam ripper. She also opened up the lace more, added a skirt on top of the existing dress from a different dress that her friend had thrifted, and completed the whole look with a belt accent made from lace.

Princess Seams

The first thing that caught our eye about this wedding dress is the textured fabric. How cool is that?! The bride started off with an organza brocade fabric — essentially a geometric texture. Since the material is sheer, she “decided to use it as an overlay for a more opaque fabric, which ended up being a hammered silk satin.”

The process definitely wasn’t simple as she had to sew every piece together with the two fabrics ahead of time to create each piece that she worked with. Still, she created a masterpiece so we can only assume it was worth the time and effort.

A Complete Transformation

There was a lot going on in this mother’s old wedding dress. But her daughter, the bride-to-be, tried it on and loved it enough to want to wear it on her big day. To make it her own, the bride decided to remove the sleeves and alter the neckline while incorporating even more of a mermaid shape to the skirt.

In the end, the bride looked absolutely beautiful in her mother’s wedding dress turned new.

Bride Customizes Own Vintage Wedding Dress

When this bride tried on this vintage wedding dress with ruffle sleeves, she immediately saw the potential it had if she could just make a few minor tweaks to the dress’s shape. She soon got to work, altering the high neckline and lightening the weight of the sleeves.

Though the major components of the original dress are still intact, the revised garment fits the bride much better and has a more modern feel.

Antique Wedding Dress Gets a Silhouette Update

This bride customized her own wedding dress by taking this antique gown with lace sleeves and a ruffled skirt, and updating its shape. With a better fit and a new silhouette that gave the dress a more modern feel, the bride was still able to maintain much of the original lace and the neckline.

In photos, it’s hard to believe the new dress could have come from the original, but the end result was a win for this beautiful bride.

I Got it From My Mama

This bride-to-be altered her mother’s beloved vintage wedding gown for her special day. It didn’t take much to completely transform the style of the gown — the bride removed the original lace sleeves and hemmed the skirt to end up with a totally new dress.

The scoop neckline of the original dress was maintained through the alterations and gives the new DIY gown a hint of what once was.

Handmade Vintage Lace

This bride, Kelly, is the owner of KMR Bespoke Bridal Designer. In addition to helping countless others find perfect fits for their weddings, she decided to design her own dress when it came time for her special day.

Here she is in her handmade vintage lace gown — she even crafted the cathedral length veil! With a silhouette perfect for her shape and a comfortable skirt to move in, this dress certainly stole the show.

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