Trashy people that will make you lose all faith in humanity


Feel tired of people acting badly and giving everyone a bad name? Whether it’s trolling online or being rude in public, these folks share a common trait: they don’t care about others or social norms. Dealing with them can be annoying, but sometimes their actions can be amusing. Check out these instances of people behaving badly and making the rest of us look good.

The trashiest landlord you’ll ever see

Some landlords can be irritating, but this one took it to a new extreme by installing a 360° WiFi surveillance camera in his tenant’s flat. Not only does the camera record video, but it also captures sound. To make matters worse, the landlord pretended to be doing different work in the flat. Could it get any trashier than that?

Trashy as a trash bin

It’s hard to believe this behavior is just laziness, as nobody could be so lazy as to ignore a trash can just half a step away from the curb. There’s really no excuse for people who do things like this.


Well, at least he was honest about his actions, but the rest is just baffling. Attempting to gain sympathy after assaulting an employee isn’t going to win anyone over. In the end, he only succeeded in coming across as extremely trashy.

This dryer at my apartment’s laundry room

While whoever did it gave everyone a fair warning, the act itself remains obnoxious. It’s puzzling how anyone could come up with the idea to do something like that in a dryer.

YouTuber from hell

The backstory behind this image is quite disgusting. A well-known YouTuber and vlogger from Barcelona deceived a homeless man into eating Oreos filled with toothpaste, and he even filmed himself replacing the filling. The prosecutors sought a 2-year prison sentence and a 30,000 euro fine for this cruel act. To make matters worse, the YouTuber earned 2,000 euros from the video.

That’s not where you change your baby’s diaper

Imagine being caught changing your baby’s dirty diaper on top of a clothing display. That would be quite shocking, wouldn’t it? What’s even more surprising is the audacity to do something like that right in the middle of a store. Some people just can’t seem to avoid being trashy.

A romantic marriage proposal

Isn’t it every girl’s dream to be proposed to in such a fashion? Well, it was so romantic that she couldn’t believe it was true. In the end, everything turned out to be ‘OK.’

Slow down, hon, I want to take a selfie

Certainly not the sight you want to see when you go downtown. We’re not sure what their intention was, but this little stunt has probably made them popular among the locals — the kind of popularity where people point fingers and stare at you, if you catch our drift.

Another romantic story

In the old days, couples used to carve their initials into a tree to mark the place where they first met or had their first date. Times have changed, and now we see a different kind of marker here, and it’s certainly not one that anyone would like to see.


Sometimes all people need is a gentle push in the right direction, and they’ll do the right thing. If that doesn’t work, there are always other methods, just as this message demonstrated.

An ideal profile picture

Posting an original profile picture on Facebook can be challenging these days, but that wasn’t a problem for her. Who knows, maybe it becomes a new trend on Facebook for inmates.

These folks gave everyone a bad rep

It takes a special kind of mentality to take pleasure in destroying a 150-year-old famous tree in such a wanton manner. That’s not only trashy but also disgusting.

The magic of prom night

He probably thought he was being cool and funny. Everything in that image screams trashy, from the sign to the carpet, and his sticking his tongue out at the stuffed toy. It’s pretty shabby in almost every aspect.

As trashy as it gets

You can come across all sorts of trashy things on social media nowadays. After all, people love to unleash their inner warrior online, but this one should be right up there in the trashiness hall of fame.

Aren’t they adorable?

The saddest part about this one is that they probably thought they were classy. It just goes on to confirm what most of us knew already: money can’t buy class.

Trashy school

If the school’s intention was to claim the moral high ground, that’s certainly no way to do it. This way, it’s not only trashy but petty as well.


Way to go, Southlake police! This police department certainly has a good sense of humor, even when dealing with trashy individuals like the woman in the photo. We hope she got what was coming to her.

Trashiness 101

Does it get any more disgusting than this? Probably not.

I’m so badass

Okay, okay, we get it. She wanted to show off in front of the camera. The end result was… we will simply say expected.

Trashy Trish

No stranger to bizarre incidents, Trisha kind of outdid herself with this one. After agreeing to collaborate with fellow YouTuber and fan Nikocado Avocado, she had flown to LA to meet up with him but was then exposed by Avocado in a video for ghosting him the entire week. She later claimed that she never wanted to meet with Avocado and even tried to edit her messages and post fake screenshots. That’s really low, Trish.

Not in my mouth

This is some jaw-dropping stuff. Saladino seems to have forgotten that the internet has a long memory, and that’s assuming he’ll feel ashamed of these, at least publicly.

Dogs can’t be black’

We can’t decide whether this is about racism or some really bizarre superstition. Whatever the case, telling a blind woman to get off the bus is as low as it gets.

In the soap dispenser in a public bathroom

We’ve all become accustomed to seeing some disgusting stuff in public bathrooms, but this is outright disturbing. We can’t even begin to understand what could motivate someone to do this.

Cry baby

Most of us have had a good laugh once or twice upon witnessing meltdowns like this on social media. Well, it stops being funny at one point. This is simply sad.

No comment

Have you lost your appetite yet? We have, let’s just quickly move on to the next slide.

Trashiness redefined

Does this really need a comment? Instead of a comment we’ll just send the person who posted this a little piece of friendly advice: honey, in your state, you better not think about purebred white babies because you have more immediate problems to deal with first.

Having a good time

We get it, people do stupid things when they’re drunk. Intoxication doesn’t explain the tattoos, though. How on earth did they come up with the idea of getting that tattooed on them? We’ll probably never find out, nor do we want to.

How (not) to take care of your car

Imagine for a moment someone offered to give you a lift, and you saw this. Walking would suddenly seem like a much better option, we’re sure.

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