30+ Genius Hacks We Found on TikTok

30+ Genius Hacks We Found on TikTok

If you are able to find the appropriate sources, TikTok can teach you a great deal. Additionally, you may discover more efficient methods to accomplish tasks that you were previously unaware of. Several individuals on TikTok have shared clever life hacks that can be utilized in your daily routine.

Fresh Lemon Juice

Extracting juice from a lemon can provide a refreshing ingredient for different recipes and beverages, which can be challenging at times. However, there is an easier method to achieve this. Instead of slicing the lemon, all you need to do is create a small hole in it by piercing it, and you can effortlessly extract the juice by squeezing.

Using a utensil such as the chopstick can be a practical method to create the necessary tunnel. Afterward, simply clench the lemon with your hand and drip the juice into a container or glass.

Doubling Up on Necklaces

If you’re someone who enjoys donning more than one necklace at a time, then you’re familiar with the challenge of finding a set that doesn’t properly align. But don’t worry, as this TikTok creator has a solution. All you need to do is readjust the clasps on your necklaces in a slightly alternative way.

Rather than securing the necklaces by closing them, join the clasps of the necklaces and link them with each other. This would allow you to modify their length jointly.

Keep Your Spinach Fresh

It can be disappointing to purchase produce, only to find it looking wilted or expired shortly after storing it in the fridge. Regrettably, spinach doesn’t have a long shelf life.

This useful trick can help you extend the shelf life of your spinach a bit longer. Simply wash your spinach as usual and put it in a container or Ziploc bag for storing. To prevent any excess moisture, be sure to add a piece of paper towel inside before sealing it shut.

Add a Bit of Organization

Being well-organized is crucial as it’s typically the most effective approach to ensure that all necessary items are arranged neatly and can be easily located.

After using up your most recent candle, you can repurpose the container by eliminating any leftover wax and the wick to transform it into a vacant storage jar. If you encounter difficulty in getting rid of wax residues, you can pour some boiling water into the container to dissolve the wax.

Creating a Cut Crease

At the beginning, cosmetics can appear challenging or even frightening, yet TikTok provides numerous innovative suggestions to simplify the procedure.

Don’t be scared of creating a cut crease with your eyeshadow. Here’s an easy tip to follow: apply your base color as you normally would, then put some concealer on your eyelid and look up. This will give you a visual guide for your eye makeup.

Cleaning Up Grease

Preparing dishes such as bacon could result in a highly savory dish or conversely, it might leave you uncertain about how to manage the excess grease in your skillet.

It is not advisable to pour grease directly down the drain. However, by using aluminum foil, you can easily dispose of bacon grease. To do this, simply cover your drain with foil and let it catch the grease. Once the grease cools and hardens, you can dispose of the entire piece of foil along with the grease it contains.

Removing Dish Stickers

Bringing home a new set of dishes could be a thrilling experience, but removing the stickers on them can be quite challenging. Nevertheless, this individual had a technique for effortlessly getting rid of the stickers from cups by waxing them.

Their mother did it, and you can too. Attach a piece of tape firmly onto the sticker, leaving the end hanging. After that, simply pull it off quickly like removing a bandage.

A Perfectly-Made Bed

If you have ever lodged in a hotel, it is highly likely that you observed the bed to be made exceptionally neat and tidy upon your arrival in the room.

This TikTok provides a solution for those who have been eager to learn how to make their bed look like this. Simply by folding the sheet and tucking one side under the mattress, you can achieve a neat and clean corner.

Create Your Own Liquid Blush

If you have a passion for makeup, you likely have certain choices. For example, some individuals tend to favor liquid cosmetics over powder. However, if you only have powder blush at your disposal, you can easily change it up.

Simply mix a small amount of your blush with a primer. This enables you to incorporate color into the primer and apply it in the same manner as you would with a liquid blush.

Reaching the Last Items

Going to the grocery store should be a convenient experience but if you’re shorter and need to reach items stored at the top shelf, it can be quite difficult. However, there’s a helpful tip that can assist you in getting to that item right at the back of the shelf.

Simply by pulling the inner section of the shelf divider, you can retrieve the remaining items without having to climb up or seek aid from others.

Safely Slicing Avocado

Although avocados are tasty, it can be difficult to remove the troublesome pit if you are not using the correct method.

To begin, position the avocado on a cutting board and cut it into two pieces down to the pit. This should divide the avocado into four sections. Afterwards, it should be easy to remove each wedge from the pit by simply peeling them away.

De-Stem Your Herbs

Cultivating your own garden can be highly satisfying, especially because who doesn’t relish the infusion of newly grown herbs to their preferred dishes? However, this does imply that you will have to spare some time de-stemming them during your cooking preparations.

By using a cheese grater, you can significantly reduce your effort and time spent on this task. Simply pass the stem through one of the holes, and the herbs will be separated effortlessly.

Slicing Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are tasty and versatile, adding a touch of flavor to various dishes. Additionally, some people enjoy them as a standalone snack. However, it can be time-consuming to halve a large quantity of cherry tomatoes. To save time, consider cutting them all at once.

You can securely perform this task by using two shallow covers like the ones found in takeout soup containers to hold the tomatoes in place. Once they are firmly gripped, use a sharp knife to slice in between the covers.

Easy Open Coffee Creamer

Once you try to access an item like coffee creamer, you’ll observe that you need to remove a seal in order to begin dispensing.

Although it is advantageous in terms of food safety, it may result in inconvenience during morning hours when someone only desires a cup of coffee. The individual discovered a simple solution to this issue is to utilize the creamer lid to break the seal.

Threading a Needle

Getting thread through a needle can be a challenging task, particularly when dealing with thicker fabrics. However, with this TikTok hack, all you need is some tape, along with your needle and thread.

It is possible to fashion a short-lived aglet that can smoothly glide through a needle’s aperture. After successfully threading the needle, you can remove the remaining tape portion and proceed with your task.

A Straw for Strawberries

TikTok has the perfect solution for those who adore strawberries but are exhausted from removing the leaves or not finishing every bite.

Take a straw from the drawer and place it into the strawberry through its tip’s center. When it enters, the core, as well as the leaves, will be extracted. You may utilize the leaves to pull the remaining parts from the straw and dispose of them or use them as compost.

Skinning a Mango

A mango comprises of two primary parts that are either not edible or not very delicious, which are the skin and the pit. This TikTok individual discovered that they could utilize a glass to remove the skin from their sliced mango.

The fruit is very soft, so you can use the edge of a glass to peel off the skin without having to use a sharp knife.

Adding Glue to Your Lashes

It can be unexpectedly difficult to apply glue to fake lashes, but TikTok has a solution. Instead of putting the glue directly on your lashes, be sure to follow this hack.

Instead of directly applying the lash, it is recommended to put some glue on the stick end of one of your makeup brushes. That way, it will be easier to slide the lash through the glue.

Folding and Hanging

It’s always awful to open your closet only to find the clothes you carefully hung up earlier lying on the floor. To avoid this, it’s best to avoid just hanging your clothes as you normally would.

Instead, take the time to fold your clothes over the hanger. This will make sure they’re more secure in their place and won’t fall down or slide off. You can even loop some garments around the hanger for added security.

Separating the Yolks

There are plenty of recipes that call for either egg whites or egg yolks. Usually, separating them means a lot of careful work. With this tip, all you need is an empty plastic water bottle that you don’t mind using and tossing out.

Squeeze the water bottle and position it so that its mouth is against the yolk and release. The suction as the bottle sucks in additional air should take the yolk with it.

Adjusting a Face Mask

When you need a night of self-care, a lot of people decide to throw on a sheet mask. If you’ve used one, though, you know they don’t always fit your face as well as they promise.

For a more fitted option, you just need to make a few incisions on the mask. Cut a slit between the eyes, beneath the nose, and from the chin to the mouth. Now, you can pull these areas to overlap and create a more accurate fit.

Keys and No Pockets

If you wear a sports bra or tank top to go running, you probably aren’t pairing it with jeans. Unfortunately, athletic wear doesn’t always account for pockets.

Still, you probably need to keep track of your keys, whether you have pockets or not. To work around this problem, start by slipping an elastic band through your key and using the elastic to hook the key around the band of your top or sports bra.

Saving Your Paintbrush

Painting anything can take time. This means you might not finish it all in a day and maybe you’ll take an overnight break. That break turns frustrating quickly if you come back to realize your paintbrush is now as hard as a rock.

With this life hack, you can just wrap your brush in a bit of aluminum foil and pop it in the fridge until you’re ready to get back to it. The brush should stay soft!

Beauty Sponge Revival

There comes a time when your favorite beauty blender simply must be retired. At some point, it gets pretty gross. That point might not come as soon as you think, however.

While the outside of your beauty blender might be done for, before you throw it away, try cutting it in half. The inside is practically new in some cases.

Fixing a Broken Makeup Palette

It’s hard to never drop something you use often. Yet, a crash to the floor seems like it can end your favorite palettes. You can fix a broken palette, though.

Start by smashing the product more. It sounds counterproductive but you want to make the powder mixable. Then, add a bit of alcohol and mix thoroughly. From there, just smooth the mixture back into shape.

Saving Space

Packing up things you don’t need is a great way to stay organized. However, if you aren’t organized in your storage, it doesn’t help much. Vacuum bags are often advertised as a space-saving solution in your home.

However, this TikTok user found that you can DIY your own version with just a trash bag and a vacuum. This way, you can keep your winter clothes packed during summer without taking up too much space.

Creating a Pan Liner

Pan liners are really helpful in baking. Not only do they save on mess but they prevent your creations from sticking, too. On the other hand, trying to guess how much parchment paper or foil you need can be a hassle.

To get the perfect shape every time, try forming the parchment paper or foil over the outside of the pan. Then, you can just place it inside once you already have the shape.

Use the Luggage Rack

When you stop at a hotel for a night or two, you want your stay to be as hygienic as possible. There are a few things you can do to improve it. One flight attendant on TikTok shared a wealth of travel hacks as someone who constantly stays in hotels.

She shared that if you want to keep your bed as clean as possible, don’t toss your luggage on it! It’s been through the airport and the entire flight with you, so it’s likely a little gross.

Chopping Bell Peppers

When you need flavor and color in a dish, bell pepper is a great addition. However, cutting them can sometimes seem messy. You can keep all of those seeds in place while you cut your pepper.

You’ll want to start by slicing the stem off your pepper and placing it top-side-down on the cutting board. Cut the pepper into fourths and peel them away, leaving the central core of seeds intact!

Keep Your Cutting Board in Place

Even the best cutting board can lead to an issue on a slippery surface. After all, you don’t want it sliding around. To keep your knife cuts even and your hands safe, there’s a trick you can use that this person was kind enough to share on TikTok.

All you need to do is place a damp paper towel under your cutting board. This should add some grip and keep everything in place.

Using a Chicken Pounder

That TikTok user from the last tip had more than one life hack to share. In fact, they had a few kitchen tips. This one is really handy if you don’t love doing dishes.

When you need to use a meat pounder on chicken, it’s a pain to clean. So, instead of using it directly on the chicken, place the chicken in a bag before pounding it.

Easily Peeling Boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs are a quick and easy breakfast with plenty of protein. On the other hand, peeling the shell away can prove challenging.

This TikTok user has a life hack for just that! To start, they crack and peel off a bit on either side of the egg, creating a tunnel with the shell. Then, just blow the egg out of the shell and you’re good to go!

Taking Care of Lettuce Stems

Cutting something like iceberg lettuce isn’t necessarily hard. Still, that stem can be quite the hassle when it wants to be. This TikTok hack means you won’t have to worry about cutting that stem out ever again.

Instead, put your lettuce stem-side-down on your cutting board and give it a good whack. From there, you should be able to pull the stem right out, leaving all the good parts behind.

Arranging Flowers

If you keep flowers, you know how hard it is to place them if you don’t have the right vase. Plus, it seems like they’ll never stand up in a regular glass. This TikTok user found a great hack for this.

All you really need is to grab a bit of clear tape and place two pieces across the glass opening and two pieces that are perpendicular to others. The end result should give you a space to discreetly prop your flowers up.

Removing the Mango Pit

Just like the avocado we talked about earlier, removing the pit from a mango can be a bit of a struggle as well. Not with this TikTok hack!

The only cut you have to make is around the circumference of the fruit. From there, you can grab each half of the mango and twist until they pull apart. This will expose the seed and pull one side completely away from it.

Removing Chicken Tendons

A lot of people love dishes with chicken in them. Yet, chicken is also pretty intimidating to cook if you don’t know how to handle it. One thing that many people don’t want is tendons in their chicken.

If you have a fork, you don’t even need any fancy tools to get rid of it. You can easily slide the fork down with the tendon trapped between the prongs, pulling it away.

Another Avocado Hack

Earlier, we took a look at a hack to make cutting avocados a little easier. Now, we have another TikTok hack if you need an alternative.

Here, you’ll want to start by halving your avocado as you normally do. From there, you should have the pit in one side. Instead of trying to carve it out with a knife, simply push on the back of the avocado to force it out gently.

Grinding Coffee Beans

Freshly ground coffee beans are a great start to any caffeinated morning. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t sometimes messy. At times, it can seem impossible to avoid the smattering of finely ground beans across the countertop.

This person avoids that by fitting their filter right over the grinder to catch everything cleanly without spilling a drop on the counter below. It’s a pretty handy and versatile trick!

Easy-Pour Paint

A fresh coat of paint is a great way to breathe new life into a room. Simultaneously, it can be an easy way to make a big mess, too. Pouring the paint is among the hardest parts when it comes to keeping paint off of everything around you.

In the end, paint cans aren’t really designed for a controlled pour. If you use a few pieces of painter’s tape to make an angle on your paint can, it’ll be much easier to pour it.

Straining Pasta

Straining pasta isn’t too complicated, right? All you have to do is put the colander in the sink and pour the pasta in. As this TikTok user pointed out, you may not even have to do that.

With the right size pot and colander, you can just place the colander in the pot and pour. This way, you don’t even have to transfer the pasta from dish to dish.

Closing Public Stalls

We’ve all been there. You find a public restroom right when you need it only to realize the sliding lock doesn’t quite work properly.

This is another case where an elastic band like a hair tie can come in handy. All you have to do is hook the hair tie over the knob on the lock, through the gap in the lock, and back over the knob. This way, the door is held shut, if not as securely.


The right accessories can elevate and add personality to almost any outfit. However, it’s not always easy to get jewelry on, especially certain pieces.

Bracelets, in particular, can cause a hassle since you can’t reach them with both hands. If you’re having trouble reaching a clasp, you can hold the chained end of the bracelet in place with a paperclip so you can easily adjust the clasp with your other hand.

Enjoying a Pomegranate

Pomegranates are a delicious fruit, so why don’t we enjoy them more often? Well, a lot of people are intimidated by getting them open. You don’t have to be after seeing this TikTok!

Rather than trying to pry each bite free from the fruit, this user took a knife and cut the pomegranate into wedges. This way, you can easily grab the edible bites out without any hassle or getting too messy.

Beautifully Hung Curtains

Hanging curtains is an excellent way to add a touch of functional decor to a room. If your curtains bunch up, though, they don’t have the same effect.

If you have a few clean, old toilet paper rolls, you can improve the look of your curtains in seconds. When you hang your curtain, put a toilet paper roll between each new hook to create pleats. You shouldn’t be able to see the TP rolls, but by doing so, you’ll add a touch of elegance.

Handling Tupperware Stains

After a while, you’re likely to see your Tupperware and other reusable plastic containers start to show some wear over time. To get rid of these pesky stains, add warm water and soap as you normally would.

Then, add a few strips of paper towel and start to shake it vigorously. About a minute of that later, you can rinse it out for fresh and clean results.

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