Sakamoto Days Anime Got Hilarious and Action-Packed Fun!

Sakamoto Days Anime Got Hilarious and Action-Packed Fun!

Sakamoto Days is a manga series that I was excited to read. It sounded funny, and I thought it would have a lot of action and laughs. Yuto Suzuki’s action/comedy series did not disappoint.


Summary in simple English:

Taro Sakamoto was the best hitman in the world. He was so good that everyone in the criminal underworld was afraid of him. But one day, he met a woman and fell in love. He gave up his life of violence to be with her, and they got married and had a family.


Years later, Sakamoto is now a chubby dad who owns a convenience store with his wife. One day, his former colleague Shin shows up at the store and is shocked at how much Sakamoto has changed. Shin is disgusted by what he sees, but Sakamoto is happy with his new life.

Shin, Sakamoto’s former colleague, begs him to return to being a hitman so that they can work together again. But Sakamoto refuses. This puts Shin in a difficult position because his boss has ordered him to bring Sakamoto back or kill him if he refuses.

Shin is determined to complete his mission, but he soon realizes that Sakamoto is still a skilled hitman, even though he is now a chubby dad. Sakamoto easily defeats Shin and shows him that he should not have underestimated him.



Sakamoto Days is a funny action-packed story about a dangerous man who now has a normal life with his family. It’s funny to see such a tough guy be a loving husband and father, and he’s even scared that his wife will leave him if he starts killing people again. I thought the Sakamoto family was very cute, and I laughed a lot watching the main character fight while wearing an apron and having a pot belly.

Sakamoto is not alone in defending his new life. His former colleague Shin, who has always admired him, decides to leave behind his life of crime and start working at the convenience store with Sakamoto. Shin is clairvoyant, which makes him a valuable asset to Sakamoto. Together, they fight off their former gang, rescue people in need, and try to avoid getting caught by the local policewoman, who does not want vigilantes running around using violence in her town.

Lu, the daughter of a triad leader, joins Sakamoto and Shin after they save her life. She is a skilled martial artist and cook, and she helps out at the convenience store and in fights.


Sakamoto has a hit put out on him and all the best hitmen are coming after him. Will he and his motley crew of friends be able to fend them off? And will they be able to keep Sakamoto’s wife from finding out that he’s fighting again so she doesn’t end their marriage? I think they can handle the hitmen, but it’s only a matter of time before Sakamoto’s wife finds out what’s going on and gets angry.

The action scenes in this manga are very good. They are fast and exciting, and they are both funny and thrilling. Sakamoto’s skills are amazing, and he can do silly things like spit a cough drop hard enough to deflect a bullet. Even though Sakamoto is so skilled, the fights are still exciting and there are some real thrills mixed in with the funny moments.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Sakamoto, Shin, and Lu will fight the assassins who are coming for Sakamoto’s head. Shin and Lu are both tough in their own ways and are determined to help Sakamoto. Shin’s psychic abilities make him an interesting addition to the cast, and it’s fun to watch him and Lu take on the bad guys, even though they’re not as good at fighting as Sakamoto. It will be fun to see them try to keep up with the madness.


I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the first volume of Sakamoto Days. It sounds like it’s a good fit for fans of action comedies like Spy x Family. I’m looking forward to reading it myself!

I agree that Sakamoto Days is not as cute as Spy x Family, but it does have its own unique charm. The humor is a bit more slapstick and over-the-top, and the characters are a bit more rough around the edges. But at its core, Sakamoto Days is a heartwarming story about a family man who is trying to protect his loved ones.

I’m excited to see how the series develops in future volumes. I’m sure there will be even more exciting action scenes, hilarious comedy, and heartwarming moments.


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