Reddit’s Top 20 Stupid Food Picks That Will Leave You Speechless!


Get ready to have a good laugh at Reddit’s Top 20 Stupid Food Picks! We’re talking about some seriously weird combinations that will leave you scratching your head in confusion. Picture peanut butter and pickles or spaghetti tacos – yup, you read that right! It’s a crazy culinary adventure that’ll have you laughing non-stop. So, grab some snacks (normal ones!) and join us as we dive into the hilarious world of food fails on Reddit. You won’t want to miss this comedy feast!

Mint chocolate covered fried chicken…just why?

Mint chocolate covered fried chicken?! Who comes up with these things? My taste buds are seriously confused right now. Someone, please save us from this wild food combo!Bread chips on a comb.

Bread Chips on a Comb

Step aside, regular snacks! We’ve reached a whole new level of creativity – bread chips on a comb! Who knew hairstyling tools could double as a snack tray? Time to brush up on our snacking skills!

Jalapeno Stuffed Chicken! You’ll be screaming for seconds!

Spice up your taste buds with Jalapeno Stuffed Chicken! Get ready for a flavor explosion that’ll have you begging for more! Don’t say we didn’t warn you – it’s addictively delicious!

Yeah I sure wonder why you made it look that way, Chef Club

$11 for 4 olives in Jell-o at Café Mars, NY

Hold on a minute, $11 for just 4 olives in Jell-o at Café Mars in NY? That’s a pricey twist on a classic appetizer! But hey, maybe it’s a taste sensation worth trying at least once. Just remember to savor every bite of this upscale culinary adventure!

Lovecraftian Horror!

I’m all for Lovecraftian horror, but let’s keep it off our plates, shall we? Let’s stick to regular, non-eldritch delights for a less eerie dining experience!

I love Lovecraftian horror, but maybe not on my plate.

Microwaved Marshmallows

Ever tried microwaved marshmallows? Brace yourself for a gooey, sugary explosion of goodness! Just be careful not to let them grow into marshmallow monsters in there!

Sad dinner… but not the worst

Well, tonight’s dinner was a bit sad, but hey, it’s not the worst we’ve had! Let’s hope for a tastier and happier meal tomorrow!

How to piss off Italians and the English at the same time

Hold on to your taste buds because this is not your ordinary pizza! Introducing the epic Fish and Chip Pizza, topped with curry sauce, haddock, scraps, and mushy peas. Brace yourself for a wild culinary adventure that combines the best of two worlds. Would you dare to take a bite?

Acid reflux in a bowl

Who said salads had to be boring? Introducing the ultimate spicy snack salad: Hot Fries, Popcorn, Cheetos, Peanuts, and a zesty blend of lime, Tajin, Lucas, and Valentine seasoning! Get ready for a fiery flavor explosion that’ll tingle your taste buds in the most delightful way!

Am I the only one that thinks this is ridiculous and dumb?

You’re definitely not alone in thinking this is ridiculous and dumb! Some food combinations can be quite bizarre and not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s all about personal taste, and it’s perfectly okay to have different opinions about unconventional snacks.

My bf made gnocchi with leftover fries…

Well, well, well, looks like we’ve got a creative chef on our hands! Who would’ve thought of turning leftover fries into gnocchi? Kudos to your boyfriend for thinking outside the box and giving it a try! Food adventures like this make cooking so much fun!

Oh Definitely No

Oh, my taste buds are in for a treat! Nothing beats a Homemade Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich with perfectly caramelized onions! It’s a delicious combo that’s hard to resist – pure comfort food heaven! Get ready to indulge in the ultimate sandwich experience!

Mmm crispy zergs, my favourite!

Oh, the crunchy goodness of crispy zergs! They’ve got to be my all-time favorite! Can’t resist those delicious little bites – a true treat for my taste buds! Let’s devour some more!

McDonalds 1 Pounder With Cheese

Introducing the McDonald’s 1 Pounder With Cheese! Brace yourself for a mouthwatering feast of pure indulgence! This colossal burger is a dream come true for burger lovers who crave a massive, cheesy delight. Can you handle the delicious challenge?

My sour cream looks funny

Uh-oh, my sour cream seems to be having a giggle! But hey, no worries – a little quirkiness won’t stop me from enjoying its tangy goodness! Embrace the funny look and savor the taste!

Deep-Fried Pizza. Pretty common in Scotland for some reason.

Deep-Fried Pizza – a surprisingly common treat in Scotland! Don’t knock it till you try it; this crispy and indulgent delight has won over many hearts in the land of kilts and bagpipes! So, next time you visit Scotland, give it a go and experience this unique twist on a classic favorite!


Why in the world would anyone put roots on a pizza? Introducing the “Roots Pezza,” a perplexing culinary creation that’ll leave you scratching your head! While it might seem unconventional, some daring foodies love the earthy twist on their favorite slice. Adventure awaits those brave enough to try it!

Soba Noodles in Ice Block

Soba noodles in an ice block – now that’s an icy twist on a classic dish! Imagine the cool, refreshing sensation as you slurp through the chilled noodles on a hot day. It’s a unique culinary adventure that’ll leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied. Give it a try and experience the unexpected delight of cold soba!

Punish your toilet

Warning: Overindulging can lead to a bathroom battle! Remember, punishing your toilet is no fun. Enjoy your food in moderation to avoid any unpleasant consequences.

Pasta with nutella and cheese

Ever tried Pasta with Nutella and cheese? It may sound strange, but some adventurous foodies swear by this sweet and savory combo! Give it a shot and experience the unexpected fusion of flavors. Who knows, it might become your new guilty pleasure!

It has spaghetti it it to

Hold on tight for this wild ride of flavors! Introducing Pasta with Nutella, cheese, AND spaghetti! It’s a daring mix of sweet, savory, and carb-loaded goodness that’ll blow your taste buds away! Give it a whirl and join the ranks of fearless food explorers. Bon appétit!

It’s never too early for a glizzard

Rise and shine – it’s glizzard time! Who says it’s too early for this delectable delight? Embrace the unique combination of glazed goodness and enjoy your morning treat. Start your day with a glizzard and kick things off with a savory bang!

Wanna some fried eyes?

Wanna some fried eyes?
by u/Inevitable-Hold-8763 in StupidFood

Um, thanks, but no thanks! I’ll pass on the fried eyes offer. Let’s stick to more traditional and appetizing options, shall we?

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