Top 6 Stunning looks From The People’s Choice Awards 2024

Top 6 Stunning looks From The People’s Choice Awards 2024

Explore the vibrant fashion moments from the 2024 People’s Choice Awards, where stars showcased bold and diverse looks on the red carpet. From Laverne Cox’s vintage glamour to Ice Spice’s bold statement, discover the standout styles that stole the spotlight.


The People’s Choice Awards (PCAs) is a red-carpet event known for its entertaining atmosphere and unique approach, as the winners are determined by public votes rather than critics or industry experts. This year’s ceremony coincided with the prestigious BAFTAs, creating a clash in the red-carpet calendar.

Laverne Cox’s Vintage Glamour:

Laverne Cox's Vintage Glamour:

Laverne Cox dazzled in a 1987 Thierry Mugler velvet bustier from her personal collection. Paired with a crystal-encrusted skirt, Cox’s look exuded drama and elegance.

Ice Spice’s Bold Burnt-Orange Statement:

Ice Spice's Bold Burnt-Orange Statement:

Ice Spice stole the spotlight in a vibrant burnt-orange Dolce & Gabbana dress, perfectly complementing the awards backdrop. The rapper completed the look with playful leopard-patterned tights and custom accessories.

Billie Eilish’s Offbeat Red Carpet Charm:

Billie Eilish's Offbeat Red Carpet Charm:

Billie Eilish defied traditional red-carpet norms by rocking a sweater vest over a shirt and tie. Her characteristically baggy style, along with big sneakers and frameless glasses, made a unique statement.

Kylie Minogue’s Emerald Green Elegance at People’s Choice Awards 2024

Kylie Minogue's Emerald Green Elegance at People’s Choice Awards 2024

Kylie Minogue turned heads in a glamorous emerald-green Raisa Vanessa gown with a geometric appearance. The Australian pop icon later stunned in a sleek red outfit during her performance.

Markell Washington’s Cowboycore Vibe:

Markell Washington's Cowboycore Vibe:

TikTok star Markell Washington embraced the “Cowboycore” trend with a denim cowboy hat and a floor-length skirt made from multiple pairs of jeans. Metal-buckled belts added flair to his unique ensemble.

Xochitl Gomez’s Refined Floral Spin:

Xochitl Gomez's Refined Floral Spin:

Xochitl Gomez showcased a refined take on the floral trend with pink fabric flowers atop her Gucci outfit. The ensemble, featuring bejeweled sleeves, reflected elegance and sophistication.

Despite the BAFTAs taking place on the same evening, the People’s Choice Awards red carpet was a showcase of bold and diverse fashion choices, making it a memorable night for fashion enthusiasts.

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