These Photos Of Melting Objects Prove That The Summer Heat Doesn’t Spare Anything


It is currently summertime! In numerous locations, the heat is extreme. Therefore, it is important to be cautious, as extremely high temperatures during the summer can cause unexpected damage to various objects.

Hot Wheels

These unfortunate drivers found themselves in a sticky predicament when a road began to melt due to the heat, leaving their cars completely immersed in tar. As soon as the sun appeared, any vehicle that drove onto this road became trapped in the melting tar. Those who managed to pull over to the side of the road were left amazed and shocked by the unusual situation.

Not A Fan

This ceiling fan has clearly seen much better times. In its initial installation, its blades were sturdy and could operate continuously, effectively bringing relief to the overheated room. However, the intense heat has taken a toll on it. With age catching up, this fan has lost its previous form. Coupled with the high temperatures, it has caused the blades to lose their strength and slump, making it more of a danger than a functional fan.


Melted Ducky

It’s not a good idea to leave your favorite belongings on the hot dashboard. Despite being aware of this, we sometimes forget because we are human. You may be tempted to see how hot it gets inside the car, but leaving something vulnerable like a green rubber ducky is a deliberate test that it cannot withstand. As shown in the photo on the right, the green ducky did not survive.

Half-Baked House

Originally, a meticulously constructed two-story house made of 8,000 wax bricks stood tall. However, due to the extreme temperatures during the European heatwave, the structure is now sagging, dripping, and distorting. As onlookers pass by, they are captivated by Alex Chinneck’s grand-scale project. Over time, the sculpture will transform into a chaotic mix of melting wax and a rooftop in disarray. Already, enchanting and irregular stalactites of paraffin wax are beginning to take shape.

When Art Imitates Life

No matter how hard you try, these images are impossible to forget! Circulating on the internet are pictures of disco balls melting, giving off the impression that they’ve had their fill of the summer heat. It almost seems like they are taking a break from their usual lively state. Being the center of attention at a party must come with its challenges, right? Even contemporary artwork is using this as a way to portray just how unbearably hot the weather has become.

A Cream Against Nature

During the sweltering summer, a refreshing ice cream cone becomes a delightful treat. However, on this particular day, the heat was overwhelming and caused the ice cream truck to malfunction. The resulting mess cannot be fixed easily, highlighting the unfortunate consequences of the scorching weather. It is apparent that this intense heat should be taken seriously, as demonstrated by these photos that emphasize the need for the summer temperatures to cool down.

Even Superman Is Melting

Superman fans and avid readers of DC Comics have experienced challenging times in the past few years witnessing a significant departure from the authentic essence of the beloved character. Sadly, we now recognize the imminent demise of Superman, leaving us feeling bereft of any saviors. The presence of a monumental sculpture serves as a poignant reminder that superheroes, contrary to popular belief, are not immortal.

In Need Of Some Ice

Although the intense heat is worth taking seriously, we sometimes rely on humor to cope with these record-breaking temperatures. Showpaper magazine, a free print publication based in New York, regularly features and promotes all-ages and DIY shows in the NYC/Tri-state area. In anticipation of the rising summer temperatures, they have creatively placed a melting newsstand in front of Printed Matter bookstore.

Melting Into Trash

The summer in Arizona was incredibly hot, surpassing even the usual high temperatures that the state is accustomed to. The intensity of the heat was evident as photographs started surfacing on social media, showing melted trash cans and other items affected by the extreme weather. The sweltering conditions were so severe that Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport had to cancel numerous flights, as the entire city endured scorching 120-degree temperatures.

Hangin’ In There

Certainly, if you hold it in a strange position, it is possible for it to still function as a pen. It appears that Salvador Dali may have also explored creating office supplies as a side venture. However, a simple Google search reveals that the melting point of most plastics is approximately 212 °F. One might attribute this to the impact of global warming leading to drastic climate fluctuations, which now even pose a threat to the safety of your pens.

You Had One Job

Our eyes are vulnerable to sunlight, which can cause various health issues ranging from minor discomfort to more severe conditions. However, wearing good-quality sunglasses can provide protection against the harmful effects of the sun. It is puzzling whether the current popularity of sunglasses is solely a fashion trend or a result of the increasing heat.


Take a look at this unfortunate mailbox that was simply going about its business when it got damaged by the intense heat. Can you believe it has become so hot that mailbox posts are starting to melt? Well, it’s happening now, and this unlucky mailbox even made it onto the news! Tanner Wood, a sixth-grader from Mesa, noticed the sagging mailbox down the street from his house. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, remember that mailbox posts made of galvanized steel may become too hot to handle, so avoid trying to reshape them.

How Candies People Live Like This?

“Don’t worry about the little things, they say, but this summer was beyond our expectations. As the gummy worms sat out in the sun, they became heated and gradually melted. The candy transformed into a liquid, sticky substance resembling sludge. The point at which solids transform into a melted state is known as their melting point, meaning that the dashboard became very hot and sticky.”

Too Hot To Candle

Currently, we find ourselves in quite a troublesome predicament. It appears that someone should inform this particular candle that it was only meant to melt once it had been lit. Apparently, it has become excessively heated, causing it to slump over. The neighboring candle, on the other hand, seems to have remained upright, suggesting that it was simply a matter of being in an unfavorable location, albeit just a few inches away.

Stepping Outside

Are you heading somewhere? Do you have some tasks to run? So you hurry across the street and discover your shoes getting stuck to something. However, upon closer inspection, you realize it’s not gum but the sticky, thick tar from the road. Surprisingly, this can occur when the dried tar on the road becomes slightly melted and adhesive due to extreme heat. It’s a peculiar moment, and we can’t help but wonder what comes next.

Today’s Forecast

After cleaning your desk you realize just how dirty your keyboard is, and you think to yourself, ‘how did I not notice this before?’ So you give it a good wipe and leave it next to the window in the sun to dry. But then, this is what happens, a big mistake. We’d never think this could happen, but sure enough, it has. You can take this into the repair store down the road, but they would be just as amazed as you are.

Can It

The governor of Arizona declared a state of emergency during the heatwave to garner resources to keep residents safe and fight fires sparked by the heat. This kind of searingly hot weather is getting dangerous. The extreme heat is particularly unusual because this is not an El Niño year – the phenomenon usually associated with prolonged temperature surges. Scientists say the record-shattering temperatures seen in Europe last month were a one-in-a-thousand-year event made up to 100 times more likely by the greenhouse gases that humans have put into the atmosphere.

Chain Reaction

Yikes! This week’s heatwave is the third of this summer and likely to be the shortest. Tuesday was also freakishly hot for the time of year – registering at 32.9 degrees Celsius, that’s 91.22 degrees Fahrenheit. Newspapers, media publications, and News reports are now introducing terms that more accurately describe the environmental crises facing our world. Instead of using “climate change,” the preferred terms are “climate emergency, crisis or breakdown” and “global heating,” these are all being favored over “global warming.”

Playtime Is Over

Most TV and newspaper reports have covered these events in jaunty tones with images of scantily clad sun-seekers, children with melting ice-creams and sweating holidaymakers downing cold drinks on the beach. But July was the world’s hottest month ever recorded, following the warmest June and the effects speak for themselves, this is part of a global trend, and now the photos are a bit more somber, with jungle gyms and children’s slides at their playgrounds melting.

Tell-tale spine

The cactus family is one of the most easily recognized plant families in the world. Their beautiful blossoms, thick stems, and unusual shapes attract thousands of people to the desert each year. Although cactus is synonymous with desert regions, as they are made to thrive in the hottest of places, the heat proved too much for this specific plant, these hanging spikes speak for themselves. If you didn’t believe in Climate change, now it’s before your very cacti.

A Nap In The Sun

When the weather is this hot, even candle Buddha wants to take a nap. In fact, historically, a reclining Buddha is an image that represents a major iconographic theme in Buddhist art. One could even say that this moldable little Buddha, made of wax and wick, has reached a state of Nirvana, which can be termed as a transcendent state in which there is no suffering or desire, so basically, sleeping?

The Melting Pot

This traditionally blue painted teapot appears to be melting into patterned puddles. Another example of art imitating life. The decorations featured in the series range from paisley prints to plaid, and retain their integrity when seemingly liquified. The intention of this “trope of estrangement” is to prompt the viewer to reflect upon the familiarity and predictability of everyday life and that the stifling weather is something we can expect more of as temperatures rise.

This Porta Potty Has Had Enough

Do you really need to go? Well, it’s going to have to wait as this porta-potty is currently unavailable.  This lone porta-potty was left by the side of the road, for motorists to use when driving long distances and in need of a pit-stop. Whoever left it there was unseemingly oblivious to the blistering temperatures during this summer. Now, all that’s left is a molten shape that used to look like a port-potty.

Hot Diggety Dog

By now, we’re all ready to say good-bye and farewell to summer and are looking forward to the cooler weather when we will actually enjoy the warmer things in life. But when this person saw their dog melting into the floor, their first reaction was, take a photo! Not save my dog from becoming apart of the carpet. Poor old Buck couldn’t stand the heat, this pooch has had enough and decided to wait it out simply.

The Worst Traffic

When you can’t see the traffic lights, it can prove difficult to follow the rules of the road properly! Is the term “the oven states” a common expression? Because it should be. The new reality is that both the southern and western states in the U.S. are going to bake every summer. There is only one question to be asked, and that is, “how can anyone actually live in a place that’s hotter than 100 degrees for more than 100 or 120 days straight?”

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