Leonardo DiCaprio and His Ladies Over the Last Two Decades


Ever since the release of Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio has gained widespread admiration from the public. He became popular among many young women and was regarded as a heartthrob. He became used to being in relationships with models, and even brought some of them to his biggest events. Although he may have genuinely loved some of these women, for his biggest hit, his only companion was his co-star, Kate Winslet. Over time, Leo advanced to dating even more successful supermodels. It is unclear which woman truly captures his heart.

Bridget Hall

Even though it’s been over 20 years since Leonardo DiCaprio became a heartthrob in his early 20s, he continues to engage in relationships with some of the most stunning models in the world.

Leo developed a strong interest in models from a young age, and in 1994 he proudly introduced Bridget Hall as his first girlfriend. However, their romance did not endure. It is uncertain who Leo’s true soulmate among the leading ladies is.

Brittany Daniel

In 1995, during the shooting of “The Basketball Diaries”, Leo was paired with a new female co-star, and there were rumors of a possible romantic relationship between them. As Leo’s popularity as an actor grew, it’s natural that he received a lot of media attention for his romantic connections.

Leo and Brittany never officially acknowledged their romantic relationship, however, based on their excellent on-screen compatibility, there is a chance that the two might have had a casual affair during their collaboration on the movie.

Claire Danes

Although Claire Danes is now married to a well-known partner, when she was a teenager, she acted as the love interest for Leonardo DiCaprio on screen. The rumors regarding their romantic involvement range from one extreme to another.

According to certain reports, Claire thought of 22-year-old Leo as unprofessional despite being only 16 years old. This is quite different from her recent admission that she had a romantic interest in him during the filming of Romeo + Juliet. Although Danes suggests that nothing actually occurred between them, it cannot be confirmed with certainty.

Helena Christiansen

It was natural for Leo to seek out the most prominent figures at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show as his career gained momentum in the mid-1990s through successful works such as Romeo+Juliet.

Although Helena Christiansen remains a well-known Angel, it’s possible that in 1997, she was even more famous than Leonardo DiCaprio. While there may not have been any public acknowledgement, their frequent attendance at events hinted that they were romantically involved.

Naomi Campbell

Although Leo may not have achieved the apex of his stardom in 1995, he was able to identify the most renowned personalities in the fashion industry, even when he was still young.

Despite never appearing to be in a committed relationship with Naomi Campbell, there was speculation that they had a brief romantic encounter at some point. It’s common for individuals to explore their romantic experiences during their youth, and it appears that Leonardo DiCaprio still continues to do so.

Kristen Zang

Kristen Zang could be the ultimate ex-girlfriend in Leo’s love life as he was extremely smitten with the blonde model that he even brought her to the premiere of Romeo+Juliet in 1997.

Regrettably, the emerging star’s relationship had ended before their major success with Titanic. Some people believe that Zang was the missed opportunity for Leo, although there could be a greater love in his life.

Demi Moore

It appears that Leonardo DiCaprio was curious about being in a romantic connection with an older woman when he went out with Demi Moore once or twice.

Despite the fact that his current younger girlfriends are enchanted by him, Leo seems less than impressed as he is with the more experienced Demi. Although Demi may have been seeking a younger partner after divorcing Bruce Willis, it is evident that Leonardo DiCaprio was not the desired candidate.

Natasha Henstridge

Leo may have been linked to other models prior to Natasha Henstridge, but considering her aspirations in acting, it’s understandable why the relationship was not a long-term one.

Leo and Natasha met when Leo was about to become a top star after the release of Titanic, and Natasha had just started her career as an actor rather than a model. However, they never officially confirmed their relationship to the public.

Bijou Phillips

It appears that when Leo was younger, he was more willing to try different types of women. Bijou Phillips, whom he dated in the 1990s, was not the typical tall, blonde, and model-like woman that he preferred in his later years.

Although their relationship possibly lasted for a short duration, it appears that it was beneficial. Despite Phillips belonging to a family associated with the entertainment industry, it was Leonardo DiCaprio who introduced her to the director responsible for casting her in her debut movie, “Black and White.”

Eva Herzigova

It wouldn’t take much time for Leo to start a new relationship with model Eva Herzigova after his previous one.

Although he was the most famous celebrity worldwide, he realized he would have to pursue a romantic relationship with the Czech beauty who he met at the premiere of the movie “The Man in the Iron Mask” in 1998. However, like his previous flirtations since becoming known, their involvement didn’t last long.

Kidada Jones

Leo appeared in multiple pictures with Kidada Jones during the late 1990s, and you may recognize her name as the daughter of Quincy Jones.

Although it was never confirmed, there is a chance that Leo and Kidada may have had a short-lived relationship before he started dating Gisele Bundchen. Dating Leo was not a significant experience for Kidada, as she had previously been engaged to rapper Tupac Shakur.

Trishelle Cannatella

Trishelle Cannatella may have become less visible after her stint on The Real World, but according to speculation, it appears that Leo DiCaprio may have taken notice of her.

Leo was apparently associated with a popular reality TV personality during a time when he may have been having problems with Gisele. However, since Leo was already in a relationship at that time, we can only rely on Trishelle’s statement.

Paris Hilton

In 2000, although it wasn’t typical for Leo, he found himself mingling with socialites and ultimately crossed paths with Paris Hilton.

Although it’s not necessary to have mutual friends in order to have a romantic relationship, Paris and Leo were seen together frequently enough that rumors started about them being involved. Leo eventually moved on to other things not long after.

Gisele Bundchen

It could be difficult to accept that at some point we were convinced that Leo had found his ideal partner. Following his association with Paris Hilton, Leo spent the next five years with the supermodel Gisele Bundchen as his constant companion.

Leo and Gisele had a serious relationship as evidenced by Leo taking her with him to the Oscars. However, their relationship did not progress and eventually ended. After their split, Gisele found love with Tom Brady.

Bar Refaeli

Leo’s response to his breakup with Gisele was to seek comfort in the arms of another blonde supermodel who was highly renowned in the international fashion scene.

On this occasion, he met Bar Refaeli at a Sports Illustrated event in Las Vegas and they fell for each other resulting in him falling into her arms. Although their relationship was not as intense as his previous one with Gisele, Leo and Bar had an on-again, off-again romance from 2005 to 2011, after which they ended their relationship permanently.

Anne Vyalitsyna

Leo became single while having difficulties with Bar and he decided to pursue a Russian-born model named Anne Vyalitsyna, who had been featured in both Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret.

Leo and Anne had a short romantic relationship during Leo’s six-month hiatus. They were frequently observed enjoying themselves at extravagant destinations like Ibiza. Unfortunately, Anne was unaware that Leo was still attached to another woman, making it impossible for them to deepen their relationship. They eventually parted ways.

Blake Lively

Although Blake Lively is not exactly a model, her lengthy legs and bright blonde hair make her a perfect match for the type of girl that Leo generally goes after.

Ever since Leo and Blake’s relationship became more intimate, he realized that she was quite different from the other girls he had been with before. Blake seemed to enjoy preparing meals and desserts for Leo, a new experience for him in his past romantic endeavors.

Madalina Ghenea

Leo had a difficult time after breaking up with Bar Rafaeli, but during that phase, he was briefly seen with Madalina Ghenea, who is a brunette. They were spotted getting cozy with each other at his temporary residence in Sydney, where he was busy filming “The Great Gatsby”.

Not only Americans, but also Romanians and Italians were enamored with their own celebrity, making the news of her romantic involvement with DiCaprio all the more thrilling.

Alyce Crawford

Alyce Crawford, an Australian model, claims that her relationship with Leo was never romantic. However, they spent a lot of time together in 2011 while Leo was working on The Great Gatsby, and some people have said they saw Crawford visiting Leo at his hotel. They were careful not to be seen together in public. It’s uncertain whether they had a secret romantic relationship because Leo was going through a difficult time in his love life.

Erin Heatherton

After a short period of time spent with an actress, Leo was delighted to return to the company of models and this time he opted for Erin Heatherton.

Leo had a relationship with Erin, who was a Victoria’s Secret model for almost a year, between 2011 and 2012. Despite the craziness of their schedules, they were able to make their relationship work. However, they decided to end their partnership after 10 months due to their hectic schedules.

Miranda Kerr

Leo chose not to make his relationship with Miranda Kerr known to the public, which could be attributed to the fact that their names were frequently associated with one another in various publications at a time when Kerr was still married to actor Orlando Bloom.

Despite Kerr and Bloom announcing their separation in 2013, there were reports of her being seen with Leo in 2012. It’s unclear whether this had an impact on her split with Bloom or if Kerr had a tendency to be unfaithful due to the knowledge of an impending divorce. The exact truth may remain unknown.

Margarita Gauchet

Leo took a break from his usual preference for blondes when he was spotted being intimate with the French model during their yacht trip in 2012. Yacht trips were a preferred method of wooing women for Leo, but this particular relationship seemed to be shorter than his previous ones.

Apart from their open display of affection, not much information has been disclosed about their love affair. Nevertheless, both individuals have not refuted that their romantic involvement occurred, despite the fact that their relationship evidently did not succeed.

Kat Torres

In 2013, Leo became interested in a different Brazilian model whom he met at Cannes that year. Even though Torres matched Leo’s preferred appearance, it appeared that they didn’t have a strong connection as their relationship barely lasted.

It might have compounded matters that during that period, DiCaprio was involved with both Torres and another woman who had a firmer grip on his emotions. Perhaps, Torres’ tendency to gossip about their relationship contributed to this.

Alesia Riabenkova

Alesia Riabenkova was frequently in the public eye, but not all of it was related to Leonardo DiCaprio. She gained attention when her allegations of being attacked by a photographer could not be supported by evidence.

She was going through the consequences of ending her relationship with a Scottish actor in public. Even though breakups are sometimes unavoidable, they can still cause pain. Gossips spread after the separation that Alesia, who was born in Latvia and is a model, was recovering from her heartbreak with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Toni Garrn

Leo bookended his relationship with Kat Torres by pursuing a blonde model from Germany. Although they had an on-and-off relationship between 2013 and 2014, it appears that Leo was not hesitant to restart their romance when things ended with his most recent partner in 2017.

Once reunited after a long separation, the couple walked holding hands, but unfortunately their happiness did not last. Now, Leo tries to steer clear of Garrn whenever possible.

Katie Cleary

Although she had already made a name for herself in successful movie franchises such as Iron Man 2, Clearly didn’t really need Leo to advance her career. However, he seemed like a viable choice to end a failing marriage.

Despite already filing for divorce, many people believe that being photographed with the celebrity at a party was what finally ended Katie’s marriage, as it appeared she had emotionally moved on from her husband long before.


Although the relationship has only been speculated about, during a period in 2015, there were frequent instances where Leo and Rihanna were present at the same social gatherings.

Even though they never publicly acknowledged having a romantic relationship, Leo and Rihanna were frequently captured in photographs with Leo following behind and trying to conceal his identity with a hat. Later on, it was revealed that Rihanna was actually involved with one of Leo’s acquaintances instead of him.

Kelly Rohrbach

At the start of their relationship, it appeared that there was a strong enough spark between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kelly Rohrbach to suggest that their affair could have a long-lasting potential.

Despite their frequent public displays of affection in New York City, their eventual breakup was expected. Leo’s current romantic interest may appear serious, but it is not necessarily any distinct from his previous relationships.

Laura Whitmore

It may have been a little unexpected for some people to see Leo getting close to Laura Whitmore, who is a presenter on Irish TV. According to reports, they first met at an awards ceremony and Leo was very interested in her during the after party.

Although Whitmore avoided being direct when asked if she was involved with Leo or not, she simply told reporters that everyone was having a good time with a lot of dancing. However, it appears that the relationship, whatever it was, did not last very long.

Nina Agdal

Leo probably prefers to maintain a high level of privacy when it concerns his personal affairs, but unfortunately, the paparazzi have been able to capture his romantic and friendly relationships despite his efforts to conceal them.

Upon being seen with Nina Agdal, a 21-year-old Sports Illustrated model, the actor’s intentions were questioned. Nina hastily clarified they were just friends. Although she stated the actor didn’t make any advances towards her, his past behavior towards public relationships suggests her statement may not be entirely truthful.

Roxy Horner

During a troubled time in Leo’s love life, he crossed paths with Roxy, which is not an ideal time to commence a new relationship. Despite being a part of this tumultuous phase, Horner refuted speculations about how they first met.

Several months later, they were seen together again, appearing to be more romantically involved than before. Despite the gossip circulating about them, Horner persisted in insisting that they were just friends, and all the claims about a possible romantic relationship were untrue.

Chelsey Weimar

Back in 2016, Leo seemed to have a rough time finding a partner with whom he could have anything more than a fling. One of his brief romances at the time was Chelsey Weimar, who then was around 19 or 20 years old.

Though neither of them went public with the relationship, they were seen having dinner together, while some of Weimar’s Instagram posts were definitely taken while at Leo’s house in Los Angeles. His Dutch entanglement was going to be short-lived.

Ella Ross

There’s a chance that 2016 was simply the year of the British models for Leo. After she was linked to Scott Disick, Ella Ross seemed to be looking for an upgrade, at least when it came to finding someone who’d earned their celebrity.

Neither Leo nor Ella had waited for the dust to settle after their previous relationships had come to an end when they were spotted dancing close to one another at a star-studded party.

Victoria Robinson

The then-23-year-old Victoria Robinson was one of the few other brunettes that Leo has spent time with since his big Hollywood break so many decades ago. Like many of his other relationships around that time, his time with Robinson amounted to nothing more than a fling.

The first whispers that they were an item began when Robinson and DiCaprio were seen leaving one of Justin Bieber’s parties in spring 2016, though the relationship apparently never made it far off the ground.

Lorena Rae

When Lorena Rae popped onto the scene, there was something distinctly different about the 23-year-old German than Leo’s other ladies. No, she’s still a model, which is readily apparent from her small frame, but she’s one of the few brunettes he’s stepped out with in recent years.

Their romance seemed to begin sometime around August 2017, but even while he was trying to woo her, he was also happily hitting the town with his ex, Toni Gurrn. Needless to say, it didn’t last.

Ela Kawalec

When things went south with both of his former ladies, Leo set his sight on the Polish model, Ela Kawalec.

In recent years, it seems like Leo’s strategy for winning new girlfriends is to take them out for a spin around New York City, often by taking advantage of the city’s bike share program, Citi Bike. As far as Leo’s girlfriends’ careers go, Ela was still an up-and-coming model, despite the numerous beachside photoshoots she’d managed to land.

Juliette Perkins

It may have become clear to Leo that neither rekindling a fling with an ex nor his tryst with Lorena Rae was the right move for him. As he searched for a woman he could call his one and only, he was introduced to Juliette Perkins, which certainly set plenty of tongues to wagging.

At 19 years old, Juliette is one of the youngest girls Leo has dated since his own adolescence, but that age gap didn’t stop them from leaving several parties together.

Camila Morrone

In the past couple of weeks, Leo seems like he may have found the romantic bliss he’s been looking for, as he publicly announced that he was dating the young model, Camila Morrone.

Before meeting the 21-year-old, who was born the year Titanic debuted in theatres, he hadn’t had a relationship last longer than six months since he dated Erin Heatherton back in 2012. Could Camila really be the girl meant for Leo? Or is there someone else who has always been waiting in the wings?

Kate Winslet

While Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have continued to maintain that they’ve never had a romantic relationship, it’s clear from their long-lasting friendship that they’ve been one of the most stable presences in each others’ lives for the past two decades.

While Leo has been flitting from model to model, Kate has managed three separate marriages, but their commitment to one another has never wavered. Perhaps the reason their love lives have never settled is because they’ve always just been waiting for each other.

She grew up a shy brunette in British Columbia, but Pamela Anderson has since become an American blonde bombshell. The model and actress is basically an icon at this stage — who doesn’t recognize her? Most people know about some of the star’s former relationships and flings, but not all of them! Join us as we take a look at the bankers, rockers, models, and magicians that Pamela Anderson has dated over the years.

Ty Anderson

Before she became a big name, Pamela Anderson lived in British Columbia, descended from Finnish immigrants. In high school, she played volleyball and dated Tyler Anderson.

According to Ty Anderson, Pammy was shy and insecure, particularly in terms of her body. He commented, “I still love her. I still dream about her and I still think about her and my wife knows that. My first love was deep for me. I really loved her.”

Jon Peters

At 22 years old, Pamela Anderson briefly lived with former hairdresser and producer Jon Peters. Apparently, Peters met Anderson at the Playboy Mansion. He said, “I walked in and saw this little angel sitting at the bar. It was Pammy. She was like 19.”

He continued, “I knew she would be a big star. We ended up living together. Of course, Hefner loved her and saw her beauty. Pamela was a girl who, with no makeup, was gorgeous. She was very smart and very talented.”

Scott Baio

Pamela Anderson was an extremely successful Playboy model, and has since appeared on more covers than anyone else. After she was named the Playmate of the Month in 1990, she met Scott Baio at the mansion. The pair dated for three years, from 1990 to 1993.

Pammy landed her first acting credit while in this relationship. She appeared in her boyfriend’s sitcom, Charles in Charge. The actor married Renée Sloan, who he also met at the Playboy mansion, in 2007.

Eric Nies

Next up is more of a fling than a relationship, but it was made in ’90s heaven. In the early ’90s, Pamela Anderson dated Eric Nies for several months. The former model made his name on the first-ever season of The Real World, and went on to star on other reality shows.

These two were only together for a couple of months, but the press loved it! Eric Nies has also dated actresses Alyssa Milano and Kirsty Swanson. He’s currently married to Iona Nies.

David Charvet

After starting her career as a model, Pamela Anderson soon switched to acting. After landing a small role on Home Improvement, she got her big breakthrough with Baywatch in 1992. One of the actress’ costars, David Charvet, was her next boyfriend. The couple was together between 1992 and 1994.

The French actor and singer has two daughters with ex-wife, American TV personality Brooke Burke. After his time on Baywatch, he continued acting, appeared on reality shows, and had a music career.

Antonio Sabàto Jr.

But, if you’re on a show with a bunch of hunky men, why just date one of them? Blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson also hooked up with co-star Antonio Sabàto Jr. in the mid- ’90s. The Italian-born actor also started out as a model, posing for Calvin Klein.

The actor has since moved from California to Florida to open his own studio. Antonio Sabàto Jr. plans to make the movies that are blacklisted due to their politics… that sounds like a wise idea.

Bret Michaels

For some reason, it makes sense to us that Pamela Anderson dated Poison frontman Bret Michaels. The couple dated in 1994, and Brett struggled to get approval from Pamela’s mom.

He said, “The mom really didn’t like the rocker thing or the way I looked — Pamela had never dated a rocker before. I think that played a big part in the relationship.” As we know, Brett Michaels went on to star on Rock of Love, where hordes of women competed for his charms.

Dean Cain

Hey, it only makes sense that Pamela Anderson also hooked up with Superman himself. She and the actor and former football player, Dean Cain, were linked in the ’90s. The actor took on his most famous role in 1993, and attracted millions of viewers.

Also in the 1990s, Dean Cain dated model and professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reece, and was engaged to singer Mindy McCready. Cain has a son with his ex-girlfriend, Playboy model Samantha Torres. He’s now a reserve police officer.

Arsenio Hall

It’s a shame that there are no pictures of Pamela Anderson with her rumored fling Arsenio Hall. We really would have loved to see that. These two apparently got together in the mid-’90s, when they were both enjoying their fame.

By the ’90s, the actor had starred in Coming to America and in 1994, The Arsenio Hall Show launched. After Hall’s son was born in 1998, he stepped back from the limelight to raise him. He resumed his show in 2013.

Tommy Lee

Where do we begin? Perhaps Pamela Anderson’s most famous relationship is her marriage to Motley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. The couple met four days before getting married, and Pammy wore a white bikini to say “I do.” She got his name tattooed on her ring finger, and was Mrs. Pamela Lee.

Together, the couple had two sons. However, the marriage ended after three years. Lee was arrested for harming his wife, and charged with six months in prison.

Kelly Slater

When Tommy Lee was in prison, he found out his wife — or soon-to-be ex-wife — was dating someone else. Pamela Anderson had moved on with another co-star, American professional surfer Kelly Slater.

Kelly Slater is considered the best professional surfer of all time — there’s no wonder Baywatch nabbed him! When asked later about his time with Pammy, he commented, “I learned a lot. I don’t have any ill feelings toward her. I wish her well. Hey, we had an amazing time together.”

Marcus Schenkenberg

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s divorce was finalized in 1998, the star got together with model Marcus Schenkenberg. In fact, the couple was even engaged! Amusingly, this union started when Anderson watched Schenkenberg rescue a bird that had fallen into a Monaco toilet. Who could resist?!

These two were together until 2001, and even collaborated together. They shot a fashion ad campaign, and he guest-starred on her action series V.I.P. The Swedish model and actor also dated Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson.

Stavros Merjos

In the early 2000s, it’s rumored that Pamela Anderson got together with film producer Stavros Merjos. There are no pictures of this particular pairing, just rumors. Merjos is from a Greek and Romanian background, and has since had four kids.

One of Stavros Merjos’ daughters, Hanna Beth, is a former Myspace model that’s dated lots of rockers. She’s also friends with Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Paris Hilton. Stavros Merjos has been married to Scottish art dealer and former fashion model Honor Fraser since 2004.

Michael Bolton

Here’s an unexpected addition to the list. In 2001, media outlets reported that Pamela Anderson got together with performer Michael Bolton. These two met at a party in the Bahamas and reportedly hit it off.

The American singer-songwriter’s marriage to Maureen McGuire ended in 1990, after 15 years together. He then dated actress Nicollette Sheridan on and off from 1992, right up to 2008. Now, Michael Bolton is a grandfather to at least six lucky grandkids.

Kid Rock

Here’s another major relationship in the life of Pamela Anderson. These two gave it a go several times, first from 2001 to 2003, and then again in 2006. The country rap star married the actress in 2006, and they called it quits months later.

Sadly, Pamela Anderson suffered a miscarriage around this time. Eventually, she filed for divorce, saying, “I’m moving on. … I feel like I’m finally free.” Incredibly, when the couple got divorced, the reason cited on their papers was the movie Borat, which Anderson appeared in.

Fred Durst

It makes sense to us that Pamela Anderson would date Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. He fits with her rocker, bad boy type, and would have made sense around the period she was interested in Kid Rock. It’s claimed that these two dated briefly in 2003.

Of course, Fred Durst has just made his comeback as a performer. He’s also starred in and directed several independent movies. The performer has been married three times and has two daughters — Adriana and Dallas.

Christian Monzon

Not just interested in rockers and bad boys, Pamela Anderson also fancies herself a male model every now and then. And who could blame her? In 2004, reports claimed that the actress was seeing American model and actor Christian Monzon.

Christian Monzon started dating Mariah Carey the following year, until they broke up in 2006. Now, the actor is married to Angelica Monzon and has two children — daughter Amor, and son Xander Amar. He’s active on Instagram.

Steve Jones

When Pamela Anderson took a trip to the UK in 2004, she sampled some British men while she was there. Firstly, she got together with Welsh TV personality Steve Jones after appearing on his show. Supposedly, the Canadian-American actress invited Jones back to her hotel room.

The former model has continued working as a TV host, currently leading the presenting team for Formula 1. Steve Jones is married to American photographer and food stylist Phylicia Jackson, who he met while working in the US.

Robbie Williams

Pammy’s next rumored UK fling was with former Take That member and cheeky chappy Robbie Williams. Reports at the time said that the pair enjoyed a candlelit dinner at a posh London hotel, and that Anderson requested the setup. However, years later the actress denied even knowing who the English popstar was. Savage!

Now, Robbie Williams is married to American actress Ayda Field. The couple has four children together — sons Charlton and Beau, and daughters Theodora and Colette.

Stephen Dorff

Between 2004 and 2005, Pamela Anderson dated American actor Stephen Dorff. He had his film breakthrough in horror movie The Gate back in the ’80s, and then acted alongside stars like Daniel Craig, Morgan Freeman, and Reese Witherspoon in the ’90s.

After getting together with Pamela Anderson, Stephen Dorff was romantically linked to British popstars Rachel Stevens (of S Club 7) and Sarah Harding (of Girls Aloud). Before Pammy, he was linked to actresses Alicia Silverstone and Reese Witherspoon, and model Bridget Hall.

Mark McGrath

Back in 2002, Pamela Anderson and Mark McGrath hosted the Teen Choice Awards together. Some years later, in 2005, it was reported that the two had hooked up. As with most tabloid rumors, these are hard to substantiate. We guess only Mark and Pam know!

Since possibly dating Pammy, singer and host Mark McGrath has settled down. The star married Carin Kingsland in 2012 after dating on and off since 1994. Together they have twins, Lydon Edward and Hartley Grace.

Eddie Irvine

Likewise, we can’t dig up any snaps of Pamela Anderson with Eddie Irvine back when they supposedly dated in 2006. However, there are plenty of pictures of them since then. This one was taken in 2017, and shows the Northern Irish race driver with Northern Irish actor Liam Cunningham.

Known as a playboy, Eddie Irvine has dated many famous women. He has been linked to New Zealand model Rachel Hunter, Irish model Michelle Doherty, and Italian TV personality Lucia Galeone.

Ray J

He’s Brandy’s brother and Snoop Dogg’s cousin, but he’s more well known for starring in a leaked tape with Kim Kardashian. Ray J — or William Ray Norwood — apparently had a fling with Pamela Anderson in 2006. This was actually before his starring role in the leaked tape.

In 2016, the singer-songwriter married his Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood castmate Princess Love, but the couple divorced in 2020. Together, they have daughter Melody Love and son Epik Ray.


Clearly, when Pamela Anderson is photographed with a man, outlets report that they could be dating. And hey, we suppose they could. In this case, the former model was spotted with R&B star Usher at a party in Atlanta, Georgia.

Usher married stylist Tameke Foster in 2007, though they later split in 2009. He got married again in 2015 to his manager Grace Miguel, though they split in 2018. He has three children and is expecting another with music executive Jenn Goicoechea.

Laurence Hallier

Between 2006 and 2010, Pamela Anderson had an on-off relationship with businessman Laurence Hallier. However, this relationship ended in court, with each partner trying to sue the other. What a love story!

Pamela tried to sue her ex for a million bucks because he didn’t give her a condo as promised. In response, Laurence sued his ex for $22.5 million because she didn’t promote his residential development in Las Vegas. In the end, they both settled out of court. Thank you, next!

David Binn

Another of Pamela Anderson’s rumored flings is former American football player David Binn. The stars met in 2007, and dated on and off that year and the next. The NFL player hasn’t been linked with anyone else since his time with Pamela. We presume that he’s good at keeping his romantic life on the down-low!

Around this time, Pamela Anderson also claimed to be hooking up with her ex-husband, Tommy Lee. In 2008, Lee confirmed that they were trying to make things work.

Hans Klok

We hate to say it, but Pamela Anderson was indeed romantically linked to a magician. We know, we know, but it happened. In 2007, the blonde bombshell was the onstage assistant for magician Hans Klok. Pam appeared in The Dutch illusionist’s Las Vegas show, “The Beauty of Magic.” See what they did there?

Pammy told Craig Ferguson, “There’s a lot of love backstage. It’s very physical, it’s very loving.” However, Klok later said that the relationship was invented for publicity.

David Spade

We thought we hated the idea of Pamela Anderson with a magician until we thought of her with David Spade. For some reason, the comedian managed to have a fling with the actress in 2007. We truly can’t understand why she would do such a thing. However, Brett Michaels wasn’t exactly a catch.

Pamela Anderson and David Spade hosted the Teen Choice Awards together, and have been friends for years. This picture was taken at a party in 2005.

Rick Salomon

In total, Pamela Anderson married American poker player Rick Salomon twice. Having already been with Ray J, the star of a famous leaked tape, it was time to find another. You see, Rick Salomon is most well-known for appearing in Paris Hilton’s leaked tape.

These two were married between 2007 and 2008 and then again from 2014 to 2015. When asked why she married him between magic shows with Hans Klok in Vegas, she said, “He was just always there, and I was like, you’re always here.”

Criss Angel

Folks, you won’t believe it but it’s another magician. Someone needs to speak with Pamela about her taste in men. Clearly, the star was having a great time in Vegas as she was photographed partying with the American illusionist.

Over the years, Criss Angel has been linked to several women. He was married to JoAnn Winkhart, and dated model and TV personality Holly Madison. He now has two sons with Australian singer Shaunyl Benson — Johnny Christopher, and Xristos Yanni.

Matt Evers

When Pamela Anderson appeared on UK reality series Dancing on Ice, she was partnered with American skater Matt Evers. Though they were eliminated first, the partners were rumored to be dating from 2012 to 2013.

His rep confirmed that “They formed a very close bond and have made plans to see each other in the very near future.” Though he was formerly married to a woman, Matt Evers came out as gay in 2018.

Adil Rami

In 2017, Pamela Anderson got together with French professional soccer player, Adil Rami. The couple lived together and there were even engagement rumors in 2018. However, this relationship came to an end in 2019 when Pam shared Adil had been “living a double life.”

He responded, saying, “At no point did I live a double life, I am simply determined to preserve a lasting relationship with my children and their mother, Sidonie, for whom I have a deep respect. It’s true that I should have been more transparent.”

Julian Assange

While Pamela Anderson was living with soccer player Adil Rami, the media was naming her as the girlfriend of Julian Assange. Indeed, the star had been introduced to the WikiLeaks founder back in 2014 and she regularly visited him.

At the time, both Assange and Anderson downplayed their relationship. However, we think it worked for both of them. It was later revealed that Assange had fathered a child during this time, though his partner was pleased that Pammy was in the papers — not her.

Jon Peters

We’ve already seen producer Jon Peters on this list, back when Pamela Anderson lived with him as a teenager. Incredibly, the pair got married in 2020, and then immediately separated.

This is a confusing situation. On the one hand, the media reported that the couple got married in a private ceremony in Malibu. On the other, Anderson said that they merely had “a theatrical lunch,” dressed up, and didn’t really mean it. Peters has been married five times, and is currently engaged.

Dan Hayhurst

Finally, it’s time to meet Pamela Anderson’s current husband. Dan Hayhurst is the star’s bodyguard, and they fell in love while spending lockdown together. The couple got married on Christmas Eve 2020 in Canada in the same place that Pam’s parents got married.

The star said, “I am in love. We were married Christmas Eve with both our families’ blessing, everyone we know is happy for us […] I’m exactly where I need to be — in the arms of a man who truly loves me.”

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