Kelly Brook’s 2023 Calendar Takes Swimwear To Dazzling New Heights


She’s known for her gorgeous curves and body confidence.


Kelly Brook captivated audiences with her scintillating 2023 calendar, where she effortlessly turned up the heat in an assortment of alluring ensembles. Each racy snapshot unveiled a side of her that left temperatures soaring, showcasing both her confidence and style. Monday became a day of anticipation for fans, eagerly awaiting the reveal of Brook’s latest jaw-dropping looks.

  1. 1 Gold Swimsuit

    The 40-year-old TV and radio presenter wowed in the sizzling images, showcasing a daring gold swimsuit that highlighted her ample assets. She struck confident poses, exuding an undeniable magnetic charm.


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  3. 2 Bright Blue Cut-Out One-Piece

    The stunning brunette beauty elevated the temperature further by donning a plunging grey jacket-style leotard, accentuating her toned thighs and generous assets. Her confident allure was impossible to ignore, leaving an indelible impression on viewers.

    Demonstrating her unwavering body confidence, Kelly looked absolutely stunning in another snapshot. She wore a vibrant blue cut-out one-piece while leisurely lounging in the pool, exuding an undeniable allure.


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  5. 3 snug-fitting leopard print top

    In yet another alluring photo, the star confidently showcased her renowned curves in a snug-fitting leopard print top, perfectly paired with matching briefs. Her fashion choice exuded a bold and captivating style that left a lasting impression.

    In July, Kelly claimed that sex gets better with age and said her longterm love is a big fan of her curves.

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  7. 4 one piece in the pool

    Embracing her body confidence, Kelly looked absolutely stunning in another snapshot. She wore a striking bright blue cut-out one-piece while leisurely lounging in the pool, showcasing her figure with grace and allure.


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  9. 5 Backless white dress

    Exuding undeniable presence, the star captivated in another shot, donning a backless white dress as she indulged in a refreshing shower. Her choice of attire highlighted her elegance and flair, commanding attention effortlessly.

    Speaking on Vicky Pattison's The Secret To... podcast, she said: 'My boyfriend is 35 and he is Italian, so, you know, he likes a nice large curvy woman so that's always a good thing! 


    'I think your sex life gets better as you get older! 

    'You get confident! You are not so hung up on stuff. You know what you enjoy. You know what you like, so you are not as scared to tell them.

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