The Gorgeous Homes of Hollywood’s Biggest Legends

The Gorgeous Homes of Hollywood’s Biggest Legends

The fame and wealth that Hollywood celebrities possess are often the subject of envy. Their success in the field of entertainment proves that hard work pays off and they proudly showcase this achievement by purchasing their dream homes. These artists, who impressed us with their skills, also leave us in awe with their stunning residences.

Loni Anderson – $2.435 Million, Sherman Oaks

Loni Anderson gained prominence by featuring in the CBS program WKRP in Cincinnati. Moreover, her residence that she acquired through her success is a valuable property situated in Sherman Oaks valued at around $2.435 million in 2014.

The enormous abode provides ample living space for its occupants with an area measuring 4,630 square feet, accommodating a grand master suite, six bathrooms, five bedrooms, and a media room. Furthermore, the residence offers multiple additional luxuries including a saltwater pool, three fireplaces, and a spa.

Harry Belafonte – $2.9 Million, New York

Harry Belafonte, who is also known as the “King of Calypso,” is a popular Jamaican-American artist who has gained much fame. He has been involved in various fields like singing, songwriting, and acting. Recently, he appeared in the 2018 movie BlacKkKlansman.

A colonial-style house located in upstate New York sits on 100 acres of land and is quite magnificent. The artist was the proud owner from the 1950s until the 1990s, but in 2019, it was put on the market for an incredible $2.9 million.

Loretta Lynn – Price Undisclosed, Hurricane Mills, Tennessee

Loretta Lynn is a significant icon in the realm of country music, as she has maintained a steady presence in the industry for over six decades by releasing numerous albums. Among her various hit songs are You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man) and Coal Miner’s Daughter.

Since the 1960s, she has owned a property in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee that comprises 52 rooms and is located just 73 miles away from Nashville, which is renowned for country music. The current cost of the property is not publicly known.

William Shatner – $3 Million, Studio City

William Shatner has acted in a multitude of television shows, including Boston Legal, The Practice, and Rescue 911. However, he is best known for his portrayal of Captain Kirk in Star Trek, for which he received widespread recognition for his performances in both the television series and feature films.

Due to his widespread popularity and ongoing success, he was able to acquire a spacious 4,016 square foot residence located in Studio City, California with an estimated value of $3 million. The house was constructed in 1925 and consists of four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Richard Chamberlain – $19 Million, Maui

Richard Chamberlain gained fame as an actor and a singer and he has been actively pursuing his career since 1958. He made his breakthrough as the main protagonist in the TV show Dr. Kildare and subsequently appeared in prominent roles, including The Bourne Identity.

Part of the wealth of the original Jason Bourne was invested in a luxurious Maui house valued at about $19 million. The property spans about 8,674 square feet and comes with a land area of half an acre. It has four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and one half-bath.

Billy Connolly – $4.75 Million, New York

Starting in 1965, this individual from Glasgow has built a reputation for himself as a successful performer, having dabbled in stand-up comedy, acting, music, and traditional art. Although he has a comedy album titled “Bill Connelly Live!” that stand-up enthusiasts can enjoy, he is most commonly known for his role in “The Boondock Saints.”

Connolly decided to go for a comfortable loft in Manhattan, rather than the mansions and colonial homes that were previously considered. The home on Fifth Avenue was sold for $4.75 million in 2016.

Brigitte Bardot – $5.65 Million, France

Brigitte Bardot, a renowned French actress, used to own a stunning property in France that originated from the 13th century. The house is situated on 1.46 acres of land, and it boasts a spacious living area of 6,458 square feet, providing ample room for the actress to unwind. It comprises of eight bedrooms, eight and a half bathrooms, and a formal dining area.

The property has an infinity pool which nearby boys would often attempt to secretly catch a view of Bardot. The residence underwent extensive renovations that lasted for three years beginning in 1998, and it is currently valued at $5.65 million according to reports.

Angela Lansbury – Price Undisclosed, Cork, Coast of Ireland

Angela Lansbury is a versatile actress with extensive experience in various mediums such as television, cinema, and stage. Having started her acting career in 1943, she has appeared in numerous notable works like The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Manchurian Candidate. Besides, she has also contributed her voice to animated films such as Beauty and the Beast and Anastasia.

Lansbury has a traditional farmhouse in Cork situated alongside the coast of Ireland. The cost of the property is not disclosed, but what we know is that it was specifically planned by her acquaintance, Stephen Pearce.

Jorge Ramos – $6 Million, Miami

Jorge Ramos is a famous Spanish-language news anchor in the US who hosts two Univision shows. He has reported on many important news events, including the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1991.

He not just possesses eight Emmys and various journalistic accomplishments, but he also owns a luxurious Miami mansion which is estimated to be worth $6 million. The mansion is heavily protected with wrought-iron fencing, shrubs and a 20-foot wall.

Linda Evans – $3.295 Million, Beverly Hills

Linda Evans started her career in 1960 and retired from acting in 1997. Her notable performance was in the 80’s soap opera Dynasty, where she portrayed the character Krystle Carrington.

In 1937, a house was bought by her which had a living area of 3,900 square feet – containing four bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. She initially set the price at $3.295 million when she put it up for sale, but later reduced it to $2.7 million.

Tommy Lee Jones – $26.75 Million, Florida

Tommy Lee Jones has appeared in a variety of genres during his tenure as an actor, including the crime thriller Double Jeopardy, Batman, and the sci-fi franchise Men In Black. Instead of purchasing a pre-existing residence, Jones opted to begin from the beginning and acquire two plots in 2002.

After that, he constructed a polo ranch which amounted to around $4.62 million inclusive of barns, equine routes, and an entire polo court. The residence within the property incorporates four bedrooms and two bathrooms, with an area of 11,000 square feet. Currently, its estimate is around $26.75 million.

Jaclyn Smith – Undisclosed Price, Los Angeles

Jaclyn Smith is commonly known for playing Kelly Garrett in the TV series Charlie’s Angels. Although the specific value of her home is not public, we can assume that it’s expensive considering its quality and her net worth of $90 million.

In the early ’90s, she purchased it and decided to make essential renovations. Presently, the property boasts of a tennis court, swimming pool, sizable private office, and a roomy backyard.

Elton John – $33 Million, Beverly Hills

It’s no surprise that Elton John, who is widely recognized for his extravagant persona, lives in a magnificent residence. In 2015, he and his spouse, David Furnish, acquired their opulent mansion for $33 million.

The residence boasts of an array of amenities that meet all their requirements, such as ten bedrooms, ten fully-equipped bathrooms, as well as twelve half baths, nine fireplaces, a gym, a wine cellar, a screening room, a spacious family room, and a garage that comfortably accommodates eleven automobiles.

Ted Nugent – $1.4 Million, Texas

Ted Nugent, a prominent country musician, had a 2019 tour named The Music Made Me Do It Again! He and his wife Shemane Deziel, who have a combined net worth of $20 million, possess a number of properties, including the one located in Waco, Texas.

A property with three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and an outdoor pool located on extensive grounds was acquired for 1.4 million dollars from a previous owner identified as Allen Samuels.

Bob Newhart – $14.5 Million, Texas

Bob Newhart has established a reputation for himself in the entertainment industry as both an actor and a comedian. His initial breakthrough was through humorous one-person speeches, including The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart, but he has also starred in films and TV shows such as Elf, The Librarians, and Newhart.

In 2016, he put up his gorgeous Bel Air residence for sale at a price of $14.5 million. However, instead of selling it, he later demolished the house and put up the vacant lot for sale at a much higher price of $26 million.

Robert Conrad – $1.75 Million, Bear Valley

Robert Conrad, who was involved in the entertainment industry since 1957, retired in 2002 with an extensive experience of 50 years. He worked as both an actor and stuntman, and was credited for his performances in popular films such as High Sierra Search and Rescue, Baa Baa Black Sheep, and Dead Above Ground.

According to reports, he purchased a rustic yet luxurious retreat in Bear Valley back in the 1980s while filming High Mountain Rangers. The property was later sold by him for $1.75 million in 2014.

Patrick Wayne – Price Undisclosed, Toluca Lake, California

Patrick Wayne, the offspring of Hollywood icon John Wayne, chose to pursue an acting career like his father. However, he eventually retired from the entertainment industry in the late 1990s, making a final cameo appearance in the film Deep Cover.

The amount he spent on purchasing his Toluca Lake residence remains unknown, and given Wayne’s reputation for valuing privacy, little information is available about the house’s indoor features. Nonetheless, it has been established that the property includes a considerably large swimming pool.

Dick Cavett – $33.95 Million, Montauk, NY

Dick Cavett, a retired talk show host and TV personality, is the proud owner of a luxurious residence referred to as Cavett’s Cove, which was initially listed for sale at the price of $62 million.

Over the past few years, there have been three instances where the cost of the home has decreased. The first time, it went down to $48 million and eventually landed at $33.95 million early last year. Although the original home was destroyed by fire, leaving only the chimney, Cavett and his spouse, Carrie Nye, reconstructed it in 1997.

Michael Caine – $7.45 Million, South Beach

With an impressive filmography boasting 130 movies, Michael Caine is a familiar face to fans of virtually any genre. At the conclusion of 2017, the esteemed actor and his wife, Shakira Caine, successfully sold their Miami Beach residence.

Caine sold his flat located on South Pointe Drive in addition to the condominium, earning a combined sale value of $7.45 million. The flat boasts an area of 4,154 square feet and consists of four bedrooms, a summer kitchen, a media room, and captivating water views.

Roger Taylor – $10.43 Million, Surrey

Roger Taylor gained fame as a prominent musician and drummer with the renowned rock group Queen, which continues to tour even after the unfortunate demise of their lead singer Freddie Mercury in 1991. The opulent mansion is designed to cater to the lifestyle of a rockstar, featuring a spacious garage and a lavish indoor swimming pool.

For more than 20 years, Taylor resided in the mansion, but he left some time ago. However, we can obtain an up-to-date valuation of the property by referring to the most recent owners’ $10.4 million listing.

Russell Crowe – $40 Million, Sydney

Berthong is the name of a waterfront residence situated in the eastern region of Sydney, Australia. It belongs to Hollywood actor Russell Crowe, who has received numerous awards for his acting performances. Elizabeth Bay is the suburb where this property is located, and it’s renowned for its scenic harbor views.

The dwelling comprises of five sleeping quarters, six washrooms, and incorporates 19th-century Victorian elements in its design. It was purchased in 2003 for $11.5 million, but the current tenant is asking for $40 million for the property.

Bob Barker – Price Undisclosed, Los Angeles

Bob Barker is well-known for his career as a TV host, which spanned from 1950 until his retirement in 2007. He gained the highest recognition as the host of The Price is Right for an impressive 35 years, starting from 1972 until 2007, making him easily recognizable by most viewers.

Not only is his residence in Los Angeles stunning, it was also recognized as a historic and cultural landmark in the year 2000. Constructed in 1929, the estate covers 2,000 square feet and includes four bedrooms along with rooms designated for maids.

Donald Sutherland – $2.995 Million, Palisades Beach

Donald Sutherland made a big impact in Hollywood and he was also responsible for owning and creating the design of the Palisades Beach home, which later on was bought by Neil Jacobson, an A&R executive for Interscope Records and president of Geffen Records.

The house comprises of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a library, an office, a master suite, and a stunning view of the beach. Jacobson has recently put up the house for sale at a cost of $2.995 million.

Paul Hogan – $9 Million, Malibu

As an actor, Paul Hogan gained popularity in Hollywood, and he is widely known for his role in the Crocodile Dundee movies among his fans. Besides, he has also featured in other films including Charlie & Boots, Lightning Jack, and Flipper.

From 2009 to 2015, he expanded his skills to include standup comedy and went on frequent tours. Prior to 2013, he possessed a large estate in Malibu which was later purchased by Liam Hemsworth for $4.8 million. However, Liam Hemsworth has now put the property up for sale again, this time with an asking price of $9 million.

George Hamilton – $1.2 Million, West Palm Beach, FL

In 2008, George Hamilton acquired a contemporary residence that spans 1,797 square feet. The dwelling boasts of modern amenities such as white glass tiles, a European-style kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two balconies, a wine cooler, and a built-in coffee maker.

The house had several large TV screens, additional sound systems and game setups. After purchasing it at a cost of $525K, he renovated the property and sold it after a year in 2009 for $1.2 million.

Faye Dunaway – $1.45 Million, West Hollywood

Faye Dunaway, who was born in 1941, embarked on her illustrious career in 1962, and has a number of prestigious awards, including Oscars and Golden Globes, to her credit. Her most popular movies include Network, Chinatown, Mommie Dearest, The Rules of Attraction, The American Connection, and Bonnie and Clyde.

For a period of time, she resided in a gorgeous West Hollywood residence built in 1929, but she recently put it up for sale and sold it to another individual for a high cost of $1.45 million.

Shirley MacLaine – $18 Million, New Mexico

Shirley MacLaine opted for a unique method to market her vast New Mexico ranch property spanning over 7,450 acres. Faced with uncertainty over the correct pricing, she sought the advice of psychics instead of real estate professionals. Following their guidance, the actress was advised to list the estate at a value of $30 million.

However, the actress used numerology to reduce the original amount to $18 million. The estate is eco-friendly, featuring a spacious 10,000-square-foot residence, a greenhouse, a stone labyrinth, and supposedly, according to MacLaine, is a place where UFOs are frequently spotted.

Judd Hirsch – $1.56 Million, Studio City

Judd Hirsch initiated his profession in 1959 and gained fame mainly for his performance in the comedy series Taxi. Additionally, he has been featured in various films and TV shows including NUMB3RS, Dear John, Independence Day, A Beautiful Mind, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

The performer acquired a house that spans 2,400 square feet in Studio City. It features two bedrooms along with two and a half bathrooms, and is valued at around $1.56 million. Currently, Hirsch has no intention of selling the property.

Ursula Andress – $2.28 Million, Beverly Hills

Born in 1936, Ursula Andress began her professional journey in 1957 and retired after her last movie appearance in 2005 with The Bird Preachers. Among her previous projects were films like The Mountain of the Cannibal God, The 10th Victim, and The Southern Star.

She possessed a lovely house in Beverly Hills until 2017 when she sold it for an attractive amount of $2.995 million. However, it was re-listed for sale later that same year at a lower price of $2.28 million.

Rita Moreno – Undisclosed, Bay Area

Since she first appeared in 1943, Rita Moreno has been an involved participant in the Hollywood community. Her most memorable roles include appearances in West Side Story, The Electric Company, The King and I, and Oz.

The performer has also been seen in Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks and Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? Her dwelling situated in the Bay Area has a modern interior and spans over 5,500 square feet. At present, the precise cost of the property is not revealed.

Nick Nolte – $8.25 Million, Malibu

Before embarking on his acting career in 1969, Nick Nolte began as a model. He has played prominent roles in notable productions like Rich Man, Poor Man, Winter Kill, and Gangster Squad.

Some of his outstanding acting performances in movies such as Warrior, The Prince of Tides, and Affliction even earned him nominations for the prestigious Oscar awards. He also appeared in the 2018 movie Head Full of Honey. The mansion he owns in Malibu has an estimated value of $8.25 million and covers an area of 6,006 square feet. It features four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Bob Eubanks – $1.982 Million, California

Bob Eubanks, who gained popularity as a TV personality for hosting The Newlywed Game for a long period of time, used to own a Normandy-inspired dwelling in California together with his wife Deborah James. The property is currently up for sale for $2.66 million.

The house has a lot area of 5,000 square feet and is equipped with four bedrooms, an office, five and a half bathrooms, a pool, and has beautiful fountains and stone walkways. However, the house did not sell at its initial listing price of $2.595 million and had to be relisted. Eventually, a buyer was able to purchase it for $1.982 million.

Jill St. John – $15 Million, Old Oak Road, Brentwood, CA

Jill St. John began her professional journey at a young age of nine in 1949. After a break from public attention in 2002, she came back to the industry in 2014. Her portrayal of Tiffany Case in Diamonds Are Forever is undoubtedly her most famous achievement, but her contributions also include her appearances in Who’s Minding the Store?, Tony Rome, and The Calling.

In 2007, the Brentwood residence belonging to both she and her husband, Robert Wagner, was sold for $15 million. The house features a total of six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a separate guest house, and encompasses 4,556 square feet of living space.

Christopher Lloyd – Undisclosed, Montecito

Christopher Lloyd, an actor and comedian, entered the entertainment industry in 1961 and his appearances on the screen have continued till this day. He initially made his debut with a part in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but he is predominantly known for his portrayal of ‘Doc’ Brown in the Back to the Future film series.

The cost of his Montecito residence is not publicly known, but it is located in the same locality where he had sold a home and moved to a smaller one in 2008. Regrettably, his previous residence is rumored to have been destroyed in a wildfire that occurred in 2008.

Sally Field – $7.9 Million, Malibu

Sally Field initiated her extensive venture in 1962 and gained impetus for her acting performances in tv shows like The Flying Nun and Gidget. Her profession began to genuinely blossom in the 1980s, and she acquired Oscars for her depiction in Places In the Heart and Norma Ray.

In addition, she played significant characters in films such as Steel Magnolias, Smokey and the Bandit, and Forrest Gump, as well as a mini-series titled Maniac in 2018. Furthermore, she disposed of her residence in Malibu for a whopping $7.9 million back in 2016.

Arlene Dahl – $8.5 Million, Upstate NY

Arlene Dahl had a long and eventful career in Hollywood during its Golden Age. She began her career in 1947 and worked until retiring in 1999. Dahl appeared in various roles during her time working with MGM, including Reign of Terror and The Bride Goes Wild.

In 2009, she temporarily ended her retirement to perform in Ron Russell’s Set the Record Straight. Her house, which was constructed in 1859 and covers an area of 11 acres, is located in the picturesque upstate New York. It was sold in 2008 for a significant amount of $8.5 million.

Jane Withers – $4.5 Million, Bel Air

Jane Withers became a child actor when she was only three years old and went on to become one of the most popular child stars of the 1930s and 1940s. Her outstanding contribution to the entertainment industry earned her the Young Artist Award for her lifetime achievements as a former child star.

Jane had a long career which included acting in The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Shooting High. Her parents purchased her current residence in 1936 and it was put on the market with an asking price of $4.5 million. She retired in 2002.

Valerie Harper – $4.2 Million, Santa Monica

Valerie Harper entered the world of on-screen entertainment back in 1956. She gained popularity among her fans for her portrayals in The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda. Apart from these, she also lent her voice for the character of Jennifer Clarkson in The Simpsons, and acted in various films such as Chapter Two, Stars in Shorts: No Ordinary Love, and My Mom and the Girl.

In 2015, she put up her Santa Monica Hacienda for sale at a price of $4.2 million. However, she had initially acquired the property back in 1996 for approximately $765K, almost two decades before the listing.

Ed Asner – $1.799 Million, Studio City

Starting in 1957, Ed Asner began his career and gained recognition in Hollywood through his roles in The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Lou Grant, El Dorado, Elf, and Up. In 2019, he featured in The Garden Left Behind and has 15 upcoming projects lined up.

In 2013, he decided to sell his Studio City residence, which he had fully renovated. The property was put up for sale at a price of $1.3 million. However, it was later relisted for $1.799 million in 2015.

Brad Pitt – $60 Million, France

In his youth, Brad Pitt quickly gained fame in Hollywood as a charismatic heartthrob. He later became half of a powerful Hollywood couple with his former spouse, Angelina Jolie, and together they had multiple properties worldwide. However, their wedding took place at their estate in France.

They spent a considerable amount of money when they purchased it in 2008, as it was priced at $60 million. However, the actor has now made a Californian property he bought in 1994 his main residence.

Jill Gascoine – $2.8 Million, Hollywood, CA

Jill Gascoine, recognized as Alfred Molina’s spouse, is also an accomplished author. Sadly, she announced in 2013 that she had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease after publishing three novels. In November 2016, Molina shared to the public that Gascoine’s disease had further advanced to its later and more severe stages.

They decided to put their Hollywood property up for sale at the price of $2.95 million in August 2017, but it took them some time before finally selling it a year later at a reduced price of $2.8 million.

Pierre Cardin – $355 Million, France

Pierre Cardin, who has a passion for geometry, made a decision in 1975 to expand his design abilities beyond fashion to include houses.

Palais Bulles, also known as the “Bubble House”, was constructed in France in collaboration with Antti Lovag, an architect. Completed in 1989, this 13,000 square foot house boasts ten bedrooms, three swimming pools, and even a 500-person amphitheater. It has an astonishing estimated value of $355 million.

Ronnie Wood – $8.5K Monthly, Claygate, Surrey

Ronnie Wood, the musician who played slide guitar for The Rolling Stones, was the previous owner of this residence in Claygate, Surrey. He sold the property in 2018, shortly before marrying his third spouse, Sally Humphreys. The new buyer has decided to list the house on the market as a rental property for a steep price of £6,500 or $8.5K per month.

At this cost, renters have the opportunity to reside in Ruxley Tower which has two terraces on the top to relish an assortment of views of Surrey.

Joan Collins – $4.5 Million, West Hollywood

Joan Collin began her career as a child actor in 1942 at the age of 9, playing a role in A Doll’s House. Over the years, she has continued to work in the entertainment industry and has recently appeared in popular shows like American Horror Story: Apocalypse and The Royals.

In 2016, she decided to sell her lavish residence located on the twenty-fifth level of Sierra Towers in West Hollywood. The living space, which is a condo, spans over a vast area of 2,260 square feet and was placed on the market with an asking price of $4.5 million.

Lily Tomlin – $7.149 Million, Los Feliz

Throughout her career as an actress, comedian, and activist, Lily Tomlin has become well-known. In the past, she owned a luxurious home located in the Laughlin Park area of Los Feliz. However, she sold it in 2004 to film executive Dennis Rice for a price of $4.4 million. Currently, she stars in the popular TV series Grace and Frankie.

In 2009, the property was relisted for sale at a price of $11 million, but it was eventually reduced to $7.149 million.

Anthony Hopkins – $4.9 Million, Malibu

Anthony Hopkins, popularly known for his character Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs, played the lead role of King Lear in 2018. He currently owns a luxurious property in Malibu, which is valued at $4.9 million.

The property has experienced various natural calamities such as wildfires in California and heavy rainfall and as a result, has now relocated nearer to a cliff.

Ted Turner – Undisclosed, Tallahassee

Robert Edward Turner III, who is commonly known as Ted Turner, is a well-known figure in the media industry and a generous philanthropist with numerous properties under his ownership.

He has gained a reputation for his contentious opinions and his unreserved way of articulating them, earning him the nickname “the Mouth of the South.” He possesses a total of 15 ranches, which together amount to land worth 1.9 million acres. In 2006, he sold his property in Tallahassee, Florida, but the exact amount he received for it remains undisclosed.

Chris Cuomo – $2.9 Million, Southhampton

Christ Cuomo, a renowned news anchor at CNN, has a substantial net worth that enabled him to acquire his property in Southhampton. His estate occupies a space of 3,000 square feet and comprises five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a fully-equipped eat-in kitchen, and a fireplace.

The property has luxurious features, including a pool that can be heated. The owner acquired the property for a price of $2.3 million in 2005, but it was listed for sale again in 2019 at a higher value of $2.9 million.

Meredith Baxter – $4.589 Million, Santa Monica

Meredith Baxter began her career by appearing in 1950s television shows, however, her success continued to skyrocket after that. As a result of her popularity, she was able to purchase a spacious Santa Monica residence that was constructed in 1972.

The house is located on a plot of land that is one-third of an acre, and it boasts five bedrooms, multiple swimming pools, high ceilings, and a guest house that is separate from the main residence. In 2016, the owner put the home up for sale with an asking price of $5.495 million, but ultimately sold it in March 2017 for $4.589 million.

Ali MacGraw – $4.5 Million, Palm Springs

Since making her debut in 1968, Ali MacGraw has played a prominent role in the entertainment industry. Along with being an actress, she is also an author and an activist for animal rights. Some of her notable films include Columbus, Just Tell Me What You Want, and The Winds of War.

In 1991, she released her own life story labeled as Moving Pictures and later made her last appearance in the movie Glam in 1997. Throughout her five-year union with Steve McQueen, from 1973 to 1978, the pair possessed a Palm Springs residence with an estimated price of $4.5 million.

Gloria & Emilio Estefan – $32 Million, Miami

Emilio and Gloria Estefan, a successful couple in the music industry, bought a luxurious residence in Miami, known as the Star Island, which was designed by Carlos Ott, with the money they made from their career.

The property, comprising of the main house and an additional guest house, occupies an area of 1.34 acres and is equipped with round-the-clock security to ensure privacy and safety of its celebrity residents. The residence is up for sale at a staggering $32 million, and has garnered interests from high-profile buyers such as Cher and Jennifer Lopez.

Tanya Roberts – $780K, Los Angeles

Tanya Roberts, a successful performer, is best known for starring as Julie Rogers in Charlie’s Angels and Midge, Donna’s mother, in That 70’s Show. In 1999, she opted to invest her income in purchasing a residence in Los Angeles.

She chose to purchase a house in LA that was around 2,687 square feet, featuring four bedrooms and four bathrooms, for a reported price of $780K. It has not been recently assessed for its current market value.

Barbara Eden – $2.6 Million, Chicago

Barbara Eden has been working in the entertainment industry since 1955, and to this day, she remains an active part of the business. While many TV enthusiasts may know her from her iconic role in the show I Dream of Jeannie, she has also established a strong reputation for her contributions to other productions such as Harper Valley P.T.A., Burke’s Law, and The Brass Bottle.

As of 1988, she was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and an honorary doctorate. Additionally, she resided in a luxurious apartment on the 47th floor of Chicago’s Water Tower Palace. In 2018, she put it up for sale at a price of $2.6 million.

Kirk Douglas – $3.5 Million, Palm Springs

Kirk Douglas had a successful career that started in 1946 and ended with his retirement in 2008, however, he passed away in early February 2020, which was a sad event.

The Strange Love of Martha Ivers marked his debut role, and he gained recognition for his work in movies like Young Man with a Horn, Spartacus, and The Vikings. Although he sold his Palm Springs house in 1999 for $1.3 million, the property was later sold in 2016 for $3.5 million.

Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn – $6.9 Million, California

It’s no surprise that Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, who have been together since 1983, are considered one of the most successful couples in Hollywood. They have a stunning home that solidifies their strong relationship.

In 2004, they purchased a Georgian-style mansion from 1951 for $4 million. Over the following decade, various renovations were made to the property, which now boasts five bedrooms, a gym, a media room, and also has five bathrooms. Despite the original asking price of $7.25 million, the property eventually sold for $6.9 million.

Ree Drummond – Unknown, Oklahoma

Ree Drummond, widely recognized by her nickname ‘The Pioneer Woman’, hosts a show titled after her moniker, which airs on the Food Network. As a mother to a substantial household, she initially kick-started her career through blogging, but has since gained immense popularity as a TV personality and writer.

She considers her family’s ranch in Oklahoma as her home, which can accommodate her family and visiting friends without the noise of a city. Even though it is a big house, it does not have any public recognition.

Christopher Plummer – $12.5 Million, Connecticut Hills

After becoming famous, Christopher Plummer purchased a beautiful mansion located in Connecticut Hills during the 1970s. The century-old property was subsequently sold in 2009 to a mindful owner who took great care in restoring and renovating it.

The restoration process involved uncovering original details that previous owners had chosen to conceal. After the renovation, the house had six bedrooms and covered a total area of 7,700 square feet. In 2014, it was put back on the market with a price tag of $12.5 million.

Brian May – Estimated $50 Million, London

One more member of the Queen band has joined the list of notable musicians. This guitarist, who is known for his classic rock music, chose to live in a luxurious mansion located in the heart of London when he decided to settle down. Although the exact cost of the property is unknown, similar properties are believed to be worth around $50 million.

Regrettably, May has expressed his worries previously that the disruption caused by his neighbors and local construction works has affected the serenity of their once peaceful neighborhood.

Victoria Principal – $2.795 Million, Beverly Hills

Berkshire Hathaway California Properties reported that Victoria Principal recently put up for sale her Beverly Hills residence. Even though it has only been four years since she purchased the property, she invested a considerable amount of time in renovating and reviving the house.

The house includes three bedrooms, three bathrooms and spacious shared areas. Additionally, it has contemporary facilities like a pool and a stylish floating staircase. It is presently up for sale at a cost of $2.795 million.

Bolo Yeung – Undefined, California

Bolo Yeung, who is more renowned by his professional name than his birth name, is a martial artist. He is recognized for his roles in martial art films and commenced his career at a very tender age, precisely 10 years old.

The movie that brought him mass recognition was Enter the Dragon, where he co-starred with the legendary Bruce Lee. He resides in Monterey Park, Los Angeles, but he prefers to keep the details and worth of his home private.

Henry Winkler – $6.3 Million, Bel Air

Henry Winkler is widely recognized as The Fonz or Fonzie by many Happy Days’ fans, but he has also showcased his talent across multiple genres on both television and in movies, with appearances on shows such as Scream, Barry, Parks and Recreation, and The Practice.

In 1993, the celebrity purchased the Bel Air residence for $3.4 million and then sold it in 1998 for a higher price of $6.3 million. The property consists of four bedrooms and an impressive 9,000 square feet of living space.

Catherine Deneuve – $5.5 Million, France

Catherine Deneuve is recognized for her accomplishments in the entertainment industry as both an actress and model. Additionally, she was celebrated as a symbol of liberty for the French nationalist movement during her time portraying the iconic figure of Marianne. Throughout her career, she has starred in a number of successful films including The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The Last Metro, and Farewell to the Night.

In 2014, she purchased the Chateau de Primard, a French estate located just 47 miles away from Paris. The property is spread over 44 acres of land and has a boundary on the River Eure.

Jet Li – $20 Million, Singapore

Another celebrity who gained fame through a combination of acting talent and martial arts expertise is Jet Li. Prior to entering the movie industry and appearing in movies like Kiss of the Dragon and Romeo Must Die, he was a skilled competitive martial artist in Beijing.

He earned the recognition of being a Wushu champion at a national level. Later in 2009, he obtained citizenship in Singapore, and reportedly invested $20 million to acquire a property that is more than 20,000 square feet in size.

Dolly Parton – $1.2 Million, Nashville

Dolly Parton, a renowned country musician and actress, requires little introduction. She resided in this dwelling with her spouse, Carl Dean, between 1980 and 1996. The residence is equipped with an enormous kitchen, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and walk-in closets.

The entire living area of 4,795 square feet is divided throughout the house. The property is currently available for sale and can be purchased for $1.2 million by interested buyers.

Quincy Jones – Price Undisclosed, Bel Air

Quincy Jones, who has had a career spanning 60 years, is renowned for being one of the most accomplished and prominent music producers in the industry. He played an instrumental role in producing many well-known Michael Jackson albums, earned nominations for the Academy Awards, and was even inducted into the prestigious Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

His Oscar nomination with Bob Russell was particularly historic since the pair were the first African Americans to hold a nomination in the category. His career allowed him to spend an undisclosed amount on a 25,000-square-foot home in Bel Air.

Barry Manilow – $14.75 Million, California

Barry Manilow is one of the most famous singer-songwriters of all time with a career spanning more than five decades. Some of his biggest hits include “Could It Be Magic” and “Can’t Smile Without You.”

This success has given Manilow a wealth that most people couldn’t imagine holding and he spent $14.75 million on this 3,969-square-foot, two-story mansion in California. It’s designed with contemporary tastes in mind and features five bedrooms, four full baths, and a half bathroom.

Mel Brooks – $135K Per Month, Malibu

Mel Brooks has kept audiences laughing throughout his entire career as a comedian, actor, writer, and director. Most people recognize him from his work on parody-style movies such as Young Frankenstein, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, and High Anxiety.

While he isn’t selling the 3,476-square-foot home in Malibu, he is offering it up for rent. The five-bedroom, six-bathroom home has a current asking price of $135K for one month’s rent.

Tina Turner – $1.4 Million, Los Angeles

Tina Turner has made her name worldwide as a talented singer-songwriter with over 60 years of experience. Her first taste of the limelight came in the form of her and her then husband’s musical duo, Ike & Tina.

However, she branched out in her own solo career which has led to ten studio albums. This success bought her this Los Angeles home that she originally owned with Ike. She listed the home for sale and found a buyer in 2018 for $1.4 million.

Tony Bennett – $27.5 Million, Belvedere Island

Tony Bennett is best known as a multi-genre musician with a career spanning back to 1945. He’s shown his skills in pop, show tunes, and jazz. He’s won 20 Grammys throughout his career, sold more than 50 million copies of 70 studio albums, and won a Lifetime Achievement Award.

He has an estimated net worth of $200 million, part of which was represented by a Belvedere Island Home that he listed for $27.5 million in 2011.

David Attenborough – Around $1.16 Million, Hertfordshire

David Attenborough has affectionately earned the title of one of Britain’s national treasures. This persona was created through a career as a historian, broadcaster, and narrator, narrating documentaries such as Life.

He also earned some technical experience with BBC where he held roles as controller, the director of programming, and senior manager. His Hertfordshire home is actually the home he grew up in. It was remodeled back in the ‘80s and divided up into a triplex that was listed more recently for $1.16 million.

Cloris Leachman – $930K, Topanga Canyon Ranch

Cloris Leachman is a famous actress whose career has been active since her 1943 debut. Today, she holds the title of an eight-time Primetime Emmy winner. Interestingly, she’s tied with Julia Louis-Dreyfus for the record number of these awards.

She can be seen in roles on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Young Frankenstein, and The Beverly Hillbillies. Thanks to public record, we know that she bought this Topanga home in 2012 for the price of $930K.

Wesley Snipes – Approx. $4.1 Million, Alpine

Wesley Snipes has surely made a controversial name for himself in Hollywood thanks to his illustrious career being interrupted with a tax evasion arrest. However, the Blade actor seems to have bounced back in recent years.

Sadly, he purchased his Alpine home before his arrest and was unable to hold onto it when his finances were brought into question. On the bright side, fans of the classic vampire series might see Blade make a reappearance with a fourth movie.

Mary Beth Peil – Price Undisclosed, Upper West Side

Mary Beth Peil is a well-known actress but her career actually started as an opera singer back in the ‘60s. Throughout this time, she held roles in classic productions such as The Marriage of Figaro.

In 1992, she transitioned to acting with a role in Jersey Girl, followed by Dawson’s Creek and The Stepford Wives. She purchased this gorgeous Upper West Side, Manhattan apartment and still owns it to this day for an undisclosed price.

Eva Marie Saint – $5.395 Million, Los Angeles

Eva Marie Saint holds a 70-year career as an Oscar-winning actress. She was in Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest as well as having roles in A Hatful of Rain, Superman Returns, and On the Waterfront.

Modern audiences might recognize her from The Legend of Korra or A Winter’s Tale. In 2014, she put her Los Angeles home on the market with a $5.395 listing price. Aside from two acres of land, the house served as the home of a legend for 40 years.

Shirley Jones – $2 Million, Encino

Shirley Jones is another impressive Hollywood leading lady who’s had 70 years to learn the ropes and make her impact. She most famously starred in musicals such as Oklahoma! and sitcoms such as The Partridge Family, as well as won an Oscar for her work in Elmer Gantry.

The Encino estate that she listed in 2016 came at a price of $2 million. The ranch-style home featured five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and 0.71 acres of land.

Maureen McCormick – Unknown, California

Maureen McCormick first became a household name for her role as Marcia on The Brady Bunch. After her debut as a child star at 13, Maureen’s career hit a bit of a rough patch, but she eventually recovered to find work as a recording artist as well as a reality show star.

The star is now rather private about her life, so we don’t know much about the layout or amenities of the mansion or the exact price at which she bought it.

Julie Andrews – $33 Million, London

With a career spanning back to 1945, it’s hard to imagine today’s world without some of Julie Andrews’ best roles. The star is most often recognized for her work playing the titular character in Mary Poppins and as the star of The Sound of Music.

More recently, she’s starred in films such as The Princess Diaries and lent her voice to movies like Despicable Me and Shrek. She had a home in London that she listed in 2018 for only $33 million.

Robert Fuller – Undisclosed Amount, Texas

It seems fitting that Robert Fuller’s home would be like a set from a Western. In fact, the horse rancher/actor was encouraged to move to the rural area of Cooke County, Texas after Alex Cord convinced him and his wife, Jennifer Savidge, to join him in Northern Texas.

Since the actor has retired from the limelight and hasn’t listed this home for sale as of yet, we’re not sure of the details behind this expansive ranch.

Doris Day – Price Undisclosed, Carmel-by-the-Sea

Doris Day started her career in 1939, making her one of the most successful women during Hollywood’s Golden Age. Throughout the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s, she recorded an astounding amount of music — more than 650 songs!

All the while, she took roles on the big screen and even eventually landed The Doris Day Show. She owns a property on Carmel-by-the-Sea. While the price is undisclosed, we do know that it’s held the official title of a certified historic landmark since a 1929 decision.

Winona Ryder – $2.2 Million, Los Angeles

While modern fans recognize her as the mother in Stranger Things, Ryder’s career spans back decades. Some of her most famous roles include the main character, fittingly named Heather, in the now cult-classic Heathers.

She also served as one of the main characters in Beetlejuice. All of this fortune has led to Ryder’s impressive home in Los Angeles. While it isn’t on the market currently, it has a reported worth of $2.2 million.

Billy Dee Williams – $12.995 Million, Beverly Hills

Billy Dee Williams has a career spanning back to 1959 and he hasn’t retired yet! While he has plenty of roles and accolades under his belt, he’s most often cited for the iconic portrayal of Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars series.

He even revisited the role with the release of Star Wars: Episode IX and in recent video games. His home is 6,000 square feet and features seven and a half baths, seven bedrooms, and other amenities. He listed the home for sale in 2018 for $12.995 million.

Rachael Ray – $4.69 Million, Hamptons

Rachael Ray is one of the most famous celebrity chefs that the Food Network hosts. In addition to being a chef, she’s also an author, media personality, entrepreneur, and proud winner of multiple Daytime Emmy Awards.

She used part of her high net worth to purchase a home in the Hamptons with three bedrooms and amenities such as a swimming pool and large backyard. It was listed for sale in 2018 for $4.69 million.

Jack Lord – $800,000, Hawaii

The show Hawaii Five-O has had multiple editions at this point but no one has stood out quite as well as Jack Ford in the original. Since the actor loved the water and the land so much, he decided to live the dream and move to Hawaii.

He opted for a three-bedroom, three-bathroom condo on Kahala Beach for an approximate value of $800,000 at the time of his death in 1998.

Barbi Benton – $11.9 Million

Barbi Benton put her Los Angeles home up for sale in 2011, listing it for an asking price of $11.9 million. She lived in the space for years after an initial purchase with her husband, George Gradow, who she married in 1979.

Located in Bel Air, the four-bedroom mansion measures 11,608 square feet. It also features an impressive 11 bathrooms for potential buyers. This home is in no small part thanks to Barbi Benton’s long career as an actress and model.

Barbra Streisand – Price Undisclosed, Malibu

The exact price of Barbra Streisand’s home is undisclosed, but we know she’s a big spender based on the art collection she had on display here worth an estimated $5 million, including a $2 million piece called Adam and Eve by Tamara de Lempicka.

The Malibu property is beautiful and it even served as a cover photo for Architectural Digest in 1993. It has plenty of bold but very attractive design choices such as purple and black tiling and pink cushion-lined bedrooms.

O.J. Simpson – $1.8 Million, Las Vegas

Saying O.J. Simpson is a controversial figure is definitely an understatement. He first rose to the public’s attention as a star football player and then as an actor before coming to a hiatus while he was on trial for murder and subsequently went to jail for a different event.

Now that he’s out, though, the former football star keeps us up-to-date on his life through Twitter. He lives in a 5,000-square-foot home with five bedrooms and five and a half baths. It has a reported worth of $1.8 million.

Angie Dickinson – $1.25 Million, Beverly Hills

Angie Dickinson is an actress and actually bought her home from another celebrity cartoonist named Walter Lantz. Even if you haven’t heard his name, you’ve surely seen his famous character Woody Woodpecker.

The home is located in Beverly Hills and was originally built in the 1960s. The property features two bedrooms with a living space of 5,000 square feet. She bought the house for a steep price of $1.25 million which was far below the original asking price.

Wolf Blitzer – $1.34 Million, Bethesda, Maryland

Wolf Blitzer is best known as a CNN news anchor and reporter, a broadcasting company he’s been with since the ‘90s. Recently, he’s also broadened his scope into acting with work in 2018’s Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

His home is much more modest-looking than many of his peers on this list but it’s still remarkably beautiful. The home is located in Bethesda, Maryland and is valued at an approximate $1.34 million, although he hasn’t listed it for sale with an official price.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle – $14 Million, Vancouver

Prince Harry and actress-turned-duchess and princess Meghan Markle made headlines recently for their decision to separate from the Royal Family. However, before leaving their station, the two spent time in their stunning Vancouver home.

The house is estimated to be worth a whopping $14 million. It features a stunning 10,000 square feet in the interior alone. We aren’t sure what will happen to this property now that they’ve severed ties with their royal relatives.

Kenny Rogers – $2.383 Million, Atlanta

From 1957 to 2017, Kenny Rogers gave fans plenty of music to enjoy. While he has accolades as a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, this only marks the beginning of his multi-genre career.

It seems like his 120+ hit singles and more than 100 million studio album sales paid off in the form of his mansion in Atlanta. He sold it in 2018 for a whopping $2.383 million. This 13,000-square-foot mansion sits on 1.5 acres and marks the height of luxury.

Ron Howard – $27.5 Million, Connecticut

Ron Howard is the child of director Rance Howard and actress Jean Speegle Howard, which gave him a chance to start his career early. He started acting in 1956 but his first credited role was on The Journey in 1959.

He gained additional fame later with roles on The Andy Griffith Show, The Music Man, A Beautiful Mind, and The Da Vinci Code. He once called this 17,000-square-foot house in Greenwich home but sold it and the 33 acres it sat on for a reported $27.5 million in 2014.

Anderson Cooper – Price Undisclosed, Connecticut

Anderson Cooper is another well-known CNN personality and comes from a family that’s lived in the limelight, although he doesn’t mention it too often. For their luxurious home, Cooper and his partner purchased the Rye House in Connecticut, a historic estate that serves as a summer home for the couple.

Despite the fact that it’s passed through so many hands, the home retains much of the detail that was around when it was built in 1910. Its value is undisclosed.

Agnetha Fältskog – Unknown Price, Helgö, Sweden

Agnetha Fältskog is a Swedish actress who highly values her privacy. So, we aren’t sure of the exact price she paid for her Swedish residence. We do know that it’s a beautiful farmhouse-style home in Stockholm.

It’s a large estate boasting many acres with a visible swimming pool. She originally purchased the property in 1984 and it hasn’t been listed either, so the value of the home is still under lock and key.

Kimberly Guilfoyle – $3.4 Million, New York

Another popular name among many cable news fans, Kimberly Guilfoyle is best known as a host for Fox News. Her New York apartment is located in Beresford and has plenty of luxury features such as a 28-foot gallery, a 27-foot long living room, a private elevator, and is outfitted with a rustic touch and taxidermy.

The home is valued at approximately $3.4 million, but Guilfoyle is supposedly planning on enlisting Campion Platt, an accomplished architect, to renovate the home.

Gene Hackman – $27 Million, Monterrey

Gene Hackman is a legendary actor with five Oscar nominations — two of which he won for his roles in The French Connection and Unforgiven. He’s also a talented author who has credits both for nonfiction and fiction literary works.

He announced his retirement from acting in 2017 and has stayed off the silver screen since. He first purchased this Monterrey home in 2015 for a staggering $27 million. It covers 12,688 square feet with multiple bathrooms, four total bedrooms, and 2.37 acres of additional land.

Sam Elliot – Undisclosed Amount, Malibu

Most fans recognize Sam Elliot thanks to his thick mustache and his history of roles in Western movies. Recently, he’s taken on new genres with roles in movies such as Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born.

He currently has a home located in Malibu but the exact price of the home is undisclosed as well as many details of the house. We do know that he cares a lot for the home and Malibu since he volunteered to help the firefighters during the 2018 wildfires.

Kathie Lee Gifford – $10.5 Million, Florida

Kathie Lee Gifford is well-known as a television personality but she has entered a semi-retirement phase after leaving her show in April 2019, which she’d held a spot on for almost 12 years. Just before this, in 2018, she also sold her Key Largo, Florida home located in Ocean Key Reef Club.

The property sold for $10.5 million and boasts many impressive features such as in-home gym facilities and even golf carts to ride around the expansive property on.

Dick Van Dyke – $6.5 Million, Encino

Dick Van Dyke has a seven-decade long career in the entertainment industry that spans both genre and generation. In the ‘60s, he was best known for his role in The Dick Van Dyke Show.

He also held roles in Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Dick Tracy, and Bye Bye Birdie. He purchased a home in Encino during his career but sold it in 2016 for a modern asking price of $6.5 million. With 12,015 square feet of living space, the home has three bedrooms.

Jeff Bridges – $16 Million, California

Jeff Bridges owned a home in California with Susan Geston, his wife. After two decades of ownership, it was recently listed for a lowered asking price of $7.9 million, although the home has been estimated to hold a higher value of $16 million.

The property sits on 4 acres with 9,535 square feet of living space. This features a main house with six bedrooms, six and a half baths, a swimming pool as well as two guest houses both separated from the main house and each other.

Jamie Foxx – $16.9 Million, California

Jamie Foxx has a long career in Hollywood but he actually bought this home much more recently than most of the other stars on this list. In 2019, he paid $1.69 million for this California home – right before the release of his movie Just Mercy – and it’s quite a luxurious choice.

The home has five bedrooms, a bathroom for each, sports areas, three fireplaces, and a garage big enough for four cars. There is also a large swimming pool with additional touches like a water slide.

Al Pacino – $3.3 Million, New York

Al Pacino has a long and illustrious career in the film industry with notable roles in classics such as Scarface and the modern release of The Irishman in 2019. He sold this beautiful home in 2012 but only in part.

He sold off the guest house alone for $3.3 million. The guest house isn’t anything to scoff at either – it features three bedrooms and four full bathrooms. Not to mention, the Palisades locale helps increase the property value.

Regis Philbin – $4.6 Million, Connecticut

Regis Philbin has become a household name for his time as a TV personality and game show host. The former skills earned him a titular role in Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee, while game show fans recognize him as the host to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.

He retired in 2011 from his talk show, but it was a more recent decision for him and his wife, Joy, to sell their Connecticut home for $4.6 million.

Oprah Winfrey – $6.85 Million, Santa Barbara

Oprah is a talk show host, actress, author, and inspirational personality that needs nearly no introduction at this point. One of the many things that is common knowledge about Oprah is her massive net worth. She used part of this net worth in November 2019 to buy a Santa Barbara house.

The house was actually formerly under the ownership of Jeff Bridges for the original asking price he paid when he purchased the home – $6.85 million.

Maggie Smith – $5.194 Million, West Byfleet

Maggie Smith, now titled Dame Maggie Smith, was born in 1934 and started her career in 1952. She has plenty of large and unforgettable roles to her name such as Downton Abbey, Clash of the Titans, Hook, and the Harry Potter films.

She’s even been in a number of theatre protections and is a five-time winner of the Best Actress Evening Standard Award. This home actually belongs to Lady Violet, the character Smith plays in Downton Abbey and is valued at $5.194 million.

Melissa Gilbert – Price Undisclosed, Michigan

Melissa Gilbert is another actress who established herself as an iconic character in a classic show to kick off her career. In her case, she played Laura Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie. As an adult, she’s owned a Michigan home.

It’s a beautiful estate built back in 1890 and is a showcase of Victorian design. She sold the home a while ago but the price was undisclosed. The actress did state that she was moving to New York but would miss her wonderful time in Michigan.

Larry King – $12 Million, Beverly Hills

Larry King is another Hollywood heavyweight that needs almost no introduction. He’s an accomplished host with credits both on television screens and hosting radio shows. King has had a full life, as well, with plenty of homes during his time shared over the course of seven marriages.

It was his seventh wife, Shawn Southwick, that he shared this Beverly Hills abode with. It spreads across 9,596 square feet and features nine bathrooms, six rooms, and a pool with a value of $12 million.

Stephen King – Undisclosed Price, Maine

Stephen King is one of the most accomplished modern fiction authors and he’s earned his place as one of the masters of horror. From the author of classic tales like The Shining, It, and Children of the Corn, we expect nothing but something impressive from the author.

He’s owned this three-story home in Maine since 1980. We know he paid $135K at the time to buy the home but it’s safe to assume its modern value is much higher.

Pierce Brosnan – $2.8 Million, Malibu

Pierce Brosnan is most famous for his portrayal of James Bond. While many actors have taken on this role, he’s become many fan’s favorite portrayal in iconic entries including GoldenEye and Die Another Day.

He bought this home in 1996 and resided there for a full decade before listing the home for sale. With an estimated value of $2.8 million, this Malibu property includes a kitchen with two separate islands, a gated entrance, and a spacious interior.

Steve Harvey – Approx. $165 Million, California

Steve Harvey has made a name for himself as a comedian, actor, author, and television host. He’s even been an avid activist and became a more active part of his mentoring program in 2019. He recently purchased a new mansion with his wife, Marjorie.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact price but it’s safe to estimate that it has a value of around $165 million. It features plenty of space with five bedrooms, a library, and a pool.

Jon Voight – $19.75 Million, Beverly Hills

Today’s TV fans know Jon Voight mainly from his role in Ray Donovan, but he first reached frame for his starring role in Coming Home. That 1978 performance even earned him an Oscar in the Best Actor category.

His Beverly Hills home is a shocking $19.75 million and he’s lived there for more than a quarter-century. It has four bedrooms and bathrooms, a huge garden, and an impressively-sized swimming pool. It also sits on an impressive 3.3 acres.

Lee Majors – Unknown Price, Houston

Lee Majors has been in the public eye for years. That’s why it’s almost impressive how well he’s managed to keep his private life just that — completely private. As such, we don’t know many details about his Houston home, from the layout to the price he paid to get the house.

He also hasn’t listed it for sale, so we aren’t quite sure of an asking price either. With a net worth of over $6 million, there’s no doubt that the home is beautiful with a pretty price tag.

Dr. Phil – $16.5 Million, Beverly Hills

Dr. Phil is a psychologist and author, but his fame took off when he landed a talk show under his own name. That was in 2008, the same year that his wife, advocate Robin McGraw, bought this Beverly Hills, Mediterranean-style home.

It features eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a guest house, a pool, and spacious gardens. The couple lived in the home for two years before they re-listed it for sale at an asking price of $16.5 million.

Matt Lauer – Approx. $7.35 Million, New York

Matt Lauer has been a television personality for years and enjoyed a high level of fame before his reputation was later tarnished. In 2004, he became the proud owner of a Manhattan home for a cost of $5.8 million.

When he sold it again later, it only sat on the market for four months before he sold it for $7.35 million – a cost above the original asking price! Designed well for a celebrity, the home features both public and private wings.

Joni Mitchell – $350K, Bel-Air

Joni Mitchell took on a more secluded area when she decided to move to Bel-Air rather than a Hollywood hotspot such as Beverly Hills. The home is designed in a Spanish style and offers 6,560 square feet of space.

She bought the home back in 1974 for $350,000 and it’s surely worth far more by today’s terms. The home is highly personalized too, with help from a decorator to capture her spirit within the home’s interior design.

Adam Sandler – $12 Million, Los Angeles

Comedian and actor Adam Sandler has made a name as a Hollywood funnyman with enough range to pull off adult humor and family-friendly movies and shows. His home in Los Angeles is massive, to say the least, and fairly new since it was only built in 1990.

With 12,860 square feet, 14 bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and two-thirds of an acre of land, Sandler can entertain all the friends he pleases in his mansion. Interestingly, the $12 million property doesn’t stop there since he reportedly owns the home next door as well.

Linda Ronstadt – $1 Million, Tucson

Linda Ronstadt previously owned an estate in Central Tucson before she made a sale on it in 2016. The listing originally asked for $1.6 million for the property but the final sale was for a reported $1 million.

However, this doesn’t seem like as much of a loss when you consider that she originally purchased the home for $467K in 1994. The home has a total of four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms.

Samuel L. Jackson – $13 Million, New York

Samuel L. Jackson has acquired a weighty net worth over the course of his career, starring in everything from The Avengers as Nick Fury to the cult classic Pulp Fiction alongside Hollywood heavyweight John Travolta.

His home was previously a condo in New York with a $13 million asking price according to the listing. Originally, Jackson purchased the four-bedroom, three and a half bathroom home in 2005 for $4.8 million. While the home was originally built in the early 20th century, it was revamped into luxury condos later before Jackson moved in.

Robert De Niro – $18 Million, New York

Robert De Niro once lived in a West Village, New York apartment that takes up a full two stories of the building it’s located in. The home was originally built in the 1920s but it was damaged in a fire after it had been standing for a while.

After that, the home was completely renovated and became the condo De Niro was familiar with, including five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, and a private parking room with seven parking spots.

Joanna Woodward & Paul Newman – $7.5 Million, Connecticut

Actress Joanne Woodward and her late husband and actor Paul Newman once owned a colonial-style house in Connecticut. The estate includes 10.46 acres and is made up of five total buildings. This includes a carriage house and multiple barns in addition to the main house.

The main house is 6,400 square feet with a patio and seven sets of French doors. Woodward actually didn’t move out of the home until 2014 and listed it for a sale price of $7.5 million.

Denzel Washington – Price Undisclosed, Los Angeles

Denzel Washington has carved out a great career for himself and when he wanted a mansion of his own, his $220 million net worth made sure that money was no object. While we don’t know exactly what he paid for the home, we do know the design.

The community is heavily guarded and has 14 bathrooms, eight bedrooms, and leisurely additions like a swimming pool. He was also drawn to the property due to a rumor that his American Gangster character lived there.

Laura Ingraham – Price Unknown, Virginia

Laura Ingraham is another Fox New personality with plenty of fame to her name. She’s also another celebrity that doesn’t flaunt the details of her personal life, so we don’t know the exact price she paid for her McLean, Virginia home, but her $45 million net worth gave her plenty of funds to work with.

Aside from her role as a cable news anchor, Ingraham has also moved into the modern sphere with a podcast titled The Laura Ingraham Podcast.

Ben Stiller – $11.5 Million, Los Angeles

Ben Stiller is another Hollywood funnyman that’s made a name for himself both as a comedian and as an actor. In 1999, he decided to use part of his fortune to buy a home. Yet, it didn’t stop there. Later, he bought another house and picked up a third even later.

In total, these properties boast a total of 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms with areas encompassing 5,334, 4,602, and 1,161 square feet in each house.

Sidney Poitier – Price Undisclosed, Los Angeles

An author, actor, director, and even diplomat, Sidney Poitier has been in the entertainment industry since his debut in 1947. During this time, he also served in the U.S. Army and later even earned a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II.

As an actor, he’s also earned a Golden Globe and an Oscar. He owns this Los Angeles abode with Joanna Shimkus, his wife, who also served as the designer of the home. It was purchased for an undisclosed sale amount.

Tom Selleck – Undisclosed, Bay Ridge

Born in 1945, Tom Selleck made his debut in 1965 in Pepsi-Cola commercials and on The Dating Game. Later, he became well-known for iconic roles, such as his tenure as Thomas Magnum in Magnum P.I.

In recent years, he can be seen by tuning into Blue Bloods. He’s called Bay Ridge, New York home for a while now and lives in a home built in the 1920s. The price for the property is currently undisclosed.

Liam Neeson – $1.5 Million, New York

During his marriage to his late wife Natasha Richardson, Liam Neeson invested in a Millbrook, New York home starting in 1994. Unfortunately, Richardson passed after a head injury in 2009. The estate is located on a 37-acre lot and the couple bought an additional tract of land measuring 16 acres.

While the home isn’t for sale, it’s estimated to have a value of $3.7 million thanks to its size and amenities such as a pool, courtyard, and tennis courts.

Nicholas Cage – $10.95 Million, San Francisco

Nicholas Cage is known to be a talented – and slightly eccentric – actor. He went on a spending spree in 2006 during which time he spent enough to reduce his net worth from $150 million to $125 million. During this period, he purchased a Gothic Tudor mansion that had been standing for 105 years.

In 2008, he resold the home of 6,305 square feet for $7.7 million, but its value is now estimated closer to $10.95 million.

Jack Nicholson – Undisclosed, Mulholland Drive

Jack Nicholson has been in a litany of iconic roles playing everyone from The Joker to Jack Torrance. Aside from starring in Batman, The Shining, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, he’s also reported that he’s owned this Mulholland Drive, California since 1969, but the price he may have paid for this home is undisclosed at this point.

According to the information listed about the property, the mansion was only built in 1957, making it a fairly new property when Nicholson first moved in.

Max Baer, Jr. – Price Undisclosed, Nevada

Max Baer, Jr. is an accomplished actor that most people recognize from his role as Jethro Bodine in The Beverly Hillbillies. Sadly, he’s now the only member of the main cast still alive today.

He’s retired from the public eye for the most part now — his career lasted from his debut in 1960 until his retirement in 1991. The only hard detail that we have is that the property is located in Paradise, Nevada but the actor has been quiet about the details of the home.

Sean Connery – $1.849 Million, County Micklow

Sean Connery is a highly decorated actor with an Oscar among his many accolades. He was even a bodybuilder in his early career and earned third place in the Mr. Universe competition before he was ever in famous roles such as in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

He also used to own this home in County Wicklow in the ‘70s, but he put it on the market in 2013 for $1.849 million.

Linda Hamilton – $4 Million, Malibu

Linda Hamilton became a household name for her star role in The Terminator films. She even reprised the role in 2019 when Terminator: Dark Fate was released. Her home in Malibu was purchased in 1995 for $5.495 million and she sold it again in 2012 for the lowered price of $4 million.

The property includes both a main house with five bedrooms and a guest house with two bedrooms. It’s located on 1.1 acres of land and features 4,754 square feet of living space.

Michael Jordan – $14.9 Million, Chicago

Few athletes reach the height of fame that Michael Jordan did. Some even call him the best basketball player ever. He started playing in 1984 and spent 15 years playing in the NBA. He also had a brief, less successful stint as a baseball player.

He bought his Chicago mansion earlier in his career and lived there until the mid-’90s. It sits on a 7-acre lot and the home has 56,000 square feet of living space. Originally, the price was set at $29 million but its since been lowered as far as $14.9 million.

Clint Eastwood – $9.75 Million, Pebble Beach, CA

Clint Eastwood has taken over Hollywood for the last six decades. He’s known both in his home country of the United States and abroad for roles in movies such as Dirty Harry and Million Dollar Baby. He’s even the proud winner of four Oscars.

His home was built in 1920 and nicknamed Hacienda Este Madera or, in English, East Wood Estate. He listed his home for sale back in 2017 with an asking price of $9.75 million.

Denise Austin – $1.6 Million, Virginia

Denise Austin has made her fortune over the years by being a fitness guru. She’s made it the work of her career to help anyone who is interested in her content get in shape and it has earned her an impressive net worth.

When it was time to find a new place to settle down, Austin opted for a home in Alexandria, Virginia at a cost of nearly $2 million. The house is spacious and even has features such as a spa to enjoy.

Matt LeBlanc – $8.75 Million, California

Matt LeBlanc has plenty of acting roles under his belt, but to many TV fans, he’ll always be Joey from Friends. However, in recent years, he’s re-emerged on the small screen with a main role in Man with a Plan.

He bought his California home in 2012 for $7.4 after his divorce. The Spanish-style home has a half-acre of lawn space and approximately 4,000 square feet of living space. He relisted the home for an asking price of $8.75 million recently.

Raquel Welch – $5.695 Million, Beverly Hills

Raquel Welch was born in 1940 and started her career in 1959. She fully came into the public eye in 1966, though, when she starred on Fantastic Voyage. Since then, she’s had notable roles in One Million Years B.C and 100 Rifles, among other accolades.

She also used to be the owner of a Beverly Hills Mansion that measured out to 6,217 square feet and sat on a half-acre of land. She listed the home for sale in 2017 and it was valued at $5.695 million.

Warren Beatty – $7 Million, Beverly Hills

Warren Beatty has become a legend both on and behind the silver screen. To date, he has been nominated for 14 Academy Awards and even won Best Director for directing Reds. He actually shares his huge home with his wife Annette Beatty, who he met on the set of Bugsy.

The home he owns covers 10,594 square feet of space. This includes not only the main home itself but a pool and detached guest house as well. It’s also brand new – it was built in 1992, the year the Hollywood couple was wed.

Drew Carey – Value Unknown, LA

Drew Carey is known as Hollywood’s funnyman with accolades such as hosting Whose Line Is it Anyway? and starring in The Drew Carrey Show under his belt. He’s also earned some of his fortune as a gameshow host.

The house is a four-bedroom, four-bathroom sprawling home with a rustic design. The backyard also features a huge pool to enjoy LA’s warm weather. Unfortunately, as the house isn’t on the market, the value is undisclosed.

Tony Danza – $8 Million, Malibu

Tony Danza is an experienced actor with roles in shows like Who’s the Boss? and Taxi as well as movies including Angels in the Outfield. He’s also known for his skill as a tap dancer and boxer.

He owned this beautiful home for 15 years before he put it on the market during his 2011 divorce from his second wife, Tracy Robinson. He originally listed the home for a grand total of $9 million but eventually closed the deal for $8 million instead.

Alex Trebek – $1.4 Million, Lake Nacimiento

Alex Trebek is best known as the long-running host of Jeopardy! He also has a gorgeous home in Lake Nacimiento, California thanks to the $50 million fortune he’s amassed since he started hosting the game show in 1984.

His estate is reportedly worth $1.4 million and features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a separate wing with another bathroom. The host revealed a fight with stage IV cancer in 2019 but stated he’d continue to fight and host the show as long as he could, and so far he’s still hosting!

Jane Fonda – $8.5 Million, Beverly Hills

Many people today know Jane Fonda from her role in Grace & Frankie and her outspoken part in climate change protests. However, this only shows a snapshot in the 65-year career of a dual Oscar award wielding actress.

She’s starred in movies such as Klute, Coming Home, Julia, and They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? She’s also the daughter of another famous Hollywood actor, Henry Fonda. Fonda originally listed her house on the market in 2017 for $13 million but in January 2018 it sold for a lowered price of $8.5 million.

Kevin Costner – $60 Million, California

Kevin Costner bought his California coastal estate in 2006 for $28.5 million. The mansion itself sits on 10.25 acres and has views of both the Pacific coast and the Santa Barbara Mountains, with both a beach and horseback riding path.

Interestingly, the Yellowstone actor found the property when he saw a “For Sale” sign on a morning jog. He listed the home again in 2017 for $60 million. He also bought the neighboring property and sold off seven out of 17.25 acres.

Sophia Loren – $22 Million, Rome

Sophia Loren is an actress that isn’t shy to large, beautiful, and expensive homes. In 1966, when she married Carlo Ponti for the second time, his wedding gift to her was a sprawling mansion with 50 rooms. However, before that, there was another home, according to Lionard Luxury Real Estate.

It was a 13,000-square-foot Roman villa. Only 10 minutes away from the historic Colosseum. It’s on the market now – all you need is a spare $22 million.

Adele – $20K Per Month, West Sussex

Adele took the world by storm when she started releasing pop music. Her almost jazz-like flair and powerful lyrics and voice made her hard not to love. That’s why after the release of her album 21, she was able to move into a 13-room mansion in West Sussex.

Rather than buying it outright, she rented it on a monthly basis for a grand total of $20K a month or £15,000 in her home currency.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – $3.4 Million, Florida

When Dwayne Johnson earned the nickname “The Rock” early on in his career, he was wrestling for the WWE which, at the time, was known as the WWF. In 1999, the wrestler switched career paths and dipped his toe into acting.

Now, he’s well-known for his career on the screen almost as much — if not more than — for his career in the ring. He moved into this Florida mansion in 2014, reportedly paying $3.4 million. It has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and, of course, a gym.

Nancy Sinatra – $5.3 Million, Beverly Hills

Nancy Sinatra, daughter of Frank Sinatra, seems to have inherited some of her father’s star power. She’s earned attention for work as a musician with songs like “These Boots Are Made for Walkin” in 1966. On-screen, she’s appeared in films such as The Wild Angels and Speedway.

In 1998, she bought this home for $2.2 million and sold it again for $5.3 million in 2011. It featured 8,085 square feet in the home including five bedrooms.

Cher – $2.5 Million, Beverly Hills

Cher is an internationally recognized performer both for her acting roles and her extensive career in the music industry. She got her start in the 60s, largely thanks to the Sonny & Cher music duo she had with her husband at the time.

She’s since moved on to become one of the most famous female solo artists of all time. With part of her wealth, she purchased her Beverly Hills home which she listed for sale in 2018 with an asking price of $2.5 million.

Mitzi Gaynor – $10.3 Million, Beverly Hills

Mitzi Gaynor gained notability in Hollywood with her leading lady role in the movie South Pacific. With this fame, she bought a Spanish villa in Beverly Hills built in 1929. Alongside a master bedroom suite, the home features five bedchambers, six bathrooms, a maid’s room, and a pool.

She listed the home for $5.495 million in 2013 and finally found a buyer named Nick Sinatra in January 2014. After extensive renovations, he relisted the home in 2016 for $11.5 million and it was bought for $10.3 million later that year.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar – $5.9 Million, Hawaii

Kareem Abdul Jabbar is a legendary basketball player who has since retired. During his time on the court, he served as the leading player for the Los Angeles Lakers, and those 20 seasons earned him enough fortune to buy this 5,912-square-foot home in Hawaii.

The mansion features a fireplace, a pool, a waterfall, and high ceilings to account for a basketball player’s height. Even more mysterious, the now-for-sale home has a hidden passage leading to a private beach.

Music has given us many memorable voices including the number of incredibly talented women who have stepped up to the mic to bring us some remarkable songs. Their voices echo throughout arenas and our hearts, staying in our heads for hours, days, years, and sometimes even generations. Out of the thousands of female singers who have recorded songs, these are the top 40 talented women who stand out from the rest.

Doris Day

Beginning her career in 1939 as a big band singer, Doris Day found mainstream success in 1945. Her two big singles “Sentimental Journey” and “My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time” were recorded with Les Brown & His Band of Renown, and spoke to many Americans.

The blonde-haired beauty then left Brown to embark on a solo career, recording more than 650 songs from 1947 to 1967. It was also during this time that Day ended up becoming one of the biggest names in film and was even a top box office earner four times.

Joan Baez

Born in 1941, Joan Chandos Baez grew up to become a singer-songwriter, musician, and activist. She was incredibly popular during the ’60s counterculture era. Although much of her music was associated with folk, it also encompassed rock, pop, country, and gospel.

She also recorded the songs of many of the most popular bands of the day, and was even the first to record Bob Dylan. Internationally celebrated, Baez got her introduction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April 2017.

Debbie Harry

Born in Miami, Florida, Debbie Harry worked many jobs as a secretary and dancer before finding mainstream success for decades. In 1974, Harry formed the band Blondie and two years later they released their first album. Blondie released many albums throughout the decades.

Most recently, the band’s 2017 album, Pollinator, actually topped number four in the United Kingdom, showing just how big of an impact Harry and Blondie have had.

Cyndi Lauper

With a career spanning over 40 years, it’s safe to say that many have loved the music of Cyndi Lauper. Her first album, She’s So Unusual, was released in 1983 and became the first debut album by a female artist to hit the top five most popular songs on the Billboard Hot 100.

Two years later, Lauper got a Grammy Award for Best New Artist. Since then, not only has she won many awards but she’s also sold over 50 million records around the world.

Sarah Vaughan

Sarah Vaughan has gone by many names throughout her career including “The Divine One” and “Sassy.” She got into music from a young age due to the fact that she was raised by two parents who were both very musically inclined.

Her father was a guitar player while her mother preferred singing in the choir. That talent was clearly inherited by their daughter, Sarah, who went on to record over 50 albums and won four Grammy Awards. By the end of her career, she was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Sia Furler

Born in Australia, Sia Furler soon became better known as just Sia. While she’s an undoubtedly talented singer, she’s also a very gifted director, actor, and songwriter. After forming a band called Crisp with a few of her friends, Sia moved from Australia to London before heading to New York in order to try and make it on her own.

She struggled for years before making it big with two major albums. She has since written many popular songs including “Titanium” for David Guetta, “Diamonds” for Rihanna, and “Wild Ones” for Flo Rida.

Norah Jones

Growing up, Norah Jones had been introduced to many different types of music, which no doubt helped to give her the unique sound that she has today. When she was a child, Jones learned to play many different types of instruments including guitar, piano, and saxophone.

In 2002, the brown-eyed bombshell released her debut album, Come Away With Me, which sold over 27 million albums and even won five Grammy Awards. Still, we can’t say that we’re surprised considering that we could sit and listen to that album over and over again — it’s just that good.

Carole King

Carole King is known for many things including her incredibly powerful voice and her talent for writing songs that captivate audiences. We’re not just saying that either — of the innumerable songs that King has written, 118 of them have made it to the Billboard Hot 100.

These songs have arguably become some of the most recognizable for many people across many generations. Her album, Tapestry, held the record for the first place on a U.S. chart, staying there for 20 years.

Sarah McLachlan

Originally from Canada, Sarah McLachlan discovered her love for music as a child and began enrolling in classes for guitar, classical piano, and singing. Her vocal range is undoubtedly one of the most impressive things about her, with an incredible ability to start at mezzo and go all the way up to soprano.

She also fights on behalf of other female artists, hosting the Lilith Fair music festival, which earned tens of millions of dollars all donated to women’s charities.

Gladys Knight

Even people who haven’t listened to Gladys Knight have no doubt heard of her name. She was, after all, known as the “Empress of Soul” during her time performing on stage. Her band, Gladys Knight & the Pipe, was actually started with a few close friends and family members, but ended up being responsible for many of the hits that went on to earn Grammy Awards.

She has also gone into business, opening a chain of restaurants called Gladys Knight & Ron Winans’ Chicken & Waffles.


It’s tough to say which title is the most impressive when it comes to women in music, but if Cher isn’t the clear winner, then she’s definitely in the running. Her title as the “Goddess of Pop,” is definitely earned after she made a major splash in an industry that is still considered to be very male-dominated.

Not only is she a talented singer, but her ability as an entertainer has even won her an Academy Award for Best Actress.

Patti Smith

While she might not be the biggest household name on this list, Patti Smith certainly put her stamp on the world of music, especially in the ’70s. It was during this time that she became an important figure in the New York City punk movement with her debut record Horses.

Known by many as the “punk poet laureate,” Smith was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007 and is still performing until this very day.

Chaka Khan

There is no denying that Chaka Khan is one of the most synonymous figures with disco and funk. With a career spanning five decades, Yvette Marie Stevens burst onto the scene as the lead singer of the successful funk band Rufus.

However, her solo career was just as successful, becoming the first R&B singer to have a crossover hit with a rapper, with 1984’s “I Feel for You.” Khan has had a staggering amount of critical and commercial success, selling over 70 million records globally and winning ten Grammy Awards to her name.

Dusty Springfield

One British pop star who made an easy transition to American airwaves was the one and only Dusty Springfield. A prominent figure on the blue-eyed soul scene, Springfield had hits such as “Son of Preacher Man” and “I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself.”

She was also famous for performing in evening gowns and ushering in the Swinging Sixties. After battling cancer on and off for five years, Springfield passed away in 1999. Her music still lives on and has been used in films such as Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande didn’t actually start out as a pop star. Her early years were spent on Broadway before she landed a role on the Nickelodeon show, Victorious.

After six years on Broadway, the young star decided to put out an album in 2014, which mixed the sounds of EDM and R&B. This album made her one of the most recognizable voices with songs like “Problem,” “Love Me Harder,” “Thank U, Next,” and “Bang Bang” hitting the top of the charts.

Diana Ross

Diana Ross isn’t just an amazing voice for audiences to listen to. In fact, some of the biggest names in the industry cite her as their main source of inspiration including Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, and Madonna. Ross’ first songs were released with her vocal group The Supremes and included songs like “Love Child,” “You Keep Me Hangin’ On,” “Where Did Our Love Go.”

As a solo artist, many of her songs became major hits such as “Upside Down” and “I’m Coming Out.”

Gloria Estefan

Everything could have gone so terribly wrong for Gloria Estefan early on in her career. The Cuban-American singer fractured her spine after a truck collided into her tour bus in 1990. Amazingly though, Estefan returned to her tour 10 months later after a rapid recovery.

The woman responsible for hits such as “Conga” and “Anything for You” became the first performer to have an album that was certified as Diamond in Spain with 1993’s Mi Tierra. She is believed to have sold over 120 million records worldwide.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is both an incredibly successful singer and the first-ever winner of the reality competitive singing show, American Idol. Being the first winner of the show allowed her the opportunity to record her first album, which became a major success.

In fact, a single from that album, “A Moment Like This” even became the best selling single in the U.S. back in 2002. She didn’t stop there, though. Her two songs, “Because of You” and “Since You’ve Been Gone” have each earned her a Grammy.

Toni Braxton

While she may have been overshadowed slightly by contemporaries such as Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey, there is no denying Toni Braxton’s influence on R&B music. Famous for hits such as “Un-Break My Heart” and “You’re Makin’ Me High/Let it Flow,” Braxton has sold over 67 million records worldwide and has seven Grammy Awards to her name.

Braxton also has success on TV, having starred in reality series Braxton Family Values and also competing in the seventh season of Dancing With the Stars.

Ann Wilson

Ann Wilson — founder and lead singer of Heart — and her younger sister, Nancy, have worked together to produce 16 different albums and sell more than 35 million copies of those incredible albums.

These albums have established Wilson as an incredible rock and metal singer so much so that she was even inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In her own words, “Artists make art. Singers sing. Players play. Gypsies travel. Music lights fires everywhere. It’s like oxygen!”

Freda Payne

It’s amazing to think that Freda Payne was never signed to Motown. The talented singer is most famous for hit singles such as “Band of Gold” and “The Unhooked Generation.” It seems like singing ran in the family as Payne’s younger sister Scherrie was a member of The Supremes, along with Diana Ross.

Freda Payne has also had some experience as an actress, appearing in movies such as Nutty Professor II: The Klumps and Ella: First Lady of Song. She still performs until this very day.

Kate Bush

Born Catherine Bush, Kate is a record-breaking English singer, songwriter, and performer, who in 1978, topped the UK Singles Chart with her debut self-written single at just 19 years old.

With the success of her song “Wuthering Heights”, she became the first female UK artist to achieve a number one hit for her own song. Since then, Bush has had 25 Top 40 singles in the UK, including hits like “Running Up That Hill” and “Don’t Give Up”.

Bonnie Tyler

Bonnie is a Welsh singer who is renowned for her unique husky voice. She rose to fame with her initial album in 1977, which had hits on it like “Lost in France” and “More Than a Lover.”

Then, in 1978, her song “It’s a Heartache” made it to number three on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number four on the UK singles chart. In the 1980s, she began to produce rock hits like her mega-successful song “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.


Born Helen Folasade Abu, Sade is a British singer and actress, who is known as one of the most influential British female artists in history for her great impact on contemporary music. Sade was the lead singer in her eponymous band.

Her debut album Diamond Life, released in 1984, become one of the greatest of that era. In 1985, she was one of the singers who performed at the renowned Live Aid Charity Concert. By 2002, she won the award of the OBE, for her dedication to music.

Minnie Julia Riperton Rudolph

Minnie was an American singer-songwriter, known in the media as the “Queen of The Whistle Register” because of her five-octave coloratura soprano singing range.

In April of 1975, Minnie released her hit song entitled “Loving You” which aided her rise to fame. The song came from her 1974 gold album, Perfect Angel. Unfortunately, she passed away at age 31.

Grace Barnett Wing

Better known as Grace Slick, Wing was a prominent singer in San Fransico’s psychedelic music scene in the mid-1960s. The now-retired singer-songwriter had a four-decade-long music career, performing with legends like Jefferson Airplane, The Great Society, and Jefferson Starship.

Her songwriting skills produced some of the most well-known songs in music history, including “Somebody to Love”, “White Rabbit”, “We Built This City” and lastly, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.” She was also known by the names of “Gracie,” and “The Chrome Nun”.

Kim Carnes

Known for her raspy vocal ability with similarities to Rod Stewart, Kim Carnes rose to fame in 1980 after being commissioned by Kenny Rogers to co-write his album, Gideon. Their duet together entitled “Don’t Fall in Love with a Dreamer” hit number four on the Billboard Hot 100 and landed the pair a Grammy nomination.

Later, Carnes released the album Mistaken Identity, which featured the major hit “Bette Davis Eyes.” The song became the US’s best-selling single that year and scored Carnes a Grammy Award for Record of the Year.

Alanis Morissette

Known as the “Queen of Alt-Rock Angst” by Rolling Stones, Alanis has sold over 75 million records globally. The Canadian-American singer-songwriter and record producer is known in the music industry for her distinct mezzo-soprano vocals.

In 1995, she released her most notable and rock-related album entitled Jagged Little Pill, which sold over 33 million copies worldwide. The album was made into a rock musical in 2017, which scored over 15 Tony nominations, including Best Musical.

Sophie Michelle Ellis-Bextor

Sophie is an English singer-songwriter and model who rose to fame in the 1990s, as the lead singer of the Britpop and indie rock band Theaudience. After the band split up, Ellis-Bextor achieved solo success with her songs that combined mainstream pop and disco with 1980s electronic music.

Her debut solo album in 2001 entitled Read My Lips reached number two on the UK Albums Charts and received double-platinum status. Her second album in 2007 reached number seven in the UK.

Kylie Ann Minogue

Known to the public as just Kylie, Minogue is an Australian singer-songwriter, actress, record producer, and TV judge. She is also referred to by the European media as the “Princess of Pop” for her constant reinvention in fashion and music.

Minogue is the highest-selling female Australian artist in history, having sold more than 70 million records globally. She has also won many music awards including a Grammy, three Brit Awards, and 17 ARIA Music accolades.

Britney Spears

Spears is referred to in the US as the “Princess of Pop” due to her influential teen pop music in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The singer-songwriter and dancer had two of the best-selling albums of all time, entitled Baby One More Time (1999) and Oops!… I Did It Again (2000) which were certified diamond status and made her the best-selling teenage artist ever.

Rolling Stone named her debut track the greatest single of all time in 2020 and her second album held a 15-year record for selling over one million copies within its first week.

Paula Abdul

Abdul is a renowned American singer-songwriter, dancer, choreographer, actress, and TV personality. She rose to fame after choreographing music videos for Janet Jackson during the peak of the music video industry. After signing with Virgin Records, Abdul released her debut album entitled Forever Your Girl in 1988.

It went on to be one of the most successful albums of that era, selling over seven million copies in the US and breaking a record on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, tying her with the legendary Diana Ross.


Shakira is known as the “Queen of Latin Music” for her diverse music selection. The Colombian singer-songwriter is also a renowned dancer, actress, and philanthropist. Shakira rose to fame in the English-language market with her 2001 album entitled Laundry Service, which sold over 13 million copies.

In this album were her international number-one hits, “Whenever, Wherever” and “Underneath Your Clothes,” which gave her leading status in the music industry worldwide

Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple is an eleven-time Grammy Award nominee and one-time winner. The American singer-songwriter has had four consecutive decades of music achievements with albums that have reached the top fifteen on the US charts.

Her debut album, Tidal was released in 1996 and won the Grammy Award for Best Female Vocal Rock Performance for its single “Criminal.” Her next album, When the Pawn… was also successful and even certified as platinum.


Born Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O’Malley Armstrong, Dido is an English singer who achieved global recognition in 1999 for her debut album No Angel. The album sold over 21 million copies worldwide and won several accolades such as the MTV Europe Music Award for Best New Act and two Brit Awards.

Her next album in 2003 entitled Life for Rent, propelled her fame forward with tracks like “White Flag” and the cover song “Life for Rent.” Due to the success of her first two albums, Dido made UK chart history.

Tracy Chapman

Tracy is a multi-platinum and four-time Grammy Award-winning artist. The American singer-songwriter is best known for her renowned tracks including “Fast Car,” “Give Me One Reason” and “Crossroads”.

Her debut album entitled Tracy Chapman earned her six Grammy nominations, of which she won three, including Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for “Fast Car.” Since then, Chapman has released six more studio albums, such as her multi-platinum album New Beginning, for which she won her fourth Grammy.

Sheryl Crow

To say that Sheryl Crow has been a crossover hit over the years would be quite the understatement. Known primarily for her country music, Crow has ventured into a variety of other genres and mediums.

Famous for songs such as “All I Wanna Do” and “If it Makes You Happy,” Crow had the honor of singing the theme song for the 1997 James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies. As of 2020, Crow has sold over 50 million albums globally and has a staggering nine Grammy Awards to her name.

Dionne Warwick

This might come as a surprise, but Dionne Warwick is actually one of the top 40 most successful singers of the latter half of the 20th century. With hit singles such as “Walk On By” and “I Say a Little Pray for You,” it’s not hard to see why.

Between 1962 and 1998, 56 of Warwick’s singles made the Billboard Hot 100. Outside of music, Warwick is a successful philanthropist having been a United Nations Global Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization. Warwick’s second son, Damon Elliot, is also a talented record producer.

Gwen Stefani

Many music fans will know Gwen Stefani for her role as the lead singer of ’90s rock band No Doubt. Over the years though, the talented singer has transitioned into mainstream pop and built a successful solo career. Stefani had a myriad of huge hits such as “Hollaback Girl,” which became the first US download to sell one million copies.

Stefani is still as relevant as ever, having been a host on The Voice over the last few years, as well as having a high profile relationship with country star Blake Shelton.

Lauryn Hill

A truly versatile performer, Lauryn Hill seems to have done it all in the entertainment industry, especially in the ’90s. Having originally made a name for herself alongside Wyclef Jean and Pras in the Hip-Hop group The Fugees, Hill eventually embarked on a successful solo career.

She received critical acclaim for her album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Over the last two decades though, Hill has been out of the public eye but has been in the headlines after pleading guilty to tax evasion.

Annie Lennox

One of the quintessential figures of the synthpop scene during the ’80s, Annie Lennox is best known for being one of half of the successful band Eurythmics. She was always known for pushing the envelope, most notably for wearing orange-dyed cropped hair and a suit in the music video for “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).”

Lennox also had success as a solo artist and contributed songs to soundtracks of blockbuster movies such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

Janet Jackson

There is no denying that Janet Jackson comes from musical royalty. Despite being the younger sister of Michael Jackson and the rest of the Jackson Five, this never stopped Janet from reaching for the stars.

She burst onto the scene as both a young actress and as a recording artist, starring in TV shows such as Good Times and Diff’rent Strokes. Jackson has sold over 100 million records worldwide and has numerous hit singles such as “Rhythm Nation” and “All for You.”

Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige is widely regarded as one of the most respected singers of the last 30 years. She has numerous hits such as “Family Affair” and “Without You,” with the latter being named by Billboard as the most successful R&B/Hip-Hop song of all time.

Over the years, Blige has also ventured into the world of acting, having prominent roles in films such as Mudbound, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She also recently starred in the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy.

Stevie Nicks

There is no denying that Stevie Nicks has had a rollercoaster ride of a career. Famous for her work as a vocalist for Fleetwood Mac, Nicks’s role in the band became more prominent as the years progressed and she is front and center of the band’s most successful singles, “Dreams.”

Rolling Stone named Nicks as one of the 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time. She has also had some acting credentials, having featured in shows such as Up All Night and American Horror Story.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton actually got her start, not as a singer, but as a songwriter for other artists. That time spent helping other artists reach success worked out for her, as she saved some of her favorite lyrics for herself and became the worldwide sensation that she is today.

Her career reached its apex during the 1970s and ’80s, and even though it reached a bit of a low point in the ’90s, it seems as though Parton is making a comeback.

Judy Garland

Even though Judy Garland was a talented singer, most people don’t remember her as such. When asked, many people would likely respond that they recognize the name from one of the biggest films in history, The Wizard of Oz.

That being said, Garland was actually a very gifted singer with an incredible range. She had a very versatile approach to music, being able to easily pull off singing and performing jazz, soul, and blues. All this, we might add, she learned entirely on her own.

Shania Twain

Shania Twain isn’t just a singer — she’s also a Queen, although not the queen of any country or kingdom.

According to her fans, Twain is the undisputed “Queen of Country Pop.” Her love for country runs deep, and in her own words, “Country music is still your grandpa’s music, but it’s also your daughter’s music. It’s getting bigger and better all the time, and I’m glad to be a part of it.” Since her new 2017 album, Twain has been busy touring the world.

Janis Joplin

Many consider Janis Joplin to be one of the most famous female rock stars of her era. She got her start on stage in front of live audiences, playing at numerous festivals before releasing two albums and earning her a spot at the historic Woodstock music festival.

Many have considered her to be a major inspiration. According to Stevie Nicks, “Janis put herself out there completely, and her voice was not only strong and soulful; it was painfully and beautifully real.”

Nina Simone

Nina Simone didn’t get into the music industry because she dreamed of being in the spotlight and making millions. For her, it was a necessity since her family needed the money.

She began by playing piano in nightclubs before eventually getting spotted and offered a contract deal, which helped her to become a household name. During her career, she recorded over 30 studio and live albums. She had a talent for being able to “belt barroom blues, croon cabaret, and explore jazz.”

Lady Gaga

Ever wondered what Lady Gaga’s real name is? It’s Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta so, we can understand why she might have shortened it to a much more pronounceable stage name.

She has certainly made a name for herself as an incredible singer. Beyond that, though, her choice of costumes and wardrobe — as well as her alluring performances on stage — have made her a topic of many conversations. She got her start working at clubs throughout New York before taking to the world stage and becoming the icon that she is today.

Etta James

Etta James is more than just a talented musician and singer — for many, she is what incredible soul, jazz, and blues music is supposed to sound like.

Her songs, “The Wallflower,” “Tell Mama,” “Something’s Got a Hold on Me,” “I’d Rather Go Blind,” and “At Last,” have become unforgettable hits. James is also credited for bridging the gap between R&B and rock and roll. By 1993, Etta James got her well-deserved spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Amy Winehouse

“If you don’t throw yourself into something, you’ll never know what you could have had.” These wise words are from Amy Winehouse, one of the most prolific singers and guitarists who earned praise from figures like Bob Dylan in which he described her as, “the last real individualist around.”

Her time on stage and with the guitar resulted in two albums from which she became the first British woman to win five Grammy Awards. Some of her most popular songs are “Stronger Than Me,” “Love is Losing Game,” “Rehab,” and “Back to Black.”

Patsy Cline

One of the biggest artists to make a very successful genre cross, Patsy Cline began as a country music star before moving on to pop where she continued to entertain millions.

Cline is still considered to be one of the most influential artists of the 20th century as many fans point to her diverse music styles and her “emotional expression and delivery of lyrics.” To this day, she has continued to be an inspiration for many artists.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is considered to be the “Queen of R&B” although she didn’t begin as a pop or R&B star. In fact, Keys started out as a classically trained pianist who actually started writing her own music when she was just 12 years old.

By age 15, she’d already been signed with a major record label and produced a debut album, Songs in A Minor, which earned her 16 million copies and a Grammy Award. Can you imagine being that young and successful?

Donna Summer

Born as LaDonna Adrian Gains, Donna Summer earned major fame and recognition during the disco music era. Not one to sit back and let others outshine her, Summer was the first artist in history to have back-to-back albums reach number one on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States.

Some of her biggest hits are still played at disco parties and include “Love to Love You Baby,” “I Feel Love,” and “Hot Stuff.”

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell isn’t afraid of blending together different sounds, and has experimented in a range of genres including folk, jazz, pop, and rock. Her music is often described as poetic, with particular attention being paid to her ability as both a singer and a songwriter.

Her songs reflect deep and profound emotions including love, social, and personal critiques of society. Madonna once said of her, “I would have to say of all the women I’ve heard, she had the most profound effect on me from a lyrical point of view.”

Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday got her start in music by singing in music clubs in Harlem. It was there that she was discovered by John Hammond, a record producer who helped her record her first songs.

She found immense success during the 1930s and 1940s with her song, “What a Little Moonlight Can Do,” becoming a standard in the world of jazz. She never did have any formal musical education, but more than made up for it with improvisational skill and an incredible voice.


What else can be said about Madonna? Having been the quintessential pop star of the ’80s, the singer of hits such as “Material Girl” and “Like a Virgin” has constantly reinvented herself over the years. She has incorporated a variety of sounds into her music and is just as recognized for her image as she has been for her voice.

Madonna has also had a fairly successful career in Hollywood, having starred in movies such as A League of Their Own and Evita.

Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews isn’t just a talented singer. In fact, she might be one of the most talented women in the entertainment industry. She is both a successful singer, starring on Broadway in shows like My Fair Lady and Camelot — earning the title of “Britain’s Youngest Prima Donna.”

Besides that, The Sound of Music star is an Academy Award-winning actress and a successful novelist as well. Andrews is considered to have a voice for opera, but she prefers to sing music that she describes as being more “bright and sunny.”

Tina Turner

Rising to fame as part of the band, Ike & Tina Turner Revue, Tina Turner became known by both her fans and her critics as the “Queen of Rock and Roll.” Over the course of her career, Turner won an astounding 12 Grammy Awards and a Life Achievement Award.

She is known for many things such as her incredibly energetic style and powerful voice. Some of her biggest hits include “Nutbush City Limits,” “Let’s Stay Together,” “What’s Love Got to Do with It,” and “Private Dancer.”

Karen Carpenter

Karen Carpenter grew up in New Haven, Connecticut where she ended up forming the band, The Carpenters, with her brother. She has received mountains of praise for her three-octave contralto vocal range and her drumming skills, which are remembered to this day.

Although most of her music was released as a member of the band, she did produce many solo works as well although they didn’t end up getting released until 1996. Legendary Paul McCartney even admitted that Karen had “the best female voice in the world: melodic, tuneful and distinctive.”

Christina Aguilera

Born and raised in New York, Christina Aguilera became a musical sensation during her teenage years when she released her single “Genie in a Bottle,” an international hit. Although she has made many pop albums throughout her career, she also experimented with other genres including jazz and blues.

Aguilera has been compared to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston’s but finds Etta James to be her biggest influence with Aguilera even saying that she’s her “all-time favorite singer.”

Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand was raised by her mother in New York who had also been a soprano singer when she was growing up. With her help, Streisand’s interest in music grew and she took the first steps into her career.

Over the course of that career, the Funny Girl star has released 36 studio albums and has won numerous awards including 10 Grammy Awards, as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award. Even though Streisand primarily sings pop music, her powerful voice has led her to be labeled as semi-operatic.

Ella Fitzgerald

Although she doesn’t have the official or unofficial title, it’s safe to say that Ella Fitzgerald could be referred to as the “Queen of Jazz Performance.” Often collaborating with musicians like Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong, Fitzgerald managed to stand out and earn 14 Grammy Awards for songs like “Cheek to Cheek,” “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” and “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing).”

By the end of her career, Fitzgerald earned the National Medal of Arts and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


Adele didn’t begin her career in any professional capacity. In fact, she actually got her start playing in parks throughout the city of London. Imagine looking back now and being the club owner who turned Adele away.

In 2008, she released her first studio album, 19. Three years later, her second album — 21 — was released. That album made her one of the biggest stars in music earning her incredible amounts of praise, not to mention the six Grammy Awards that came her way as well.


Also known as “Queen B,” Beyoncé has become one of the most beloved and popular R&B artists of all time. She’s so good that for years, fans would put out videos of them reacting in disbelief to friends who said that she wasn’t the best ever.

After a successful career start with Destiny’s Child, Beyonce went on to start a solo career in 2006 where she earned the most Grammy Awards in history — a remarkable 26 times.

Celine Dion

Originally from Quebec, Canada, Celine Dion went on to find worldwide success. Her start in Canada helped her immensely, with many of her albums being sung in both French and English. In 1988, Dion got her biggest boost to fame when she won the Eurovision song contest in which she represented Switzerland.

Although her albums got their start in only French and English, Dion has also recorded songs in Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Latin, and Japanese and has been bestowed with the title, “Queen of Adult Contemporary.”

Aretha Franklin

No list of impressive female singers could ever be complete without the incomparable Aretha Franklin. Known as the “Queen of Soul,” Franklin actually got her career as a gospel singer in her church choir.

Even though she probably never imagined becoming the musical sensation that she is today, she signed a deal with Columbia Records at age 18 and — throughout her life — has released 38 studio albums, as well as 131 singles. She became the first woman ever to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is known for many things including her five Grammy Awards and over 200 million records sold. But, out of all those things, one of the most renowned aspects of her career is her incredible voice — which is able to hit an incredible range of five octaves.

That unique ability has helped to propel her to incredible heights, with many considering her to be one of the original pioneers of contemporary pop and an inspiration to generations of singers.

Whitney Houston

Not only does Whitney Houston have an incredible voice but she also has the nickname of “The Voice.” Is there really much more we can add to that? To say that Whitney Houston is an award-winning artist is like saying the ocean is vast — both are true but neither capture the true scale of either thing.

Whitney Houston is actually in the Guinness World Record as the most awarded female artists of all time, with a total of 415 throughout her career.

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