Try to Name These Golden Age Hollywood Icons

Try to Name These Golden Age Hollywood Icons

Have you ever gazed at a photograph of a celebrity and had a feeling of déjà vu, thinking to yourself, “I reckon I’ve seen that person somewhere before”? Well, our team has compiled a roster of actors and actresses who might spark that feeling in you. We’ll be spotlighting some of the most talented stars of Hollywood’s golden era, but there’s a twist: it’s up to you to determine each celebrity’s name. Fear not if you’re unsure; simply keep scrolling and we’ll reveal the answer. Sounds like a pretty decent arrangement to us!

Who Am I?

This former Hollywood starlet rose to fame after her performance in the spy TV series The Avengers. Although she experienced two unsuccessful marriages, she continues to enjoy her life at her summer residence in Isleboro, Maine despite being 93 years old.

hollywood 1
Nonetheless, her most notable accomplishment may have been her portrayal as a Bond girl, but we will refrain from specifying the film for fear of revealing too much.

Honor Blackman

Certainly, the iconic character of the Bond girl Pussy Galore in the popular movie Goldfinger in 1964 was played by the legendary Honor Blackman. Even though Blackman was 38 years old at the time, which made her one of the oldest actresses to play a Bond girl, her strong chemistry with Sean Connery’s portrayal of James Bond is considered one of the most memorable duos in the franchise’s legacy.

hollywood 2
Apart from Shalako, Something Big, and A Night to Remember, Blackman had roles in The Upper Hand, a British sitcom.

Who Am I?

The unmistakable face of this Hollywood celebrity can easily be recognized, especially since he is always spotted wearing a cowboy hat. This particular actor is considered to be a symbol of the golden era of Westerns, having made a name for himself in both television and film.

hollywood 27
He played a significant part in the popular CBS show Gunsmoke, and he is among the few remaining actors from the series who are currently living. Can you make an assumption about his identity?

Buck Taylor

Undoubtedly, Buck Taylor’s most significant acting position was playing Newly O’Brien on Gunsmoke, broadcasted by CBS. Given his familial background in acting, it appears like Buck was destined to become an actor since birth.

hollywood 12
Taylor also performed in productions including The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and My Favorite Martian. Currently, he enjoys creating artwork through painting and frequently designs posters for various rodeos in Texas. Buck currently resides on a ranch with his spouse.

Who Am I?

If you have spent a sufficiently long time in the movie industry and worked with famous figures such as Marilyn Monroe and Kirk Douglas, it means you have achieved the status of a genuine Hollywood icon.

hollywood 3
The most notable achievement of this celebrity was playing a major role in the successful movie There’s No Business Like Show Business back in 1954. Nevertheless, her participation in the film adaptation of the well-known Rodgers and Hammerstein production, South Pacific, is also worth remembering. This leads to the inquiry of her identity: who might she be?

Mitzi Gaynor

It was evident that Mitzi Gaynor possessed exceptional talent which led Hollywood’s top studios to pursue her from a young age. When she was only 17, 20th Century Fox offered her a significant contract, indicating her promising future.

hollywood 4
Although Mitzi Gaynor is almost 88 years old, she is continually receiving recognition for her achievements. Her latest accomplishment was being honored with induction into the Great American Songbook Hall of Fame. Although she hasn’t appeared in a film since 1963, Mitzi Gaynor is still cherished by numerous admirers.

Who Am I?

If you were a young performer who got the opportunity to act alongside Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable in the movie Gone With The Wind, it is a clear indication that you achieved great success in the industry of Hollywood.

hollywood 17
It’s impossible for things to improve beyond that point, yet this man managed to secure roles in several other films like Jaurez, Red River, and Broken Arrow. Despite this, his later career choice may come as a surprise to you.

Michael “Mickey” Kuhn

Long before Macauley Culkin and Jacob Tremblay became famous child actors, Mickey Kuhn was the talk of the town in Hollywood. He appeared in several films, including Gone With The Wind, but eventually chose to explore other career opportunities outside of the entertainment industry.

In the end, he secured a job with American Airlines and served there until his retirement. Yet, Kuhn recollects his acting days with great affection and presently engages in charitable service at a nearby hospital.

Who Am I?

It’s hard to believe that this actress appeared in just eight additional films throughout her entire career after being considered for an Academy Award. Her performance in the 1970 film Love Story almost earned her the Best Actress award, and she also acted alongside the renowned Steve McQueen in The Getaway.

hollywood 5
Despite the fame and fortune, she made the decision to separate herself from it all. A former Hollywood actress chose to move to Tesuque, New Mexico, following the destruction of her Malibu residence.

Ali MacGraw

Ali MacGraw, who had gained attention for her part in Goodbye, Columbus in 1969, took on the lead role in Love Story. However, it is true that MacGraw was not fond of the flashy and extravagant Hollywood scene, and thus decided to retreat from the spotlight.

hollywood 6
Nonetheless, she persevered in pursuing her acting career and even attained some modest triumphs on Broadway. One of these triumphs was in 2016 when she teamed up again with her Love Story colleague, Ryan O’Neal, for a theater interpretation of A.R. Gurney’s Love Letters.

Who Am I?

Isn’t it remarkable that an actor can perform brilliantly in both a delightful film like A Christmas Carol and a somber one like Lolita, just 23 years later? It’s a testament to the fact that we are dealing with a genuine Hollywood legend, don’t you think?

hollywood 7
Essentially, this entertainer was one of the notable juvenile actors during the prosperous era of Hollywood, primarily in the period of the late 1930s to early 1940s. Can you identify him?

Terry Kilburn

Terry Kilburn played the iconic role of Tiny Tim in the timeless retelling of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol in 1843. This part guaranteed that Kilburn was a highly sought-after child actor for the next ten years.

hollywood 8
He achieved great recognition in both television and live performances. Nevertheless, in 1969, Kilburn chose to retire from Hollywood. Unfortunately, his companion of five decades, Charles Nolte, whom he bid goodbye, passed away in 2010.

Who Am I?

During the years 1932 to 1945, this young woman from Beckley, West Virginia acquired an impressive 47 acting credits in various productions and was considered one of the most productive child actors of her era.

hollywood 9
As a child of only five years old, she had a leading role in the film The Unexpected Father. After multiple decades have elapsed, she is presently in her 90s and has been married several times; however, her name remains unknown.

Cora Sue Collins

The famous child actor who played the role of Pudge in The Unexpected Father in 1932 and gained popularity is none other than Cora Sue Collins. She also appeared in several other movies like Queen Cristina, Anna Karenina, All This And Heaven Too, etc.

hollywood 10
Nonetheless, Collins made the decision to depart from the entertainment industry at the age of 18. During that period, she adopted the moniker “Susie Nace” after marrying her deceased spouse, Harry Nace.

Who Am I?

Following the success of renowned parents can be an intimidating challenge. Nonetheless, this individual had the ability to overcome it. What distinguished him from other celebrity offspring was his capability to not only establish himself in the entertainment business but also work seamlessly with his parents.

hollywood 23
Can you make a conjecture as to how many movies this Hollywood celebrity collaborated with his dad out of the total 40 movies that he acted in?

Patrick Wayne

The famous actor in concern is actually the offspring of John Wayne, specifically Patrick Wayne. Patrick Wayne showcased his acting skills in numerous films such as Sinbad and The Quiet Man (he happens to be the only surviving actor from this particular movie) and The Searchers, which undoubtedly made his celebrity parents proud.

hollywood 24
He established his own reputation but not only through acting in films. He also presented certain game shows including Tic-Tac-Dough and The Monte Carlo Show.

Who Am I?

It’s incredible to consider that at some point in her life, this centenarian woman used to be among the most stunning actresses in the entirety of Hollywood. Having started as a model, she ultimately rose to prominence as a productive performer.

hollywood 19
Nevertheless, she fell victim to the blacklist era and redirected her focus towards humanitarian causes. These included aiding homeless individuals and advocating for issues such as gender equality and climate change. Can you provide me with the identity of this renowned actress?

Marsha Hunt

Throughout her long and fruitful life, Marsha Hunt has witnessed numerous transformations in American society. Her acting career flourished with her remarkable performances in movies, including Born To The West, Pride and Prejudice, and Raw Deal.

hollywood 20
Despite joining the Committee for the First Amendment in 1947 and being included in the growing list of blacklisted actors in Hollywood, Hunt was still able to continue her career in acting and even landed roles in well-received shows like Gunsmoke and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Who Am I?

If you plan to get married or divorced twice and have nine children along with several grandchildren, it is important to ensure that you are financially capable to support them.

hollywood 21
Fortunately, this man never faced such a predicament as he has been thriving in the entertainment industry for 50 years now. He played a notable character in The Wild Wild West and pursued a career as a singer that led him to record several popular singles in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Robert Conrad

Robert Conrad, an all-around performer in the entertainment industry, is most popularly known for his appearances in Baa Baa Black Sheep and The Wild Wild West. He has also acquired various skills throughout the years.

hollywood 22
The ex-actor/singer has not been part of Hollywood productions but has been running his radio talk show since 2008. Regrettably, Conrad has faced a few legal issues in the recent past.

Who Am I?

Converting! Wait…
hollywood 25
In the era when movies were moving from black and white to technicolor, this artist was a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. She has acted in more than 40 films and had a more successful career in the film industry than in television. Being married six times, this actress’s life has been full of interesting events. Can you guess who she is?

Rhonda Fleming

Despite her age of 95 years, Rhonda Fleming is still alive and active, and has two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Coming from a family of performers, including her mother Effie Graham, Fleming appeared to be meant for a career in the film industry.

hollywood 26
Rhonda Fleming elevated her reputation in Hollywood by delivering a remarkable performance in the movie Spellbound back in 1945. Hence, it is not astonishing that she has a Hollywood Walk of Fame’s star to her name.

Who Am I?

If your career has allowed you to work in various television shows such as Dallas, Star Trek, and The Life And Legend Of Earp Wyatt, then it’s a reflection of your diverse resume and achievement as an actor, just like this Hollywood performer.

hollywood 15
Although he has not appeared in any work since 1997, it is undeniable that his face is recognizable. In case you have not figured it out, you will be disappointed when you discover which iconic character he portrayed in Cool Hand Luke.

Morgan Woodward

Yes, indeed. Morgan Woodward was the actor who portrayed the legendary character known as the man with no eyes in the movie called Cool Hand Luke, in which Paul Newman starred. Are you familiar with this?

hollywood 16
Morgan Woodward, who uttered the iconic phrase “We have a failure to communicate,” was rightly inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers in 2009. This is because he has been a prominent figure in numerous Western movies and TV shows throughout the years, and he can often be seen sporting a cowboy hat during public appearances.

Who Am I?

It is truly an impressive accomplishment to win your initial Emmy award almost 50 years after starting your career on screen. This shows that this actress has timeless elegance and grace.

hollywood 13
Despite being 77 years old, this Hollywood superstar’s impressive achievements, such as being nominated for two Academy Awards and featuring in countless films, suggest that there are no limits to what she can accomplish. We believe that she still has many accomplishments ahead of her.


Undoubtedly, the Hollywood celebrity under discussion is Ann-Margret who is gifted with talent. This actress, originally from Sweden, has accomplished a lot in her career. She has achieved great success with movies like Bye Bye Birdie, Viva Las Vegas, and Cincinnati Kids, which makes her acting portfolio very impressive.

hollywood 14
Nonetheless, Ann-Margret ventured into the music industry as well, where she put out several singles and albums throughout her career. Recently, the accomplished actress appeared in two episodes of The Kominsky Method series in 2018.

If it wasn’t for a handful of important bands, the music of the 1970s would not be as memorable. Heart, Kansas, and Fleetwood Mac are among the bands that helped ensure the longevity of rock and roll during this decade. One of the key reasons for Fleetwood Mac’s success was Stevie Nicks, whose unique sound brought an iconic quality to the band’s music. Nicks has had a remarkable career, including humble beginnings, finding fame and love with Fleetwood Mac, and a successful solo career. Let’s reminisce and take a look at vintage photos of Stevie Nicks spanning throughout the years.

The Song Remembers

Stevie Nicks has drawn inspiration for her music from personal experiences and ordinary occurrences which is why when individuals are asked where they were upon first hearing songs like Rhiannon or Landslide, they can recall the exact place.

The singer’s distinctive perspective on life and love not just reflects in her songs but also in the way she handles personal connections. As a result, she has gained additional inspiration to create memorable visuals and music that has influenced many individuals for numerous years.

In the Beginning…

Stephanie Lynn Nicks was born in Phoenix on May 26th, 1948. She had a close relationship with her grandfather, AJ, who was keen on becoming a country singer. He taught her to sing and play pedal steel, which they enjoyed doing together often.

Initially, Stevie had a great affection for the steel pedal, but later, she shifted her attention towards her vocal skills. This turned out to be advantageous for her, as she developed an exceptional style and a distinctive voice that is easily identifiable. However, when she was a teenager, she eventually purchased her own steel pedal.

OG Foodie

Despite her strong bond with her grandfather, Jess Nicks, her father who had a career in the food industry, was also very important to her. His job allowed the family to live in various cities across the country, and Nicks and her mother believed that this frequent relocation only brought them closer together as a family.

The frequent relocations and Stevie’s father’s occupation contributed to Stevie’s fondness for cuisine and the accompanying customs. She could be considered an early food enthusiast even before the term or idea was popularized.

Creativity Runs in the Family

She is the oldest of two siblings. Chris Nicks is Stevie’s younger brother, and he is a creative individual, as well. His passion was to design, and he would go on to help design merchandise for her.

He grew up with her and knew that she had a certain spirit, and wanted to translate that into her clothes and her merchandise. Therefore, he used his sister as inspiration for his pieces and ultimately delivered some of the most stunning products that fans have collected over the years.

It’s All About the First

The very first song that Stevie wrote was about lessons learned from love. The song was titled “I’ve Loved and I’ve Lost and I’m Sad but Not Blue.” This song talks about the way that lessons are often only learned in retrospect.

That is after the intense emotions have subsided. The song has one of the most iconic lines Stevie’s ever written — “crystalline knowledge of you.” Stevie has said that this lyric talks about what she learned from her past love, no matter what the lesson was.

Fateful Introductions

Stevie started joining bands in high school. While living in Arcadia, California, the young musician played with a band called Changing Times. This band really dug into the folk-rock scene. When Stevie was a senior in high school, though, she and her family moved to Atherton, California.

There, she would meet a young guitarist at a church function, and this young man — Lindsey Buckingham — would set her life on course for some big things in both her personal life and her career. To think it all started with a little harmonizing to “California’ Dreamin!”

Time To Get a Little Psychedelic

In the late ’60s, both Nicks and Buckingham found themselves in a new band called The Fritz. This group was all into the new style of rock known as psychedelic. This genre focused on unique sounds that could enhance mental and emotional explorations via certain substances.

The duo did well with the band, who happened to be pretty good, and stayed together for several years while making quite the name for themselves. Despite the genre, the music itself was very insightful and experimental. It must have been something considering the amazing opportunities they ended up getting.

Opening Act

The Fritz, as we have said, had a pretty good run, even finding themselves opening for names like Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. For the rest of the ’60s and into the ’70s, the band delivered their progressive sound to thousands of people.

Of course, this music genre wouldn’t be the last stop for Nicks as eventually, she and Lindsey would move on. That specific genre would dissipate and meld into other genres, essentially disappearing over time. However, it left the world with some classic jams and iconic performers.

College & Breakups

While Stevie was making a name for herself with the band, she also found love with Lindsey and began attending San Jose College. She eventually dropped out to focus more on her musical career, though. Unfortunately, her time with The Fritz would end in 1972 when the band parted ways.

During this time, Stevie started writing a lot, using her own quiet reflections and life lessons to craft some amazing lyrics. She preferred to do her creative endeavors away from crowds, but sometimes she found her way down on the Venice boardwalk.

Starting Over

Once the band had broken up, Stevie and Lindsey moved on and began working as a duo. The two soon got some attention and ended up with a record deal. In 1973, “Buckingham Nicks” was released. It didn’t get much love, though.

This lost the two their contract and meant that they had to get day jobs to pay the bills. Stevie began working as a waitress, as well as a house cleaner. While doing this, she realized just how important her music was to her, and it pushed her to work even harder.

Going Their Own Way… Sorta

After the failure of her and Lindsey’s album, Lindsey continued working as a guitarist and eventually ended up with a gig touring with the Everly Brothers. Stevie didn’t want to tour, so she stayed home, which was now in Aspen, Colorado.

While surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains and lush greenery, Stevie was very inspired. In fact, it was here that she wrote one of her seminal songs, “Landslide.” The snowy atmosphere was unusual for Nicks, as she had never lived someplace with a climate this cold. Thus, her imagination was sparked.

Testing… Testing

At this time, Fleetwood Mac was working on trying to get their lineup solidified and looking for the right studio. Eventually, they found their way to a studio in LA. To ensure that the studio was the right fit and had a good sound, Mick Fleetwood played a track from Stevie and Lindsey’s album.

The minute the song started to play, he heard Stevie and knew she would be a perfect fit for the band and its sound. All they had to do now was meet the singer and see if she would be interested in joining up with them.

The Other Guy Isn’t So Bad Either

As Mick listened to the track, not only did he like Stevie’s sound but he also thought the guitar player was pretty good. He decided that both would be an excellent addition to his band. Mick then reached out through friends and made the offer to Lindsey.

Of course, Lindsey was invited but would only say yes if Stevie was included in the deal. This was fine with Mick, as he had already decided he wanted the vocalist, as well. The rest, as they say, is history.

New & Improved

In 1975, after months in the studio, Stevie and the band were ready to release their first album. Thanks to the talents of everyone and the band’s new unique vocalist, this album ended up being quite successful.

It would hit the billboard charts and stay there (in the top 200) for almost a year after the initial release. The band had found the magic equation for success and would ride this for years — or decades — to come.

Greatest Song of All Time?

If you ask Stevie, the album’s success was due to the hard push of touring that the band did after the album’s release. However, others would say it was the songs including the classic “Rhiannon.” The song was written by Stevie and had an instant appeal to many.

This song has found its way through the decades and is one of the most recognizable songs out there. The moniker of “one of the greatest of all time” definitely seems fitting. That’s why it wasn’t a surprise when the song was voted by Rolling Stone as one of the 500 best songs of all time.

Iconic Style

Stevie has always felt that the voice is important, but so is the image. Understanding this, she wanted to create a very personalized look. When Fleetwood Mac and her career began to take off, she partnered with Marg Kent, a fashion designer, to craft her own style.

She had always liked the gypsy style and wanted this to be the foundation of her look. With a haircut, a few lacy shawls, and some long skirts, the bohemian look was born. Some even say that we should all thank Stevie for the boho-chic and Venice beach vibe!

It’s All in the Details

From her performance to her look, everything Stevie does is carefully planned out. That goes for her footwear, as well. The iconic high-heeled boots she is so known for were also a deliberate choice. Stevie knew she was a great deal shorter than everyone else, so to prevent things from looking off, she chose to go with a little bit of a height equalizer.

All of these steps, along with the production value of the shows that she and Fleetwood Mac put on, were amazing. In fact, Stevie has been quoted as saying that she thinks this is part of the success of both her solo career, as well as Fleetwood Mac’s popularity.

Cracks Appear

Not long after the first album was released, the band began to feel some tension, which caused a bit of upheaval. Most of these were creative differences, but there was also the question of who should be the bandleader. Some felt it should be Lindsey and Stevie.

This tension, though, didn’t break the band up. On the contrary, many feel that Stevie’s lyrics got better due to all of the tension, and this made all the difference in the success of the band. After all, what’s better for an artist than turmoil?

It’s All Just Rumours

Wading through all the issues, the band was able to release their next album, Rumours. This album was released in 1977, and much like the first one, it took off. It ended up on the charts at the #1 spot for more than three months. It also earned the band their first Grammy.

Having tasted a certain level of success, Stevie and the band decided it was time to take their music on the road and do an international tour. Thanks to the showmanship of Stevie and the band’s exceptional music, the group soon found success on a global stage.

Solo Career Calling

As the band began to work on their third studio album in 1978, Stevie noticed that her stack of songs was way too large to fit on one album. This thought made her think of maybe stepping out and doing a solo project.

This would allow her to stretch her creative legs and relieve some of the tension among the band. The good thing for Stevie was that, when she did release her solo album, her loyal Fleetwood fans jumped over with her.

Do It Yourself

Once she decided that she wanted to do a solo album, she partnered with a few friends and founded a record label. Modern Records then began releasing Stevie’s own music, starting with the 1981 album Bella Donna. Now, all that was left was to see if it was going to do well.

Stevie’s first solo foray was a smashing success. The album made its way to the Billboard Charts and opened up Stevie for plenty more opportunities. With this part of her career, she could do what she wanted without any scrutiny.

Topping the Charts & Movie Soundtracks

The album would cement Stevie as a future rock-n-roll Hall of Famer. The album had hits like “Edge of Seventeen,” as well as some collaborations with rock idols such as Tom Petty. This album earned Stevie the name “The Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll.”

Many of Stevie’s songs have also been used in films, and she has even penned a few songs specifically for movies, as well. Her memorable imagery and vocals have allowed her songs to span decades and creative mediums, too! She is truly a legendary talent!

I Can Do Both

Once Stevie saw that she could be both a solo artist and stick with Fleetwood Mac, that is what she did. For the next two decades, the talented songstress continued releasing her own albums, as well as several with the band.

With all this work and touring, Stevie insisted on making sure her people were well fed and taken care of. Like many stars, she needed certain things to be available at the venue. Things like ingredients for drinks and snacks were all there whenever Stevie’s people needed something.

Perils Of Fame

The success was constant, and the on-the-go lifestyle eventually caught up to Stevie. For years, she had been struggling with health concerns and other demons. In 1993, she had had enough and took control of her life. That means getting rid of those demons!

Through a lot of hard work, Stevie found her way to a much healthier life. In order to get to that place, Stevie attributes the success of her battle with the addition of yoga and deep meditation. She is also very open and honest about the problems she had and what causes them.

Getting the Band Back Together

In 1997, after years on pause, Stevie rejoined her Fleetwood Mac family and picked up right where they had left off. The tour that came from this earned quite a bit of money, but that wasn’t the only thing to celebrate that year.

That same year, the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The recipe of heartfelt lyrics and Stevie’s gypsy-style performances seemed to still have all the same magic it had always had.


After the band got back together Stevie began to release big albums with them and her own at the same time again. They even still toured most of the time with the classic line up. The only time this wasn’t the case was in 2018 when Stevie toured with the gang sans Lindsey.

While doing these tours, the band began to work with Yamaha. They created a product line and began using Yamaha products on all their stages. That’s not too bad for a group of classic rockers! Then again, who wouldn’t want to work with Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac?

She Does More Than Sing

Stevie doesn’t only make music. She is also a very charitable person. One of these charities is her own foundation, which is called Stevie Nicks’ Band of Soldiers. One of the things this charity does is give wounded military personnel visits from Stevie herself, as well as donations of MP3 players.

She also is very involved with PETA, as she is a huge animal lover. Her affinity for pets is well-known. In fact, she brings some of them on tour with her. Stevie tries to support causes she really cares about, as do many artists.

Her Mother Supported Her All the Way

Barbara Nicks and her daughter, Stevie, were incredibly close. Stevie describes her mom as “a financial wizard” who took a backseat to her husband, Stevie’s father, during their marriage. She was a serious feminist, though. Her passing in 2012 was very difficult for the artist.

Stevie has shared that her mother always said to her — “You will never stand in a room full of men and feel like you can’t keep up with them. And you will never depend upon a man to support you. She drummed that into me, and I’m so glad she did.”

Christine McVie

In a recent interview, Stevie opened up about her decades of friendship with Fleetwood Mac’s only other woman, Christine McVie. Stevie shared that although the two were polar opposites when it came to personality and style, they met in the middle and clicked instantly.

The two made a pact to protect and support each other in the incredibly male-dominated world of music. “If we ever feel like we’re being treated like that, we would just get up and walk out — and we did.”

Bella Donna

While the release of Bella Donna was a massive critical and commercial success, it was also a difficult time in Stevie’s personal life. The day that the album reached number one on the Billboard 200, the musician was told that her best friend was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Stevie’s friend, Robin Anderson, was pregnant at the time and managed to give birth to a baby boy before she passed from her illness. She appointed Stevie as the baby’s godmother. In an interview in 2012, she shared, “I never got to enjoy Bella Donna at all because my friend was dying. Something went out that day; something left.”


Stevie has had several serious romantic relationships over the years. Surprisingly, though, the one time she did get married, it wasn’t for romantic reasons at all. After her best friend passed, Stevie married Robin’s widower, Kim. “It was a terrible, terrible mistake,” she explained.

“We didn’t get married because we were in love, we got married because we were grieving and it was the only way that we could feel like we were doing anything.” They divorced three months later. Still, she did end up helping her stepson through college and is still in contact with him.

Witching Hour

Stevie’s style has certainly become completely iconic. But, her choice of witchy black wasn’t always well-received. In the late ‘70s, the musician actually received threatening mail that accused her of participating in witchcraft. These accusations had quite an impact on her.

For a little while, she was so scared of these rumors that Nicks actually tried wearing light colors, like green and peach. Still, she felt so uncomfortable and frumpy that she returned to her signature black by 1983.

Struggles With Unwarranted Criticism

In the early ‘90s, Stevie experienced a few difficult side effects due to her reliance on medication that was meant to help her battle her substance abuse issues. One of those side effects that impacted her especially hard was weight gain.

The criticism over her weight during her 1994 tour disgusted her to the point that she refused to perform on a stage again before she slimmed back down. She finally returned to the stage in 1997 once she lost the extra weight.

Return to Solo Career

After a busy and difficult decade, Stevie finally released a new solo album on May 1st, 2001. Trouble in Shangri-La was a commercial and critical success. In fact, “Planets of the Universe” was nominated for a Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance.

Nicks worked on the album for several years, with much of the writing being done in ‘94 and ‘95. She has acknowledged her close friend, Tom Petty, as the one who convinced her to write music again.

Restructuring Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac went through quite a few changes in their lineup through the years. After three decades with the band, Christine McVie quit the band in 2001, leaving Stevie as the only woman in the group for the first time.

The album that followed, Say You Will, and the accompanying tour had mixed reviews — which Stevie blamed on disputes with Lindsey Buckingham. In 2018, the band fired Lindsey after reported disagreements with Stevie and Mick. He was replaced by Mike Campbell and Neil Finn.

Stevie’s Influence

It seems like a rising tide really does lift all boats. Stevie Nicks has been acknowledged by countless artists as an inspiration. Some of those went on to do covers of her songs that helped them find success too. The Dixie Chicks’ cover of “Landslide” earned them a top-10 hit.

Destiny’s Child sampled “Edge of Seventeen” in their 2001 single “Bootylicious” (and Stevie even appeared in its music video). In 2010, Taylor Swift performed at the Grammys with Nicks, telling the crowd that “it’s a fairy tale and an honor to share the stage with Stevie Nicks.”

Her Mission

Stevie has been vocal about her choice not to have any children or be a mother. She chose to focus her energy on her demanding career, and follow her artistic passion to whatever end.

“My mission maybe wasn’t to be a mom and a wife,” she shared. “Maybe my particular mission was to write songs to make moms and wives feel better.” She has certainly managed to achieve this goal, according to her many fans.

Favorite Aunt

While she chose to not have kids of her own, she does have a close relationship with her family. “I have lots of kids,” she has said in an interview, referring to her godchildren, niece, and extended family. “It’s much more fun to be the crazy auntie than it is to be the mom, anyway.”

“I like to tell all my fairy goddaughters and my niece that when I’m gone, they can sit on the floor and go through all these journals,” she shared as she talked of her extensive diaries. “They can walk through my life, and they can smell the gardenia perfume on the pages. They can have it in their hands, who I was.”

Hall of Famer

Fleetwood Mac’s entrance into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998 was a huge achievement. What some may not know, though, is that Stevie Nicks surpassed this by actually getting inducted twice!

In 2019, Stevie became the first woman to be inducted twice into the Hall of Fame, this time for her solo career. With these two great honors, her title as the “Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll” has absolutely been cemented.

Stevie’s Favorite Movie

In an interview that was published in 2022, as she was talking about ways to cope with moments of anxiety and difficulty, Stevie shared that her favorite movie is surprisingly the 2016 animated film, Storks.

The movie, detailing the adventures of storks once they stop delivering babies and start delivering packages, was described by Nicks as “the sweetest movie […] It’s a cartoon, but it’s a massive movie of life and love and sadness and tragedy. That’s my answer to depression — Storks.”

Ongoing Popularity

Stevie Nicks’s fame is far from diminished. It seems that every generation manages to discover and fall in love with Stevie’s music, both through her solo career and her work with Fleetwood Mac.

Recently, many young people were exposed to these amazing songs through a TikTok trend, and Stevie is well aware of it! She loved the trend and even created an account to post a homage to it.

Just a Kind Person

For years, Stevie lived with her brother’s family in Arizona so she could focus on charitable endeavors. She is known to help friends and families and even exes when they need it. Stevie seems to be a very good person with a genuine soul and a loving heart.

Unlike other stars, she is even kind to her fans, stopping when she’s approached for pictures or autographs. This is even the case when she is in a hurry. She just really cares about people, especially her loyal fans.

Close to Her Extended Family

This big heart and an open mind have given Stevie a tight relationship with her extended family, as well. This includes a niece, godchildren, and several others. Stevie has even gone on record saying that she wants her personal journals to be passed on to certain extended family members when she’s no longer around.

Over the years, she has collected a very select tribe, and they all say the same thing. Stevie is one of the most generous and loving people they have known their whole lives. This is a nice thing to hear about someone who’s so idolized.

Cameos & Ministries

Over the years, Stevie has accrued other accolades, as well. She has even become an ordained minister. Reverend Nicks has married over 100 couples including a fellow woman of rock, Vanessa Carlton. How cool would it be to be married by Stevie Nicks!?

Other than that, she has also made some film and television appearances, most notably in the very popular FX series American Horror Story. On the show, she was actually featured in a couple of seasons, but the one that’s most memorable is Coven.

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