Fashion’s New Face: Disabled Models at MB Fashion Week

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Experience the fashion evolution with disabled models at MB Fashion Week, redefining beauty and exclusivity on the runway.

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in the fashion industry, with top fashion houses including more plus-sized and ethnic models. However, style largely neglects those with physical disabilities in the passive voice..

But on Sunday designers in Russia set out to challenge conventional catwalk displays, presenting collections of clothes made specifically for those with physical disabilities.


Designer Sabina Gorelik is among the fashion designers tasked with creating a collection tailored to individuals with physical disabilities during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Moscow.


The introduction of the Fashion Without Borders initiative aims to increase awareness of individuals with disabilities in the industry.


A model with one leg confidently showcases a sporty outfit that ingeniously incorporates a sling into its design, demonstrating the industry’s commitment to exclusivity and creativity.


Stepping onto the runway, the one-armed male model exudes confidence as he showcases an ensemble that perfectly embodies the prevailing sports luxe trend, capturing the essence of a fashion season that continues to push boundaries and redefine style norms.


Although shades of grey, black, and white dominated, not all designers refrained from incorporating vibrant colors. This is evident as a wheelchair-bound model proudly presents a design by Daria Rumination.


The atmosphere at the show was cheerful, with numerous models enjoying themselves as they strutted down the catwalk.


This attire mirrors the minimalist style that has already made appearances at various international fashion weeks.


A model displays a Daria Razumihina ensemble, featuring a striped monochrome top and a patterned skirt.


A model gracefully strides down the runway in a black dress with an elegantly puffed skirt at the Sabina Gorelik show Without Borders.


A male model accompanies another model who uses a walking stick, both dressed in a loose shift dress with sheer sleeves.

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