The Ultimate Guide to Doggie Behavior Tips and Tricks


That sounds like an informative and helpful article! Understanding dog behavior is key to building a strong bond with our furry companions. From tail wagging to barking and beyond, each behavior tells us something about what our pups are feeling or trying to communicate. Have you learned any surprising or interesting things about dog behavior recently?

Watch Out If You See A Dog Acting Aggressive Like This

Absolutely, it’s like their own canine warning system! When a dog feels threatened or uneasy, they might resort to growling, baring their teeth, and pulling their ears back. It’s their way of saying, “Hey, I’m feeling pretty uncomfortable here.” It’s crucial to respect their signals and give them the space they need to feel safe and secure. Understanding these signs helps us build trust and maintain a positive relationship with our furry friends!

Sure thing! Some dogs growl during play, which is normal, but always check with the owner first to understand the dog’s typical behavior.

What Does It Mean When Dogs Start Howling At The Moon

Sure, when dogs howl, it’s like they’re echoing their wolf ancestors! Some dogs, like Huskies and Hounds, do it more often. Scientists have different ideas about why dogs howl. Some think they’re talking to each other, while others believe they might be reacting to noises around them. It’s a bit of a mystery!

Typically, dogs need a trigger to start howling. This trigger could be a loud sound, such as a train whistle or a high-pitched singer in a song.

What The Classic Puppy Dog Eyes Really Mean

Seeing puppy dog eyes from dogs is super common! People often think it means the dog is sad, so they give treats to cheer them up. But actually, when a dog gives you those eyes, it’s just saying, “I love you and trust you.” It’s their way of showing affection!

It’s okay to give your dog a treat sometimes in this situation. But if you do it too much, your dog might learn to use those eyes whenever they want food.

Waiting For Mom And Dad To Say OK

Often, dogs glance at their owners before chasing a ball or meeting someone. It’s because they know you’re in charge. They want your approval before doing something, so they check in with you first. Once they see you’re okay with it, they happily go off to play or greet others.

Often, dogs glance at their owners before chasing a ball or meeting someone. It’s because they know you’re in charge. They want your approval before doing something, so they check in with you first. Once they see you’re okay with it, they happily go off to play or greet others.

What It Means When Your Dog Squints At You

When a sassy dog squints or blinks at you (not because of the sun), it’s their way of saying they want attention. They’re feeling a bit lonely and want you to play or pay attention to what they’re up to. It’s their signal to stop what you’re doing and give them some love!

If you’ve been away at work all day and return home really late, you might notice your dog giving you those squinty eyes.

Possible Signs Your Dog Is Overheating

When a dog sleeps on their back with legs up, they’re likely comfy. But if they’re on their back with legs crossed, they might be too hot. It’s a way for them to cool down, especially on a really warm day. If you spot this, make sure to get them water quickly!

Even though dogs handle heat better than humans, it’s still risky for them. Avoid leaving your dogs in hot cars or letting them play outside for too long, especially in summer.

Why They’re Panting And Smiling

When you see a dog panting and looking like they’re smiling, they probably are! Dogs can smile, especially when they’re happy and getting attention. It often looks like them sticking their tongue out, watching you, and waiting for more fun. Just keep playing with them and letting them have a good time!

Similar to kids, dogs might not realize when to stop. If your dog is having a blast but you’re concerned they might get too tired, take a moment to give them a break and encourage them to drink water.

Be Wary If A Dog Is Lying Down And Growling

The way the dog is sitting in that picture is quite concerning. This position signals fear and readiness to pounce. When a dog gets low, shows its teeth, and gets in this stance, it’s trying to scare off a threat while also protecting itself and gearing up for a possible attack if necessary.

Avoid approaching a dog that’s lying down and growling like this. Stay at a safe distance and wait for the dog to approach you once they’ve relaxed. It’s best to give them space until they’re more at ease.

A Curious, But Relaxed Look

When a dog stands with an open mouth, ears up, and a relaxed tail, that’s a wonderful sign! It means the dog is curious and not feeling threatened. It’s a neutral, curious state where they’re exploring their surroundings. If approaching a new dog, it’s a good time when they’re in this relaxed and curious posture.

If a stray dog seems friendly and approaches you, it’s a good sign. Take a moment to get comfortable and then start looking around to see if you can locate the dog’s owners.

When They’re Letting That Tongue Hang Loose

It would’ve been cool on American Idol if someone sang the song “Tongues on the Ground.” But hey, our dogs can take the stage! When your dog sits with their tongue out, they’re probably having a blast. It shows they’re hot but also having a good time.

We often say a panting dog is a happy dog. Whether that’s true or not, a panting dog usually ends up tired, then sleepy, and that’s a win for everyone!

What Those Good Rising Barks Mean

Most times, a dog’s bark is scarier than what they’ll actually do. But if you hear a playful tone at the end of their bark, like it goes up, they’re likely in a playful mood! It’s called a rising bark, and dogs use it when they want to play or are having fun. When dogs bark back and forth, they often use these kinds of sounds!

People can copy this rising bark to get some dogs all excited and ready to play! But if you want your pup to relax, it’s important to teach them the right commands for when it’s time to settle down.

What Sleeping Like A Dead Bug Tells Us

When your dog sleeps all sprawled out like a dead bug (also called crazy legs), they’re likely having awesome dreams and feeling super comfy. Dogs protect their tummies when they feel vulnerable. So, when they sleep like this, they’re showing they feel totally safe and relaxed in their surroundings.

We’ve attempted to sleep in that position, but it doesn’t feel as comfy as it seems for dogs. We simply prefer sleeping with our legs on the ground, we suppose.

The Side Sleeper

Just like most people, most dogs prefer to sleep on their sides too. When a dog sleeps on its side, it might seem vulnerable, but they can easily get up fast if needed. It’s not a dangerous position—it usually just means they really needed some rest.

If your dog snoozes in this position, watch out for them running in their dreams. Some dogs do that! Just keep an eye on them and see if they start moving while asleep.

How To Welcome A New Family Member

Bringing a new pet home is a big change for both you and the animal. Make sure the environment is set up for them and keep an eye on them during their first week to ensure they’re settling in comfortably.

If your new puppy starts sleeping in that position we talked about earlier, it means they’re getting comfy in their new home—you’re doing great!

Sleeping On Their Bellies

Puppies often crash into sleep like this after playing. It’s a common sight and oh-so-adorable! When you see them sleeping like this, it means they were really pooped out before dozing off. Just like they say, it’s best to let a sleeping dog be. You wouldn’t want to wake up Superman when you’re not ready for more play!

Many people sleep in a similar way, and it’s understandable why. After a tiring day, there’s nothing quite like letting yourself go and flopping onto your face for some much-needed sleep.

Sleeping Back To Back

Dogs pick their sleeping spots and companions carefully. They need to feel safe to relax and sleep well, just like us! You wouldn’t snuggle up to a stranger to snooze, right? Dogs are similar—they’ll likely sleep with someone from their pack, someone they trust completely.

If your dog naps a lot but avoids sleeping when there are new people around, that’s the reason. Dogs stay alert if they’re not comfortable with unfamiliar people in the house.

Doggie Noses Are Like Fingerprints

Variety certainly spices things up, but in a world full of people, there are bound to be some striking similarities. Yet, when it comes to fingerprints, each person is unique. Interestingly, dogs have their own distinct noseprints, much like our fingerprints. Their noses play a huge role—helping them distinguish one another by scent, making it possibly the most crucial organ for our furry friends!

Check out this adorable photo highlighting the distinct pattern on this chocolate Labrador’s nose! But it seems like he’s not too thrilled about posing for the picture.

Sleeping Patterns Will Change Over Time

Your dog’s routines matter, just like those of any family member. If your partner or one of your kids suddenly began oversleeping, it’d signal something’s amiss. Similarly, if you notice your dog sleeping a lot more than usual, a vet visit might be a smart move to ensure everything’s alright.

Normally, puppies go full throttle playing, snoozing a lot, and sleeping frequently. As dogs age, they tend to sleep less and establish a more regular routine.

The Classic Sploot Means It’s Playtime

Often, when dogs want to play, they show it in different ways. Some fetch their ball and bring it to you. Others sit by the door, whimpering to go out. But some dogs do what’s known as a “sploot.” Corgis, in particular, are known for this move. Splooting is when a dog plops down on its belly, showing vulnerability as it waits for your next move.

This is also among the ways dogs express affection. It might not be the most comfy position, but they’re doing it to get a response from you!

Owners Usually Either Love Or Hate The Rolling Bath

Dogs really enjoy rolling on the ground, even if it means getting dirty. It’s not the dirt they like, but probably the chance to scratch their shoulder blades. If your dog loves this, get ready for more baths! Just make sure they’re dry before going back outside, or it’ll make things messier.

Many dogs tend to roll in goose poop because they enjoy the smell. If you live where there are lots of geese, avoid letting your dog into marshy fields to prevent this behavior.

Taking Toys On Walks

Just like us, dogs form emotional ties to things—whether it’s their owners, a comfy spot on the couch, or their toys! So, if you spot a dog carrying a toy around, don’t be surprised. It’s a totally normal behavior, much like human toddlers carrying their favorite items around!

Watch out, dogs can forget things too. Avoid taking their favorite toy out of the house to prevent losing it.

Service Dogs Are So Important And Incredible

Service dogs serve various vital roles in our society, from aiding the police to assisting individuals with disabilities. It’s crucial to heed the guidance of service dog owners and the instructions on a dog’s vest and patches. These animals undergo specialized training to detect substances like drugs, money, or hazards, and it’s important for us civilians to respect their space and the work they do.

We’ve heard of service dogs trained to detect tiny amounts of gluten in food for people with Celiac disease. Pretty incredible, right?

Careful Your Dog Doesn’t Steal Your Clothes

Similar to how we might get accustomed to a partner’s scent, our dogs become familiar with our smell too. If we’re away for a while, our dogs might snuggle into a pile of our clothes. It helps them feel at ease and connected to us, which can keep them calm while we’re gone.

If your dog frequently displays this behavior, it could indicate separation anxiety. It might be helpful to talk to your vet about it to ensure your pet isn’t experiencing unnecessary stress.

There Are 18 Muscles In A Dog’s Ear

When dogs are puppies, their paws and ears often seem mismatched. These body parts grow gradually, but the dog usually has to grow into them, especially the ears. Surprisingly, a dog’s ear has 18 separate muscles that work together to create those adorable waves and winks we adore!

Just to compare, the human hand operates using 34 muscles. So, it’s quite impressive that a dog needs so much “firepower” just to wiggle its ears. But hey, we’re happy it turned out that way!

Protect Your Dogs While They’re Pooping

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