Here’s What These Celebs Looked Like in Their “Teenage Dirtbag” Phase vs. Now

Here’s What These Celebs Looked Like in Their “Teenage Dirtbag” Phase vs. Now

Wheatus sang “I’m simply a teenage dirtbag, baby” in the year 2000, perfectly summarizing every clumsy and uncomfortable teenager. Despite being popular at the time, the song has gained even more fame recently with its appearance on TikTok. The latest social media trend involves people filming themselves presently and then showing pictures of themselves as teenage dirtbags. Celebrities have also gotten in on the fun, making it even more enjoyable. Below are some celebrities who were undoubtedly teenage dirtbags!

Ashton Kutcher Now

It’s quite astonishing to recall that Ashton Kutcher, one of the most cherished Hollywood actors, has been active in the industry for more than two decades since his career started in 1998.

Unfortunately, he has been in the news lately because of his medical situation. Nevertheless, he has opened up about his battle with a rare disease known as vasculitis. Despite this setback, it is planned for him to come back in the sequel of his initial role – That ’90s Show.

Ashton Kutcher Then

During his teenage years, Ashton was a dedicated theater enthusiast. However, he got himself in some legal trouble when he attempted to steal money from his high school and was found guilty of burglary.


Despite completing 180 hours of community service and being on probation for three years, he still continued his partying habits in college and eventually got evicted from his apartment. However, this situation led him to do modeling jobs for money and eventually landing him the famous role on That ’70s Show.

Miley Cyrus Now

Miley Cyrus has had an eventful and exciting path in both her career and personal life. While her acting projects have not always been consistently successful, her music career has been exceptionally remarkable. Releasing a total of seven studio albums, four EPs, three live albums, and 36 singles, all before turning 30, it’s clear she is a musical powerhouse.

Miley’s romantic experiences have been diverse and inclusive. As a pansexual person, she has dated individuals of various genders throughout the years, believing that she’s capable of loving anyone who accepts her for who she truly is. Despite her amorous affairs with a multitude of people, her most enduring relationship was with actor Liam Hemsworth, which endured for a decade before they parted ways in 2019.

Miley Cyrus Then

Miley’s phase of being a “teenage dirtbag” has gained notoriety over time, largely because she went through this transformation while in the public eye. We watched her evolve from being Billy Ray Cyrus’s music-loving child into becoming the beloved teen icon Hannah Montana.

As Miley’s fame grew, she ventured away from the clean-cut image of a Disney Channel star and started to discover her true identity. This caused her to receive a lot of criticism and negative attention. However, she still managed to maintain her fanbase, even during her most unconventional moments.

Jake Gyllenhaal Now

Although Jake Gyllenhaal’s parents were well-known figures in the industry, he has demonstrated his exceptional talent and versatility as an actor through various performances.

Jake Gyllenhaal has appeared in numerous movies, which include Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain, Zodiac, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Spiderman: Far From Home, and many more. In his personal life, he has been romantically involved with several famous women like Kirsten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon, and Taylor Swift. Currently, he is in a relationship with Jeanne Cadieu, a French model since 2018.

Jake Gyllenhaal Then

Jake’s debut as the protagonist in the movie “Donnie Darko” showcased his talent in portraying an emotionally charged teenager. His acting profession began much before this, with his parents’ contacts in the entertainment sector.

Despite his desire to break out earlier, his parents played a role in preventing it by permitting him to try out for roles but frequently preventing him from taking them after being selected. As a result of their influence, he also engaged in summer employment as a lifeguard and busboy at a nearby restaurant.

Zac Efron Now

Zac Efron has successfully moved on from his Disney days and transitioned from a teenage sensation to a respected actor. He was initially typecast in “bro” movies like Neighbors, Dirty Grandpa, and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, but eventually found a way to establish himself in more demanding roles.

Regrettably, the actor has faced various challenges in the past few years. Along with speculations of undergoing cosmetic procedures, Zac has disclosed recently that he experienced a severe jaw injury in 2021. He is presently living on a private estate in Australia while he recuperates and prepares to resume his work in movies.

Zac Efron Then

Zac, although known for his athletic character in the High School Musical trilogy, actually considered himself somewhat of a nerd. Reportedly, if he received a grade lower than an A, he would become very upset. Zac also had a strong interest in musical theater, taking vocal lessons and appearing in community plays.

He caused disappointment among his young fans when he started dating Vanessa Hudgens in 2007, despite their eventual breakup in 2010. Although he is no longer a teenager, he remains very popular among young female fans.

Kristen Stewart Now

Kristen Stewart has had a tumultuous professional journey, facing criticism and mockery for her lack of facial expressions and being associated with the Twilight Saga for an extended period of time in her early acting days. However, it was only after transitioning from mainstream to more independent films that her true abilities as an actress began to exhibit themselves.

Due to her recent performances, she is now recognized and appreciated for her true abilities. In addition, she has been enjoying a delightful romance with screenwriter Dylan Meyer since 2019 and the couple got engaged at the end of 2021.

Kristen Stewart Then

Kristen was a teenager when she landed the highly coveted role of Bella Swan in Hollywood, which later faced criticism. Her success in this role rapidly transformed the young actress into a popular teen icon, and it undoubtedly had a significant impact on her life.

Catherine Hardwicke, who directed the first movie of the series, described Kristen as a shy and slightly awkward teenager. However, these qualities made her an ideal female protagonist.

Taylor Swift Now

Due to her exceptional abilities and outstanding on-stage acts, Taylor Swift has gained a devoted following, making her one of the most accomplished musicians, particularly among women, in recent times.

She is not just an exceptional musical genius, but she has also greatly impacted numerous young female artists and even entire music genres such as country and pop. Additionally, a new type of millipede was given her name in recognition.

Taylor Swift Then

During her early years, Taylor was not greatly appreciated as an artist as she is now. Several critics regarded her as a ridiculous figure, perhaps because her fan base was primarily young girls during that time.

Frequently, she was criticized for composing songs regarding her former partners, but those nonsensical remarks hold no weight when you become one of the most successful performers in the world before turning 20!

Ryan Gosling Now

Ryan Gosling is undoubtedly among the most sophisticated and captivating male actors in contemporary Hollywood. He smoothly transitions from romantic to comedic roles and from action-packed films to poignant dramas with apparent ease.

He is widely regarded as a beloved romantic hero due to his roles in popular movies such as The Notebook, Crazy, Stupid, Love, and La La Land, which is likely something that his companion of many years, Eva Mendes, is grateful for.

Ryan Gosling Then

Ryan’s confident demeanor as an actor was not innate; he had his fair share of struggles earlier. In his childhood, he was frequently bullied and found academics challenging, which resulted in his mother homeschooling him for a year before he felt ready to reintegrate into a formal educational environment.

During his adolescence, he gained popularity as a child actor, starting with his appearance on The Mickey Mouse Club’s reboot and subsequently featuring in various children’s programs like Goosebumps. Unfortunately, he was removed from MMC as he allegedly had a sizable ego when he was only twelve years old.

Leonardo DiCaprio Now

Leonardo DiCaprio has undeniably had a remarkable professional trajectory up to this point. Despite his early beginnings as a young performer, he is frequently selected to play weighty, heartfelt characters. He has delivered memorable performances in numerous films, such as The Departed, Shutter Island, Inception, The Great Gatsby, The Wolf of Wall Street, and various others.

Despite Leo’s great enthusiasm for his profession, he does not show the same level of enthusiasm when it comes to revealing his personal life. Leo hardly ever consents to interviews and prefers to keep his personal matters confidential. Nevertheless, the media does not refrain from making conjectures about his romantic involvements.

Leonardo DiCaprio Then

During his teenage years, Leo was an undeniable heartthrob. He has disclosed the factors that led him to pursue acting; aside from his distaste for public school, he also had a preference for auditioning and wanted to assist his family financially.

Due to his fantastic portrayal of a moody adolescent and a charming romantic partner in the immensely iconic films Romeo+Juliet and Titanic, he became the subject of infatuation for almost every adolescent girl (and a handful of adult women, as well).

Freddie Prinze Jr. Now

Although Freddie Prinze Jr.’s acting career has decreased in momentum over the past ten years, his devoted fans still hold him in high regard due to his earlier performances in the 90s as well as his portrayal of iconic characters in more recent times.

He is particularly renowned for playing the character of Fred Jones in the Scooby-Doo films along with his spouse, Sarah Michelle Gellar. In addition to working together on movies, they also have two children. Freddie is also deeply passionate about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Freddie Prinze Jr. Then

According to reports, Freddie’s strong interest in acting was significantly impacted during his time in high school. It is said that Neil Patrick Harris made a visit to the school to encourage students to pursue acting, and it had a positive impact on Freddie as he became more passionate about it.

Naturally, he gained his major opportunity through starring in popular movies for teenagers, specifically the first and second installments of “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. In 1999, he reached a high level of popularity among teenagers with “She’s All That”, where he proved his ability to portray romantic characters.

Kylie Jenner Now

Kylie Jenner is undoubtedly among the most prominent celebrities globally. As of 2022, she has 455 million followers on Instagram, which makes her the most followed female on the platform, coming second only to Cristiano Ronaldo.

She has achieved remarkable success in business, owning a cosmetics company, and running multiple successful fashion lines. Despite being involved in multiple controversies, she has managed to maintain her position as a noteworthy media personality and a dedicated mother.

Kylie Jenner Then

Kylie’s adolescence was extensively documented on the show, as she grew up in front of the cameras due to the immense popularity of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, thereby capturing most of her teenage awkward moments.

The reason why her lip injections gained a lot of attention after she reached 18 years old is also why. She disclosed afterward, after several years, that a boy’s remark about her lips being too small made her feel insecure and led her to decide to have the procedure.

Chris Evens Now

Chris Evans has indisputably emerged as one of the foremost and most successful actors in the Hollywood film industry over the past ten years. This accomplishment can be directly linked to his transformative portrayal of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fortunately, he has contributed significantly to many other movies that illustrate his outstanding skills and adaptability besides portraying the First Avenger. His excellent ability to perform comedy and drama is particularly notable – you can easily witness it by watching movies such as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World or Knives Out.

Chris Evens Then

Despite his silly acting beginnings, Chris takes pride in them. Although the critics gave the wild parody of Not Another Teen Movie thumbs down, Chris has no problems with it. On the contrary, he found it amusing and entertaining.

During an interview, he mentioned, “When I participated in the film, I was extremely excited, and I didn’t stop to consider that it might have been a form of artistic concession.” This way of thinking appeared to remain with him during the unsuccessful release of the Fantastic Four film.

Paris Hilton Now

For the past two decades, Paris Hilton’s celebrity trajectory has been one of the most captivating. Despite being initially viewed as a frivolous blonde model and socialite, she has since established herself as a successful business magnate, proving to be a determined and accomplished entrepreneur.

She’s not just an actress, vocalist, and writer with published work, she’s also skilled in social media and a strong leader when it comes to her numerous business endeavors. Although people used to think she gained fame without merit, she has now demonstrated her exceptional abilities and become a formidable presence to be acknowledged.

Paris Hilton Then

Paris made a mark in the celebrity world well before the Kardashians, showcasing her vibrant “party girl” persona. She can be considered as the pioneer influencer, introducing various trends that were religiously followed by almost every teenage girl back then.

She earned the reputation of being a popular trendy figure but also attracted numerous scandals and disputes, comprising the leaked 2001 tape and frequent involvement with legal issues.

Aaron Paul Now

One cannot mention Aaron Paul without acknowledging his crucial role in one of the most impactful and adored TV series from the past 20 years. Although he gained recognition from his acting in HBO’s Big Love, Breaking Bad was his true breakthrough moment.

After the last episode of Breaking Bad, he and his co-star Bryan Cranston got tattoos as a symbol of their friendship. They continue to maintain a strong bond and collaborate in various ventures, displaying their dedication to each other.

Aaron Paul Then

Aaron’s passion for acting began at a young age after getting involved in local theater productions. He appeared disinterested with the rest of his schooling and upon graduation, he used all of his savings to embark on a trip with his mother to LA.

Even though Aaron in real life is different from Jesse Pinkman, they both seem to have been influenced by the unfashionable teen style of the early 2000s known as the “dirtbag” era.

Joe Jonas Now

Joe Jonas seems to be primarily focused on his lovely family these days. He has been in a romantic relationship with Sophie Turner since 2016, who is now his spouse. The couple got married in 2019 and welcomed their first child in 2020.

In the summer of 2022, they joyfully welcomed a second daughter. As for his career, he is occupied with the comeback of the Jonas Brothers and also getting back to acting with his involvement in the movie called Devotion.

Joe Jonas Then

Joe gained popularity during his teenage years as a member of the Jonas Brothers, a band formed with his siblings Kevin and Nick. Along with the success of their music, he also made appearances on the Disney Channel.

As a result, the brothers got the opportunity to feature in the Disney Channel’s Camp Rock movie along with Demi Lovato. Although the film may appear tacky in retrospect, its popularity upon its debut cannot be denied.

Ariana Grande Now

Ariana Grande’s exceptional voice has been hard to miss for anyone who has tuned into the radio in recent years. Her distinctive style and impressive ability to reach high and low notes across four octaves have propelled her to the forefront of the music scene. She commands respect as a formidable talent in the industry.

As an artist and a social media personality, she wields significant influence. She has also achieved an impressive feat of breaking over 22 Guinness World Records with some of the most well-known songs in history.

Ariana Grande Then

At the young age of 15, Ariana achieved her debut Broadway role, however, she gained significant recognition as the charming and naive character Cat Valentine in the popular shows Victorious and Sam & Cat on Nickelodeon.

Due to the strain of constantly dying her hair red for the show, her own hair suffered severe damage. As a result, the producers had to turn to wigs to maintain her character’s signature look. Recently, her appearance on Sam & Cat garnered media attention after her ex-co-star’s memoir was released.

Ryan Reynolds Now

Given that Ryan Reynolds’ early success was largely attributed to his work in comedy films (particularly Van Wilder), it’s quite understandable that he has since become the reigning star of humorous and outrageous movies. However, what some may not be aware of is that his most memorable role actually predates his portrayal of Deadpool.

Wade Wilson/Weapon XI is featured in multiple scenes in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but his character’s mouth is sewn shut in the movie. Unfortunately, it took several years of effort before he was granted permission to create Deadpool and give it the proper treatment it deserved.

Ryan Reynolds Then

Even though he is currently big now, it may seem unbelievable that Ryan’s career originated from a teen soap opera, Hillside, on Nickelodeon. The show was broadcasted for three years in the early 90s, with Ryan’s character being Billy Simpson. This series is also known as Fifteen in the United States.

Ryan found that the celebrity lifestyle as a teenage star didn’t suit him well, leading him to decide to retire from acting once the show ended in the 2000s. Instead, he worked in both a warehouse and a restaurant as an alternative profession for a period of time.

Christina Aguilera Now

Christina Aguilera is widely regarded as one of the most remarkable singers of the last 20 years in terms of her vocal abilities, often being compared to legendary vocalists such as Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. She has achieved many popular songs and is a triple threat as she is an exceptional vocalist, dancer, and actress.

Over the years, she has faced a significant amount of criticism, particularly directed towards her dress sense, which is known for being extravagant and revealing. In reply to these accusations, she explained that people expect her to be a role model just because of her image, but she believes that perfection is unattainable for anyone, including herself.

Christina Aguilera Then

Christina’s career began at a young age when she emerged victorious in her initial talent competition at eight years old. Her steadfast ambition drove her towards success. Unfortunately, although she sought to release a soulful debut album, she ultimately had to settle for “bubblegum pop.”

The primary reason for this is the enormous fame of Britney Spears in the genre of pop music. As a matter of fact, Christina faced difficulties in the beginning of her career and even later due to the constant comparison with Britney. Britney even competed with Christina for a spot in The Mickey Mouse Club and won the position two years prior.

Gwen Stefani Now

If you were raised during the late 1980s and 1990s, it is likely that you were exposed to the great fame of No Doubt, an American rock band, and their brilliant frontwoman Gwen Stefani. She has also achieved extraordinary success as a solo artist.

She introduced her own line of beauty products under the name GXVE Beauty in the year 2022. Additionally, she tied the knot with Blake Shelton, who is also a musician, and has worked together with him on multiple music and other ventures. She is a proud parent of three children.

Gwen Stefani Then

It’s actually all thanks to her brother, Eric, that Gwen became the icon she is, as he is the one who introduced her to what was then a ska band, No Doubt. He played the keyboards there before leaving for a career in animation.

Gwen cited Blondie singer Debbie Harry as a massive influence on how a female rock star should be. Certainly, no one can argue with the massive success that the band found once they changed directions from ska to songs like “Don’t Speak.”

Cole Sprouse Now

Cole Sprouse has had an interesting post-child star career so far. Despite his interest in acting, he chose to go to college and majored in Geographic Information Systems in Archaeology. Once he finished his degree, he returned to the screen.

Thanks to his role as Jughead Jones in Riverdale, his transition into more adult acting has been pretty successful. He has also managed to leverage himself as a romantic teen lead with movies like Five Feet Apart and Moonshot.

Cole Sprouse Then

Cole had an immensely successful child star career alongside his twin brother, Dylan. In fact, they started acting at the very young age of eight months! As young children, two of their most famous roles were in Big Daddy and as Ross’ son, Ben, in Friends.

But, of course, it was his work on the Disney Channel as Cody Martin that made him a household name (at least, in houses with children). Possibly thanks to the Disney Channel’s extremely strict code of conduct for young stars, Cole has always been considered pretty wholesome.

Hilary Duff Now

Hilary Duff has basically done everything. She’s a recording artist with several successful albums out, she’s acted in many movies and TV shows, and she’s even a published author — having written a young adult trilogy alongside Elise Allen.

She’s currently starring and producing the spinoff series to the beloved How I Met Your Mother, called How I Met Your Father. She’s also a mother herself, raising her three children alongside her husband, Matthew Koma.

Hilary Duff Then

Though many might remember her from her generation-defining role as Lizzie McGuire in the Disney Channel show by the same name, her career began several years before that with many commercial roles and several acting gigs.

Thanks to her teenage fanbase, Hilary’s public image remained fairly childish for a long time (while acts like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were marketed to more “mature” fans). She still made the transition into more adult content, but with a lot less controversy surrounding that change.

Lindsay Lohan Now

After years of struggles, Lindsay Lohan is actually now back in the public eye as she returns to acting. In 2021, she signed with Netflix to act in several movies, including a Christmas film that should be coming out at the end of 2022.

She has returned to music as well, coming out with a new single after 12 years in 2021 called “Back to Me.” She’s also now apparently happily married to her long-time partner, Bader Shammas. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store for the future.

Lindsay Lohan Then

Lindsay Lohan’s wild years certainly earn her the “teenage dirtbag” title, and not just in looks. Starting off as a child star, she became a true teen idol thanks to the massive popularity of the cult film, Mean Girls.

Unfortunately, the added pressure of her fame and the subsequent paparazzi attention made Lindsey slowly turn to illicit substances and problematic behaviors. As her career progressed, she became more and more known as a wild star. It has taken years for her to rebuild her brand and her career from those troubles.

Jared Leto Now

Jared Leto is an incredibly versatile actor and he is often described as disappearing into his characters. Many credit this to his method acting, which has actually come under fire in recent years for apparently making him difficult to work with.

His recent roles in the ever-expanding superhero genre (Morbius and the Joker) have also been heavily criticized for their poor quality and over-the-top acting. Still, he’s regarded as extremely talented.

Jared Leto Then

Jared’s early life wasn’t easy, as his parents underwent a difficult divorce, and his father passed when Jared was eight. His mom later lived a fairly hippie lifestyle, encouraging her sons to go into the arts.

Jared and his brother Shannon took that to heart and played together, later forming the beloved band, 30 Seconds to Mars. On the topic of his adolescence, the star has said, “There wasn’t a clear line that was drawn. We celebrated creative experience and creative expression. We didn’t try and curtail it and stunt any of that kind of growth.”

While it’s true that many women are still underrepresented in the field of meteorology these women have the talent to have risen to the forefront, and present us with the weather in a way that we wouldn’t want to miss.

Elita Loresca from Houston, Texas

Although Elita Loresca is likely familiar to anyone tuning into the news from Houston, Texas, Loresca actually got her start working as a news associate for the well known KCBS in Los Angeles. Since then she has gone on to report on some of the biggest hurricanes in modern history.

Jackie Guerrida from Miami, Florida

Jackie Guerrida is the epitome of working hard and hustling in order to get ahead. Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Guerrida moved to the city of Miami, Florida in order to get her start in journalism. Her first job was at WRMA, but before long this Puerto Rican native was given her own music show on the radio station WRTO while simultaneously working as a traffic reporter for WSCV. Currently, Guerrida is working as the co-anchor of Primer Impacto.

Leticia Castro from Las Vegas

Although Leticia Castro was born in California, this talented weather reporter would much more likely consider Las Vegas to be her home. Growing up there Castro competed in beauty pageant competitions throughout both Nevada and Mexico, where she made a name for herself as an on stage presence and fierce competitor. That drive to succeed seems to have stuck with her. Currently Castro is working as a television host, weather anchor, and she even has her own popular YouTube channel.

Mayte Carranco from Monterrey, Mexico

Mayte Carranco had always dreamed about being on stage or in front of the cameras, even from a young age. While growing up in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Carranco began to pursue her passion of entertaining the masses with her music by first becoming noticed in local beauty pageants. That work paid off, Carranco early on learned how to maintain a good stage presence. Combined with her skill on television, Carranco was awarded the Miss Televisa Moneterrey title in 2009.

Ximena Cordeba Originally from Colombia

Ximena Cordeba is a multi-talented weather reporter, who has become a favorite for networks as wide reaching and popular as Fox. But it was not an easy road for this gifted woman to reach the heights where she currently sits. Originally from Colombia, Cordeba used her formidable talent on screen to star in numerous telenovelas, earning for herself a decently sized fan base. Afterwards she moved to America, working on such prestigious networks like TNT, Fox Deportes, and Fox Sports.

Bri Winkler from Amarillo, Texas

Bri Winkler is one of the youngest on this list of weather girls, representing the millennial generation, having been born in October of 1988. Initially beginning her career in Amarillo, Texas, Winkler worked for the NBC affiliate company KAMR-TV, launching what would quickly become a successful career. Things were looking up for Winkler when she landed a job at ABC as one of their meteorologists for Eyewitness News. However the 24 year old suffered a stroke, which she recovered from.

Indra Petersons Currently on CNN

Originally from Latvia, Indra Petersons made a name for herself by managing to work harder than anyone around her. For starters, Petersons studied at the University of Arizona, earning a degree in Atmospheric Physics in addition to getting not one but three minor degrees in business, math, and physics. Petersons started her career working in El Paso, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles before being hired as the weather anchor for two major shows, CNN’s New Day and the CNN Newsroom.

Alex Wilson- The Weather Channel

Like many other women on this list, Alex Wilson was able to stand out from the crowd with her exceptional academic career. Originally attending Syracuse University, Wilson graduated with a degree in both Broadcast Journalism and Marketing before moving on to study at the prestigious Penn State University. Having finished her studies in meteorology, she then moved to South Carolina and later West Virginia before beginning to work on the Weather Channel in March 2013 reporting next to David Shwartz.

Sian Welby from the UK

Audiences in North America might not have heard of her, but on the other side of the pond Sian Welby is one of the most well known names in weather forecasting. Using a combination of charm and that famous wit, Welby delivers subtle yet hilarious puns to her viewers based on the theme of that day’s weather report. She is so popular, that after a successful career on some of Britain’s most popular channels she started her own radio show.

Kate Parker, Reporter and Activist

Kate Parker is more than just a successful meteorologist, she uses her wide reach and popularity earned through years of hard work and dedication to speak up about the issues that matter to her most. Parker earned a spot on some of the most successful morning shows such as Good Morning America, and even managed to secure a spot on The Weather Channel. In 2016 she ended up leaving though, determined to pursue her own projects advocating for the environment.

Maria Timmer from Fox News

Maria Timmer has been delivering arguably some of our nation’s finest weather reporting on Fox News since 2010. Her ability in front of the camera stems from both her experiences growing up and her hard work and dedication to her craft. Growing up in South Florida, Timmer was no stranger when it came to experiencing the terrors of hurricanes. She first went to college to get her degree in meteorology and even went to Central Michigan University for her Ph.D.

Llarisa Abreu Working at AccuWeather

Working at one of the most reliable and well-known weather broadcasting channels, AccuWeather, Llarisa Abreu is experienced in delivering daily weather forecasts for both an English and Spanish speaking audience. Her position at AccuWeather didn’t appear out of thin air though, Abreu has worked in other prestigious weather reporting news stations such as NBC News, Latino Vision TV, and Univision. For Abreu, her desire to succeed in weather broadcasting came from her belief in the significance of advanced weather notices.

Reagan Medgie Working at FOX5

Reagan Medgie seemed to know from the beginning that she was going to be a great weather broadcaster. When she was a student at Temple University, she began broadcasting at the university’s station, the Temple Update. Afterwards she began working at the local Pennsylvania news stations before moving to NBC’s affiliate channel in New York, WETM. While in New York Medgie began working for The Weather Channel, advancing on to WCBS before landing a very wide reaching job at FOX5.

Jennifer Delgado – The Weather Channel

When some of the worst natural disasters have hit the nation there’s always seemed to be one woman who everyone knows they can tune into see. That woman is none other than Jennifer Delgado, whose career has taken her from the deadly typhoons of the Pacific Ocean to 2012’s devastating Hurricane Sandy. She began her career as the noon meteorologist at WTVR-TV when, after two years, she moved on CNN to work for both their famous international and domestic channels.

Shay Ryan from Tampa, Florida

Like many drawn to the cause of accurately predicting the weather, Shay Ryan grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a place known for its infamous hurricanes, and as such was drawn to meteorology. She attended the University of Florida where she graduated with a degree in Telecommunication before going to Mississippi State University to get her Master’s degree in Geoscience. Ryan then took her wealth of knowledge back to Florida, where she began working at WFTS-TV covering the Tampa area.

Lauren Sanchez from Los Angeles

Growing up in New Mexico, Lauren Sanchez decided to move to where many choose to go to make it big in television, Los Angeles. But Lauren didn’t go for the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood stage light, rather she went to make a difference in the world of meteorology. She first attended the prestigious University of Southern California before working her way to KCOP-TV. Sanchez later on ended up working for Fox Sports Net, KTTV Fox-11 and The View.

Vera Jimenez Won Multiple Awards

While originally from Mexico City, Mexico, Vera Jimenez moved with her family to California at the age of three. She took advantage of all the great opportunities of her new home, working hard in school and attending University in the California State University system. She then went to expand her knowledge at Mississippi State University, an investment that paid off later on. Her hard work and knowledge earned her two Emmy Awards, three Golden Mikes, and three Golden Pylon Awards.

Lissette Gonzales from South Florida

Lissette Gonzales is an incredible combination of brains and beauty. Not only did she receive her degree in meteorology from Mississippi State University, but she was also an incredibly successful pageant contestant. Not only was she Miss Miami and Miss Florida, but Gonzales was also the runner up at the prestigious Miss America Contest with experience as a recording artist, actress, and hostess. She has worked for stations like CBS4 News in Miami along with Los Angeles’ KTLA Prime News.

Robin Meade Works on CNN

From the fields of Ohio, Robin Meade rose through the ranks to work in many of the biggest cities in the United States such as Miami and Chicago. While still in Ohio, Meade represented her state after winning the title of Miss Ohio. Her talent went beyond pageants though, she is also an accomplished country music artist who likely could’ve done anything. After graduating from Ashland University Meade began working with HLN with her first day being September 11, 2001.

Dylan Dreyer Works on MSNBC

When she was on NBC, Dylan Dreyer was considered the station’s most reliable meteorologist for NBC News. On a network as big as NBC this is no small feat, and what’s more impressive is how Dreyer began her career at some of the smallest stations before making her way up to national and international networks. Today, the far reacher Dreyer can be spotted on stations like MSNBC, the Orange Room on Weekend Today, The Weather Channel, and NBC Nightly News.

Evelyn Taft from Los Angeles

While most weather forecasters on this list are capable of delivering the weather report in one language, with a few being capable in two, Evelyn Taft is fluent in four languages adding her to the elite group of smart people known as polyglots. Although she was born in San Francisco, Taft could potentially give a weather forecast to those who speak English, Russian, Hebrew, and French. Taft has since moved to Los Angeles, working at KCAL station as an anchor.

Susana Almeida from Guadalajara, Mexico

Originating from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Susana Almeida has been taking her job in stride since 2016 when she gained some unfortunate international attention for all the wrong reasons. A video went viral showing Almeida when, during a live weather report, a wardrobe malfunction that went unnoticed. There’s no doubt that Almeida didn’t want this sort of attention, and while it may have broken others, Almeida took it perfectly in stride and continued to report the weather the next day.

Naile Lopez from Monterrey, Mexico

Shortly after her graduation from high school, future weather forecaster Naile Lopez decided to capitalize on her appearance and become a model. After going between Monterrey, Mexico City, and Miami for various shoots Lopez decided that the time had arrived for her to pick a different career. Being comfortable in front of the camera, Lopez applied for a weather anchor job for the Los Noticias Televisa company in Monterrey where she was accepted. She also began working as an actress.

Sabrina Fein from San Diego

Sabrina Fein was born in San Diego, California but, after growing up there, decided to trade one sun speckled state for another and moved to Miami, Florida. There, she attended the University of Miami where she majored in Meteorology and Climatology, a decision she made after having witnessed first hand the devastation of Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Immediately after graduating, Fein was offered her first broadcasting job in Springfield, Missouri before eventually returning back to her hometown of San Diego.

Sheena Parveen from Washington D.C.

Originally from India, Sheena Parveen moved to the United States where she would become a successful weather forecaster and meteorologist. Like many others, Parveen studied meteorology at Florida State University before graduating with her Bachelor’s and moving to Tallahassee to work at WCTV. After working for several years in Florida, Parveen took her next step and moved to Philadelphia, where she served as a forecaster at NBC 10. Finally, Parveen took her biggest career step, NBC 4 in Washington D.C.

Megan Glaros from Chicago, Illinois

Megan Glaros took her first steps into the world of journalism while living in Indiana, attending Indiana University and getting a degree in atmospheric sciences and journalism. After she graduated in 2004, Glaros moved to South Florida where she began working at the Local 10 morning news station as their meteorologist and SportsJam Live host. Florida was a major turning point in Glaros’ career, while there she covered Hurricanes, Katrina, Rita, and Wilma opening the door for many other opportunities.

Jackie Johnson from Los Angeles

For Jackie Johnson, reporting the weather started out as a weekend job. While living in Tallahassee, Florida, Johnson was a weekend weather anchor for WCTV-TV there. She gained valuable experience though just from these weekend appearances, experience that helped her greatly after she moved to Miami, Florida where she continued to report both the weather and the news. Currently, Johnson is a weather forecaster in Los Angeles, California, appearing on KCBS-TV at the primetime hours of 5, 6, and 11.

Gabriela Grechi an Italian Anchor

Presenting for the first time on this list, we have an Italian news anchor who brings a little Mediterranean heat. Or knows how to predict it. Gabriela Grechi is so beloved by her fellow Italian countrymen that, not only does she report the news and the weather, she is also often seen in Italian acting roles for various television series. In fact Grechi is a woman of many talents, she has appeared on TV commercials, sports programs, and chat shows.

Yanet Garcia from Monterrey, Mexico

We’ve heard that for those who haven’t tried the whole young and successful thing should probably consider giving it a try. Yanet Garcia certainly did, and it has more than worked out for her. In addition to being a weather reporter on the Televisa Monterrey News, Garcia is also a popular Instagram influencer with over 5 million followers on the popular social media site. Additionally, Garcia is also an entrepreneur, and has her own modeling academy called Yanet Garcia Models.

Sonya Hill Reporting from Texas

Born and raised in Texas, Sonya Hill isn’t ashamed to appear in front of the camera and make herself vulnerable to the judgement of her audience. That confidence stems from her competitive modeling she did while she was younger, during which she made it to the top 10 of the Swimsuit USA International competition. She first made the switch to meteorology by working for three years at KRIS Communications before working at KZTV Action 10 News in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Maria Quiban from Los Angeles

Originally from the Philippines, Maria Quiban moved east along the Pacific Ocean to Honolulu, Hawaii with her family at age nine. While there, Quiban developed an interest in weather and meteorology and decided to attend the University of Hawaii where she began studying journalism. After getting her degree, Quiban decided to stay local and began working at the NBC affiliate KHNL in Honolulu. But the call of the mainland was too strong before long Quiban moved east to Los Angeles.

Chita Craft from Houston, Texas

Chita Craft brings much of her midwestern charm and class to early morning news coverage. Born in Knoxville, Tennessee Craft went west to Arizona State University and then saw more of the country after completing her degree at Mississippi State University. It seems as though Craft couldn’t pick which part of the country was her favorite, after Mississippi she moved to Redding, California, where she stood out by winning Best Media Personality two years straight before settling in Houston, Texas.

Erin Nicole from Detroit, Michigan

Growing up in Birmingham, Michigan, Erin Nicole attended Mercy High School before graduating and setting her sights on the big apple itself. By big apple we of course mean New York City, where Nicole moved to pursue her dream of having a career in broadcast and entertainment. By 2002 she had already secured a job as a reporter for UPN and CBS, although it did require her to move to Detroit. There she worked as the Detroit Pistons arena hostess.

Cristina Blackwell the Bilingual Broadcaster

Born in San Antonia, Cristina Blackwell got a dual national and cultural upbringing by her Mexican mother and Alabama native father. She and her family were constantly on the move, requiring that Blackwell constantly switch schools. As a result, Blackwell reflected that she was often the victim of bullying, an experience she said that helped her become who she is today. Today she gives reports in two languages, both English and Spanish, for Univision Network and Ken-TV 5 Eyewitness News.

Magda Palimariu from Bucharest, Romania

Magda Palimariu is a small town girl who grew up to become an internationally recognized model and weather reporter. Originally from a small town in Transylvania called Sibiu, she left to pursue her Master’s degree in journalism. After obtaining her dream degree Palimariu moved to Bucharest to pursue her career. She currently is still in Bucharest, where her reporting has also transformed into a lucrative modeling career, landing her in well known international magazines like Pro TV Magazine and Playboy.

Angie Gonzalez Mexico’s Youngest Reporter

To the untrained eye, it seems as though Angie Gonzalez was born to be a weather presenter. In all honesty, how many people get selected to be a weather presenter when they’re too young to legally work? That’s exactly what happened to Gonzalez. She had already been preselected at a young age to be Multimedia’s youngest presenter but she had to wait until she was old enough to work. During that time, Gonzalez hit the books, learning everything she could.

Sugey Abrego a Mexican Star

Say the name Sugey Abrego while in Mexico and it is more than likely that the locals there will recognise that name immediately. Abrego has been a staple to Mexican news television since 1978, presenting on the channel, Canal 4. Before becoming a weather reporter Abrego was studying to become an actress, and appeared on numerous telenovelas in addition to her work in the theater. On top of all that, Abrego has been featured in magazines like Playboy and Maxim.

Christina Loren from Nashville, Tennessee

Christina Loren has been working as both a news anchor and agricultural meteorologist since 2015. Before that she worked at numerous stations throughout the United States. These include postings on both coasts, one in Miami, Florida, and another in San Francisco, California, the second of it being closer to the place where she grew up, Palm Springs, California. She’s since left the sunny beachside of the United States and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where she’s since been working at RFD-TV.

Kristi Marie Capel from Missouri

Growing up Kristi Marie Capel took athleticism seriously. As a teenager she participated in as many school sports as she could and still enjoys running as a workout and hobby. After high school she began participating in beauty pageants and even won Miss Missouri even though she was originally from Kentucky. She participated in the very competitive Miss America before making the move to news and weather anchor at KSPR-TV in Springfield. Since then she’s become an anchor at WBRE-TV.

Patricia Jaggernauth from Toronto, Canada

Patricia Jaggernauth is one of the biggest award winners on this list. Although she is a weather reporter and remote broadcaster for CP24, Toronto’s Breaking News she is also the winner of several prestigious Canadian television awards and even an Emmy. Her success on television has dubbed her with the moniker as being the “Next Tyra Banks,” after she started a very successful online fashion boutique called the PJ Glamgirl. She also has her own talk show called Patricia J.

Roxana Vancea from Romanian Broadcasting

Roxana Vancea doesn’t just keep her audience’s attention by simply stating the weather, this Romanian weather reporter has her own signature style which keeps all eyes on her. While presenting the weather Vancea is known to spice up the news by doing jumping jacks and dancing while live on air. She is also an avid workout enthusiast, posting her workouts on Instagram to the benefit of her more than 370,000 followers making her yet another very high rated fitness influencer.

Liberte Chan Does a Lot

It’s hard to say from where Liberte Chan is more well known, her work as a weather reporter or her prior career as a nationally ranked competitive figure skater. That’s right, Liberte Chan is one of those women who seems as though she can do it all. Not only an athlete and reporter, Chan is also book smart as well, having gotten her Master’s degree in public health. She also has her own blog, writing about both fashion and beauty.

Alejandra Medina Model and Influencer

Alejandra Medina has success both on the small screen and through her popular Instagram account where she is unquestionably a fitness influencer. Her Instagram videos and photos are followed by her many fans who are impressed by her skills and talent doing the popular workout activity, CrossFit. When she isn’t impressing the world with her CrossFit workouts, she’s the weather reporter for TV Azteca, in addition to being a beauty queen and a model in her home country of Mexico.

Diana Alvarado from Juarez, Mexico

Another beauty queen turned weather reporter, Diana Alvarado was the former Miss America Internacional, a beauty competition which was put in place to highlight the natural beauty and culture of Latina women. Being a winner of a competition like that means beating out fierce competition, something that Alvarado doesn’t shy away from. Her talent on stage and in front of the camera has also resulted into her pursuing a career as a motivational speaker, a weather reporter, and life coach.

Lluvia Carrillo from Monterrey, Mexico

For Lluvia Carrillo, much of her life has been involved in sports. Before becoming a professional weather reporter, Carrillo got her start in journalism as a hostess for Televisa Deportes, a popular sports program among the Spanish speaking community. Since then she has moved her work over to Televisa Moneterrey, becoming the weather reporter for that program. Her involvement with the sporting world hasn’t totally ended, she’s currently dating soccer player Javier Aquino, a player for the Mexican national team.

Araksya Karapetyan from Los Angeles

Much like the Kardashian family, Araksya Karapetyan came from Armenia and moved to the United States where she got a successful career on television. Unlike the Kardashians though, Karapetyan is famous for her weather reporting as opposed to the many, um, projects that the Kardashians often get up to. Raised in Palos Verdes, California, Karapetyan studied international relations and broadcast journalism at Syracuse University before moving to Los Angeles, California where she is currently working on the broadcasting channel KTTV.

Julia Durda from Sacramento, California

A California native, Julia Durda spent her childhood in Sacramento, the state’s capitol, before moving to Mississippi where she studied at Mississippi State University. After getting her degree Durda moved back to Sacramento, California where she worked for KXTV. But Durda isn’t just another California reporter, she has worked throughout the country, going everywhere from Phoenix, Arizona working at KPHO, Miami, Florida’s WSVN and WPLG, along with major national syndicates like the popular Good Morning America and ABC’s World News.

Domenica Davis from NBC News

While popular as a reporter in the United States, Domenica Davis was originally from Italy before moving to the United States to try and live the American dream. She applied for and was accepted to Boston University, graduating with a degree in Broadcast Journalism before deciding to go back one again for her Master’s. Since then Davis has gone on to work for major broadcasting networks. These include the likes of Fox News and NBC News, where she currently works.

Janice Villagran from Guadalajara, Mexico

Janice Villagran has citizenship for both the United States and Mexico. Even though she could legally work in both countries, Villagran decided to stay in Mexico, primarily Guadalajara, where she was born and raised. While studying in college she leveraged her communications degree for a job on a television show on Estrella TV. There she primarily reports on the weather for the week but also is often seen presenting for other shows on television along with other live TV events.

Marilu Kaufman from Monterrey, Mexico

Also from Mexico, Marilu Kaufman was born and raised in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Kaufman began her career for a local broadcasting network but quickly transformed herself into a Mexican household name. This was done, not only with her broadcasting talent which she showcased on Multimedios Television and on Milenio TV, but also by working as a model on the side. Through that she appeared in television commercials, billboards, and even popular music videos. She also has 50,000 Instagram followers.

Carolina Ramirez, Originally from Colombia

Originally from Colombia, Carolina Ramirez had her start competing in beauty pageants and on reality shows where she was seen winning over both the judges and the audiences. There was probably no doubt in Univisions’ minds, after they hired her, that they were going to attract a lot more viewers by putting Ramirez front and center. They weren’t wrong, since appearing on their program Ramirez has acquired a massive fan base which have translated into more than 50,000 Instagram followers.

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