15 Cat Owners Share the Household Rules Set by Their Pet Companions


Discover the intriguing world of feline influence as 15 cat owners reveal the household rules dictated by their furry companions. From adorable quirks to unexpected demands, these cat rulers have left their paw prints all over their humans’ lives. Join us as we explore the amusing and endearing ways in which these feline monarchs have shaped their households, leaving their owners both amused and obedient. Get ready for a glimpse into the delightful realm of cat-imposed rules and the comical anecdotes that come with them.

Now pet me

As the clock strikes 10 pm, a heartwarming ritual unfolds in the household—a dedicated cat cuddle time. The old tom cat, with his endearing dog-like behaviour and haunting eyes reflecting a troubled past, becomes the centre of attention, bestowing his trust and affection upon the one person he deems worthy of his touch. It’s a touching reminder of the healing power of love and patience, as this feline companion finds solace and comfort in the embrace of a caring human, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts and creating a bond that transcends the boundaries of species.

Breathe is my problem

In the peculiar realm of feline affection, their unwavering desire is to be as close to our faces as possible, even if it means sitting on them. Our comfort takes a backseat as they seek the warmth and intimacy of our presence, blissfully ignorant of any inconvenience caused to our breathing. It’s a comical yet endearing reminder of the unique bond we share with our feline friends, where their need for proximity outweighs any minor discomfort we may experience, leaving us to cherish the joyous moments of cuddles and closeness.

Leave the door open

In the bustling household shared with three cats and a dog, the concept of privacy in the toilet becomes a whimsical notion. The constant presence of our furry companions renders the act of closing the door irrelevant, as they curiously explore and accompany us through every aspect of daily life, embracing a level of togetherness that surpasses the need for personal boundaries. It’s a lighthearted testament to the joyful chaos that comes with sharing our lives with beloved pets who have an uncanny ability to dissolve the notion of privacy with their endearing presence.


Bed making 

In the delightful routine of making the bed, an inevitable visitor joins the process—the ever-helpful cat. Their assistance, though unconventional, involves an obligatory leap onto the freshly arranged sheets, ensuring that at least one feline presence is acknowledged in this daily task. It’s a charming reminder of the unique bond between humans and their feline companions, even in the simplest of household chores, where cats find a way to make their presence known with playful and endearing antics.

The bowl is effectively empty

In the whimsical world of feline dining preferences, a face-sized hole at the center of the food bowl signifies emptiness, regardless of the actual quantity of food present. Our discerning feline companions possess an unwritten rule that only a fully stocked bowl, free from voids, is deemed worthy of their culinary satisfaction. It is a peculiar yet endearing quirk that reminds us of the intricate standards and peculiar preferences our cats hold when it comes to their nourishment.

my poop box

In the fascinating world of feline bathroom etiquette, any alteration to the litter box must be met with swift action. The moment a human intervenes, our vigilant feline friends take it upon themselves to promptly reassert ownership by christening it once again. It serves as a humorous reminder that in the realm of cats, even the slightest disturbance to their private domain demands an immediate response to preserve their unique sense of territory.

 sleep position will not be tolerated

In the intricate realm of feline slumber, an unspoken decree emerges—once a sleep position is claimed, it must remain undisturbed. This cat-owner learned the hard way when, in a drowsy state, an unintentional roll caused their feline companion to be launched off the bed. It serves as a comical reminder of the delicate balance between human comfort and respecting the sanctity of a cat’s chosen sleeping spot, a lesson that can only be acquired through amusing, if not slightly abrupt, experiences.

Don’t touch

Within the enigmatic realm of feline boundaries, a peculiar rule emerges—permission to touch, yet a stipulation to refrain from touching. Our feline companions showcase their intricate dance of contradictory desires, inviting us into their personal space while demanding a respectful distance. It is a delicate balance to navigate, understanding that their affection and independence coexist in a captivating harmony, leaving us to marvel at the enigmatic nature of our beloved feline friends.

I want my space

In the whimsical realm of cat companionship, the insistent presence of our feline friends becomes a constant reminder of their desire to be in every room we occupy. They express their longing by clawing at doors and carpets if denied entry. However, despite their insistence on being by our side, cats are selective creatures and seek their own space, detesting the idea of being followed around. Respectfully granting them the freedom to explore and then retreat ensures a harmonious coexistence, as closing a door only perpetuates the timeless cycle of feline curiosity and the pursuit of independence.

Clean laundry

In the whimsical world of feline logic, clean laundry transforms into a coveted bed for our furry friends. No sooner does a pile of freshly washed clothes emerge than it becomes a tempting oasis of comfort for our discerning companions. The softness and warmth of folded fabric prove irresistible, leaving cat owners to navigate a delicate balance between maintaining tidy laundry and embracing the adorable sight of a contented cat nestled within their freshly cleaned garments.

Let her in

In the amusing world of cat antics, a persistent feline game unfolds—a constant dance of “let her in, let her out.” The enigmatic desires of our whiskered companions demand an endless cycle of door duty, as they delight in the thrill of entering and exiting repeatedly. Patiently accommodating their whims, we discover that sometimes, the secret to keeping our feline friends content lies in the simple act of granting their wishes, no matter how repetitive or puzzling they may seem.

Help you sleep

Just as the drowsiness of slumber starts to embrace you, a mischievous feline decree comes into play. Their playful instinct triggers a thunderous sprint from one end of the house to the other, a ritual repeated at least four times. The galloping sound fills the air, serving as an unexpected lullaby, a whimsical reminder that sleep shall be earned amidst the joyful chaos orchestrated by our feline companions.

Need faucet water

In the realm of cat demands, a peculiar obsession with faucet water reigns supreme. It matters not if nature calls or a mere stroll takes place near the bathroom; the unwavering decree is clear: faucet water must be provided. Even a simple exchange of glances becomes an opportunity for the feline to assert their unquenchable desire for this liquid delight. Such is the whimsical nature of our feline friends, forever keeping us on our toes and forever ensuring that the faucet remains their eternal source of hydration.

Movements underneath the blanket

Within the mysterious realm of bedtime rituals, a peculiar rule governs the sleeping quarters: no hands or feet are to venture beyond the safety of the blankets. As the night unfolds, a delicate dance ensues, with limbs carefully tucked away, protected from unseen forces lurking beneath. However, a misstep in this delicate choreography can invite playful chaos, as sudden movements become an invitation for feline frolic. Thus, a delicate balance is struck, ensuring a peaceful slumber while safeguarding against unexpected playfulness.

Cats get the spot on the bed

In the realm of bedtime arrangements, cats are crowned the rulers of comfort. They possess an unwritten decree that grants them the freedom to claim any spot on the bed, while the dogs graciously settle for the leftovers. This feline preference ensures a harmonious coexistence, with each pet finding their place in the hierarchy of slumber. It’s a whimsical sight to behold as the cats luxuriate in their chosen spots, while the dogs, ever-loyal, adapt and find contentment in whatever space is left for them.

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