40+ of the Biggest Public Celebrity Meltdowns Ever

40+ of the Biggest Public Celebrity Meltdowns Ever

Russell Crowe

Certain traits of famous individuals become associated with their public image. Russell Crowe, for instance, is renowned for having a volatile personality, and this has been witnessed multiple times. However, his most significant outburst occurred during the production of the film Cinderella Man.

After attempting to contact his spouse at home, but being unsuccessful in establishing a connection, his frustration heightened, and he marched towards the reception. It was then that he engaged in aggressive conduct with the clerk, for which he was subsequently charged.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes is a youthful celebrity who, like many others, has undergone immense stress and appears to have experienced a breaking point. She has encountered a series of emotional collapses over the course of numerous years.


The incident where she threw a vase from her New York apartment was likely the most crazy one. She was arrested by the police for throwing the “vase,” but later freed. However, she had another breakdown shortly after traveling to a different coast. At that place, she believed that setting a small fire would help her convey her message.

Christian Bale

As an artist, there are certain things that you feel deeply passionate about. While most artists are able to keep their composure, some may lose control and react like Christian Bale did when he hurled expletives at the cinematographer during filming of Terminator Salvation.

From the way he acted, it appeared that he had a negative opinion of the person who came on the set to adjust the lighting. As a result, he spent several minutes explaining to them in detail the reasons behind his dislike and specifying what changes needed to be made.


David O’Russell

At times, even the most genial individual could trigger a bad day for celebrities who, like everyone else, are humans.

David O’Russell and Lily Tomlin had to deal with a difficult situation on the set of I Heart Huckabees. When Tomlin had difficulty with her lines, O’Russell began to use foul language towards her. However, Tomlin has shared that they were able to overcome the incident and move forward.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin, like many other celebrities, has a reputation for sometimes acting unconventionally and allowing his frustration to overtake him. He has had several instances of emotional outbursts, but perhaps one of the most extreme occurred when he physically confronted a photographer.


While it’s understandable that he was upset considering that his wife had recently delivered a baby and the paparazzi were attempting to capture photographs of the infant, it’s not acceptable for someone to resort to physical violence against another individual.

Christina Aguilera

Everyone faces challenges in life, but when you are a public figure, all of those difficult moments are exposed to the public. Despite her highly publicized breakdown, we may feel a slight sense of empathy for Christina Aguilera, who was accused of publicly behaving inappropriately after reportedly consuming too much alcohol in March of 2011.

At the time when she was stopped by a police officer along with her then-boyfriend, she appeared to be staggering and hostile towards the officer. Both of them were taken to the station, but her boyfriend was charged for driving under the influence. Later, she was also apprehended but was later set free. Presently, she appears to have gained control over her life, which is a positive change.


Nicolas Cage

Similar to anyone else, unfortunate incidents can occur when alcoholic drinks are involved with a celebrity. In the case of Nicolas Cage and his spouse, an intense disagreement took place while they were in New Orleans.

The dispute was extremely intense, resulting in the involvement of the police, and ultimately, Nicholas had to go to the police station. It appears that neither his reputation nor his connections to his renowned family were able to prevent him from spending some time behind bars.

Mel Gibson

During a significant portion of the 1990s and early 2000s, Mel Gibson was a highly popular celebrity. Nonetheless, it appears that he had also become addicted to certain substances.


He got into trouble when he was stopped by the police in that region, as he used offensive language and made derogatory comments about certain individuals. This resulted in him facing serious consequences and he is still trying to regain the favor of the Hollywood industry.

Shia LeBeouf

If you become famous at a young age, you’re subjected to experiences that ordinary children don’t encounter. Among these, the most prominent ones are the influence and the overwhelming amount of attention directed towards your personal life, which is publicized for everyone to see.

It could have caused Shia LeBeouf a considerable amount of tension, which may explain why he engaged in unconventional performance art with a bag over his head at some point. However, his actual breakdown occurred in July 2017 when he consumed an excessive amount of alcohol and was consequently arrested for public intoxication. Furthermore, he uttered some unpleasant remarks to the arresting officers.


Michael Richards

As a standup comedian, it’s expected that you will encounter situations where some individuals in the audience may try to interrupt or heckle you. This is a common occurrence that you must come to terms with in this profession. However, it appears that not all standup comedians share this same perspective.

Michael Richard started verbally attacking someone who was interrupting him. His verbal onslaught became so hurtful that he ended up using an unacceptable word, and it is our hope that he eventually offered an apology to the person.

Sean Young

Sean Young gained immense popularity during the late 80s and continued to be in demand throughout the 90s which resulted in her being offered some incredible roles. However, in the event where circumstances arise and you cannot fulfill a role that you have been cast for, it is normal to anticipate being replaced by someone else.


It seems that she was unhappy about her role being reassigned as Catwoman. Unfortunately, she suffered a broken arm, and a replacement had to be found. However, rather than becoming angry and causing a scene, she engaged in peculiar behavior that could be considered a mild meltdown. Witnesses reported seeing her wearing a Catwoman costume while wandering around the studio.

Christian Slater

Christian Slater was a well-known actor in the 90s. However, he faced significant challenges with substance abuse during that period, which led to him being aggressive towards people in his life, including his girlfriend, whom he physically harmed at a party.

Fortunately, his actions were halted before they escalated, leading to a serious outburst and ultimately his arrest. Despite this setback, he successfully addressed his issues and has recently started to make a comeback in the film industry, which is a positive development.


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is among the numerous budding celebrities who kick-started their professions with Disney and eventually found themselves struggling as they reached their early adulthood.

On a movie set, Lindsay Lohan’s decline progressed as she missed her casting call and was terminated on the same day. To avoid losing her employment, she remained outside the director’s trailer, weeping and trying to sway him emotionally until he agreed to rehire her. This incident may stand out as one of her numerous breakdowns.

Gene Hackman

When you’re a young director in Hollywood, you have a list of actors and actresses that are your dream to work with. We can understand why Wes Anderson really worked hard to get Gene Hackman onto his cast of The Royal Tenenbaums.


However, though he was successful, Gene Hackman still had quite a few meltdowns on set and even called the young director several inappropriate names. He was always putting on a tough guy attitude and saying inappropriate things to the director. It just seemed like he liked to keep up a pretty tough guy image and he did that by being a bit of a jerk.

George Lazenby

Only a handful of actors can claim to be part of the illustrious James Bond franchise. Usually, when people think of James Bond, they think of Sean Connery or Roger Moore. However, there was one actor that only got the chance once.

George Lazenby had several meltdowns on set while filming On Her Majesty Secret Service. He had a little bit of a substance abuse problem, and this is what caused him not to come back for a second time as James Bond. He would throw empty bottles at the crew so it’s probably good he didn’t come back for another installment.


Jason London

Most wouldn’t think of Jason London as someone who would have a meltdown. However, just like every other celebrity, he’s got pressure put on him too. Apparently, one time when he was out in Scottsdale, Arizona, he’d had one too many adult beverages.

This led to quite the meltdown where he ended up getting violent with somebody and then said some pretty off-the-cuff things to the officers that showed up. This meltdown also included a moment where he lost control of his bowels which makes the meltdown even more wrong.

Michael Cera

Michael Cera has become a pretty popular actor, which means that anytime he has the smallest meltdown, it becomes front-page news. Apparently, on one of his movie sets, he acted much like Christian Bale and flew off the handle at one of the film crew when it came to the lighting and direction.


Though there are some who say this was all staged and was meant for fun, we highly doubt it. Either way, getting into the news for a temper tantrum had to have been frustrating for him.

Britney Spears

Though it can’t be said that Britney Spears has ever been boring, there’s one particular meltdown that everyone remembers. In February 2007, she shaved her head; that was just the start of this epic meltdown.

We’re not sure what caused it, but it was surely about the pressure she was under. However, the meltdown didn’t stop there… Days later, she was caught on camera beating a paparazzi car with an umbrella. Of course, it only spiraled from there, and we’re just glad that she’s not in that bad of a place anymore.


Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has seen many ups and downs in his career. Through some pretty rough times, when he had issues with certain substances and mental health issues, it’s clear that many people are going to remember his meltdowns more than his career.

Maybe one of the strangest meltdowns of his career was in February 2011 when he took to bashing Chuck Lorre in some pretty unique ways, including calling him a “clown” and a “turd”. This was done during an interview and, as we all remember, this is when “winning” became a thing.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

The cast of Jersey Shore has made quite the name for themselves. They were known for being wild and crazy and a little on edge at all times. But just because they ride the edge doesn’t mean they’re not going to have meltdowns.


In July of 2010, Snooki was taken into custody due to some inappropriate conduct while in public. She was bothering others while they were hanging out at the beach. It seems like she may have had a little too much to drink and got pretty feisty in public. Eventually, she was released and has since been able to pull herself together and build quite an empire.

Teresa Giudice

The Real Housewives franchise is intended to show the sensational lives of the upper-class people of certain cities. Maybe one of the most popular is The Real Housewives of New Jersey. And one of the most interesting people is Teresa Giudice.

Like with anybody else on this show, she’s bound to have a meltdown or two. Maybe the biggest is the one that was recorded for the season one finale of the series. She picked a fight and took some pretty interesting jabs at her fellow co-star Danielle Staub. This all happened because Danielle told her “to pay attention” at her own party, and it ended with a table being flipped!


Chris Brown

One of the most important skills for any celebrity to have is to be able to keep their cool under pressure. This is because they’re going to be interviewed and asked questions that maybe they’re uncomfortable answering.

For Chris Brown, that happened in March of 2011. During an interview with Robin Roberts, he was asked about some issues he had had with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. He got so mad that he left the stage and ripped off his shirt.

Kristen Stewart

Sometimes, a person’s anger is an actual emotional meltdown. For Kristen Stewart, when news broke of her extracurricular activities with other people during her relationship with Robert Pattinson, she broke down.


Issuing a statement asking for forgiveness was her form of a meltdown. Though it doesn’t seem that memorable, it certainly was, and it had to be pretty awkward for her.

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey

Sometimes, it takes more than one person to have a meltdown. There are celebrities that just don’t get along. Apparently, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey really can’t stand each other.

During the filming of American Idol, the two got into some pretty heated words on camera about Mariah’s criticism of contestants. It wound up being quite the meltdown for Nicki, though, as there were curse words thrown in.


Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is well known for being a bit of a diva, but that doesn’t stop her from being one of the biggest attractions in the world. So it’s not surprising that she’s invited to perform at holiday celebrations like the 2017 New Years’ Eve celebration in Times Square.

At that event, Mariah began yelling at the tech guys to get the monitor working because of a lip-synching glitch. When all was said and done, though, she took it in stride.

Kanye West

Kanye West is a very controversial rapper with some pretty strong opinions about his fellow artists. One, in particular, Taylor Swift, has been the target of many of his meltdowns, including the one backstage at Saturday Night Live in February 2016.


After getting upset about his stage setup on Saturday Night Live, he started spouting stuff about Taylor Swift being fake. Though she wasn’t present, he had stated previously how he felt about her. The remarks seemed to be out of nowhere and so uncalled for. This may well have been the start of that infamous rivalry between these two artists.  Not sure what caused the meltdown, but clearly, he was very unhappy!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, whether you love her or hate her, is usually pretty good about not clapping back when someone says negative things about her. But everybody has their limits, and apparently, when someone makes some criticisms about her body, she has to sound off.

She went off so hard on the two other stars, Chloe Grace Moretz and Bette Midler, who had made comments about a risque post Kim made on social media. The two actors made jabs about Kim not being a good role model for posting something that seems to make young girls think it’s all about the way you look.



Madonna, just in general, is kind of a controversial character. So it’s not surprising that she would have more than a few meltdowns. It probably has to do with the mounting pressures from outside her career.

In 2016, Madonna was going through a bit of a custody battle with her ex when it came to their son, and she couldn’t control herself any longer. She literally broke down on stage after dedicating a song to her son, having a pure mental meltdown in front of thousands of her fans.

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom may be famous for his time on the basketball court, but for many people, he’s known simply as Khloé Kardashian’s ex-husband. During their estrangement, there were some pretty trying times and he had a little bit of a meltdown.


In October 2015, he was rushed to the hospital for using too many controlled substances. This led to him having some pretty long-term effects and cost him quite a bit.

Iggy Azalea

Sometimes, people forget that celebrities are humans too. We put them on a pedestal and under a lot of pressure. Our words matter to them, and in 2016 Iggy Azalea shared with people just how much the negative words that had come from other creatives over her new album affected her.

In a momentary meltdown on the radio, she told the world that she sometimes felt like she didn’t want to be there anymore.


Justin Bieber

It has to be hard on the mental and emotional health for these celebrities to consistently go and face new people every day. Always on the go, always exhausted, it has to wear on you eventually, and that’s what happened with Justin Bieber in 2016.

With a bit of a meltdown, he announced that he was canceling all his meet and greets because it was just too much for him. He felt that having to be ‘on’ all the time was bad for his mental health and he just needed a little time. We can understand that!

Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett may not be as big a celebrity as she was back in her day, but she was still famous at one time. In fact, she gave us some interesting memories of her. In June of 1997, she had one of her biggest meltdowns while being interviewed by David Letterman.


It was televised and showed her inability to complete stories and she was acting a little crazy. >She was laughing inappropriately and starting stories she never finished, which seemed a little off. However, she claims that there was no illegal substance involved. Most of us assume that there was definitely something going on.

Robert Downey Jr.

Sometimes, meltdowns take a long time to be carried out. Robert Downey Jr.’s meltdown happened through most of the late 90s and into the 2000s. Of course, this was fueled by some extracurricular activities with questionable substances.

Not only would he show up late to set, but sometimes he wouldn’t show up at all to certain jobs he had. Eventually, this led to him losing roles and becoming hard to employ.


Vanilla Ice

Flying can be stressful, and anyone who has flown knows that. One of the most stressful things that can happen is to miss your flight. So we can understand why Vanilla Ice would be a little on edge when he missed his flight.

But the meltdown that happened when another passenger stepped into the conversation between an airline employee and the rapper, was a bit much.

Anne Heche

Sometimes, the meltdown comes from the loss of a relationship. In August of 2000, Heche had quite the meltdown and found herself roaming around disoriented, knocking on strange people’s doors.


She spent hours in front of that home and when the authorities showed up, she started ranting about aliens coming to get us.  After her breakup with Ellen DeGeneres, it seems that stuff got to her. Thankfully, most people were kind about this meltdown.

Tom Cruise

Ah, the famous Oprah’s couch incident of 2005. Despite how you feel about his personal choices, Tom Cruise is one of the biggest names in Hollywood today. Having tons of hit films, he was a sure-fire hit guest on every talk show you can think of.

But when he was asked about his relationship with his then-girlfriend, Katie Holmes, he went crazy. Jumping up and down on the couch, this was an apparent meltdown and one that didn’t seem quite in character, which eventually had a big impact on his career and reputation.


Heather Locklear

In the 80s and the 90s, Heather Locklear was a pretty popular television actress and one of the most beautiful women in the world. She also had a great relationship with her rocker husband. But in September 2018, she started getting into some emotional stress.

Then, she had a meltdown where she ended up driving her car into a ditch and hurting herself pretty severely. Once she was at the hospital, the meltdown continued as she got physical with one of the nurses. It’s one thing to have an emotional outburst, but it’s quite another to have a physical reminder of your very public meltdown.

Solange Knowles

There are several families that are just front-page news and can get away with bad behavior. One of those is the Knowles family, thanks to Beyoncé and her high profile. That’s why things went viral when Solange was caught on camera getting violent with her brother-in-law.


No one knows what spurred her to get physical with the famous rapper, but it definitely was bad behavior at its best. She must feel quite embarrassed now.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was nothing if not eccentric. Therefore, there were many times people felt that he was having a meltdown but he wasn’t. That was until 2002 when he had quite the meltdown.

After being followed by tons of paparazzi, he decided he wanted to show the world his baby son and dangled the child over a balcony. This was definitely a moment of mental anguish and we’re not sure what he was thinking.


Orson Welles

When we think of celebrity meltdowns being caught on tape, we think of the 90s and 2000 celebrities. But there was still tape way back when. Even some of the more classic actors like Orson Welles had moments when they were caught having a meltdown.

In fact, in 1970, while doing a food commercial, Orson Welles was captured having quite the meltdown.It seemed he didn’t like taking directions from more than one person and he wasn’t shy about saying something. This probably wasn’t the greatest thing for his then-dwindling career.

Amy Winehouse

The tragic loss of Amy Winehouse hit many people very hard. She struggled with substance usage, regularly, and eventually passed away in 2011. But before she did, she had quite a few meltdowns.


One of the most memorable was when she was booed off stage at one of her last concerts. It was clear that she was not altogether there, and it was very hard for her actually to perform. She stumbled and had trouble with the lyrics before exiting the stage.

Will Smith

Awards ceremonies are always exciting. There are elaborate numbers and funny banter between people you don’t always see together. One of the most exciting things is the hosts and their funny monologues.

But at the 2022 Oscars, there was more excitement than we bargained for. After a monologue by Chris Rock in which he made fun of Jada’s appearance, Will Smith took a swing at the host. This sparked a lot of controversies. And though we understand him wanting to protect his wife, violence is not the answer.


David Hasselhoff

When you hear the name David Hasselhoff you think of people running slowly on a beach. His time on television has made him an iconic celebrity and given him access to many dangerous things.

In 2007, while in Las Vegas, he had a pretty hectic meltdown. He was found eating hamburgers in a bathroom in just his jeans by his daughter, who filmed it. This was not good for his image. It’s an event he probably wishes never made its way into the public eye. The meltdown seemed to indicate that he had fallen off the wagon and led to David cleaning up his act once again.

Michael Bay

Michael Bay is a big-time director that often gets asked to do talks and keynote speeches. At one event for Samsung, this honor became a very frustrating moment in his public speaking career.


Having worked in a field that utilizes so much technology, you think that he’d develop a level of patience regarding technical problems. Clearly, that’s not the case. As the big-time director’s teleprompter failed, he got very frustrated and stormed off the stage.

Randy Quaid

Sometimes, being in the limelight continually can be quite a bit of pressure. So it’s not surprising that some celebrities wind up having meltdowns where they tend to go outside the box with their actions and thoughts.

Randy Quaid certainly took the cake regarding this aspect, as he wound up moving to Canada and talking about secret cults that are after celebrities. This all came about because he felt Rupert Murdoch and a secret group of evil people at News Corps were out to get him. On top of that, he ran out on a hotel bill which doesn’t seem quite right considering we’re sure he could pay it.


In general, it’s safe to say that celebrities aren’t exactly in touch with reality. However, the past year or so has shown us just how out of touch they actually are. While the rest of the world was scrabbling over toilet paper and dealing with multiple lockdowns, celebrities were getting together to record an inspiring song. Join us as we take a look at all the times celebrities and public figures proved they have no idea what it’s like to live in the real world!

Gal Gadot’s Imagine Cover

First things first, we must address Gal Gadot’s “Imagine” cover. In early 2020, when the world was first dealing with its new normal, the Israeli actress came up with a solution. According to the star, ordinary people would be uplifted and moved by a montage of various multi-millionaire celebrities singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” line by line.

In reality, this massively irritated “ordinary people” who felt patronized by this bizarre gesture. Critics pointed out how useless this video was, but Gal Gadot stayed unapologetic about her idea.


Bobby Flay’s Relief Fund

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay owns over 20 restaurants across the USA. The star set up a relief fund to support workers at his restaurants who were missing out on wages because of 2020’s unique situation. The thing is, Bobby Flay is reportedly worth $60 million.

The famous chef ended up blocking the numerous Twitter accounts that pointed out his immense wealth. While the star did promise to match donations up to $100,000, we still don’t understand why he can’t pay his own workforce.

Kylie Jenner’s Hypocritical Advice

Look, as much as we enjoy the Kar-Jenner family, we have to admit that they’re extremely out of touch with reality. The siblings grew up in an elite gated community, and went on to find mega-fame via reality TV. Nothing about their lives is even adjacent to reality.


So, when the US Surgeon General asked Kylie Jenner to tell her millions of followers about social distancing, the star complied. However, one month later, she was spotted at friend Stassie’s house, against California law at the time.

Kendall Jenner’s Need for Air

Kylie Jenner’s elder sister Kendall was also spotted flouting guidelines while ordinary people were expected to follow them. The model was spotted on a drive and at a public rest stop during California’s stay-at-home orders. Apparently, she and NBA player Devin Booker “took a road trip for some much-needed air.”

This might not seem like a huge issue, but it shows how much celebrities think that rules don’t apply to them. Considering Kendall Jenner lives in a 6,625-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion, we think she could get some air at home.


J.Lo’s “Stay Safe” Tweet

Despite claiming to still be “Jenny From the Block,” J.Lo actually lives the life of an A-list celebrity. Hilariously, after she posted this video of her son Max serving drinks on a hoverboard, people started comparing the star’s house with the one in Parasite.

In the movie, an out-of-touch wealthy family lives in luxury while their staff struggles to survive. By posting this tweet, the star reminded us that she’s part of the super-elite, and we’re not.

Jess Glynne’s Discrimination Claims

As we know, many restaurants have a dress code so guests can only attend if they’re dressed appropriately. This is what English singer Jess Glynne wore to attend a Mayfair restaurant in London. Alas, she was turned away.


While this might seem kind of normal, if a little snobbish, the celebrity decided it was “discrimination” and posted a long Instagram caption about the situation. The thing is, everyone has to follow the same rule, which is the opposite of discrimination…

Elon Musk’s Defense of Space

Clearly, billionaires are not capable of being in touch with reality. Their experience and wealth are so extreme that they can’t possibly relate to ordinary people, or even fellow super-rich people. Billionaires have been getting criticized on Twitter of late, generally because they hoard wealth and don’t use it for social good.

However, Elon Musk decided people were actually railing against space, not him. The billionaire tweeted this bizarre defense of space, which nobody was really even talking about.


Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber’s Blessings

We’re back to Kendall Jenner so quickly, this time with Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Bieber. Unfortunately for all of us, this trio got together for an Instagram Livestream and talked about how lucky and blessed they all were.

Justin Bieber said, “How blessed are we? A lot of people obviously in this time have a crappy situation, they look at us and obviously, we worked hard for where we’re at so we can’t feel bad for the things that we have.” Sure, Justin.

Chris Pratt’s Voting Priorities

Chris Pratt gets a lot of flak for being Hollywood’s least popular Chris. This is basically due to the political situation in the USA for the last couple of years, and because the star has more conservative views than that of his peers.


For example, at a time when the rest of the USA was talking about the election, Chris Pratt made voting all about his new animated movie, Onward. The star posted this longwinded Instagram caption that mentioned heroes spilling blood…

Tom Hiddleston’s Golden Globes Speech

Another star who took their own work a little too seriously is English actor Tom Hiddleston. When the actor took to the stage after winning a Golden Globe Award, his speech focused on how important his show The Night Manager was.

Hiddleston claimed that South Sudanese doctors and nurses had watched the show, saying, “The idea that we could provide some relief and entertainment for the people who… are fixing the world in the places it is broken made me immensely proud.”


Evangeline Lilly’s Morning Tea Thoughts

During 2020, we were all treated to the personal, political, and medical opinions of a bunch of celebrities. Don’t get us wrong — we like to keep up with celebs, but we generally don’t turn to them for advice, or because we share the same reality.

Actress Evangeline Lilly showed how out of touch she was when she ignored expert advice and took her kids to gymnastics during lockdown. To make things worse, the star shared that she lives with her elderly father who has stage four leukemia.

Khloé Kardashian’s Culinary Claims

It’s time to keep up with another Kardashian, this time Good American founder Khloé. Much like her siblings, Khloé is completely out of touch with reality. Perhaps because of that, she also makes up her own reality which she uses to connect with fans.


When the star posted this picture, her caption stated that she filmed, baked, and prepped this food herself. In reality, the food came from LA bakery Sweet Lady Jane. For us, this confirms that Khloé lives in fantasy land.

Ellen DeGeneres’ Jail Comparison

2020 wasn’t kind to Ellen DeGeneres. Or rather, Ellen DeGeneres wasn’t kind to anyone, and in 2020, we all found out about it. The TV host faced a wave of allegations over the past year, but she started to irritate fans even before that.

While Ellen was filming her show from home, she commented that lockdown was like “being in jail.” People took issue with this, since DeGeneres lives in a giant mansion. Even worse, actual prisoners were at a much higher risk during this time.


David Geffen’s Yacht Isolation

It’s time for another billionaire — this time, it’s producer and executive David Geffen. This public figure is worth over $10 billion, so you’d think he’d keep any complaints to himself. However, during the lockdown, the billionaire posted on Instagram that he was isolated in the Grenadines on a yacht.

Cry us a river, David! The yacht in question was Rising Sun, the sixth-largest motor yacht in the world. Does it really count as isolation to be floating along on this thing?

Scheana Shay’s Palm Springs Post

Various celebrities on this list took a little longer to realize what was going on than the rest of us. These celebs were on vacation, meditating, or just busy with celebrity-type activities. By the time they grasped the seriousness of the situation, they’d already caused a backlash.


Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Shay decided to publicly invite friends over for a “Palm Springs quarantine.” She then doubled down saying that she wouldn’t isolate herself for weeks. Turn on the news, Scheana!

Kim Kardashian’s Private Island Party

Another celebrity that didn’t want to stay alone was reality star Kim Kardashian. At a time when most people in the world were struggling and panicking, Kardashian got together all of her pals for a party on a private island.

Honestly, it would have been better if Kim had this party and just didn’t post about it. Instead, she posted pictures, showing the world how her inner circle “could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time.”


Elon Musk’s Privileged Point of View

Before we take a closer look at this tweet by billionaire Elon Musk, let’s remind ourselves who he is. Musk is a South African billionaire who founded SpaceX, Tesla, and various other companies. He’s also in a relationship with Canadian musician Grimes, and pretty active on social media.

In a fairly unrelatable tweet — regardless of your political views — Elon Musk claimed that socialists are depressing, unfunny, and went to an expensive school. Somehow we doubt Elon Musk has been around any of these so-called socialists.

Priyanka Chopra’s Enthusiastic Clapping

During lockdown periods, there was some seriously weird behavior going around. For example, in the UK, every Thursday, people would gather on their front steps and applaud National Health Service workers. What did this achieve? Perhaps some sense of morale, but certainly not a pay rise.


Likewise, the Indian Prime Minister asked people to gather and cheer for their healthcare workers. Social media users chuckled at this video of Priyanka Chopra applauding a big garden full of no one.

Gaten Matarazzo’s Ill-Advised Prank Show

One of Stranger Things’ child stars, Gaten Matarazzo, faced some backlash for his new TV show, which was seen to be extremely out of touch with reality. Netflix’s Prank Encounters features “two complete strangers who each think they’re starting their first day at a new job.”

However, the jobs then turn into horror-themed nightmares. Understandably, people felt that it was cruel to mess with folks that were just looking for a job. This was especially true with a rich child at the reigns.


Chrissy Teigen’s Clam Chowder Recommendation

No stranger to controversy, Chrissy Teigen also showed how out of touch she was during lockdown. The star tweeted a recommendation for Goldbelly, a site that ships foods across the US. For example, for $129 you could enjoy a complete deli dinner from New York’s Liebman’s Kosher Deli.

The thing is, it’s rather indulgent to sit at home shipping clam chowder to yourself — especially when the people around you are desperately hoarding cans and dealing with food shortages. Just saying.

Drake’s Basketball Court Quarantine Video

It’s probably best for celebrities to keep their extreme wealth on the down-low at times. While audiences used to enjoy touring celebrity mansions on Cribs, or peering into Kardashian closets, it isn’t quite the same when so many people across the world are suffering.


When he was locked down, Canadian rapper Drake gave fans a tour of his mansion. Showing his indoor basketball court, the star wrote “My life for the next however long.” Could someone pass us the world’s smallest violin?

Vanessa Hudgens’ Instagram Live Comments

Another celebrity controversy magnet is actress Vanessa Hudgens. With her love for cultural appropriation, the star has already irritated audiences with her ongoing ignorance. Then, during lockdown, it just got worse.

Vanessa Hudgens took to Instagram Live — is that ever a good idea for celebrities? — to share her views on the state of the world. According to Hudgens, “people are gonna die. Which is terrible, but like, inevitable?” Following some major backlash, the star apologized and clarified that she’d be staying indoors.


Bette Midler’s Appliance Spon-Con

In retrospect, it seems like all celebrities should have just stayed quiet during the early stages of lockdown. Beyond donating their wealth to people in need, there’s not much these actors, singers, and models could do when it comes to a global health crisis.

Actress Bette Midler took the time to fit in some Spon-Con in one of her tweets. The iconic actress claimed that she’d been getting to know her appliances more, and then referred to people who use them as “housekeepers.”

Jamie Dornan’s Toilet Explanation

When the world started making fun of Gal Gadot’s star-studded “Imagine” video, actor Jamie Dornan tried to make out like he understood the criticism. The Northern Irish star claimed that he recorded his section in the toilet of his mansion, so as to not show off.


He explained, “Quite clearly, some people had escaped to their second home. There’s too much acreage in the background, too many beautiful trees swaying in the background, clearly in front of an ocean. That sort of craic.”

Ellen DeGeneres’ Staff Perks

We’re back to Ellen DeGeneres because clearly, the TV host has long since lost touch with reality. The star has faced a wave of allegations that her staff is treated poorly, despite her slogan, “Be Kind.”

Following these allegations, the show upgraded its perks for staff. These new “perks” include five paid days off, birthdays off, and paid time for doctor’s appointments. From where we’re standing, those aren’t perks as much as reasonable ways to treat the humans that work for you.


Kendall Jenner’s So-Called Bravery

In this case, we’re pointing blame at Access online for their description of Kendall Jenner as “brave.” According to this headline, the model showed bravery by eating food before attending an event. For most people, that’s just called having a meal.

There have been other cases where Kendall Jenner is hailed as “brave” for doing something entirely normal. In 2019, her mom, Kris Jenner, claimed the star would share her “most raw” story. It turned out to be an ad for Proactiv.

Madonna’s Rose Petal Bath Post

We doubt anyone would mention Madonna when talking about relatable celebrities. The iconic musician has never been relatable, and has only got less relatable with time. In 2020, the star posted a video of herself in a rose-petal bath, giving her opinions about the global health crisis.


According to Madge, the virus is “the great equalizer” and doesn’t care how rich you are. She said, “If the ship goes down, we’re all going down together.” But, we won’t all be in rose-petal baths.

Scott Disick and Brody Jenners’ Racist App Promotion

Here’s a way to be relatable — don’t change your race using an app and then post it for everyone to see. It turns out that using other people’s actual ethnicity as a dress-up game doesn’t win you any fans. After years of being around the culturally appropriative Kardashian-Jenners, you’d think these guys would have learned that.

Caitlyn Jenner’s son, Brody, and Kourtney Kardashian’s ex, Scott, both promoted the Gradient app online. A wave of criticism deemed the app racist, but neither star apologized.


Gisele Bündchen’s Call to Meditate

Since retiring from modeling, supermodel Gisele Bündchen has taken up meditation. In 2020, she linked up with a wellness app to provide guided meditations for people dealing with the unique issues of the year. However, the model also commented that she had the “discipline” to commit to extreme wellness (whatever that is).

The model claimed, “They just have to make the decision of working at it. That’s the problem with today’s society, people want instant gratification.” That, and they aren’t millionaires.

Rita Ora’s 30th Birthday Party

Another celebrity that just couldn’t help but celebrate during mandated lockdowns was English singer Rita Ora. The singer broke restrictions by having a 30th birthday party in a West London restaurant. Worse still, the star had returned from Egypt and was supposed to be isolating for two weeks.


Reportedly, Rita Ora’s staff offered to pay the restaurant to break guidelines, and asked that CCTV cameras be turned off. It looks like the rules apply to some people, but not to celebs!

Burger King’s Tone-Deaf Tweet

Let’s turn to some major companies and see how out of touch with reality they are. In 2018, massive fast-food chain Burger King decided to tweet a message of empowerment and affirmation. They wrote, “You’re beautiful, you’re loved, you matter. Don’t forget it.”

The thing is, it’s really easy to say broadly nice things. It’s less easy to actually follow through on those sentiments. If people were so loved and important, wouldn’t the company pay their staff at least a living wage?


BP’s Carbon Footprint Advice

Next up is the multinational oil company, BP. If you’ll recall, in 2010 this company accidentally leaked around 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. This was the largest marine oil spill in the history of the industry, and eventually, the company pled guilty to 11 counts of felony manslaughter.

Imagine then, the cheek of BP trying to tell ordinary people to pledge to reduce emissions. In fact, the term “carbon footprint” was created by BP as a way of directing responsibility to consumers.

Justin Bieber’s Anne Frank Message

Look, before we make fun of Justin Bieber for being out of touch with reality, let’s introduce some context. The Canadian pop star was only 14 when he was discovered, and became the youngest solo male act to top the chart in 47 years with his debut album.


Of course, being a child star usually means you never share the same reality as most people in the world. When the Biebs visited Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam, he left this perplexing message in the guest book.

Tristram Shapeero’s Unmuted Insults

During 2020, lots of people had to apply for jobs over Zoom. This included actors like Lukas Gage, who auditioned for roles via webcam. While taking part in one of these auditions, Gage heard the director, Tristram Shapeero, disparaging his apartment.

The director said, “These poor people live in these tiny apartments. Like I’m looking at his, you know, background and he’s got his TV…” Gage posted the video online, and it quickly went viral. Eventually, Shapeero offered a “sincere and unvarnished” apology.


Naomi Campbell’s Hazmat Suit

Did anyone think that supermodel Naomi Campbell was in touch with reality? Somehow we doubt it. Before the events of 2020 even occurred, the model posted a video of her “airplane routine,” which included gloves and lots of disinfectant wipes.

If Naomi Campbell already had a thorough hygiene routine in 2019, it’s no wonder that she went all out in 2020. The star wore a full hazmat suit, and later revealed that she buys them in bulk. Totally relatable, Naomi!

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Contagion Claims

Again, we’re pretty sure nobody on the planet would describe Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow as relatable. The star is repeatedly called out for her bizarre health and wellness advice, and for being out of touch with ordinary people.


During the height of 2020’s lockdown period, the actress seemed to suggest that she had some special experience. In an Instagram post, Gwyneth reminded fans that she had starred in a movie with the very same situation. Obviously, she posted from a private plane.

Kendall Jenner’s Birthday Party

As if Kim Kardashian would have a private party on an island and Kendall Jenner would just go without! Naturally, Kim’s younger half-sister also organized a birthday bash despite global lockdowns.

Kendall Jenner’s 25th fancy-dress birthday party was held in a West Hollywood restaurant. Onlookers noticed that there was no social distancing at the event, and that some staff members weren’t protected with masks. This story broke just two weeks after Kim’s private island party — clearly, the Kar-Jenners are in their own world!


Jared Leto’s Late Realization

Some celebrities were just too busy to notice the major world-changing events going on around them in 2020. Much like Scheana Shay, actor Jared Leto sort of missed the headlines, and foolishly revealed his ignorance to the world.

In a series of tweets, Jared Leto revealed that he had been on a silent meditation retreat in the desert. While there, the chilled star had no phone or access to news. When he rejoined the rest of us, he had lots to catch up on.

Rachel Griffiths’ Important Manicure Update

Australian actress and director Rachel Griffiths also made a rather insensitive post during 2020. The actress posted a picture of her newly done nails, with a long caption about the importance of manicures, even though “American is burning, people are dying.”


We’d say there’s nothing wrong with talking about small pleasures during a bad situation. However, when millions of people are panicking about their jobs and health, it’s probably best to keep your manicure to yourself.

Piers Morgan’s Mental Health Tweet

Disappointingly, English journalist Piers Morgan still hasn’t been canceled. The former newspaper editor has been involved in a hacking scandal, and made numerous offensive comments. Most recently, Morgan criticized US gymnast Simone Biles for pulling out of the Olympic final for mental health reasons.

The broadcaster has also repeatedly undermined Meghan Markle’s statements about her mental health. It’s hard to know whether Piers Morgan is unrelatable, purposely controversial, or just a bigot. Most likely, he’s all three.


Chet Hanks’ Jamaican Patois

The delightful Tom Hanks has four children in total. First, there’s actor Colin and daughter Elizabeth from his first marriage to Samantha Lewes. Then, there’s sons Chester (or “Chet”) and Truman, with actress Rita Wilson.

Actor and musician Chet Hanx (his professional name), has been involved in various controversies. He has had addiction issues and vandalized property, and made insensitive racial comments. In a 2020 video, Hanks spoke in Jamaican patois, causing a wave of backlash. In 2021, he declared a “White Boy Summer.” Sigh.

James Woods’ Grammar Lesson

We know the world is full of sticklers, but it’s still pretty unrelatable for a celebrity to lecture people on grammar. This is made even worse when the grammar lesson is actually just about bigotry, like in this case.


As a way of complaining about trans and non-binary pronouns, actor James Woods tweeted his grammar rules in 2019. Thankfully, Dictionary.com hit back with the real grammar gossip. You see, literary heroes have been writing “they” for years, regardless of anyone’s gender politics.

Kevin Sorbo’s Starbucks Snub

There are plenty of arguments going around about the value of wearing or not wearing masks in public. Like many things do, this has devolved into a full-scale argument. Naturally, each side thinks that they’re on the right one.

American actor Kevin Sorbo clearly thinks that his anti-mask stance is correct. The star felt so strongly about this that he yelled at a Starbucks worker and then walked out. It’s a shame that minimum wage workers don’t make the rules, eh?


Khloé Kardashian’s Toilet Paper Prank

You didn’t think we’d seen the last of the Kar-Jenners did you? Well, when the world was panicking about toilet paper supplies, Khloé was wasting rolls of it for fun. The reality star covered sister Kourtney’s house in toilet paper and then posted the result on Instagram.

In response, eldest sibling Kourtney said, “I haven’t had this much excitement in months.” Clearly, these privileged stars were too out of touch with reality to realize that posting this video was a seriously bad idea!

Kevin Spacey’s Problematic Comparison

We close our list of called-out stars with disgraced actor Kevin Spacey. When he was on a German podcast, the celebrity said that he could relate to people that lost their jobs due to 2o20’s health situation.


Now, Kevin Spacey lost his jobs because of years of crime. Meanwhile, ordinary people lost their jobs because of circumstances outside of their control. The tone-deaf actor said, “I still believe that some of the emotional struggles are very much the same.”

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