Bold And Beautiful: Victoria’s Secret Swimsuits On Everyday Women


This revealing photo-series compares models wearing Victoria’s Secret swimsuits and everyday women working for BuzzFeed. The shoot took place on a beach in Malibu where each woman tried to re-create the pose and look of the original Victoria’s Secret shot. Although there was ample opportunity to feel self-conscious, the experience yielded some insightful commentary.

One woman reflected, “I think everyone should get photographed on the beach in a bathing suit at some point in their life…it is a really fun experience that kind of helps you to get over any insecurities.” Another shared a similar sentiment: ”We may not all be models, but the world is a runway for ALL of us.”

  1. leo writes

    It's a universal struggle to view our bodies objectively; thus, when someone pays you a compliment, trust their sincerity. Embrace the positivity and let it bolster your self-esteem, for their words are a reflection of the beauty they see in you.

  2. 2 Nina

    leo writes

    "Remember, comparing yourself to a model is like comparing apples to oranges. The truth is, very few of us align with that ideal, and that's perfectly okay."

  3. leo writes

    Behati's look isn't the only way to rock a swimsuit. Follow your joy, and in the end, you'll find contentment and confidence in being true to yourself.

  4. 4 Lara

    leo writes

    "Being a model isn't a prerequisite, because every individual has their own runway in this world. Embrace your unique style and stride with confidence."

  5. leo writes

    Having a beach photoshoot in a bathing suit should be a rite of passage for everyone. It's a joyful experience that can help you let go of insecurities and embrace your unique beauty.

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leo writes


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