40+ Photos That Prove Animals Have Their Own Kind of Logic

40+ Photos That Prove Animals Have Their Own Kind of Logic

Our adorable furry companions provide us with company and devotion, yet there are instances when their actions baffle us. However, we find these moments amusing and have gathered some pictures to demonstrate that animals have their own unique approach to reasoning. Those who have owned or currently own a pet must have witnessed such behavior, and we aspire to bring a smile to your face as you get a glimpse into the thought process of your beloved pets.

This Looks Good

You have the desire to provide the best bedroom set for your kitten, similar to how a child would feel. Therefore, you commence searching through the various sections of your nearby pet store in order to discover the ideal set that is both aesthetically pleasing and suitable for your pet. However, what occurs afterward?

The kitten has a comfortable bed and toys to play with, yet it chooses to sleep in the hard plastic dustbin. It is not clear as to why it prefers that option over its comfortable bed.


Who Needs Comfort?

We often find it amusing when young kids are more fascinated by boxes than the actual presents. However, it’s not just children who appreciate a good box. Cats, in particular, tend to enjoy it too and may even prefer it over a soft and spacious bed meant for two.

It is interesting how these two cats are aware of the bed’s presence but still attempt to fit it into a box that is slightly smaller for them. The logic of cats is baffling!

Natural Bedding

At times, we tend to overlook the fact that our pets possess a bit of their natural instincts. Thus, it is possible that they may prefer neither a lap nor a comfortable bed; instead, they may choose an alternative option.


The feline discovered that the circular form of the dish was quite cozy, particularly with the abundance of vegetation inside. Regrettably, the plant life became the cat’s slumber spot.

I’ll Hold This

We have a few queries regarding this cat’s attachment to the paper towel. Initially, why did it prefer to lie on a nearby bed that’s much more comfortable and visually appealing? Moreover, why does it seem like the cat will harm us if we attempt to snatch the paper towel away from it?

Although it may be irritating to the person, it’s understandable that he chose to make a bed out of the paper towel. Similar to humans, everyone has their own preferences.


DIY Cat Tree?

If you’re striving to create an ideal abode for your pets, you’ll likely spend money on toys and similar items. However, why bother when there are things in your house that can serve the same purpose?

Despite having a wonderful cat tree nearby, these cats have decided to relax on the ladder instead. It’s a shame that the owner spent money on the cat tree which is going unused.

Comfy and Cozy

Getting enough sleep is crucial and you may need to seize any opportunity to do so. While this is indisputable, it’s valid to wonder how this dog is managing to feel at ease in this reclining chair.


Perhaps this particular seat belongs to his preferred human, and if that person is absent, the dog feels the need to detect their scent. Despite the discomfort, the dog chooses to occupy this spot until their human returns.

Smell Ya Later

Many of us have snuggled up with an item, such as a pillow or sweater, that belongs to someone we care about as it gives us comfort. It seems that this behavior is not limited to humans, as these kittens require the scent of their owner and cannot be satisfied with a soft bed alone.

What should be done? They snuggle inside their owner’s slippers. We simply wish that their owner’s feet do not have an unpleasant smell for the cats’ comfort.


Lazy Day

Engaging in physical activity with your peers can lead to significant fatigue. It’s possible that you have been active for an extended period, and you eventually locate a cozy spot to rest and catch some sleep. When you are extremely tired, any location can appear suitable, correct?

The cat appears to be fully embracing the current moment. They have discovered a plush and pleasantly fragrant nap spot, and have settled in for some much-needed relaxation. Please be mindful not to disrupt their slumber, as they require rest.

Move Over

The question raised is why did you choose the bed with the better scenery? These two felines are attempting to divide a spot not big enough for both of them, which could result in an awkward situation. However, we might not have all the facts, so who are we to judge!


Perhaps they enjoy staying near to each other and spending time observing nature. This allows them to converse without having to meow loudly.

Simple Life

You can find happiness in simplicity. This idea has been circulating on social media, and it appears that this cat has already embraced it.

The adorable little one has an excellent place to relax, but for some reason, the bag with a subtle hint of delicious Mexican food aroma is more tempting. It seems like a great idea to us!


He Won’t Share!

As you step out of the door and start walking, your younger sibling swiftly occupies your spot, which is just a normal occurrence in the sibling relationship dynamic. However, it’s surprising that this bunny met with such an experience with a cat.

The bunny is reporting the misbehavior of his sibling, and the indifferent cat appears to be uninterested. However, the reason for the cat’s willingness to reside in the cramped enclosure is unknown and should be inquired about.

I Love You!

Have you ever experienced the joy of finding the ideal spot? This cat had found its spot, but its owner replaced it with something else. Although the replacement was intended for the cat’s benefit, it still felt the need to communicate to its owner about the unsuitability of the new spot.


Inquire about the method they used. They accomplished it by rolling on grass. Eventually, they realized that it was a very cozy method.

Who Me?

If you have ever owned a cat, you would be aware that they are dominant and authoritative in their space. They dictate their preferred sleeping spots, when they want affection, and how they want it. It is hence unsurprising that this specific cat chose this particular spot as their own.

Why was it necessary to knock the puzzle down from the table? Couldn’t the cat have simply laid on it to prevent all the people’s efforts from going to waste?


Making Friends

Adjusting to new people requires various approaches. For humans, this often entails exchanging personal anecdotes and inquiring a lot. In contrast, for dogs, familiarizing themselves with others is an entirely unique experience.

The two dogs are trying to establish dominance over each other, but it seems strange that one would have to flip the other over. It’s an illogical behavior, almost like meeting someone and immediately flipping them over your back before even greeting them. That would definitely not be received well!

You Don’t See Me!

Why does it make sense to hide in an open dishwasher? Moreover, if the cat is not hiding, why is it so determined to stop its owner from doing the chores? Although this situation is bizarre, we suggest that the owner listens to the cat’s advice.


Ultimately, the expression on the cat’s face is quite stern. It is evident that the cat means business, and it certainly would not be ideal to experience its anger firsthand. Do you agree?

Time to Wake Up

Animals can adopt certain customs from the animals they grow up with. It’s not uncommon to witness dogs imitating cats or cats behaving like dogs. However, have you ever witnessed something so bizarre that it appears to be inexplicable?

It seems that this dog has been brought up in the company of chickens, causing her to sit up and bark every morning at sunrise, signaling that it’s time to wake up to everyone around.


Say Wok?

At times, when others constantly disturb you and you feel exhausted, you might take drastic steps to obtain some personal space. The cat discovered a cozy spot where no one could see it and seized the opportunity to relax. It’s understandable, isn’t it?

The cat managed to disappear from the sight of his owner by blending in, and even though she finally found him, the feline had already slept more than enough.

Mirror Images

When you and your best friend are in sync, you are in sync no matter the activity you are doing. Even if that activity is napping. These two dogs are the perfect example of that. Though we don’t have any idea how they think this is a comfortable position.


After a long day, the two just curled up and decided it was time for a nap. If it wasn’t for the difference in the color, we might think we were seeing double.

You Can’t See Me

When you get a new toy or anything, there is a level of anticipation. This makes it hard to wait for the new thing in your life to get opened. You can see it here in the face of the cat waiting for their new toy.

But the toy this cat was waiting for wasn’t quite what their human thought it was. In fact, they were just waiting for the plastic bag – to heck with the cat toy.


This Blanket Is Weird

Have you ever seen someone who has never used a particular thing using it all wrong? We are sure if you have, then you probably thought it was pretty crazy, but if you don’t know, you don’t know, right?

But this is just silly as we are sure that the owner laid this bed out and showed the pup how it was supposed to be used.

All Mine!

It is all about location when it comes to finding your perch, it seems. It doesn’t have to be comfortable (or at least look comfortable); it’s just got to be strategic. This cat has found his place, and man, does it not look like it would be comfortable for the long haul.


But then again, we aren’t cats. Maybe their idea of comfort has more to do with being able to see everything that is coming their way.

Waiting for a Snack

So the early bird gets the worm, but the patient kitty gets the bird. What better a way to get your hunt in than to act like one of the natives? Nothing to see here, just a rare bird waiting to meet other birds.

This cat had to be patient to fit into this tiny birdhouse but, maybe he thinks it will be worth it in the long run. Or perhaps he can’t get out and doesn’t want to look stupid.


Switching It Up

We know who thinks they are the dog of the house, right? This picture says it all: the little dog clearly has the run of the house. Even going so far as to evict his big buddy from their comfy bed.

How this happened, we can’t even imagine; maybe the small pooch has a touch of a Napoleon complex? Or maybe the big dog just likes to be held tight. Your guess is as good as ours!

Time Changes Everything

These three pals have been hanging out in the same spot for years. It is hard to change things up. We think we can all understand that. However, sometimes change is good and, in this case, way more comfortable.


This seems like an accident waiting to happen, don’t you think? After all, the weight of these cute kitties is definitely more than it was when they were kittens. This seems pretty illogical.

We Are Scared!

How would you like to wake up to this? These three seem to be scared to go downstairs. They clearly would be no good in a robbery as even the robot vacuum is too much for them to handle. Kind of funny if you think about it.

But why do they think that blocking the stairs is a good idea after all their human needs to get downstairs to save them? But they do have the high ground!


Say It… Cats Rule!

In any house that has both cats and dogs, there are a lot of fun things that go on. Sometimes these occurrences are cute and other times they are pretty funny. And the situation can change at a drop of a hat.

These two best buddies must have had some startling dreams and woke up ready to rumble. But how can they go from peaceful sleep to the cat choking the poor puppy out? Seems like a drastic difference!

Have You Seen the Dog?

Some people love to walk in the rain. This dog clearly loves to sleep in the rain. It’s amazing that they were able to snooze during rain that was hard and long enough to do a perfect outline.


How did this dog not wake up and head indoors to stay dry? This pup has some pretty illogical habits that we think are a little funny.

Do You See Anything?

Even though we hate to admit it, there are some pups that are smarter than the others. That sad fact is very evident when you look at these two pups as they try to see their human outside. How does this dog not realize it does not see anything?

You would think that with good eyesight like most dogs have, they would be able to figure this out. But then again, maybe they don’t have as good of eyesight as we assume.


What Pizza?

Cats are pretty fast, and they have their own idea of what they deem is theirs and what is yours. In the end, this cat got to the pizza first, and that means it is theirs. They look very serious about that as well.

But why did this cat deem that it was a good idea to camp out on the top of the pizza box? There is no way we could know, but if we had to guess, it was because of the heat.

I Have No Idea

Where did Hashbrown go? This dog is bad at answering that question, and his buddy is not good at hiding at all. It looks like the pup started to hide and then got too tired of crawling and decided it was time for a nap.


Even better, he had his pal stand guard so the humans wouldn’t be able to find him. The plan did not work for the puppy, but it is quite cute.

I Can Fit!

How can this be comfortable? We guess it is not up to us to judge what is comfortable for this pup. We imagine that he got cozy next to his human, and then his human just up and left him. But he was just not ready to move.

So he opted to stay nice and cozy in this very unique position on the couch. This spot just doesn’t seem very logical when it comes to finding a good place to rest.


This Plan Wasn’t Thought Out

We have all been in a situation that we thought we had the answer to only to end up in a position there seems to be no way to get out of safely. This picture of this cat is a perfect fit for that very situation.

How did this poor kitty end up in this situation? The only logical reason would be one of his friends dared him, and this is how that turned out.

You Have Cold Hands

Like any kid, when they learn something new, dogs always want to show you what they have learned. This could be sitting; it could be rolling over, or in this pup’s case, it was shaking. However, it doesn’t seem like he enjoys the process at all.


So why would he keep doing it? That makes absolutely no sense, but yet he does it to everyone. This face, though, would make us not want to shake his hand; how about you?


Ah, the entertaining toy is known as the box. It can double not only as a toy but also as a place to take a good nap. Who needs that fancy house over there? I have my new home; you can rent that out to the dogs.

Kittens don’t understand a lot, just like a child. So this person has to figure out a way to counteract the box. After all, it does show a dog in the house and not a kitty, right?


Did You See It Move?

It says something about the painting if a dog thinks it is legitimately a window to the outside. Or maybe it says something about the dog. We are not sure but what we are sure is it is not logical for this dog to spend hours staring at this picture.

Maybe he saw a reflection move, and he thought the grass was moving. We don’t know; we are just trying to make sense of why this pup thinks that is the outside.

A Little Help

Trying to get into small places is something a lot of dogs try to do. Often though, their eyes overload the abilities, and that is what this dog has found here. We are sure that when he started this, he thought it was a good idea.


But in the end, it definitely was not. We wonder why, when it was clear this was going south that he didn’t try to back out.

Waste Management

You never want to leave anything behind, especially when it comes to yummy ice cream. And this cat clearly understands that. But the opening was just a bit too small, and now he has to figure out how to get the carton off.

But when it comes to ice cream, there is no logic to be had. So we can kind of understand why and how this act got them into this predicament.


A Farting Dog

Dog farts are unpleasant to deal with, especially when they’re silent but shockingly foul. These farts are not only humiliating for you and your guests, but they also suggest that your dog is in pain due to excess gas.

While your dog’s periodic gaseous emissions are an inevitable part of life, excessive gas is not. Dog farts can be caused by a variety of factors, including gastrointestinal problems and food intolerance, so you’ll need to consult your vet to figure out what’s causing your dog’s stinky gas.

Impurrrfect Life

From the looks of it, this kitty-cat doesn’t even remember what day it is anymore. Obviously, life has just gotten to be too much — and so, as a result, this ball of fluff has decided to totally give up.


Can’t you tell? It buried its face into the stool and hasn’t moved from this position in days. It’s hard life… being a cat and all.

Crying Over Spilled Milk

Cats are known to be vindictive and vengeful. If you ask your cat friends, they’ll likely agree and claim that kitties do have the ability to be “catty” sometimes — for lack of a better word.

People have complained about their cats biting them after they’ve done something their four-legged pal didn’t enjoy, such as grooming. This person accidentally spilled his cat’s milk and had no way of replacing it. As he ate his dinner, the cat sat across from him, staring at him with a look of a detest.


What a Cute Pet

Did you know hedgehogs are nocturnal animals? They have a thorny coat and can be found in Europe, Asia, and Africa in their natural habitat. Hedgehogs are also solitary animals.

When you initially bring them home, they may take some time to warm up to you. Hedgehogs can be a fun and low-maintenance household pet, but they do require specific attention. They have sharp quills that can be difficult to handle. Daily handling that’s consistent and proper will help them relax and feel at ease with you.

Watch Your Back

Consider this the next time you want to dress your cat up. Your kitty likely won’t appreciate your shenanigans and so, it’ll probably begin planning your demise before you can even say “meow.”


The fact that you’re much bigger than your cat is really the only thing keeping your cat from attacking you. That being said, the look on this cat’s face clearly shows that it’s up to no good.


The Norwegian Forest Cat, as its name suggests, is a breed of cat native to the Scandinavian region of Northern Europe. They’re a really striking cat breed, with unusually thick, long fur. They’re a domestic breed — which implies they’re not wild cats, but rather pets.

Despite this, they’re incredibly hardy, having developed to be able to survive outside in the cold winter conditions of Scandinavia. Did you know, the Vikings preferred Norwegian Forest Cats to other cats? How cool is that?


Moo or Ruff?

According to a high school girl who lives with her family on a ranch in Danville, California, this small calf was rescued nearly two months ago from a dairy farm that was intending to butcher him.

He was so delicate and little that he couldn’t stand on his own. However, today, he’s a thriving eight-week-old calf. The only problem is that he doesn’t consider himself to be a cow. So, you can find him lounging on the couch like any other pet.

Adoption for the Win

This person never had a cat of their own. However, they’ve recently acquired an eccentric kitty. As weird as it sounds, this little cat jumped inside the OP’s person’s car and has been riding with him ever since.


The cutest part? The cat won’t let this poster leave without him. It’s as if the cat did some adopting of his own because he was tired of waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right!

Black Cats Deserve Love Too

The black cat is certainly associated with superstition. If they happen to cross your path, some people believe they’ll bring you terrible luck. Others simply believe they’re the ideal witch or sorcerer’s pet.

Black cats, on the other hand, are simply amazing and loving animals. They make excellent pets for anyone looking for a furry companion. Check out this lovely black cat peeking out from its hiding position if you want to know why you should consider getting one!


How You Doin’?

The first thing that you need to know is that you should definitely use armrests when seated. Why? Well, simply since they support our upper limbs and limit the amount of load that falls on our lower back.

So, are armrests necessary? You should know with certainty that they are. In reality, armrests are a necessity for all living things — even cats! Consider this tenacious cat who made herself one.

Modern Art

Take a look at this image here. Does this not remind you of an iconic scene from a movie? Do you need some help jogging your memory? Well, if you’re still facing difficulties, let us clear it up for you.


We’re referring to The Lion King, specifically a scene between Scar and Mufasa. You know, where one of them gets pushed off the cliff. While we could totally tell you which of them gets pushed off, we don’t want to accidentally spoil the movie.

Cats Watching Cartoons

Almost every youngster enjoys watching cartoons, and many adults share this enthusiasm for animated characters. Those who own pets may agree that their furry friends are interested in watching television as well, even if they don’t fully comprehend the picture.

A similar photograph has recently surfaced on the internet, in which a group of kitties is seen lovingly watching an episode of Tom and Jerry.


We Are Family

While many of us have been raised to believe that cats and dogs are mortal enemies, the reality is that many cats and dogs get along swimmingly. There’s no reason why your dog can’t get along with your cat if they’re socialized from a young age.

In fact, some argue that it’s the cat — not the dog — that needs to be watched! It’s amazing to watch cats and dogs make friends and become members of the same family, especially when they snuggle or play together.

Meow Mix

A cat’s meow is its means of connecting with humans. Cats meow for a variety of purposes — including greetings, requesting items, and informing us when something is wrong.


Kittens meow to let their mothers know they’re cold or hungry, but adult cats actually don’t meow to each other. They do, however, continue to meow at people throughout their lives.

Cats Are Picky Eaters

Cats are carnivores, to put it bluntly. For a robust heart, clear vision, and a healthy reproductive system, they must consume meat protein. Cooked beef, chicken, turkey, and modest portions of lean deli meats are excellent sources of protein.

Cats can be finicky eaters — eating one day and then ignoring it the next, or refusing to try new foods. Cats require a consistent protein diet to function properly, so it’s critical to discover ways for your fussy eater to acquire the nourishment they require.


Ah, How Peaceful

Throughout this list, we’ve seen cats sleeping in the most questionable of places. Well, from what you saw, if you thought it wouldn’t get any stranger — then you were wrong. Take this kitty, for example. He doesn’t like to sleep under the couch or even on it. This cat likes to sleep inside the sofa.

This cat doesn’t care about the dangers of someone just plopping on the couch. As long as he’s warm and comfortable, he’s happy!

Watch Your Step

As we said before, we’re not done with cats and their love for sleeping in the strangest of places. This cat thinks it’s a great idea to be sleeping in between two stairs. This might be a bit unsafe since the color of the carpet and the cat’s fur are almost the same.


However, given the reflexes and agility that cats have, you might just be the one getting pounced on if you don’t notice the cat below your feet.

Caught Her Tail

We’ve all seen cute videos of dogs on the internet, or even our own dogs, running around in circles in an attempt to catch their tail. It’s very amusing to watch them do it because they never really manage to succeed.

However, this dog has shown us that — with great determination — anything is possible. No matter how uncomfortable this may look, she managed to finally catch her own tail. All her hard work and the time chasing her own tail finally paid off!



There are no dogs here! This dog looks like they were trying to go undercover, which can only mean one thing… they got into something. So in an effort to keep from being caught, they crawled into a disguise.

Or they just thought this would be a nice place to curl up and, too late, figured out it wasn’t a good idea. The reason for this is to bend our understanding, but it sure is funny.

A New Way to Look at the World

What’s up? It’s always good to look at situations from different points of view. However, we are not sure it is advisable when you are suspended in the air. This, to us, seems like an accident waiting to happen.


But this cat thinks differently. But what can you expect from a cat? They are independent thinkers. That doesn’t mean that they make sense, just that they live their own lives.

What Is That?

That is some skill. We know people that couldn’t hold on like that. But why is this pup sliding down a pole like this? There is no logical reason we can think of that would end with this pic being taken.

The look on this pup’s face looks like maybe they are thinking the same thing. Right now, this dog is thinking about how to get down and still look cool like a dog should.


Who? Me?

Dogs have an amazing power of smell, and sometimes this leads to them trying to get into things they are not supposed to. That has to be what was happening at this moment, and then they got caught.

Clearly, this dog knows that he should have thought this plan out better. Just look at that face. Now he has to try to be cute enough for mom to forgive him for digging in her purse.

Good Luck! No One Can Take Our Frrrreedom!

There are certain dogs that are diggers. This is a genetic evolution due to their needs in the wild. Unfortunately, those thoughts and habits have not entirely disappeared. For this dog, that leads to a very uncomfortable situation.


She thought that all she had to do is pet the dog a little, and she would be able to meet up with her friends next door? That may be the reason; who knows, though?

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