40+ Pale People Who Regret Saying “I Don’t Need Sunscreen”


Wearing sunscreen is super important whenever you’re out in the sun. But on scorching summer days, it’s even more crucial to protect your skin. These folks either forgot their sunscreen or chose not to use it, and they paid the price for enjoying the sun without proper protection.

Pretty Red

In certain situations, like spending a day on a boat, it’s crucial to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Unfortunately, this person learned that lesson the hard way. They ended up with a painful burn everywhere their clothes didn’t cover, earning it the nickname “bib of pain.” It definitely doesn’t look like a pleasant experience.

Improper Application

When it comes to sunscreen, you have plenty of options to choose from, including different strengths and application styles. If you decide on spray-on sunscreen, it’s important to cover your entire body thoroughly. Otherwise, you might end up like this person, who seems to have missed some spots. Perhaps they didn’t hold the spray bottle far enough away or didn’t rub it in well enough. It’s definitely easier to see what you’ve missed after you’ve already gotten a sunburn.

Asking for Help

Sunscreen is most effective when applied regularly and thoroughly. However, it can be challenging to reach every part of your body, especially the middle of your back. Many of us have experienced the frustration of an unreachable itch! This person learned the hard way about the limits of their reach when they ended up with a sunburned patch in the middle of their back due to missing sunscreen.

Facing the Sun

This person was working outdoors wearing a mask when they realized they forgot to apply sunscreen. Unfortunately, they realized their mistake too late. The next day, they woke up to a sunburnt face, except for the area their mask had covered. Since they stayed in the same spot for most of the day, they ended up with a sunburn on only one side of their face! Hopefully, they remembered to grab some sunscreen before their next shift.

That’s Not Enough

It’s true that sunscreen is only effective when applied thoroughly. Yet, we’ve all been in a hurry during our morning routines, especially when we’re eager to head out. However, as this person learned, it’s not a step you want to rush through. Otherwise, you might end up with a result like the one they had to deal with. Those handprints certainly show that their sunscreen is working effectively.

Don’t Forget Your Feet

When applying sunscreen, it’s important to cover every exposed part of your skin. However, there are some spots that people tend to forget, like behind the ears, the back of the neck, and sometimes even the feet. Unfortunately, as this person discovered, they forgot to apply sunscreen to their feet. While their shoes protected most of their feet, those sunburnt dots are definitely going to make wearing any shoes uncomfortable for a while.

They Tried to Wear Sunscreen

This blistering red back might make you think this person forgot sunscreen entirely. However, the truth is far more frustrating. They shared that they diligently applied sunscreen leading up to this image, even reapplying it every half-hour to 45 minutes. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to work, as they ended up with painful second-degree burns from their time in the sun.

Is He Okay?

Some sunburns are so visibly painful that you can’t help but sympathize with the person experiencing them. Just by looking at this picture, it’s clear that they’re not having a good time. With the bright red sunburn covering their torso, it’s not hard to see the source of their discomfort. What’s even worse, they mentioned that their back was blistering from the burns.

Those Socks Look Painful

As we’ve already seen, forgetting to apply sunscreen to your feet can lead to dire consequences. For this person, it resulted in what might be the most painful pair of socks we’ve ever seen. A sunburn on your feet is particularly uncomfortable since you have to walk on them as they heal. We can only imagine how uncomfortable it would be to put on a pair of shoes with a sunburn like this.

At Least They Wore a Hat

Wearing a hat can be a great way to shield your head, face, and neck from the sun. However, not all hats provide complete protection. This person spent a lot of time working outdoors, and it’s clear that he has a favorite hat that he wears daily. As a result, the uneven protection from the sun has created a tan line that perfectly matches the shape of his preferred hat.

The Downfall of Spray Sunscreen

Spray-on sunscreen sounds like a fantastic idea in theory. The promise of quick, even coverage at the press of a button is certainly tempting! However, it seems that for some people, the coverage might not be as thorough as they hoped. This sunburn looks not only painful but also frustrating, especially if they relied solely on spray-on sunscreen for protection.

Fashion Hazards

When wearing pants, you might not consider applying sunscreen to your legs since they’re covered, right? Well, it depends. If you’re wearing full-coverage pants, then yes, you’re likely protected. However, if you’re wearing jeans with holes like this person, you won’t get the full sun protection you need. The resulting sunburn looks rather uncomfortable, to say the least.

Happy Graduation

When attending an outdoor event, it’s important to wear sunscreen, especially since you never know what your seats will be like. You’d expect that an outdoor event would provide at least some shade, right? Unfortunately, this person wasn’t so lucky. At their brother’s graduation, they were seated in direct sunlight with nothing to shield their legs from the blazing sun. The outcome? A rather painful sunburn.

This Is Just Unlucky

Some individuals struggle more than others with sun exposure. Despite their careful application of sunscreen, it seems ineffective at times. This person took extra precautions to avoid sunburn. They applied SPF 50 and even followed up with a layer of SPF 70. However, it seems their efforts were in vain. After just an hour in the sun, their skin began to turn bright red, which must have been quite frustrating.

A Painful Pattern

When selecting a bathing suit or top for a day outdoors, you have plenty of options to stay cool and stylish. However, if you forget to reapply sunscreen regularly, you might end up carrying that pattern with you for a while. This person found out the hard way when they changed shirts and discovered a zig-zagging pattern of sunburn protection across their chest.

Change of Shoes

Wearing the same shoes every day can start to leave its mark. While most people notice the wear and tear on the shoes first, if you work outside, you might see signs of your work habits in other ways. Over time, this person’s shorts allowed their legs to tan, but the shoes they wore daily prevented their feet from tanning in the same way. As a result, they ended up with an interesting tan line.

Sharing Something Interesting

At first glance, it might seem like this person spilled sunscreen on their arm, leading to an interesting shape in their sunburn. However, the reality is that this is a natural tan line of sorts. The person sharing the picture explained that this has happened to them their whole life, every time they got a sunburn or tan. This part of their arm wouldn’t have the same reaction to the sun.

Missed a Spot

Protecting your skin from the sun is crucial, especially during activities like running a marathon. When you first look at these photos, you might think that this runner forgot their sunscreen altogether. However, if you look a little closer, you’ll notice the smallest smear of protection across their shoulder. We hope they enjoyed the marathon, at least, before their shoulders started to ache a bit from the sunburn.

The Sunglasses Are Effective, at Least

When applying sunscreen, it’s crucial to cover your face fully to prevent a painful burn on sensitive skin. Unfortunately, this person forgot to add sunscreen to their face. On the bright side, they inadvertently demonstrated how effectively their sunglasses blocked out sunlight. In fact, the sunglasses did such a good job that they prevented burns around their eyes.

Matching Sandals

Working outside, especially during the summer, often means a lot of sun exposure, which can result in sunburns and unexpected tan lines. It seems like these coworkers either found a pair of sandals they all liked and wore consistently, or perhaps it’s part of their uniform. Either way, they all ended up with matching tan lines on their feet after spending multiple shifts in the sun.

It’s Sort of Sunscreen

At first glance, it might seem like these three individuals put handprints of sunscreen on their backs. However, there’s no sunscreen involved here, which explains why the majority of their backs ended up with a painful burn. The handprints were actually made with body paint. While body paint isn’t meant to protect from the sun, it did cover their skin well enough to prevent burning.

An Interesting Sunburn

Many people choose to wear their baseball hats backwards, which ultimately boils down to personal preference. However, if you wear your hat backwards, you miss out on the shade the bill provides. Moreover, as this person demonstrated, since most hats have a cutout in the back, you might end up with a sunburn on your forehead if you’re not careful.

That Looks Painful

It’s evident from their expressions that these two individuals are experiencing significant discomfort due to their sunburns. Their anguished faces tell quite a story. The severity of their sunburns appears intense, and it seems like they’re pretty covered, making it difficult to find comfort or even rest their arms at their sides. Sunburns of this magnitude can indeed be quite challenging to endure.

Sleeping With Sunglasses

Falling asleep on the beach with sunglasses on might seem like a good idea to protect your face, but it only works if you actually wear the sunglasses. In this case, the person was wearing sunglasses, which helped protect them from sunburn where they were sitting. However, the sunglasses weren’t on their face, leaving an imprint on their stomach instead.

The Croc-sequences

Wearing certain shoes can help protect your feet from the sun. However, shoes with mesh or holes won’t offer complete protection. So, if you wear your Crocs to the beach, it’s essential not to forget to apply sunscreen to the tops of your feet as well. The silver lining here is that this person isn’t dealing with a painful burn, just a tan line from their favorite shoes.

Not a Fun Time

Sunburns can indeed be painful to the touch. Finding some aloe and a comfortable position can provide relief. However, prolonged exposure to the sun can not only hurt your skin but also make you feel sick. It seems like this person’s hat was the only thing that prevented them from burning. Hopefully, they managed to recover from this sunburn quickly.

Well, it Sort of Worked

Covering your whole back with sunscreen, especially if you’re alone, can be quite challenging. It’s even more difficult with spray sunscreen. It’s common for spouses to help each other out in this regard. Who would take this person’s sun safety more seriously than their wife? Even if she took it very seriously, the consequences of insufficient coverage became evident as the day went on.

Trying a New Wardrobe

We’ve seen how staple clothing items can result in interesting tan lines, and the outcomes can vary. This person decided to change things up with a new pair of shorts. However, the problem arose because the new shorts were a bit shorter than the previous pair. This left part of their leg less accustomed to sun exposure, resulting in a sunburn forming in a band around their knee.

Almost a Feat

The way this person failed with sunscreen is so geometric it almost seems intentional. Still, we’re not sure it’s impressive if a sunburn is the result. Despite appearances, no one broke out a straightedge to give this person the perfect sunburn. Rather, they tried to apply it themselves and managed to miss almost the entirety of their back. Maybe next time it’s worth it to call a second person in to help.

Sunburns and Watches

If you’re putting on sunscreen, it can help to wear exactly what you’re planning to wear outside. That way, you know what’s protected and what isn’t. If you put on sunscreen while wearing pants and then change into shorts, you might forget to protect your legs. We can’t blame this person for not thinking too much about taking their watch off while they were out, but we’re sure they won’t forget after dealing with this watch-shaped burn.

They Got Your Shoulders!

If you’re going to have someone help you with your sunscreen, you have to choose someone you trust. Otherwise, you may find yourself regretting your choice. This person really trusted their friend to, quite literally, have their back. To be fair, they did get their shoulders rather well. The trouble comes as you start to glance closer to their mid and lower back. Looking there, the coverage isn’t so even.

Having a Little Fun

A t-shirt is a great way to keep your chest and back protected from the sun. However, when it comes to your arms, it isn’t quite as helpful. It seems like a t-shirt was the culprit behind this sunburn. Actually, it’s probably more the fault of the sunscreen or lack of it, but the short sleeves didn’t help. At least this person found a way to have fun with their new sunburn line.

The Results of Fishnets

There are plenty of examples of unusual tan lines or sunburn marks, often from sandals or bathing suits. However, your summer wardrobe doesn’t have to be limited to these items. This person opted for something bolder and stepped out into the sunlight with a fishnet accessory. Unfortunately, they may have forgotten to apply sunscreen underneath, resulting in a painful patterned sunburn.

Wearing Gloves

We’ve seen many people who have to work outside and the tan lines it can leave, whether it’s from wearing shorts, a t-shirt, or even a mask. This person was hit with the combination of a t-shirt and a pair of gloves, resulting in a tan from their elbow to their wrist. While a t-shirt tan line wouldn’t turn any heads, a glove tan line might seem a little surprising.

That’s Too Bright

Noticing your skin getting a little red on a hot day is never a good sign, but this shade of red would cause a lot more concern. Not only does it look painful, but apparently, it was also dangerous. The person who shared it mentioned that the sunburn came with a case of heatstroke. Even worse, they almost managed to miss getting burned until this final-day mishap. It’s crucial to take precautions against sun exposure and stay hydrated, especially in hot weather.

Thanks for the Help!

At this point, it might be a good idea to test our loved one’s sunscreen spray abilities before asking them to help with our backs. This person, like many, just wanted their spouse to help them stay safe from the sun. Technically, they did, but they didn’t quite offer protection for their partner’s whole back. While the sunscreen did get on some of it, it doesn’t alleviate the pain of the burns much. It’s important to ensure thorough coverage to prevent sunburns effectively.

But Not a Mesh Hat

It seems that relying solely on hats for sun protection is trickier than one might think. While hats can provide some protection, thin or mesh hats may not offer much coverage. Like this person experienced, you’re left with protection only where the seams of the hat are thicker, leaving the rest of your head exposed to the sun’s rays. It’s important to consider the type and thickness of your hat when relying on it for sun protection.

Just the Tattoo

If you have any tattoos, you know the sun can be brutal on them. To avoid problems like fading, you should always use sunscreen. This person obviously took that seriously. However, they didn’t take protecting the rest of their skin quite as seriously, leading to a burn everywhere else on their leg. At least their socks helped protect their ankles while they went about their hike.

It Can Happen Fast

It doesn’t take a set amount of time for a sunburn to happen. As such, if you’re out in the sun at all, you should slather on some sunscreen. Even if you’re just going for a quick dip in the pool, that leaves a lot of unprotected skin exposed to the sun’s rays. That’s a lesson this person had to learn firsthand when they decided they wouldn’t be out long enough to need sunscreen.

That’s Not Quite Right

It sounds like you’re discussing a situation where someone attempted to cover certain spots on someone else’s back, possibly moles, which can be skin concerns. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to understand that applying sunscreen unevenly or neglecting certain areas of the skin can increase the risk of sunburn and potential skin damage. It’s crucial to apply sunscreen evenly to all exposed areas of the skin for adequate protection against harmful UV rays.

Bon Appétit

Indeed, enjoying a meal outside on a sunny day can be delightful, but it’s not without its risks. We hope this woman’s breakfast was worth it! While the idea of having cereal on one’s balcony or in their backyard may seem pleasant, it doesn’t come without the risk of sun exposure and potential sunburn. It’s essential to take precautions like wearing sunscreen and seeking shade to avoid harmful effects from the sun’s rays.

Style Choices

It seems like this man made a bold and unique style choice! The only question that remains is, what exactly was he wearing? As far as we can tell, there are only two possibilities. Either this man was wearing a bikini top, in which case, more power to him. Alternatively, he may have been wearing lederhosen, a traditional German outfit consisting of suspenders and a chest strap. If that’s the case, he probably works at a themed restaurant or something. Actually, that could explain the bikini top option as well.

Um, What?

It sounds like you’re describing an unusual pattern of sunburn lines on a woman’s legs. Without more context, it’s challenging to determine exactly what might have caused such a pattern. However, it’s possible that the sunburn lines were created by the way the woman was sitting or lying down while exposed to the sun. For instance, she may have been wearing a particular type of clothing or had an object resting on her thighs, resulting in the distinctive pattern of sunburn lines. Whatever the cause, we hope she applies soothing cream to her sunburn and heals quickly. It does look painful, indeed.


It seems like you’re describing an unusual pattern of sunburn or markings on a man’s back that resembles the imprint of horns or arms. Without more context, it’s challenging to determine exactly what might have caused such markings. It’s possible that the markings were created by the way the man was sitting or lying down while exposed to the sun, or perhaps it was the result of some other activity or object. Whatever the cause, it does indeed look like he has an epic story to tell.

That Way

It sounds like you’re describing a humorous situation where a person ended up with handprints or markings on their stomach from sun exposure, possibly from cuddling with someone on the beach. While it may be amusing, it’s essential to remember the importance of sun protection to prevent sunburns and skin damage. Nonetheless, it seems like this person has unintentionally started a new trend of “commitment sunburns”.


It seems like you’re describing a man who is dedicated to his health and fitness routine, including daily runs on the beach. His toned physique suggests his commitment to staying in shape. However, his sunburned skin, which gives the appearance of him wearing a tank top while jogging, indicates that he may not have applied sunscreen adequately. While it’s admirable to prioritize physical fitness, it’s essential to protect the skin from harmful UV rays by applying sunscreen regularly, especially during outdoor activities like running on the beach.


It sounds like you’re describing a peculiar zig-zagged sunburn pattern on a person’s back, and you’re speculating about the cause of it. It’s possible that the sunburn pattern was unintentionally created by the way the person was lying down or sitting while exposed to the sun. Alternatively, as you suggested, it could have been a prank by a friend while applying sunscreen. Regardless of the cause, it’s essential to protect the skin from sunburn by applying sunscreen regularly and wearing appropriate clothing, especially during prolonged sun exposure. As for pranks, they indeed evolve over time.


It sounds like you’re commenting on a person’s sunburn lines, which seem to indicate that he frequently wears v-neck shirts. While it’s amusing to note his dedication to his signature style, it’s essential to rotate clothing styles to prevent sunburn lines from becoming too prominent. Switching to collared shirts or scoop necks occasionally could indeed help distribute sun exposure more evenly across the skin. However, if he prefers to stick with his beloved v-necks, that’s entirely his choice.

Free Ink!

It seems like you’re describing a situation where someone ended up with a sunburn that outlines a temporary tattoo they had applied. While the sunburn may have prolonged the appearance of the temporary tattoo, it also served as some form of skin protection. However, it’s essential to remember that sunscreen is the best way to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and prevent sunburns, regardless of whether temporary tattoos are involved. As for the design, hopefully, the person was a fan.

No Shoes But a Painful Problem

You’ve highlighted a crucial point: it’s essential to apply sunscreen to your feet, especially if you’re wearing sandals or no shoes at all. Unfortunately, this person learned this lesson the hard way during a beachside nap, resulting in a painful sunburn on their feet. Sunburn on the feet can indeed be particularly uncomfortable, especially with every step. It’s understandable that people would notice and comment on the severity of the sunburn, as they would likely be aware of the pain and discomfort it causes. Hopefully, this experience serves as a reminder to always protect the feet with sunscreen when spending time in the sun.

Cloudy Days Too

Checking the weather forecast before heading out is indeed essential, as weather conditions can change rapidly. In this situation, what began as a cloudy day unexpectedly turned into a sunny one, catching the person and their spouse unprepared for the intense sunlight. As a result, they both ended up with sunburns, and the person humorously noted that their skin color now matches the walls. This serves as a reminder of the importance of staying informed about weather conditions and being prepared for any changes, especially when spending time outdoors.

Don’t Opt Out

Skipping sunscreen in your morning routine, even just for one day, can lead to consequences when spending time in the sun. As this person experienced, neglecting sunscreen while exposed to sunlight can result in sunburns and other skin issues. It’s essential to prioritize sun protection by applying sunscreen regularly, especially when planning to spend time outdoors. This ensures the skin is shielded from harmful UV rays and reduces the risk of sun damage and discomfort.

Even in Fair Weather

Absolutely, even on cooler or overcast days, UV rays can still penetrate the atmosphere and cause sunburns or skin damage. As this person experienced, engaging in outdoor activities like fishing, even in cooler weather, can still expose the skin to UV rays. Therefore, it’s crucial to apply sunscreen regularly, regardless of the weather conditions or outdoor temperature. Sun protection helps prevent sunburns and reduces the risk of long-term skin damage caused by UV exposure.

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