35+ Unusual But Effective Korean Skincare Tips

35+ Unusual But Effective Korean Skincare Tips

The culture of Korea has become widely popular worldwide with its music, dramas, movies, and particularly, skincare. Korean skincare is presently the most trending thing. No matter which part of the world you visit, you are bound to come across Korean skincare products. Nonetheless, have you ever encountered some of their unconventional beauty hacks and wondered, “Is this for real?” If not, get ready to learn about some strange but effective K-beauty hacks!

Horse Butter to Nourish the Skin

Although it may sound unpleasant, do not feel disgusted yet as horse butter items have gained immense popularity in Korea. A lot of beauty enthusiasts believe in the efficiency of this unusual animal fat for skincare. The companies that manufacture horse butter creams claim that it is based on scientific research, contributing to its success.

It is said that human fat and horse fat have a similar chemical makeup. This product promotes skin healing, scar reduction, and hydration. However, there is not enough research to confirm the effectiveness. Despite this, it is considered one of the top beauty tips in Korea.

Bee Venom

Korean skincare enthusiasts widely use bee venom in a variety of products such as moisturizers, body lotions, and toners. It is considered a well-known and favored ingredient, similar to ginseng, in traditional skincare.


The skincare products that have their roots in Korea prioritize natural components for their skin-soothing qualities. These products particularly employ bee venom as it is known to possess healing characteristics that can enhance and restore the skin’s protective layer.

Care for Some Golden Hue?

It is peculiar that Asian beauty lines, including Korean beauty care, have a fascination with incorporating gold into their skincare products. This particular face mask, containing 24-carat gold, is considered a lavish item worth trying at least once in a person’s lifetime.

Picture yourself with a golden face for several hours to achieve some radiance! Although gold does offer some minor skin care advantages, it may cause some people to develop an allergic reaction. This can result in a flawed appearance. Therefore, it’s crucial to test your sensitivity to this product before trying any similar tricks.

Caviar Cream

The resemblance to caviar is striking! The Korean skincare industry has discovered that certain food items, including luxurious items like caviar and salmon eggs, possess skincare benefits. The positive aspect is that caviar skincare is relatively inexpensive.

According to Korean beauty experts, caviar eggs can serve as a moisturizer for your skin, both during the day and night, because of their restorative properties. However, be careful not to confuse it with the caviar used in cooking and accidentally place it in the kitchen.

Blood Face Mask

This particular face mask is most suitable for Halloween and gained notoriety when it was first introduced due to its blood-like appearance. Young people were especially drawn to it. If you’re not enthusiastic about traditional skincare routines, applying this type of mask at night could be an exciting and persuasive alternative.

This isn’t an ordinary mask that’s just for fun. This sleeping mask contains dragon blood extracts and is believed to have a mystical impact on your skin. Does that sound strange enough? Rest assured, there’s more fascinating content on the way, so please stay tuned.

Don’t Eat This Cheese Cream

Korean beauty companies have a strong interest in using food ingredients in their skincare products and a recent addition to this trend is a cheese-based face cream. The consistency of this cream closely resembles that of mozzarella cheese, which may be surprising but also exciting to hear.

Even though the cheese-based face cream promises to have anti-aging effects, it can be difficult to apply properly due to its weighty consistency. However, the good news is that it doesn’t have any apparent dairy-like odor, which is common in Korean skin products.

Jamsu or Face Plunging

Korean beauty not only offers interesting products, but also interesting techniques and methods. One of these is the Jamsu method, which involves immersing your face in cold water to make your makeup last longer. To use this method, first wash your face and then apply primer, toner, and concealer to create a base.

Firstly, dust some talcum powder onto your face and then submerge it in cool water for around 15 to 30 seconds. After drying your face, proceed to apply your makeup. This simple routine will effectively extend the duration of your makeup’s wear.

Mayo for Hair

When the Haeyo Mayo was first introduced by the popular Korean brand Tony Moly, it caused a stir of surprise and curiosity among consumers. The product’s deceptive packaging even led some individuals to consider using it for their salads.

The Haeyo Mayo is a hair product that includes shea butter, egg yolk extract, macadamia oil, and vinegar, blended into an emulsion that mimics the appearance and texture of mayonnaise. The brand has marketed this as a nutritional hair treatment designed to provide a sleek and silky finish.

Aegyo Sal or Eye Smiles

Aegyo Sal is a prevalent beauty practice in Korea that involves creating under-eye bags for a more youthful appearance. Despite its popularity, it’s worth noting that Aegyo Sal is not a product but rather a technique. It may sound strange, but the idea is that under-eye bags can make eyes appear fuller and brighter.

Many people achieve this look through the use of makeup, and if you are a fan of K-pop, you have likely seen it frequently. In certain instances, individuals may opt for surgical or medicinal procedures. It can be difficult to comprehend the extent to which people are striving to attain under-eye bags.

Skin Lightening Is Trendy

Lightening the skin is a widespread practice in Asia, and Korea is no different. Achieving a bright, luminous complexion is considered a crucial standard of beauty in Korea, and there are various methods to achieve this. One common strategy involves utilizing toothpaste to alleviate sun spots or skin inflammation.

There are those who use petroleum jelly such as Vaseline on their face to retain moisture, giving it a dewy appearance. There are numerous variations of skin lightening skincare products available, but it is essential to confirm their authenticity before use.

Carbonated Bubble Mask

In 2020, one of the most popular skincare items was the carbonated bubble clay mask. The Korean beauty industry always has innovative ideas for facial masks, and this particular product lives up to its name by producing bubbles.

Once you apply it to your skin, it starts to produce foam and produces bubbles. They are very effective in removing blackheads and also provide an enjoyable experience. In addition, it’s an extra item to consider if you want to give someone a fright.

Donkey Milk Sleeping Mask

If you believed that this compilation couldn’t become more bizarre than its current state, reconsider. The individual who came up with the idea of incorporating donkey milk into a skincare routine must have possessed an unusual combination of madness and brilliance, as numerous individuals swear by this item.

Imselene produces the best-selling sleeping mask made of donkey milk, which is rich in protein, alkali, and amino acids. These components are vital for rejuvenating and tightening your skin.

Coffee Body Scrub

Nowadays, coffee has found a new use beyond being a beverage. Skinfood has introduced innovative skincare bundles that incorporate edible items, with the coffee body scrub package being the preferred choice among users. The usage of coffee beans in beauty treatments has been a well-known beauty remedy in Asian culture for quite some time.

Despite its primary use being in hair care, there has been a recent trend of incorporating it into skincare products. The fragrance of this item is reminiscent of real coffee. It’s important to store it away from your kitchen to avoid accidentally using it as an ingredient in your morning coffee.

Lip and Brow Tint Glue

Yes, there are now special types of glue available for both your lips and brows that offer skincare benefits. Remember how you used to put regular glue all over your skin as a child? Well, now you can do it again as a grown-up, but without any harmful side effects thanks to these specially formulated glues.

They are officially called gels, but their consistency is more comparable to glue. These products enhance the fullness of your eyebrows and improve the shape of your lips.

Lava Face Packs

A face pack straight from H-E-double-hockey-sticks! This Korean product is made from the volcanic soils collected from Jeju mountain of Korea. Koreans have used Jeju lava in skincare for a very long time; some families living in these provinces still use this soil as a part of their skincare regime.

Popular Korean brands such as The Face Shop and Innisfree recently started this Jeju Volcanic face packs line. Jeju volcanic soil is claimed to cleanse the skin gently by exfoliating deep into the pore.

Starfish Cream

No starfish were hurt to make this cream! Mizon’s starfish cream was very popular when it was marketed initially. Now that there are several competitors, it’s not that hyped anymore.

A Korean beauty expert even commented that it’s the most effective skincare that everyone must use and thankfully, it has no downsides. Starfish creams are used for anti-aging effects and the rave reviews of this ingredient suggest the claim might just be true.

V-Line Mask for Your Face

This one might remind one of Anthony Hopkins from Silence of the Lambs wearing that scary mask. Don’t worry, it’s not that bad. Koreans have some strict preferences when it comes to face shapes.

Aside from the dewy and plump skin, the ideal Korean pretty face should have a V-shaped cheek to chin transition. Wearing this mask can make your jawline appear V-shaped and many popular idols also use this.

Lip Gel Patch

These are lip-shaped patches designed to make your lips appear plumped and nourished. It’s kind of like a face mask but for your lips — a popular product in Korea. A pretty pair of lips in Korea means it has to be fuller and pink in color.

They actually put a lot of effort to make it that way. Etude House’s lip gels are pretty popular all over the world. Going out with a patch on is probably not a great idea, but then again, who cares?

Nail Mask Pack

Yes, the nails are important, too. Korean beauty practices go all the way and your pruned nails finally have some hope left. These nail masks are like gloves or finger pockets. You only have to apply them for 10 to 15 minutes and the result is healthy-looking nails and fingertips.

To be honest, this is a great item to add to your skincare collection. They are very comfortable and the reviews suggest they work. They’re not just fancy dresses for your fingers, they might be worth trying!

Snail Slime

Snail slime is extremely popular in Korea and now taking over the whole world. Korean brand CosRx believes that the product Advanced Snail Mucin Essence is ranked as the best-selling Korean product that is sold all over the world, so this one is confirmed to work.

Snail slime or mucin can hold moisture and soothe the skin. It comes in many forms — snail mucin essence, toner, mask, and night creams. Free of any alcohol and fragrances, this slimy and strange product is perhaps worth getting!

Rubber Mask

Don’t worry, you won’t look like Vision from Marvel Universe if you wear this mask. Or you might, so what? These masks actually work and the best thing is that they are reusable.

Due to its thickness, it can hold more products and your face remains hydrated for longer. This is a dual product, working as a mask as well as a toner. Yes, you might look like a cold-blooded serial killer, but we think this mask is worth a shot.

Eye Patches Like Panda

We have stumbled upon the cute-but-weird category now. These eye patches will take care of your bags under the eyes all the while making you look like a panda. Tony Moly is one of the biggest Korean brands in existence and their Panda Dream eye patches are very famous.

Eyecare is never neglected when it comes to Korean skin care routines — hence, they have various types of products for this delicate area. This one’s a cutely designed under-eye patch with great benefits.

Pig Collagen Mask for Soft Skin

You’ve cringed at the thought of donkey milk on your face, now grimace at pig collagen masks. No matter how weird it sounds, there is some valid science behind it. Korean skincare is way ahead of western skincare and that is evident when it comes to ingredients.

In all or most of the skincare products, you will find many uses of animal proteins and fats. While big western skincare companies hide them due to their sketchy origin, Korean brands flaunt their sustainably resourced ingredients and gain the trust of their customers.

Egg Yolk Peel-Off Masks

Yet another food item turned into a skincare product. This product is said to have some lifting effects on the skin, as a firm and poreless appearance is a desired trait in Korea. These are very easy to use — just mix with water, apply on a cleansed face, and voilà!

You’ll end up with firm skin. Egg yolks have allantoin and albumin, which are responsible for absorbing moisture. However, beware of allergies, as some people may be intolerant to egg yolks on their face.

Sleeping Around Damp Towels

Korean skin care has way too many hacks for hydrating the skin, as hydrated skin not only looks good but feels incredible.

South Korea has a relatively drier climate, which is why you’ll see a lot of skincare hacks focusing on hydration. Sleeping around damp towels is one of those hacks. This one is an old Korean skincare practice to keep the skin barrier moist and soft.

Bubble Tea Sleeping Mask

Love boba tea? Then, you’d love these sleeping masks, too. Korean companies managed to make a skincare product out of every food item and boba tea is the latest edition. Tea has always been regarded as a skin-friendly product and many Asian countries use it.

However, Korea may have been the first to popularize bubble tea as having skincare benefits. Etude’s Bubble Tea Mask is one of the most popular ones out there, soothing irritated skin and alleviating redness.

Silk Balls for Blackheads

Stubborn blackheads are a thing of the past with these silk cocoons. When it comes to physical exfoliation, Korean brands are very innovative. They end up creating the best balance in making them more effective as well as gentler for the skin.

Nature Republic’s silk balls are one of those innovations. You are supposed to gently scrub the blackhead area to get rid of blackheads. Not only do they look super cute, but they seem to be effective as well.

Lip Tints

Lips tints are classic Korean lip care products but this one takes it up a notch. These lip tints are packaged like mini vino bottles, and they actually look quite fancy.

They are made from French vino extract, giving it an authentic flavor. They give off a glossy look with a matte finish and also help to moisturize your lips!

Placenta Extract Face Creams Exists

That’s right! Placenta extract face creams have been quite popular in Korea. This one is perhaps the pinnacle of unusually weird ingredients in Korean skincare but the rave reviews prove that it does the job. No matter how weird it sounds, there’s reasoning behind it.

In fact, there are many over the counter medicines made from this ingredient for healing extremely dry skin. Some researchers even support its healing properties.

The Three-Second Rule

Korean skincare means a lot of rules and regulations about proper skincare. We believe you’ve heard of the popular 10-step Korean skincare. Have you heard of the three-second rule? According to this, you must start applying products within three seconds of cleansing the face and neck.

Any later than that may cause your skin to become dull. There’s no concrete research behind this but perhaps it has something to do with the pH level of your skin.

Jelly Packs for Bouncy Skin

Remember wiggly jellies for Thanksgiving dinner? Now, you can actually smoosh your face on them. Jelly packs are gaining popularity in the K-beauty industry. The brands producing these claim that jelly packs can make your skin look bouncy with a glowing feel.

While some use them as makeup primers, some say they are nukes — just a marketing stunt. Whether it works or not, it’s sure a fun experience to try out!

Cleansing Masks Made from Juice

K-beauty differs a lot from western trends, as they heavily focus on naturally derived products. Top brands source the active ingredients from fruits and vegetables, which is not weird until you think about the extent of it.

Perhaps it’s hard not to find any juice in your K-beauty products. Popular Korean brands Soko Glam and Glow Recipe have sold billions of juice cleansing products tailored for the skin. From kale to watermelon, nothing has been left out!

Face Lifting Tools

If you are a devourer of K-dramas and K-pops, you know that there’s a distinct similarity between the popular Korean actors and idols. Koreans have very specific standards of beauty. Face lifting tools are very famous in Korea and beauty gurus say that they work!

Unlike the traditional lifting tools, these are not at all uncomfortable. Using them daily can indeed lift the face, although the effects may be temporary.

Seven Skin Methods for Hydration

Seven skin method is slightly the same version of the 10-step skincare routine, but this one focuses on toners or should we say — going crazy with toners. In this method, you are required to put toner on your face seven times in a row after cleansing the skin.

If you have extremely dry skin or want your serums and essences to penetrate deeper into the pores, this one’s for you. Beware, though, excessive toner may not be that effective.

Egg Mousse Body Oil

This product is specially made for millennial beauty enthusiasts who seem to be obsessed with egg-based products. Only this time, a brand decided to get more creative and make an egg mousse body oil.

Some gave this product a 5/5 rating, as it has transformed their dry and cracked skin into plump and dewy. The product is packed with all the essential proteins, ceramides, and amino acids — the magic trio responsible for perfect skin.

Truffle Oil

K-beauty megabrand Neogen came up with the truffle oil drop and the internet went absolutely wild! Truffle oils are known to have several benefits for the skin — no wonder why Korean skincare routines have added this item to their list.

It has anti-aging properties, which is why it’s being highly incorporated into skincare lines these days. It also helps to protect the skin from the negative effects of UV rays.

Makgeolli as Face Mask

Fermented products are a favorite in Korean skincare. Sake is one of those popular fermented ingredients adopted by many big brands like Tony Moly. Sake is claimed to have skin brightening and skin purifying properties.

These face masks are insanely popular among the younger consumers and by the looks of it, it seems as though this one works like magic. It helps to prevent wrinkles and keeps the skin looking young.

Magnetic Face Mask

Surely you know by now that the Korean beauty industry always comes up with innovative face masks. This one is a magnet face mask, and it has a powdery texture. Contrary to what you’re expecting, this one has one of the best reviews.

Among all Dr. Brandt’s products, this magnet face mask is the best rated one. Many commented that it removes the gunk from the pores and is the gentlest physical exfoliator on the market.

Shampoo for Eyelash and Brows

Who doesn’t love dark eyelashes and brows? Korean skincare has solutions for this, too. There are special shampoos formulated for stimulating hair growth in these areas. The shampoo made for hair may be too strong for eyebrows and lashes, as claimed by a brand that produces this shampoo.

This product is prepared with those delicate areas — near the lashes and eyebrows — specifically in mind. They are free of fragrances or any type of irritants. Do they work? Well, the pool is very much divided on its effectiveness.

Nose-Up Gadget for Straight Nose

A straight and thin nose is the classic definition of perfect Korean beauty. To help people get this shape of the nose, the Korean market has invented several gadgets. Also called nose shapers, these small clip devices can magically slim down the nose or that’s at least what the packaging claims.

Usually, in Korea, people do not shy away from plastic surgery as it’s very common and safe to do in their country. However, if you’re not a fan of cutting scissors and forceps, this small tool can be your friend.

Fashion is a variable concept that tends to change from season to season and year to year. However, these moms and daughters were here to prove that some outfits never go out of style.

Bring it Back from the Nineties

Traditionally, prom dresses resemble long gowns. But this mother and daughter duo taught us that you can rock a short dress to prom and still look picture-perfect. Another all-black classic, this tea-length dress with a flared silhouette worked just as well at this daughter’s 2016 prom as it did for her mom back in 1991.

Mesh, Beads, and More

When this teen wore her mother’s old dress to prom, she did so with a joke. She posted these two pictures with the caption, “1989 is like, super in right now.” Her mother responded, “I can hardly find words. Yes, this vintage dress came from my closet – right out of 1989, my senior prom!” As gorgeous as this dress is, it’s no surprise that it still worked so well years later. The mesh fabric neckline and the beading are particularly beautiful.

Peachy Keen

This teen found a gem as her mother shared on social media where she stated, “Look what we found at my mom’s!” It was a great find, indeed! Instead of opting for a bright prom dress, these ladies went more subtle with a neutral peach that brings a pop of color without being too harsh. Even better, after 26 years packed away, they pulled the dress and shoes out only to realize they were the perfect size for this generation’s prom-goer.

A Red Statement

This teen posted her prom look with the caption, “Found my prom dress in my mom’s closet. I wore the same dress my mom wore for her prom 2015 | 1990.” The dress is definitely a statement thanks to its eye-catching red color. Plus, the neckline really draws the eye thanks to the beadwork on the chest. While her mother’s accessories complement the dress well, we have to appreciate the earrings that this daughter wore to match the beading.

Blue Sequin Dream

This mother-daughter pairing went for a bright color and some beautiful tailoring to catch the attention of everyone at their proms. Not only do both of these women look stunning in this blue, sequined gown but it’s made all the better by the details. For instance, the beading on the neckline is stunning enough to capture the attention of anyone with an eye for fashion. Plus, they both add their own flair with their taste in makeup to match the gown.

Beaded and Beautiful

When Aiden Whittemore was getting ready for prom, she posted this picture of her date alongside a picture of her mom in the same dress. Captioned, “Me (2017) in my mom’s junior prom dress (1996),” we have to appreciate these ladies’ sense of style. They opted for a more bold look for their prom appearances but instead of choosing a flashy color, they drew eyes with beadwork that reflected the light gorgeously. We also have to admire what great condition the dress is in too!

All in the Alterations

This teen wore her mom’s old prom dress to her own prom and posted the results with the caption, “Saved money on prom by going vintage – I wore my momma’s prom dress!” We have to say, the results are stunning. She also showed us that there’s more to wearing a vintage dress than just putting the dress on. With a little tailoring and a few alterations, she brought this dress into the modern era without making it unrecognizable.

A Bit of ’70s Flair

The 1970s is one of those iconic eras that we still love to harken back to. From the music to the fashion, there’s a lot that we’ll still borrow from. While the suit that her mom’s prom date wore might raise a few eyebrows today, this teen rocked her mom’s prom dress to her own prom like it was brand new. She posted pictures on social media saying, “Since I was wearing my mom’s senior prom dress from the ‘70s, we had to recreate this gem.”

A New Tradition

When this teen shared her prom photos alongside her mom’s, she captioned it, “I think we just started a tradition…” We have to say, it seems like a great tradition to start! This simple black dress is made all the more gorgeous by the details. With embroidered details and a fabric layer that catches the light just right, both mother and daughter looked great for prom. This daughter’s statement piece jewelry also makes the look work well.

A Red Silhouette

This red dress with a slender silhouette is the type of dress that never goes out of style. This mother and daughter rocked the same dress years apart and it withstood the test of time well. This is also another case where the design of the dress is timeless as well as stunning on the people wearing it. For instance, the plunging neckline and the slit up the skirt are two details that have stuck around for ages for a reason.

Grandma’s in it Too!

This set of photos is particularly impressive because you get the chance to see this gown through multiple generations. While the silhouette has slimmed down, you can still tell that this is the same dress. Moving from the left to right, you can see grandma in the first picture followed by her daughter and two granddaughters all in the same gown. This ball gown was first worn in 1962 but it still looks stunning in the most recent photo in 2013.

Shaking it Up

These two ladies rocked the same prom dresses too. Mom first wore this collared gown back in 1996 for her prom while the daughter brought it back for her prom in 2016. The collar on this dress, alongside the lacework, is really what makes it pop. However, the most interesting thing in the side-by-side is how they made the look their own each time. While the mom opted for a neutral look, her daughter livened it up with neon hair and plenty of accessories.

Saving it for This Day

This hand-me-down dress was just waiting for the day it could come off the rack again. As it would seem, it was an effort that was well worth the wait. This teen posted her prom dress with the caption, “My mom had been saving her old prom dress for all these years just so her future daughter could try it on.” It took some pretty heavy planning ahead but the end result is gorgeous and both mother and daughter look fantastic.

Adding Length

When this teen posted her passed-down prom dress with the caption, “My mom going to her senior prom 1987 vs. me going to my senior prom 2017 (same dress just a few changes made,” we were blown away. Seeing an altered dress isn’t out of the ordinary but we are used to seeing older dresses shortened to make them look more modern. Interestingly, this teen chose to add length to the dress, making it look stunning and creative.

Little Black Dress

There are certain styles that always stay in popularity. Back in 2015, this teenager nailed an iconic style with a Tweet that read, “Wore my mama’s dress to prom.” One of the reasons that this dress works so well years later is that it’s a flattering, sleek outline with features such as a slit up the skirt that is still used in today’s fashion. However, it’s helped along by the fact that it offers a pop of color with the golden straps.

A Classic Look

This dress lasted through two generations for good reason – it’s a gorgeous gown that anyone would be able to appreciate. The simple design is absolutely timeless and classic. The mother posted the picture of herself and her daughter wearing the same dress at their separate proms with the comment, “My daughter’s prom was this past weekend and she wore my prom dress from 20 years ago as well – black dresses are never out of style.”

Be Bold

We wonder how this mom felt about her daughter’s re-working of her prom dress from 1986. After all, she didn’t wear it to a traditional prom but her school’s tacky prom. Tacky proms are a concept that turns traditional proms on their head. They mimic a prom but students are encouraged to dress tacky, as the name suggests. This teen used the chance to throwback to decades past by pulling out her mother’s boldly patterned dress for the night.

A Vintage Masterpiece

This generational set of images is stunning in a variety of ways. It was posted with the caption, “Mom and I shared several dresses, 24 years apart.” While the images and caption don’t mention a date, we can estimate that the mother in this set of photos went to prom in the 1950s. After all, just take a look at those gloves – they were made popular in the 1950s alongside a very ’50s-esque hairstyle. However, the dress still looked in-style years later!

Stunning Sequins

There are certain bits of fashion that have always served as a statement piece. For instance, this dress that’s absolutely covered in black sequins for a glittering finish. This mom posted these two side-by-side photos with the explanation, “Me at prom on the left in 1990. My daughter in my dress going to her prom in 2014.” Both of these women rocked their bold look at prom well and left us stunned with the results.

Mom’s Dress, Dad’s Picture

It seems like this teen not only inherited her mom’s prom dress in this photoset but a familiar pose with her dad as well. It makes for a touching family photo album. The dress itself is bold and eye-catching as well. While her mom, Amy, wore it in 2003, this teen, Tori, wore the dress again at her 2016 prom. It’s a bright blue and between the patterning and material, it almost looks as though it glitters under the light.

A Pop of White

Sometimes, a spot of contrast is exactly what it needs to stand out. For this dark red gown, the answer was white lace appliques that really escalate the style of the dress. The mother in this duo posted the pictures saying, “1993 that’s me on the left and 23 years later my daughter on the right did the same thing for her prom 2017. I’m happy she likes my style. This is the second time she got to wear my dresses from high school…Moms rock.”

From Wedding to Prom

This image is particularly touching because this teen opted for her mom’s vintage dress but it wasn’t a prom dress at all! Instead, this teen wore her mom’s wedding dress to her prom. It might be a little shocking to see a long red dress used for a wedding rather than a white one but it wasn’t always this shocking. Apparently, wedding dresses weren’t popularly white until 1840 which Queen Victoria made it popular. Before that, red was a common choice.

A Little Bit of Lace

There’s no wonder that this prom dress looks so good later on – the style is timeless! Not only does it prescribe to the black gown standard of formal attire but it has beautiful details to boot. This mom posted these pictures with the caption, “Who knew my only daughter would wear MY prom dress 22 years later! She looked absolutely beautiful!” We have to say, the dress is gorgeous and both women wear it well. The lacing around the neckline makes a particularly great statement.

Homemade With Love

When this mom shared these two photos, she stated, “Prom 1980-something, prom 2016.” Even sweeter, she mentioned that the dress was even a little more sentimental than it looks at first glance. The dress wasn’t originally purchased for a prom either but rather made. Not only did this teen get a chance to wear a gown her mother wore to her own prom, but it’s a dress that her grandmother made as well! Plus, how lucky are they that the dress fits through the generations?

Burgundy Beauty

While this mother didn’t quite get the chance to see her daughter wear her dress to her own prom, she did get the chance to see her in the dress. “She didn’t wear it to prom but I at least got her to try it on and stand in the same spot the morning of her prom day at my parents’ house…20 years later.” Honestly, it’s impressive not only that they both look great but that they managed to get the same picture as well!

White on White

This teen shows us that not every timeless dress has to feature a darker color scheme. Instead, this mother-daughter pair decided to both rock a white floor-length gown to their proms. The side-by-side pictures were posted with the caption, “I think it’s the most beautiful, but I’m a little biased toward my own family…circa 1987 and 2017.” We particularly love the fact that while the gown stayed the same and these two ladies’ dates wore matching roses, they shook up the tux colors.

Pretty in Pink

This pink dress is a fun, bright choice for prom and this mother and daughter shared their preference for their bubbly formal dresses through the generations. “Some may recognize the dress Roxanne wore to prom. I wore the dress in 1988 to my senior military ball. I am sure we have a few pictures at my mom’s of me in the dress but this is the one I have. We had no alterations to the dress,” this mother posted. How convenient!

Glamorous in Green

We actually got to see this look thanks to a third party. The picture was posted with the caption, “My little sister decided to wear my mom’s prom dress for her prom this year and it’s making me so emotional.” Black and green aren’t used together too often for prom dresses but after seeing this, we think it should definitely be a bigger trend! The daughter even made a bold, vintage choice when she added elbow-length opera gloves to the prom – a gamble that paid off!

Keep it Classic

When this young woman was getting ready for her prom, she pulled her mom’s old prom dress out and struck gold. This stunning gown takes confidence and pretty good taste to pull off. The dress itself is already impressively patterned, drawing the eye more than a simple black dress would on its own. In addition, the abdomen cutout is an interesting touch that makes this dress memorable. Plus, the additional fabric around the abdomen adds to how dynamic the design is.

Proud Mama

This proud mama posted these two pictures of herself and her daughter wearing the same prom dress, 17 years apart captioned, “Who wore it better??? Love that my baby is wearing my 17-year-old dress.” We have to say, choosing who did wear this dress better is pretty close to impossible since both women pulled it off so well. They also breathed their own style into this dress at each prom. While mom rocked long locks, the daughter opted for an elegant updo.

Patterned for Prom

This mother and daughter took the chance at their proms to go above and beyond to show off their love for the timeless pattern of polka dots. Her mom posted the picture with the description, “Estee went to prom tonight wearing my senior prom dress from 1991! Beautiful girls, awesome dress!” We also appreciate that this polka dot dress uses a sash to show off a different dotted pattern and the asymmetrical skirt length.

Made for Generations

Once again, this teen is here to show us that some styles are timeless when she wore her mom’s prom dress to her own prom a generation later. Again, this dress is timeless, in part, thanks to its color and cut. The body of the dress is black and its classy collar gives it a bit of color and pop. Even though this teen didn’t tailor her dress too much to bring this vintage choice into the modern era, it withstands the test of time.

Red as a Rose

This time, it was a proud dad that posted about his wife and daughter on social media. He captioned it, “My wife and I 1997 prom, our daughter’s 2017 prom same dress!” Both photos show this dress in mint condition despite them being taken 20 years apart. Plus, the dress itself is absolutely gorgeous from the color of the gown to the cut and even the plunging neckline that is finished off with a small gem to complete the look.

Simple Elegance

This simple black dress working through the generations is another example of how a dress can last through generations and still look perfect in the prom pictures. This black dress is ankle-length with a plunging neckline that makes it absolutely stunning. However, it’s made all the more impressive by the intricate beading on the dress. We can see it a little better in the 1995 picture of the mother wearing the dress but the beading also catches the light.

What a Beautiful Gown

This mother and daughter pair wore the same dress years apart and both of them look like they’re rocking a brand new look. Posted with, “Share as my daughter wore mine just this past Sat[urday]! My prom 1996, hers 2017,” it really shows that a good dress never goes out of style. There are a few alterations between the photos such as a lengthened skirt slit but both women made it their own!

A Pop of Red

Let’s be real here — this is one stylish mother-daughter duo. The mother (on the left) wore this red, sequin number to her senior prom in 1994. Still, she knew that it was too nice a dress to give away or get rid of as the years passed. And it’s a good thing she felt that way! 22 years later, in 2016, her daughter (on the right) revived the same dress and looked just as stunning as mama bear did decades before.

You’ve Got a Peach of My Heart

So many things popped out at us as we were looking at this split of a mother and daughter wearing the same dress years apart. Not only does this mother-daughter duo look extremely alike but both of their dates have eerily similar features as well. Then again, you know what they say — “history repeats itself.” In any case, we can understand why this daughter decided to dust this little number off to wear to her prom. After all, this peach gown really is timeless!

Same Size!

How fantastic is this strapless tulle gown?! It’s so simple yet so elegant, and those royal blue accents make the dress absolutely pop! On the left is a mother wearing the gown to prom in 1988. On the right, her daughter is wearing the same exact dress to her senior prom in 2016! The best part? She had to make zero alterations to the dress because she and her mom are the same exact size! Some things really just work out perfectly, don’t they?

Lady in Red

Despite the fact that the left picture is a tad bit blurry — ya know, being that it was 1989 and everything — it’s clear where the daughter (on the right) gets her radiant smile from. In fact, it looks like this gal got most of her features from that beautiful mother of hers. And considering that they look so much alike, why shouldn’t they wear the same dress 25 years apart? After all, it’s a classic number whether it’s 1989 or 2014!

Peplum Is Still In

There’s no denying that this royal blue, peplum dress was the ultimate style in the ’80s. Even with that being said, though, it’s clear that this little number hasn’t gone out of style. After all, this daughter (on the right) recreated her mother’s senior prom look with a modern touch. Although she decided to ditch both the black hand gloves and stockings that her mother once wore, this gal rocked this ensemble and undoubtedly made her mother very proud.

Revamped and Worn Again

How adorable is this mommy-daughter duo? While this may not entirely look like the same dress, it turns out that it is, just years apart! In order to give it a modern feel, the daughter (on the right) revamped and made alterations to the very gown that her mother wore to her own senior prom! It’s clear that this dress — which is now just a tad less puffy and slightly shorter — holds a lot of sentiment for these two beautiful ladies.

A Timeless Piece

From this photo, it’s pretty clear that some looks just never go out of style. Although this mother and daughter wore the same dress 22 years apart, there’s no denying that this dress works whether it’s 1995 or 2017. After all, they both look absolutely stunning. While mama bear went for a half-up half-down hairstyle, her daughter decided to wear her hair completely down with a bedazzled headband — and, of course, a touch of red dye to match the dress!

Puffy Sleeves No More

If we’re being honest here, the photo on the left totally screams the ’90s. And while the puffy sleeves are no longer exactly “in,” we’re sure glad that this mother decided to hold onto her prom dress. Why? Well, years later, her daughter ended up finding it hidden in the back of the closet. After making some minor changes to the gown to fit her own style, she wore it to her own senior prom and looked undeniably radiant!

Red Velvet

Call us crazy but the daughter (on the right) is a spitting image of her mother (on the left), especially when she’s wearing that dress! Speaking of this form-fitting gown — we think we just fell in love. After all, it’s a deep red velvet ensemble with a mesh accent around the waist and a slit going up the thigh. Now, that’s what we call style! It’s clear that these ladies think so too, judging from their beautifully confident smiles!

Repurposed & Loving It

Why spend money on a new dress when you can just shop in your mother’s closet? Well, that’s exactly what this gal did. Years after mommy dearest wore her prom dress in 1987, her daughter found it sitting up in the closet collecting dust. She thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to wear something completely different than everyone else so she repurposed the puffy-sleeved ’80s gown to give it a much more contemporary feel. Between the “new” dress and those awesome sneakers, we can only assume that this gal turned heads at her own prom.

Forest Green

It’s not every day that you find a gown as stunning as this one. With that being said, it makes sense as to why this mother (on the left) held onto it years after her own prom. While simple, there’s no denying that this dress screams elegance — with its forest green color, v-neckline, and thigh-high split. Despite the fact that it was worn almost two decades apart, mother in 1998 and daughter in 2017, we really don’t see this going out of style anytime soon.

How Precious!

We hate to say it but it certainly looks like mama bear (on the left) was much happier wearing this gown to her senior prom in 1999 than her daughter is now. Between its color and cut, we can definitely say that this is a special gown. And both of these ladies are absolutely rocking it, even if the daughter doesn’t think she is. In any case, we’re glad that mommy dearest here decided to hold onto the dress. Without her, we wouldn’t have this precious side-by-side photo!

Point-Toed Heels to Peep-Toed Pumps

This mother-daughter duo are absolute visions in this black satin gown! If it weren’t for the quality of the photo on the left to give it away, we’d say that this is the same gal. After all, the daughter (on the right) made no alterations whatsoever to the dress as she and her mother are luckily the same sizes! In fact, the only things she did differently for her junior prom was were her hair down rather than in an updo, and swapped out the pointy-toed heels for peep-toed pumps!


Okay, we know that said we fell in love with another dress, but we think that we may have actually found the one! In all honesty, this dress is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Not only is it unique but it’s also completely eye-catching — we can’t stop looking at it! It’s no wonder why this mom decided to keep the dress even after attending her junior prom in 1990. It’s as if she knew that years later in 2014, she’d have a daughter that would want to wear the exact same dress to her own prom!

Time & Time Again

Ugh, is this dress not gorgeous or what?! It makes no difference that this mama wore the gown to her senior prom in 1996 and that her daughter wore it 21 years later in 2017. Despite the two decades, this dress still hasn’t gone out of style — and we honestly don’t think it will, for that matter. With its beautiful neckline and eye-catching accents, not to mention that thigh-high split, it’s hard for us to believe that this gown can’t be worn time and time again. After all, this mother-daughter duo just happens to be proving our point…

A Change of Accessories

Let’s be real, here — this blue sequin gown looks amazing on both ladies. While it’s pretty obvious that these photos were taken years apart from each other, there’s no denying that this spaghetti strap dress works no matter what year it is. How amazing is it that just a simple change of accessories can completely transform a dress to fit the trends of that time period? While mommy dearest went with a decked out shawl to cover up her shoulders, her daughter went for a bare-shoulder look…

Black Satin

Everyone knows that the color black is an absolute classic and undeniably timeless. That could be the reason why this mama bear decided to hold onto her satin dress even after her prom night as she knew that this piece could be worn again — and that it was. This time, though, it was worn by her beautiful daughter. While this mom completed her whole look with an updo hairstyle, though, her daughter decided to go with loose curls for a more laid-back appearance.

That’s How We Do it in Texas

Here we have a stunning mother-daughter duo from Texas. According to Twitter user @KrystinMullins7, she and her mother wore the same exact dress — 20 years apart — to their prom at Crowley High School. The best part about all of this? Krystin’s younger sister carried on the tradition by wearing the same gown to her prom just a few short years later! And who can blame these ladies? Their mother chose a stunning dress so, it makes sense as to why they wanted to keep this ritual alive!

A Modern Touch to a Classic Look

As soon as we saw this side-by-side comparison of a mother and a daughter in the same dress just years apart, we couldn’t help but let out a sigh of amazement. There’s no denying that they both look absolutely stunning. What’s more, though, is the fact that these ladies gave the gown a completely different look with only a few small details. Rather than wearing white point-toed heels and carrying around a bouquet of flowers with blue accents, this daughter swapped those accessories for open-toed pumps and a red clutch.

The Perfect Combination of Baby Blue & Lavender

Aren’t these two women an absolute vision? Don’t let the quality of the picture on the left deceive you. This mom and daughter are, in fact, wearing the same gown. And, of course, we’re absolutely loving it! This prom dress has the most classic of features — from the baby blue-lavender color to the elegant print and even the way that the gown cinches in at the waist, making for an utterly timeless piece. Let’s just hope this gal decides to hold onto the dress for her potential future daughters.

From Sass to Smiles

How cute is this mommy-daughter duo?! Despite the fact that this mama originally wore her prom dress during the ’80s, there’s no way anyone can deny the fact that this piece lives up to the trends of today. After all, just look at her daughter! She looks just as stunning as her mother did over 20 years beforehand! What we truly love about this side-by-side comparison, though, is how their personalities completely shine through — from sass to smiles!

Refined to Punk Rock

As if this list wasn’t already impressive enough, this mom and daughter prove that, yet again, some looks will never go out of style. All it takes is a few changes in accessories. While mama bear here went for a more refined look — with dangly earrings and a simple necklace — her daughter took on a more punk rock approach. Not only did she swap out silver for a black choker, but she also completed her look with a pair of Converse sneakers rather than a strappy heel.

Ruby Slippers

Call us crazy but this gown is giving us serious ‘Wizard of Oz ruby slippers’ vibes, and we honestly can’t get enough! After all, both this mom and daughter look absolutely incredible in this eye-catching, red dress despite the 26-year gap. According to mama bear here, “This pic of me in the dress was taken in 1993 […] I’d say it held up well! Never in my wildest dreams did I think Tori would ask to wear it to her prom.”

1981 to 2013

We know what you guys are thinking. This doesn’t look like the same gown. Well, whether you believe it or not, it’s very much the same dress with a few minor alterations. While mommy dearest here wore the white gown at full length to her 1981 prom, the daughter added her own modern spin on it by getting it hemmed above her knees. Still, she made sure to hold onto the best features — the lacey straps and heart-shaped neckline.

Powder Blue

If we’re being honest here, it seems as though this daughter is way happier wearing this prom dress than her mom was back in the day — or perhaps, she just didn’t want to take any photos at that moment hence the lack of enthusiasm that’s written across her face. Nonetheless, there’s no denying that both ladies look absolutely breathtaking in this powder blue gown. Not only does it feature a frilly neckline, but it also includes a ribbon accent around the waist.

Recreating the Past

We’d be lying if we said that this mom and daughter don’t look eerily similar. If we didn’t know any better, we’d think we’re looking at the same photo. Not only did this daughter wear her mother’s royal blue gown to her own prom, but she also recreated the exact pictures that her mom had taken years before. Despite the fact that they have slightly different complexions, they both look like an absolute dream in this ’80s-esque gown.

The Greatest Alterations Ever Made

Alright, so, this may have not been a prom dress exactly but this side-by-side comparison is too good not to share. We all know how expensive wedding dresses can be so, it makes sense as to why this mom decided to hold onto hers over the years. Little did she know that her gorgeous daughter would find a way to reinvent it so many years later. We mean, how gorgeous are these alterations?! So chic yet so fierce!

The 1980s Are Back!

What?! Is this side-by-side comparison not mind-boggling?! This mom and daughter have almost all of the same features. The only thing setting them apart is the color of their hair. In any case, they both look absolutely stunning in this form-fitting red dress. And although a few years ago, we could probably do without the puffy sleeves — a dead giveaway that the gown is from the 1980s — it seems like this feature is actually coming back into style.

’70s Floral

While this floral dress isn’t necessarily the most classic piece to make the list, we have to admit that it works just as well in the 2000s as it did back in the ’70s. This mama bear wore the prom dress with her hair down and completed the entire look with a bouquet of flowers. Her daughter, on the other hand, is rocking the piece with her hair tightly pulled back into a bun. Either way, we’re absolutely in love with this dress.

Nearly Identical

These photos might have been taken almost 20 years apart from each other but it’s hard to ignore the fact that this mom and daughter look nearly identical, especially in this classic black gown. Aside from the addition of spaghetti straps and a new light pink, satin belt, this daughter has kept her mama’s dress exactly the same — and they both look like a dream. Both mommy dearest and her daughter completed the entire look with a few simple accessories.

Belle of the Ball

Sometimes, fashion doesn’t work years later but, as we’ve learned so far, sometimes the concept of fashion being transient just doesn’t hold up. While we don’t quite get an official prom picture for the daughter in this case, we do have this picture the mom snapped with the caption, “My oldest daughter trying on my prom dress a couple of years ago.” It’s a stunning gown, even if it does look a little more yellow in the second picture, that would make anyone the belle of the ball.

Mom’s Got Your Back

This mom shared her daughter ready for prom, surprisingly in the same dress she wore to her own USMC ball back in 1995. This wasn’t exactly planned either. When this teen ordered her original prom dress, it left something to be desired. So, she raided her mom’s closet while she was at work, took the old dress to a tailor, and revamped it into a new design to wear it to her own prom. She rocked it too!

Same Dress, Same Pose

This mother and daughter went all the way with this shared dress. Rather than just stopping at wearing the same garment, they even struck the same pose with their dates! The dress was first worn by the mother when she was 17 years old and heading out for her prom in 1987. When her daughter wore it again, she proved that good taste never goes out of style in this pink dress with a white lace overlay.

Best in Blue

When it comes to prom dresses, you have plenty of room to explore with the color, cut, and general design. This mother-daughter duo used color to their advantage and rocked a vibrant blue. Posted with the caption, “This vintage prom dress is 23 years old. Glad it got to dance again,” we’re pretty glad too since both women look stunning at their respective proms. Plus, while a plunging neckline is popular, this high neckline is absolutely stunning.

Back in Black

To round off our list, we have one more black dress that managed to remain timeless and breathtaking. Even though this teen borrowed from her mom’s closet for prom, you’d never be able to tell! Like many of the timeless dresses on this list, this dress opts for a slim silhouette and an all-black color palette. The floor-length gown even shakes it up a bit with a neckline featuring an interesting cut and some intricate beading.

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