40+ Facts About Freddie Mercury’s Controversial Life

40+ Facts About Freddie Mercury’s Controversial Life

On November 24, 2022, the world commemorated the 31st anniversary of the passing of Freddie Mercury, who was the lead vocalist of Queen and one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century. His charismatic stage presence, incredible voice, and laid-back demeanor endeared him to millions of fans worldwide. Despite his immense popularity, his life was not devoid of controversy, intrigue, and salacious rumors. Join us as we uncover 45 fascinating details and little-known secrets about Freddie Mercury’s colorful life.

Real Name

Farrokh Bulsara, better known as Freddie Mercury, was born on September 5, 1946 to a Parsee couple, Bomi and Jer Bulsara, in Zanzibar, an island where they were residing following a directive from the British Colonial Office.

Mercury had a disdain towards his given name and it was hard for others to pronounce it accurately. Therefore, his peers from the boarding school in Panchgani gave him the nickname Freddie. The word Mercury was inspired by a line from his piece called My Fairy King.

An Ancient Religion

Due to their Parsi background, the Bulsara family, including Freddie, adhered to Zoroastrianism, a religion with its roots in ancient Persia (now Iran) that was also widely practiced in India. The primary figure of this religion was Zoroaster, who was recognized as the initial and most significant prophet in history.

Zoroastrianism, being one of the earliest monotheistic religions globally, had a significant impact on other religions that came after it like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Affluent Childhood

Freddie’s dad, Bomi Bulsara, had a job as a cashier for the British High Court, which meant he had to travel often between India and Zanzibar. However, this job also provided them with the opportunity to gain British citizenship and all the benefits that come with it.

Freddie’s privileged upbringing was made possible by his father’s prosperous income, enabling them to reside in an exquisite residence located in Zanzibar’s Stone Town area. This location was renowned for its abundance of shops and markets that provided an exceptional view of the Indian Ocean.

The Nanny

One of the advantages enjoyed by the Bulsara family was that they were able to hire a substantial number of household staff. Specifically, their son Freddie was looked after by a nanny named Sabine, who had a solemn demeanor that aptly suited her profession.

Apart from the existing photographs of Sabine, there is limited information available about her. The only solace we have is to speculate that she may have been the one to witness the initial workings of one of the most remarkable voices in the history of rock.

From Zanzibar to India

Freddie commenced his education at St. Joseph’s Convent Missionary School when he turned five. The institution was administered by Anglican nuns, and he remained there for around three years. However, when he turned eight, he and a portion of his family were sent to India for further studies.

Freddie attended St. Peters College in Panchgani, a well-known area for its excellent educational establishments. This was a turning point for him as he overcame his shyness and cultivated his friendly and sociable nature.

Philatelic Passion

From a young age of nine to twelve, Freddie Mercury had a strong interest in philately that involved collecting postage stamps from not only Zanzibar and the United Kingdom but also from multiple British colonies – this was even before his inclination towards music.

In 1993, the Postal Museum in London obtained the stamp collection of Freddie Mercury. It has been exhibited together with John Lennon’s collection since 2016, another influential British rock icon.

The Hectics

Freddie Mercury’s initial exposure to music occurred during his time at St. Peters College where he acquired skills such as piano playing, songwriting, and vocal performance. This culminated in the establishment of his first band, The Hectics, in 1958. They performed exclusively at private occasions held in the institution.

Farang Irani, Victory Rana, Derrick Branche, and Bruce Murray were the other members of The Hectics. However, Bruce Murray was the only member, aside from Freddie, who continued to pursue a career in music. The group ultimately disbanded in 1962, which was also the same year that Freddie returned to Zanzibar.

Flight to England

Zanzibar witnessed a sequence of social and political tensions which commenced in the year 1963 and culminated in what is famously known as the Zanzibar Revolution. The African insurgents aspired to depose Sultan Jamshid bin Abdullah and establish a self-reliant administration.

Amid the stress-filled atmosphere, the Bulsara family made a decision to relocate to England while Freddie was still at the age of 17. They found a humble dwelling in Middlesex. While the transition was challenging for their parents, it proved to be the stepping stone for Freddie’s legendary journey.

Bitter Past

Freddie Mercury was not eager to discuss his upbringing in Zanzibar during the few interviews he participated in. He provided ambiguous responses and conveyed a lack of fondness towards his place of birth.

It is evident that separating his personal life from his career was crucial for Freddie. Conversely, there are assumptions that this detachment stemmed from the challenge of fully expressing his authentic persona in Zanzibar’s strict societal and religious setting.

A Museum

Nevertheless, Freddie Mercury is now cherished in his country of origin, and a museum honoring his life was established in November 2019 in Zanzibar, the birthplace of one of the greatest rock icons in history.

The Freddie Mercury Museum is situated in Stone Town and highlights the singer’s formative period. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the museum has presently suspended its operations, but they are optimistic about restarting their guided tours in the future.

Parallel Sportsman

Freddie recounted that during his early years as a student, he found joy in participating in various sports in which he demonstrated exceptional abilities. Specifically, he excelled in table tennis, field hockey, and boxing, where he even boasted about his exceptional prowess in the ring.

Conversely, he did not have a liking for certain English pastimes like soccer and cricket. It is possible that if Mercury’s music occupation didn’t prosper, he may have become a noteworthy boxer with a unique singing voice.

The Origin of Queen

After arriving in England, Freddie Mercury enrolled in Graphic Design courses at Ealing College of Arts. He started playing with a blues band named Wreckage during his leisure time.

Not long after that, Mercury crossed paths with Roger Taylor and Brian May. They were part of a band named Smile. Mercury agreed to be their lead singer and soon after that, Smile decided to rebrand themselves as Queen.

Rising From the Ashes

It is a fact that Freddie Mercury created the iconic logo for the band. His idea was to combine the zodiac symbols of each member into a single image.

Despite all the zodiac animals, there exists a single character that does not pertain to any of them, which is none other than the phoenix. This mystical creature holds several meanings. The most familiar of these is that the phoenix had the ability to regenerate itself from its remains, symbolizing resilience and fortitude of the band’s essence.

A Fortunate Incident

A particularly fascinating aspect of Queen shows was observing Freddie Mercury roaming the stage with a microphone stand that lacked its base, allowing him to gesture and maneuver more fluidly.

Legend has it that the microphone’s bright and vibrant look has its roots in a specific event. It is believed that while performing at a college dance, Mercury had difficulty with a stand-up microphone and accidentally broke its base. Consequently, he decided to continue using the same broken microphone as it became his signature trademark.

Pianist of Atypical Places

The talent of musical geniuses may encounter uncertainty when they lack confidence, as exemplified by Freddie Mercury’s experience when facing a piano. Mercury, despite his exceptional musical abilities, did not view himself as an accomplished pianist.

Despite this, he utilized the instrument to create his music. He kept a piano adjacent to his sleeping quarters so that he could bring to life the melodies that visited him during his slumber. Some even claim that he wrote Crazy Little Thing Called Love while in the bathroom, with the help of a piano perched above the bathtub.

Mercury vs. Bowie

David Bowie received assistance from Freddie Mercury when he was preparing for a university concert and was lacking the required equipment to begin the show. Subsequently, Mercury and Bowie teamed up and cooperated on creating the song “Under Pressure.”

As anticipated, the experience was not perfect. As a result of their strong personalities, there were instances of clashes between the two artists while recording. However, Bowie eventually gained a great deal of respect for Freddie Mercury and often spoke highly of him.

Always Inspired

Freddie possessed a diversified skill set beyond his vocals, as he was the principal songwriter for Queen, alongside Brian May. Despite this, he was receptive to suggestions and suggestions from the other members of the band.

Mercury was always ready for creative inspiration, and he made sure that his assistants had pens and notebooks with them all the time. As an instance, he wrote the tribute song “Life Is Real” for John Lennon during a plane journey.

Dental Defect

One of Freddie Mercury’s well-known characteristics was his large teeth that jutted out because of the presence of four additional teeth that pushed the others. Mercury found it challenging to cope with his insecurity about his unusual teeth; in fact, he frequently covered his mouth with his hand to conceal this dental issue.

He was well-known for having a strong aversion to going to the dentist. She chose not to straighten her teeth because she was afraid it would harm her beautiful voice or affect her vocal range.

Mercury vs. Vicious

One of the most intense feuds in the world of rock music started when Freddie Mercury and Sid Vicious, the bassist of Sex Pistols, were in a recording studio. The altercation began when Vicious made a treacherous remark: “Have you succeeded in introducing ballet to the general public?”

The remark hinted at Mercury’s past habit of wearing ballet slippers and also made fun of his feminine gestures. Mercury became highly upset, took hold of the person’s shoulders and forcefully removed them from the studio.

The Infiltrator

Actress Cleo Rocos recounts an anecdote in which she claims Princess Diana was successfully smuggled into a gay bar called Royal Vauxhall Tavern by her in 1988. Rocos further claims that they were joined by Freddie Mercury and comedian Kenny Everett and all of them watched an episode of the renowned TV show The Golden Girls.

Lady Di managed to enter the venue quietly by just wearing a leather jacket and a hat. Considering Princess Diana’s character, this account is not completely unlikely and could be deemed fairly plausible.

A Mystery for Science

Numerous scientists have shown keen interest in examining the magnificent voice of Freddie Mercury since his passing. It is widely believed that his voice had a unique quality and a vocal range of four octaves.

Studies conducted recently are inconclusive about whether the rock star truly possessed an extensive vocal range. However, it is confirmed that he was a baritone with tenor-like abilities, and had a vibrato stronger than that of several opera singers.

Multitude of Women

The issue of Freddie Mercury’s sexual orientation has always been a contentious topic. Although many have regarded him as a symbol of gay identity, it’s possible that he leaned more towards bisexuality. In reality, there are records of him having been in relationships with many women.

While staying in Munich, he cohabitated with a pornographic actress named Barbara Valentin. Conversely, in 1969 he was on the verge of tying the knot with Mary Austin, who may have been the most prominent woman in his life. However, they did not end up getting married, but remained close friends until the end.

A Constant Performer

Apart from his passion for music and dancing, Freddie had a keen interest in other forms of art, including painting. His residence was adorned with various artworks, and he possessed a Picasso piece, which he kept in his bathroom. He would attend auctions regularly to acquire new works and add them to his collection. Additionally, he harbored a particular affection for Japanese antiques.

The artist’s influence greatly inspired his music. One instance is when he saw a painting at the Tate Gallery in London, which inspired him to compose the song The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke featured in the album Queen II.

Posthumous Gift

Freddie Mercury had a custom of using feminine monikers, fit for drag queens, when addressing his intimate acquaintances. For instance, Mercury referred to Elton John as Shanon, as they were close friends.

Elton John received a gift package during Christmas, following Mercury’s death. It contained a pillow that had previously been owned by Freddie, and was accompanied by a note from Melina dedicated to Sharon. The note expressed a desire to give the pillow as a gift and offered Christmas wishes.

Unpleasant Pets

Freddie Mercury had numerous musical partnerships during his career, but his collaborations with Michael Jackson, the unparalleled King of Pop, are particularly noteworthy. Among them are the tracks There Must Be More To Life Than This and State Of Shock.

There was great compatibility between the two individuals, yet it’s surprising that they didn’t collaborate more. Certain accounts suggest that Freddie’s addiction caused a disagreement, while others attribute it to Michael’s bothersome pets which Mercury found irksome on the set.

Nose, Teeth and Hair

It’s almost unbelievable to imagine, but during the 1980s, there was a possibility of a rock band comprising Rod Stewart, Elton John, and Freddie Mercury. They even selected a name for themselves, “Nose, Teeth & Hair,” which referred to the distinct physical traits of each member.

Nevertheless, when daybreak arrived, the exhilaration of the night subsided and everything came to a halt. The performers reconsidered their decision and held the belief that they were unable to perform alongside one another.

Eternal Love

Jim Hutton was the final partner of Freddie Mercury and their affection for each other was so fervent that they wore marriage rings, despite the fact that during that era, same-sex marriage was an unattainable dream.

Mercury revealed his HIV status to Hutton and gave him the option to leave, but Hutton’s response was deeply touching: he declared his love and commitment to Freddie. Unfortunately, Hutton contracted HIV as well and eventually passed away from lung cancer several years later. Their relationship is chronicled in the memoir, Mercury and Me.

Up in Arms

Freddie Mercury’s strong moral and physical resolve were widely recognized. This was evident during the 1985 Live Aid concert when he clashed with Francis Rossi, the leader of the band Status Quo, who was well aware of Mercury’s unwavering character.

It seems that Rossi had made jokes about Mercury’s sexual preferences, which resulted in Mercury reacting by pinning him down in a headlock. However, later on, both the bands performed together, indicating that they had no lingering animosity towards each other.

Love for Cats

During his productive artistic journey, Freddie Mercury had a deep fondness for cats, which was his third passion in addition to stamp collecting and love for music. He was responsible for the well-being of numerous cats.

One way to show a strong love for cats is by dedicating an entire solo album to them, such as Mr. Bad Guy which was dedicated to the artist’s own cat Jerry, as well as to cats named Tom, Oscar, and Tiffany, and to all cat enthusiasts worldwide. As for those who do not share this love, the artist expresses indifference towards them.

The Life of the Party

Freddie Mercury’s tendency to eccentricity occasionally reached surprising levels, as demonstrated by the unique manner in which he arranged his parties and festivities. As an illustration, on his 39th birthday, he required all the guests to dress in black and white, while he himself was the only one wearing vibrant colors.

One more instance of his exceptional party planning skills was the Jazz album release celebration. It is rumored that during the event, the servers went around without clothes, dispensing prohibited substances to the attendees.

Deep Sleep

Freddie’s life was characterized by extravagance and hectic activities. The constant cycle of traveling, performing, and socializing could easily take a toll on anyone’s well-being. However, Freddie boldly claimed that he only required minimal sleep to function adequately.

In the past, he found relaxation while doing this activity, allowing him to wake up feeling rejuvenated after only two or three hours of sleep. However, it is evident that this amount of sleep is not ideal for anyone, despite any potential benefits that successful musicians’ lifestyles may have.


Freddie Mercury, being a great artist, fully embraced his era and incorporated aspects of pop culture into his work. One standout moment was when he appeared on stage carried on the shoulders of an individual dressed like Darth Vader, which left a lasting impression.

The inception of the vibrant crossover stemmed from a small part of the Bicycle Race tune which expresses dislike towards Star Wars. However, the references to other aspects of American culture, like Superman and Santa Claus, persisted in their shows even after Star Wars.

A Day to Celebrate

Each year on September 5th, the town of Montreux, Switzerland celebrates Freddie Mercury Day, during which the statue of Mercury is regarded as a sacred site where fans of Queen and their music come to pay homage and make pilgrimages.

Why this particular city? Basically because Mercury lived there for a while until shortly before his death and also because the original Queen studio was located there. Several of the band’s most iconic albums were recorded in Montreux.

Taste for Ballet

We have made reference to the fact that Freddie Mercury used to wear ballet slippers, but the truth is that he was also a lover of this particular style of dance. In fact, he came to perform the public on an occasion that remained for the history.

It happened in 1977, when Wayne Eagling, a principal dancer with the Royal Ballet, organized a ball to raise money for charity. Mercury appeared on stage and did a spectacular number. The choreography he performed was planned by Eagling exclusively for him.

Olympic Mercury

One of the artists most admired by Freddie Mercury was the Catalan soprano Monserrat Caballé. He himself acknowledged this in an interview he gave for Spanish television during the 1980s.

Luckily for fans of good music, Mercury and Caballé would end up meeting and making a legendary collaboration. It was the song “Barcelona,” an anthem of its time that would later, in 1992, become the official theme song of the Olympic Games.

The Circuit Does Not Include Broadway

Thanks to his majestic voice, Freddie’s career could have had hundreds of different nuances and collaborations. He even came close to starring in La Bohème, a Broadway musical, alongside popular singer Linda Rondstand.

But Mercury rejected the proposal. He clarified that, although he enjoyed going to the theater, ballet and opera, doing a whole season would bore him. He also commented that he would run out of energy. It seems that the rock and roll life was a better fit for him.

Mercury and Maradona

In 1981 Queen began a tour of Latin America, a territory that was not a frequent destination for European rock bands. Freddie Mercury and his bandmates were eager to take their music to new places where they were unsure how they would be received.

The tour was a resounding success. In Argentina, soccer star Diego Armando Maradona attended the concert and personally thanked Mercury for his music. Maradona and Mercury exchanged jerseys and spent some time laughing.

Leaving it All On the Stage

Freddie’s eccentric personality, which made him one of the most admired artists in history, led him to generate extreme situations. The singer tried to channel emotional conflicts through a higher level of adrenaline in his shows.

So it is that, in the run-up to a 1982 performance in London, he argued with Bill Reid, partner at the time, and the latter bit his hand until he made it bleed. It is believed to have been one of the best concerts in Queen’s life.

The Final Single

Significantly named “The Show Must Go On”, Queen’s final single would see the light of day just a few weeks before Freddie Mercury’s death in late 1991. By the time of the recording Mercury was already seriously ill and it was uncertain whether he would be able to sing.

In order to give himself the necessary strength, Mercury ingested a mixture of vodka and other alcoholic beverages and recorded the final version in one take. Snippets of old live video clips were used as a video accompaniment.

Permanent Conflicts

Despite having been together for so many years, the truth is that infighting and arguments were constant in Queen. To a certain extent it is normal for artists of such caliber to have differences when it comes to agreeing on certain issues.

It is known the incident in which Freddie Mercury had to mediate between Brian May and Roger Taylor so that these did not come to blows. Mercury himself once stated that this tense atmosphere was key to the band’s success.


An addition that caused even more concern about the future of Queen was Freddie Mercury’s solo venture. The singer spent two years in Munich, Germany, composing his first solo album, which would be titled Mr. Bad Boy.

It was rumored that the new album would compete in sales with “The Works”, the album that Queen released around the same time. However, from this solo experience only “Living On My Own” is considered a hit song.

Unique Style

Freddie Mercury’s style was transgressive and unparalleled. He renewed the rock scene and added a theatricality that, until then, the genre lacked. On the other hand, his flamboyance and irreverence earned him artistic immortality.

Feathers, sequins and low-cut T-shirts were part of Mercury’s usual look, in addition to the multiple costumes he came to wear at concerts. An atypical outfit for a rock star, but one that helped him stand out and leave his mark on the history of music.

Success and Censorship

Freddie’s work, like that of many transgressive artists, also suffered moments of censorship. As he became an icon of the gay community, much more marginalized at the time, the authorities began to pay attention to his messages.

Among the details of his work that suffered censorship is the video of one of his most successful songs: “I Want to Break Free”, where a parody of the British soap opera Coronation Street is made. On the MTV channel in the United States, the video was broadcast only in 1991.

A Historic Concert

Held in 1985, the event called “Live Aid” consisted of two simultaneous concerts, one in London and one in the United States, organized in order to raise funds to fight famine in some African countries. Artists such as U2, Elton John and Led Zeppelin were part of the party.

Nevertheless, it is a unanimous truth that Queen hogged all the limelight. Freddie Mercury’s performance was absolutely legendary and inspiring, and today it is considered the greatest Queen performance of all time.

Record Number of Spectators

Another historic concert took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that same year. The mythical Maracana stadium, home of some of the most remembered sporting events in history, was the stage chosen by Queen to bring their music to the country of samba.

It is estimated that approximately 250,000 spectators attended the concert that day to see Freddie Mercury’s magic up close. The band always claimed that it was the first time in the history of music that a group gathered such an audience.

The Oldest Fans

The band Queen has a particular record, which is even in the Guinness Book of World Records. It is the longest-running fan club in history. It was created in the mid-1970s, to provide and disseminate information about the band.

With more than 40 years of existence, it remains active until today and its manager, Jacky Smith, is a reference for all Queen fans. But also for whoever intends to manage a club in honor of their idols.

A Group of Records

The band led by Freddie is the protagonist of a cataract of historical records for music. Many of which, even today, are hard to beat. One of them has nothing to do with the number of people in a show or records sold, but with the composition.

Queen is the only rock band in which every member composed a song that topped the charts.

The Last Concert

Queen closed the Magic Tour on August 9, 1986 with a concert at Knebworth Park. By that time no one could have suspected that it would be the last time the great rock star, Freddie Mercury, would sing in front of a crowd.

A total of 125,000 people had the privilege of enjoying Mercury’s last live show. The image of the members of Queen arriving by helicopter directly to the stage to show off the best of their repertoire is still remembered.

Some Problems

As with many artists, one of Freddie Mercury’s most controversial facets was his addictions to drink, psychoactive substances and so on…. In fact, it was very common to see him getting drunk at his many parties.

Of course, the consumption of narcotics brought more than one problem to the singer, such as the breakup of relationships with friends and close ones. Mercury’s libertine life had several excesses that would end up taking its toll not only on his personal life but also on his health.

Rumors About His Health

Rumors about Freddie Mercury’s health condition started in the year 1987, one year after his live show. His absence from the stage and some comments from his boyfriend, Jim Hutton, suggested that the singer could be ill with AIDS.

Being a disease that spread rapidly in those years, and about which there were important prejudices, Mercury preferred to deny in an interview that he suffered from it. In the end, however, he ended up admitting he had AIDS the day before he died.

Musical Refuge

It is likely that Mercury could have done more to treat his illness. Of course, knowledge about AIDS was not the same at the time. However, during his deterioration he only took common painkillers and was denied other medication.

Freddie’s real therapy was music. Guitarist Brian May recounted that he was obsessed with songwriting. He didn’t fear the disease, but he did constantly ask him to write songs so he could sing.

A Sad End

Freddy Mercury died in his mansion, in London, on November 24, 1991, at the age of 45. The cause of death was bronchopneumonia resulting from complications with AIDS. His family, close friends and some artists were present at the funeral ceremony.

One of the mysteries that still remains around Mercury’s death is the place where his ashes rest. On the other hand, the substantial fortune he amassed during his lifetime was divided between his friend Mary Austin and next of kin.

The Show Must Go On

Freddie Mercury’s last song was “The Show Must Go On”, and the truth is that Queen continued their activity without him. In 1995 “Made in Heaven” was released, the band’s fifteenth album, featuring the songs Mercury recorded during his final years.

After Mercury’s death and John Deacon’s retirement in 1997, Roger Taylor and Brian May decided to continue working and keep the Queen name. Currently they still play, but without Mercury’s magic things are not the same.

Two Legacies

There are two important legacies that a star like Freddie Mercury has left to the world. The first is undoubtedly his music, his uninhibited style and his prodigious voice. All this has served as inspiration for millions of people around the world.

The second has to do with activism on behalf of AIDS patients. It may not be understood today, but at the time it was almost impossible for a celebrity to admit to having the disease. Mercury’s confession served to make visible a problem that still continues.

Voices From Beyond

In 2014, when more than 20 years had passed without Freddie, Brian May and Roger Taylor decided to release an unreleased song that featured his vocals. The track was unfinished, but it held a vocal record of the singer, which they decided to present to the world through an AIDS awareness campaign.

So it was that “Let Me In Your Heart Again” was released, a new Mercury song, released decades after his physical demise and reconnecting his majestic voice with fans’ nostalgia.

It Went All the Way to Grunge

The number of musicians and artists who found inspiration in Mercury’s voice and work are beyond counting. In the decades following his existence, dozens of rock subgenres emerged. Among the most important, American grunge.

His top man, Kurt Cobain, revealed that he had great admiration for Freddie. Especially for his ability to relate to the public and feel loved. Something he could not achieve, as he told in his farewell letter.

The Show Does Go On

It is impossible to know how Freddie’s relationship with new technologies would be. Especially with social networks. But we do know that his music has adapted very well and does not lose its relevance. On the contrary: in 2019, the video of “Bohemian Rhapsody” became the first music hit before 1990 to reach one billion views on YouTube.

The song, which is nearing its half-century anniversary, continues to break records no matter what platform it’s on.

Conquering Even Space

In 2016, the year the singer would have turned 70, a very special, and quite unique, gift was made. An asteroid, located in the belt that lies between Mars and Jupiter, was named “17473 Freddiemercury”, in honor of the great influence his figure had on the world.

It was announced by guitarist Brian May, who is also an astrophysicist, through a video. Another record for Freddie: the first artist to conquer outer space.

New Tours

Since 2005 Taylor and May have done several tours that seek to revitalize the Queen name. For this they have used the pre-recorded voice of Freddie Mercury. They have also made collaborations with different singers, such as Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert.

They are currently on a tour called “The Rhapsody Tour”, which seeks to capitalize on the success of the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic. The pandemic-hit tour is scheduled to end in 2022.

The Movie

If there was one thing Freddie Mercury fans were waiting for, it was a movie that would honor the life and work of the man who was considered by many to be the greatest singer of the 20th century. This dream came true in 2018, with the release of Bohemian Rhapsody.

The film received rave reviews, and even won the prestigious Golden Globe in the Best Motion Picture Drama category. Particularly celebrated was the performance of Rami Malek, who played Mercury, and received an Oscar for his excellent role.

The magnificent Shania Twain has given us country anthems, feel-good bops, and plenty of girl-power lyrics. The Canadian country star started singing as a child, and has gone on to become the best-selling female artist in the history of country music. Seriously, that’s pretty impressive. The star owns property all over the world, including a stunning beachfront mansion in the Bahamas. Join us as we take a look inside Shania’s Old Fort Bay home.

Catching Up With Shania

Shania Twain is the Queen of Country Pop, and her hits are known all over the world. The five-time Grammy award winner didn’t have an easy childhood, and went on to face some seriously dramatic revelations in her romantic life.

Born Eilleen Regina Edwards, the singer took the surname of her stepfather and started performing in bars at only eight years old. After the death of her parents, the singer took the name “Shania” — meaning “on my way” in her stepfather’s Native American Ojibwa language.

Beachside in the Bahamas

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Shania Twain owns properties all over the world. One of those is her beachside mansion in the Bahamas. The singer’s home is a half-hour drive from the capital city of Nassau, on the Island of New Providence.

As you can see from this picture, Shania certainly enjoys escaping to the beach. And who wouldn’t with this view? The country star posted this picture along with the caption, “Soaking up the humidity before heading back to the desert for more shows!”

Spectacular Waterside Beauty

Shania Twain enjoys her Bahamas home with her husband, Frédéric Thiebéaud. The pair met under strange circumstances when they discovered that their spouses were having an affair with one another. Through the heartache, the pair fell for each other, and have been together ever since.

Their stunning Bahamas home is 7,000 square feet, with five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The property is situated on a one-acre lot with 150 feet of beautiful beachfront. Because of this, it has stunning panoramic views from all five bedrooms.

High Ceilings and Mahogany-Lined Walls

Amazingly, all of the five bedrooms in Shania Twain’s Bahamas home have panoramic views of the beach or the ocean. These views are framed in mahogany, with the reddish-brown wood lining the walls and bookcases. The result is an indulgent looking room that still feels airy, light, and relaxing.

The property boasts many high ceilings, lots of windows, and simple white-washed walls. This lends a coastal feel to the interiors that matches the sun-kissed and beachy surroundings.

Airy, Nautical Interiors

The coastal or nautical feel continues throughout Twain’s Bahamas house, with more high ceilings and white-washed walls. This gorgeous living area features pops of aqua, navy, and sea blue — adding some warmth and another nautical nod to the fresh feeling space.

Texture is added to this room with help from the large neutral, patterned rug at its center. Furthermore, the reclaimed wood furniture pieces really tie together the room’s color palette, while contributing to the beach-chic vibe.

Plenty of Space to Host

We imagine that guests at Twain’s Bahamas home are usually taken outside for a bite to eat, but there is a formal indoor dining room for very special occasions. This dining room does open out onto the terrace dining area, creating a perfect space for dinner parties and evening drinks.

The dining room has similar décor to the other rooms, though with a touch of formality. The chandelier and display cabinet add some grown-up touches, but the long wooden table still feels beachy casual.

Ocean Views From Bed

Panoramic ocean views are one thing, but this 2nd-floor master suite also comes with a corner bathroom and a spacious private balcony. Rather than just admiring the ocean views, this room enables you to go out and inhale the ocean air while enjoying a cup of coffee.

The fact that this room is round just allows for incredible views, and a bedroom that feels much larger than it actually is. With all that natural light, you wouldn’t be able to help but bounce out of bed every morning.

The Old Fort Bay Community

Built in 2004, Shania’s Bahamas mansion is in an exclusive gated community in West Nassau, known as Old Fort Bay. The area used to be a British colonial fort, but was restored and developed into a private community and club in 2002. Other residents of the community include Columbian singer Shakira, and semi-retired tennis player Lleyton Hewitt.

Apparently, Old Fort Bay combines “Old Bahamian island living” with “the latest in community planning and design.” The area has a beach club, parks, marina, and canal systems.

Room for a Boat

To get back to Shania Twain’s stunning beachside Bahamas mansion, the property also features a dock slip that can accommodate a 40-60 foot boat. Because, of course it does. After all, what sort of self-respecting celebrity home wouldn’t contain enough space for a large boat?

Residents can also walk to the Old Fort Bay Club from the property and enjoy a spot of lunch on the beach. Alternatively, you can dine in the evening right underneath the stars. What a life, eh?

Space for Summer Soirees

As you would hope, the kitchen in Shania Twain’s Bahamas mansion is large and spacious, with room to cook and entertain. The welcoming kitchen area comes with a breakfast nook, a butler’s pantry, and stainless steel appliances.

As with the formal dining room, the kitchen opens right onto the outdoor area, creating an ideal space for guests at summer soirees or family get-togethers. Naturally, there are also guest bedrooms, each with its own views of the beach and nearby canal.

Don’t Forget the Pool

Of course, one of the best features of Shania Twain’s Bahamas mansion is the gorgeous pool area. The backyard contains a pool and a plunge pool, as well as pool loungers and some classic Adirondack chairs.

Shania Twain has different morning routines based on where she’s living. She told The Cut that in Switzerland, she goes out in her pajamas and picks roses — whereas in Las Vegas, she feeds, brushes, and cleans her horses. Somehow, we imagine she spends her Bahamas mornings lounging by the pool.

Birthdays in the Bahamas

The fabulous Shania Twain came into this world on August 28th, 1965 — making her 55 years old in 2020. Of course, the country singer has spent many years celebrating her birthday, some of which were in the beautiful Bahamas.

Alongside this adorable snap, posted by the singer, Shania wrote, “This is what I woke up to this morning! Thanks for the birthday love! Let’s celebrate Saturday night in PEI!” This looks like a big birthday party, with the upcoming celebration at Prince Edward Island.

Shelter From the Sun

Shania Twain’s gorgeous Bahamas mansion has a stunning covered outdoor patio by the pool so guests can enjoy the surroundings without the sunburn. The property also has an access gate to the beach, so there’s no need to make any big trip for sand and sea.

We particularly love the reclaimed wooden table from this outdoor patio as it adds to the shabby chic beach feel of the property. The woven wicker chairs are another nod to the home’s nautical theme.

It’s Up for Sale!

As you can see in this image, Shania Twain’s fabulous Bahamas property also has a media room, where friends and family can hang out and watch movies. From the lighting and musical instruments in the corner, we’re willing to bet that there are some jam sessions and dance parties down here, too.

In 2019, the home was listed for sale at a guide price of $10.95 million. It was later taken down, but then relisted with a different realtor for $12.9 million.

She’s a Longtime Swiss Resident

Naturally, Shania Twain owns other properties as well as her Bahamas mansion. The singer’s main residence is in the Swiss town of Corseaux, overlooking Lake Geneva, where she lives with her husband. Not much is known about this property due to the “Ka-Ching” singer’s preference for privacy.

Before living in her current home, Twain and her husband lived in a Swiss castle (pictured). The property is named Château de Sully, and the couple moved out of it in 2006.

An Impressive Property Portfolio

As if homes in the Bahamas, Las Vegas, Ontario, and Switzerland weren’t enough, Shania Twain has actually owned several other homes. Well, if you were the only female artist in history to have three consecutive Diamond certified albums, you’d probably splash out a little too.

Pictured is one of Twain’s previous residences – a luxury lodge in South Island, New Zealand – which is now available for hire. As well as this, the “Hole in the Bottle” singer owned a home in Marco Island, Florida.

Songwriting by the Beach

Shania Twain makes good use of her direct access to the beach by using the beautiful area as a place to write songs. The singer even posted a picture of herself “taking a break from songwriting” and enjoying the company of some wild pigs on a Bahamas beach.

The “You’re Still the One” singer wrote her first song at just 10 years old, and has penned many of her hits, including, “Any Man of Mine,” “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!,” and “Honey I’m Home.”

There’s Room for Everybody

It goes without saying that Shania Twain’s luxury mansion in the Bahamas comes with a range of exterior amenities. The property contains a pool house with its own bathroom and shower facilities, so guests can get ready without dripping water through the main house.

Furthermore, the property has a guest apartment and a laundry room. In this adorable picture, Shania walks through the garden with her Bahamian rescue cat, Skipper. The snap is captioned, “Finally home after a few weeks away […] Skipper won’t leave my side!”

Free to Be Herself

Isn’t this snap of Shania Twain enjoying a bag of candy just adorable? The singer is clearly comfortable with who she is, and not worried about anything other than this lounger and the view.

The Queen of Country has come a long way from her childhood in Canada, where she would sing to financially support her family. At one point in her life, the singer cleaned the home of her voice coach as a way of paying for singing lessons.

Living in the Moment

The Bahamas is a great place for Shania Twain to escape to, particularly because it’s so peaceful and beautiful. In this picture, the “Honey I’m Home” singer stretches on the beach — her caption read, “Super setting to stretch out, just living in the moment…”

The performer has always been somewhat uncomfortable with fame, and prefers to stay out of the limelight. In 2004, the singer embarked on a hiatus because of her struggles with Lyme disease and issues with her voice.

Happiest on a Horse

Amusingly, when Shania Twain announced her Las Vegas residency, she rode down the Vegas strip with 40 horses. Shortly before that, the singer posted this picture, with the caption, “See you next month, #Vegas. In the meantime, I’ll be writing new music and riding horses!”

The “Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)” singer does liberty training with her horses. This style of training involves no tack, so the horse is bareback and without a bridle. Apparently, this leads to a stronger bond.

It’s Time to Refuel

Despite not being a fan of the limelight, Twain does enjoy performing. Alongside this image of the star on top of her car in the Bahamas, the singer wrote, “Missing the stage…Can’t wait to get back to #Vegas for my last shows at the Colosseum Oct. 8th-Dec. 13th!”

Naturally, the “You’ve Got a Way” singer needs her downtime in the Bahamas before she can take to the stage. In an interview, Twain has said of herself, “I’m a quiet person. I do like solitude.”

Shania’s Swiss Husband

As we’ve learned already, Shania Twain met her Swiss husband, Frédéric Thiebéaud, because he used to be married to her best friend and assistant, Marie Thiebéaud. When Shania and Frédéric found out their spouses were having an affair, they were heartbroken, but grew closer and eventually fell in love.

Apparently, the pair have pet names for each other. Twain calls Thiebéaud the very creative “Beauty Man,” “because he’s so darn beautiful!” and he calls her “Sunshy” for “sunshine.” Adorable!

The Las Vegas Residencies

In 2011, after a hiatus caused by illness, Twain announced her Las Vegas residency. The artist would headline at Caesars Palace, performing her show “Still the One” from 2012-2014. Five years later, she announced her second Vegas residency, “Let’s Go,” to last a further two years.

While most artists would stay in a hotel during this time, Twain bought herself a farm in the suburbs of Vegas. In fact, the “Swingin’ with My Eyes Closed” singer admitted she unwinds after a show by hopping on her four-wheeler.

Privacy Must Be Paramount

Another of Shania Twain’s more private residences is her cottage in the Lake of Bays area of Toronto. Much like the artist’s homes in Switzerland and Las Vegas, there are no images or details of her Canadian property. The reason for this is actually very serious.

In 2011, Twain had to testify against Dr. Giovanni Palumbo, who was stalking her. The man wrote the singer love letters, showed up at her grandmother’s funeral, and followed her home. As a result, Palumbo was charged.

She’ll Always Be a Star

Due to the wild year that was 2020, the Academy of Country Music Awards couldn’t take place in person. However, various artists live-streamed their performances, including the spectacular Shania Twain.

The country superstar performed from her barn along with a very interested horse, and a slightly less interested dog. Shania opened by reassuring audiences, saying “Let’s face it: We’re all in this together,” before playing acoustic versions of her hits, “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” and “Honey I’m Home.” Yahoo!

Canadian at Heart

Just because Shania Twain resides in countries all over the world doesn’t mean she’s forgotten her Canadian heritage. In this picture, the country star plays a spirited game of street hockey with her son and friends in the Bahamas.

As a caption Shania wrote, “I’m in goal here and got my share of bruises to prove it. Helps keep me in shape for the upcoming shows!” Shania Twain has one son, from her first marriage to Robert John “Mutt” Lange. Eja Lange was born in 2001.

Recharging by the Beach

The Bahamas obviously make an amazing destination for recharging and escaping celebrity life. Shania Twain has owned her Bahamas home for many years, and clearly loves life by the beach. In this picture, she playfully pinches the Caribbean sun.

Speaking to The Cut in 2020, the singer revealed details about her usual morning routine, saying, “I don’t have a set time that I wake up. I sleep when my body needs it. For breakfast, I usually do blueberries, almonds, and coffee.”

Perfect for Pets

Shania Twain is a longtime supporter of the Bahamas Humane Society. In 2013 the “Party for Two” singer came forward to help five starving horses, and then adopted a dog and a cat.

Shania recused Jett, a Bahamian potcake dog, and Skipper, a cat. Potcake dogs are mixed-breed dogs from Caribbean islands, and are named after the overcooked rice and peas often fed to street dogs. Both of Shania’s adoptees were Bahamian strays, and have found a loving home with the Queen of Country.

Meeting the Prime Minister

Unlike other celebrities that use their overseas properties to escape all aspects of life, Shania Twain did meet with Bahamian politicians to express her gratitude for living in and enjoying the country.

In 2017, after the election of Hubert Minnis (pictured), the “Man I Feel Like a Woman” singer met the new Prime Minister, and brought along her son Eja. The meeting was published in local Bahamas news outlets, further cementing the Canadian country star’s presence in the region.

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