Marilyn Monroe’s Personal Life Details Revealed

Marilyn Monroe’s Personal Life Details Revealed

Almost everybody is familiar with the name Marilyn Monroe. She was a well-renowned and ageless beauty who had gained immense fame and popularity during her time in Hollywood. Nevertheless, not everything had always been glittering and luxurious for her. Being born as Norma Jean Baker in a small town where her mother struggled with mental health issues, Marilyn’s early years had been difficult. Taking care of her had become too demanding for Gladys, leading to her mental breakdown and institutionalization. Therefore, Marilyn had to go and stay with foster parents. As she grew older, Marilyn learned to take care of herself and joined the army during World War II, where she worked on assembling drones. It was her discovery by a photographer during her army career that changed her whole life.

Going Under The Knife

It was a common desire for people to learn everything about Marilyn Monroe’s personal life, which intensified even more after her premature death. Nevertheless, Marilyn successfully kept certain private information out of the public eye.

marilyn monroe
Marilyn had experience in getting plastic surgery done on herself, which included having a nose job and a chin implant to alter her facial features. This shows that she had the courage to undergo surgery during a time where the plastic surgery techniques were not as advanced as compared to the present-day.

The Einstein Affair

Despite Marilyn consistently depicting a foolish, blonde sex symbol in her movies (an image she despised), she was actually the antithesis in real life.

marilyn monroe
According to reports, she was believed to have an IQ exceeding 160, but there is no evidence to confirm whether she had undergone a standardized IQ test or not. Nevertheless, such a score puts her into the category of being a genius. Additionally, rumors were swirling about Marilyn Monroe having a romantic relationship with Einstein, but it is difficult to determine the authenticity of these rumors.

Working With Explosives

While the war was ongoing, Marilyn was employed in a factory where explosives were manufactured, and quite fascinatingly, it was photos of her from that time which initially kick-started her career.

marilyn monroe
David Conover, who worked as a photographer for the army, was sent to a military facility to capture images of Women working in the War. During his photography session, he photographed the most beautiful looking workers along the assembly line. While in the process, he encountered a girl who was putting propellers, and due to her simple appearance that he found appealing, he sent her directly to Hollywood.

Nonstop Disappointment

Gladys, Marilyn’s mother, made an effort to live a regular life by reconstructing her life. With her limited funds, she purchased a home exclusively for her and her daughter.

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Regrettably, little Marilyn proved to be quite a handful and Gladys, already burdened with various responsibilities, felt overpowered as she struggled to look after both herself and her child. Sadly, several months later, she suffered from a psychological collapse and had to receive institutionalized care.

Reaching For The Stars

In the early days of her modeling career, when she was still known as Norma Jeane, she landed one of her earliest jobs with Douglas Airlines. With her curly locks, sweet smile, and inquisitive glint in her gaze, she effortlessly exuded a natural charm in front of the camera.

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Marilyn’s modeling career really took off after photographer Raphael Wolff recruited her for a shampoo advertisement and she changed her appearance by bleaching and straightening her hair. Although she had already been featured in magazine photo shoots, this particular opportunity gave her a significant boost in booking more modeling jobs.

They Never Had A Chance

In the early 1940s, James Dougherty, who was a retired Los Angeles police detective, became a notable figure in Hollywood history after he wed a lovely teenage girl named Norma Jean Baker.

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Even though he was Marilyn’s first husband among three, not many people are aware of the significant impact he had on her life, considering she got married to him when she was only fifteen years old. Following their brief marriage that ended, James admitted, “I never knew Marilyn Monroe, and to this day, I can’t claim to have any knowledge or understanding of her. I only knew and loved Norma Jean.”

Dying Young

Marilyn was originally born with brown hair, and when she was younger, she did not possess her now famous appearance. Her first modeling contract included a recommendation from the producer, who believed it strongly, that she should change her hair color to blonde.

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Although Marilyn was hesitant at first, she was eventually convinced to get rid of her natural hair color after the producer explained how much more attractive it would appear compared to her current brown hair. This was enough to sway Marilyn.

Hairy Face

Marilyn was famous for her captivating appearance and she explored various unconventional methods to preserve her beauty, showing her utmost willingness to attempt them.

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Once, Marilyn shared a confidential information about her beauty routine where she would frequently apply a rich hormone cream on her face, which promoted the growth of soft facial hair known as peach-fuzz. According to her, the peach-fuzz gave her an intense glow that was visible in all her photographs.

Disruption Of Her Career

In 1955, the discussion about The Seven Year Itch focused on a controversial scene in which Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell leave a movie theater and a subway passing beneath them causes Marilyn’s skirt to be lifted by a breeze.

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