22 Astounding Kids Who Should Never Be Left Alone


It’s something every parent learns almost right away: if your kid suddenly becomes quiet – that is NOT a good thing. Whether it’s because they become so engrossed into their “activity” or they think they are hiding it from mom and dad, it almost always leads to some kind of big mess.

That’s when parents have to remind themselves how much they love their little “angels,” snap a photo for proof of their shenanigans, and then get busy cleaning up the mess.

  1. leo writes

    Perhaps this little one has seen her mommy apply a face mask, or maybe she just is full of beauty advice taken from herself. Whatever the case, her mom reports she left her alone for 10 minutes to make supper and came back to this cute (and a little scary) surprise.


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  3. leo writes

    Apparently this little one is looking to “hide out” with his new skin decor. Or at the very least, hide out from Mommy when she finds out what he has done to himself. Thankfully this Mommy has learned to take things in stride and reports “Yes, we went out in public like this. Yes, I gave up caring a long time ago.” She might have some bits of wisdom for us all to let go of the little things and find humor in them instead.


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  5. leo writes

    First rule of the room: Don’t mess with bean bags. Fact is, they are going to win. The static cling is no joke and this cute kid is proof number one to demonstrate it.


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  7. leo writes

    Her parents did notice their little “angel” was in the bathroom for a long time and decided to knock on the door just to make sure she was OK. Naturally she responded yes. I mean, if OK in your world is squirting toothpaste all over the toilet. If nothing else, she covered her poo smell with a fresh minty scent instead.


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  9. leo writes

    That’s the saying anyhow, but I bet if you asked this Mom she’d say there’s at least two things it shouldn’t. But she does report her kids really do love eating the Nutella and according to this photo, they will have plenty to snack on.


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