40+ Animals Who Decided to Break Their Default Setting of Being Normal

40+ Animals Who Decided to Break Their Default Setting of Being Normal

Learning about animals can provide both educational and entertainment value since they exhibit amusing and peculiar behavior that tends to be endearing to viewers. We scoured the internet for some of the most comical photographs of animals demonstrating unconventional activities that will surely make you laugh. Be amused by these animals engaging in hilariously strange antics.

New Hat?

If you have less hair, it can get quite cold. That might be the reason why a man asked an Australian magpie to assist in keeping his head warm. The amusing photograph of the magpie perched on his head was shared by a Reddit user.

Despite the negative perception of magpies as nuisances in Australia, this photo provides evidence that they also exhibit affectionate and amiable behavior.


Felines are famous for having a fondness for stretching, particularly when it comes to extending their lengthy legs and paws. This particular cat felt the urge to flex its muscles after presumably spending the day lounging on the sofa, resulting in this charming photograph being captured.

The cat’s limbs appear unusually long when he stretches, almost as if he is wearing “mittens” as stated by a Reddit user. It is unclear whether he was born with particularly unique paws or not, but regardless he is incredibly cute and flawless.

Synchronized Silliness

Upon initial viewing of this image, we were taken aback and had to do a second look, as it appeared that the photograph had been replicated of the same dog. However, it was discovered that the owner had captured a moment of both of these comical companions in the picture.

It’s unclear how these two puppies were able to coordinate their strange pose, but they were able to do it simultaneously. Although we’ve heard of synchronized swimming, synchronized stretching is a new sight for us.

Sitting on His Porcelain Throne

Many owners of cats like to make the joke that cats believe in the philosophy of “If I fits, I sits,” as they are known to rest in peculiar places. However, this particular feline is challenging the stereotype that cats despise water by choosing an unconventional spot to perch.

The cat has made an unusual decision to use its owner’s bidet as a spot for contemplation. It is just hoped that the cat’s owner doesn’t need to use it soon.

Drop It!

Similar to how human brothers and sisters can start arguing over a particular item, dog siblings too may engage in such behavior. In this instance, both canines are fixated on a pink, spiky ball and it seems that they both want to claim it. It’s unclear who initiated the effort to take the ball first, however, the two ended up in a mildly uncomfortable situation.

It seems that the dog on the left is going to win the game of tug-of-war over the ball, based on the focused expression in his eyes.

Needs More Horsepower

It is uncertain whether the horse owner intended to have their car accompanied by a horse in a playful mood, as reported by the horse owner that the horse chose to roll and have fun beside the vehicle.

The outcome of the incident was a comical image of a horse and numerous humorous remarks about its resemblance to attempting insurance fraud through pretending to be hit by a stationary car. It is amusing how this horse seems oblivious to its large size and probably considers itself to be a little pony frolicking in the meadow.

Got It!

One of the cat’s favorite things is a piece of string or yarn, which seems to excite them more than expensive toys or even catnip. The cat appears to be going wild over this straightforward item.

This cat appears to be exceptionally limber as he demonstrates his yoga skills in a excited state. As he attempts to capture the string with his front paws, his eyes widen and we can’t help but find his actions amusing.

A Smile Only a Mother Could Love

To speak the truth, llamas do not have a reputation for being graceful animals due to their untidy hair resembling a mullet and their tendency to spit, which does not make them visually appealing.

However, in spite of that, these llamas made a decision to pose and display their bright teeth in a comical image. Although we don’t have much information about the llama on the left, it seems that the one on the right has the potential to become a successful llama model.

Spider Cat, Spider Cat

As children, a lot of us would daydream about being superheroes. Kittens, as it appears, also have similar aspirations. This particular kitten opted to transform into a superhero of its own – Spider Cat.

Despite not having the famous Spidey Suit at his disposal, this feline is proving to be a worthy competitor to Pet1er Parker. It’s unclear how he managed to climb up there, but he seems quite at ease. It’s amusing to see his less adept friend gazing up at him with a mixture of terror and astonishment.

Purrr-anormal Activity

Usually, we fail to comprehend the correlation between cats and eerie occurrences. But upon examining this image, we are starting to comprehend why these animals have acquired their frightening notoriety.

The owner of a sphinx cat witnessed a frightening sight when the cat was perched on a high shelf with a scary appearance, heightened further by the perfect dark lighting. The cat looks like a horror movie villain, and we recommend the owner keeps the lights on during sleep from here on.

That’s My Best Bunny

Similar to how it happens with people, animals with contrasting qualities may occasionally develop a bond. Even though cats and bunnies are usually incompatible (or at least not harmonious), these two adorable creatures have formed a strong and affectionate relationship.

It seems that the bond between bunnies and cats is more frequent than expected. The caretaker of this unlikely pair reports that the cat enjoys embracing its bunny companion. It appears that the bunny is also at ease while nestled close to its feline pal.

Undercover Turtle

It is unclear how the turtle ended up under the blankets, but he seems content. Although turtles may enjoy cuddles with their owners, the blankets won’t offer much insulation for this small turtle.

As with all reptiles, turtles are cold-blooded creatures and require sunlight or a simulated UV light to warm themselves up. Nevertheless, it would be quite amusing to witness a turtle hiding under bed covers.

Fox in the Fridge

Although leftovers are typically a last resort for many of us, this fox doesn’t see any issue with rummaging through the fridge for a snack. It remains unclear how this cunning fox was able to access a kitchen and figure out that the fridge is a promising source of food.

It’s possible that this fox has been domesticated and raised in a way that makes him comfortable around humans, which is why he dives confidently into the fridge for his dinner. Regardless of his origins, we are amazed by his impressive balancing skills.

Cat Customer Service

Let’s face it — times are tough. It’s not enough for cats to just be cute, they need to get out there and work for their treats! This adorable employee has been helping customers find their home repair needs for years.

Known as Sharkbite, he’s this hardware store’s unofficial manager. While a hardware store can be full of dangerous objects, we’re sure this cat knows how to gracefully go from aisle to aisle.

Just Call Her Ms. Independent

Many cat owners enjoy bragging that their felines are far more independent than dogs. While this can be a bit true, this dog is showing that she doesn’t need to depend on her owner when it comes to walking.

We’re not sure what led her to grab her own leash and take herself for a walk. Perhaps she was tired of waiting for her owner to get up and take her. Whatever the reason, we appreciate an independent female!

Nope, No Cat Here

We’ve heard of the old excuse, “The dog ate my homework,” but this is something completely new! This cat decided that he would hide under a pile of his owner’s homework. We get it — homework can be tough!

While we think he should take a bit of a break from hitting the books, he should probably do a bit more research on better hiding spots! Perhaps this student can tell their teacher that they couldn’t complete their homework because their cat was using it as a shelter.

You Talkin’ to Me?

Let’s be honest — chihuahuas are a pretty intimidating breed. What they lack in size, they often make up for in character.

These tiny terrors have a pretty ferocious reputation in the dog world, and this tiny pup is no different. Don’t be fooled by his little fluffy bathrobe, this pup means business. After all, look at his little teeth! Making fun of his robe might be the last thing you do!

Treatment: Lots of Treats

This Turkish vet thought he would have just a regular day at his clinic. Instead, he got bullied (in the cutest way of course) to write a very cat-friendly prescription, which we’re sure included lots of yummy treats.

This Reddit user shared this adorable picture of a kitten clinging to his vet as he wrote out some prescriptions. We’re sure the vet didn’t mind having this cute little patient next to him!

The Pup Princess and the Pea

Dogs, like humans, can sometimes develop a larger-than-normal sense of entitlement. This pup decided that one bed simply wasn’t enough. Instead, she decided to pull her bed on top of her doggie sibling’s bed in order to have a super-sized place to rest.

She did show a little bit of generosity though by letting her brother rest his head on the corner of her super-bed. It’s pretty funny to see how she created this new resting ritual, and how her brother just goes along with it!

Netflix and Huh?

Look closely at this photo — there’s something (or rather someone) that’s a bit strange. This raccoon and dog have gotten so comfortable with one another that they think nothing of snuggling together on the couch for a good movie.

Judging by the large stomach of this raccoon, he should probably indulge in less binge-watching and movie snacks, and more outdoor activities! We just love how unenthused the dog is at his plump raccoon buddy!

Starting the Day on a Roll

Most cat owners will tell you that cats can get up to some very silly antics when they’re not being supervised. This Reddit user’s cat had been missing for a little while when she suddenly heard some loud meowing in another room.

When she got in, she saw that her cat had somehow managed to get a roll of tape stuck around and on his head. While mom thankfully saved the day, we have a feeling it’s not the first time this cat gets up to some mischief!

Not Puppy-Proof

Kong brand toys are known to be some of the strongest and best-quality toys for pets in the world. Unfortunately, this dog may make the toy developers head back to the design room because this dog is proving that these toys are most certainly not puppy-proof.

Despite his small size, this pup managed to shred this toy. Considering how sharp his teeth are, it’s probably better that he practices teething on this toy and not someone’s fingers!

A Real-Life Snoopy

Snoopy, the beloved cartoon character, is often pictured sitting on top of his dog house. While this real-life Snoopy prefers to sit on top of his owner’s tornado shelter, the two dogs do share a lot of similarities!

Both enjoy sitting on top of structures and gazing out pensively. We wonder if this Snoopy has his own little bird sidekick like Woodstock?

From Fluffy to Frizzy

From causing embarrassing clinginess in clothing to making us look shocked, static can be the worst. This pup must have been somewhere with a lot of static electricity to have caused her hair to stand on end like this.

While static hair isn’t a great look for most humans, this pup named Luna looks even more adorable with her new hairdo. We’re sure she didn’t understand why her owner was probably laughing and taking pictures of her shocking new look!

Splish-Splash, This Raccoon’s Taking a Bath

It’s no secret that raccoons are naturally drawn to water. In fact, in many languages, their name translates to “wash bear” due to their habit of dipping food into the water before consuming it.

This raccoon in particular has taken their love of water to the next level by turning this sink into his own personal soaking tub. Who knows? After a long day of sleeping in trees and scavenging through the garbage at night, we would be exhausted too!

A Special Type of Plant

Cats and plants actually have a lot in common with one another if you think about it. They both require very specific care, enjoy being in the sun, and can sometimes be prickly when pet (or touched).

This cat made himself at home in a planter with heart-shaped holes. While these holes were originally intended for plant roots, it doesn’t seem to be doing a good job containing all of this chunky cat’s fluff!

Caffeinated Canines

This Reddit user snapped this adorable photo of her puppy enjoying his first puppuccino. Offered by Starbucks coffee shops, puppuccinos are simply small cups of whipped cream that four-legged customers can enjoy while their owner gets the real stuff.

Some pet owners enjoy getting one of these as a rare treat for their pups. Though these puppuccinos don’t contain caffeine, we can see this sweet treat becoming just as addictive as their many caffeinated beverages.

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Almost every neighborhood has that one strange neighbor. Perhaps they’re the type of neighbor that enjoys gossiping or complains a lot. This neighborhood has a cat that likes to show off his feline figure to the neighborhood by pressing his body against the windows that overlook the neighborhood.

We’re not sure what his goal is in doing this, but we’re sure seeing a cat stand like that when it’s the middle of the night is probably quite creepy!

You’ve Got Meow Mail

Most cat owners know that there’s just something about boxes that draws cats in. This cat took his cardboard box obsession a bit too far and almost got himself mailed because of it.

Somehow, he was able to squeeze himself into a small cardboard box. We’re sure that while he probably has a pick of cat-appropriate sleeping spots and toys, he chose this tiny mailing box to catch some “zzzzs.”

Lord of the Chinchillas

Chinchillas are adorable small rodents native to South America. Behind their cute exterior and fluffy coats, they can be quite strong characters like this one here.

With his strong stance and staff made from a tiny branch, he greatly resembles the wizard Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings novels and films. Particularly the scene in which Gandalf raises his staff and tells the Balrog, a powerful monster, “You Shall Not Pass!”

Working From Home Can Be Ruff

As more of our lives have moved to the digital world, so have many of our jobs and even schools. This dog looks just like most of us do when we’re trying to figure out how to work a video calling system.

We wonder what made him want to sit on that chair next to the computer in such a human-like way. We wonder if even playtime at the dog park has moved onto the web?

Beanie Bed

Like many animals, ferrets enjoy catching up on their beauty sleep in small, warm places. It’s no surprise that this ferret chose its owner’s hat as the perfect place to crawl up and sleep.

With long bodies reaching up to 20 inches, we’re pretty surprised that this ferret was able to curl up in this tiny beanie cap. Judging by this ferret’s face, we’re sure it wasn’t too happy to be roused from its slumber!

Let Me Help You With That

Most people would agree that emptying a dishwasher is one of the most tedious and less-enjoyable chores we have to do. Lucky for this family, their cat looks like they enjoy taking out the clean dishes from the dishwasher.

We love how excited the cat is to be next to the dishwasher. With many cat lovers claiming that cats are generally cleaner pets, we’re starting to believe them! We wonder what other chores this cat enjoys doing?

Chandelier Sugar Gliders

Most people looking up at a chandelier may expect to see a few cobwebs, few would expect to see a pair of adorable marsupials just hanging out on a light fixture. These two tiny acrobats are sugar gliders, small tree-dwelling marsupials native to Australia.

As their name implies, sugar gliders are amazing climbers and are able to glide across great distances by using a special flap of skin. While this usually helps them glide from tree to tree, it can also help them reach this light fixture!

Sit Still!

Pop culture is full of references to the age-old battle between felines and canines. While we may never know who the winner would be, this photo may give us a clue. We’re not quite sure how this cat was able to overpower this fennec fox in order to sit on him.

Fennec foxes are native to the Sahara Desert and are the smallest member of the dog family. We just think it’s funny how the cat seems so calm as he sits on his little fox friend.

When You’re Incapable of Making a Serious Face

Most people would consider sticking your tongue out to be rude or inappropriate. Unfortunately, due to missing several teeth and a bit of her cheek, this cat was often stuck with her tongue hanging out.

Her owner shared pictures of her unintentionally silly face and the explanation behind it. We just think it’s interesting how serious her eyes look while her mouth tells a completely different story! Tongue out or tucked-in, she’s still adorable!

Cat That’s Half Bat

It’s not surprising to see an animal resort to some pretty impressive gymnastics in order to steal some human snacks from their owner. That said, this cat’s moves are more bizarre than they are impressive.

We can’t imagine that eating upside down is all that comfortable, and it’s probably not the healthiest way to eat. Whatever is in this bowl is apparently worth risking a tummy-ache for according to this nimble cat.

Foxy Pizza Party

Our favorite part of this photo has to be the fox’s face — who hasn’t made a similar face when a hot pie of pizza has arrived at the table? This fox speaks (or rather smiles) for all of us when he was photographed, beaming with happiness, sitting in front of a delicious pizza.

We would ask how he learned to behave so well in a restaurant, but most people would also sit politely with such a meal in front of them!

Dog Yoga

This Reddit user shared this puzzling photo of their dog in what looks like one of the weirdest positions we’ve ever seen. To some degree, we understand his reluctance to get off the couch.

What we don’t understand is the stretching that he’s doing to rest his snout on the nearby coffee table. Wouldn’t it be easier to just fully lay down on the soft couch? All that stretching can’t be comfortable!

What Big Teeth You Have!

We’re sure that when this family adopted their dog, they didn’t think they were getting a dog-piranha hybrid. Though we’re sure Fido was able to hide his toothy secret from them for years, the truth came out when he was given a particularly special ball.

Caught up in the excitement of this ball, he exposed a jaw of fang-like teeth with an equally chilling look. While we’re sure his family still loves him, they might want to not give him that green ball again!

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