13 Beach House Decorating Ideas

Does your beach house look outdated? Or maybe you are planning to buy it and want to redo it? Whatever your needs for decorating a beach house, let the professionals help. Here are 13 ideas for decorating a beach house that are as fresh as a summer breeze.

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Does your beach house look outdated? Or maybe you are planning to buy it and want to redo it? Whatever your needs for decorating a beach house, let the professionals help. Here are 13 ideas for decorating a beach house that are as fresh as a summer breeze.

A beach house can be a pleasure to own and live in. It makes excellent second homes and investment properties for the family, which can be enjoyed and rented out weekly in high season.The only disappointment you may have is the decoration. Maybe your beach house looks outdated, or maybe you are planning to buy it and want to renovate it.


Whatever the reason, creative ideas for decorating a beach house can be hard to come up with. Fortunately, our experience with real estate in San Diego has allowed us to find the most creative and amazing decorating ideas imaginable.With that in mind, we’ve compiled this article in which we’ve shared some of the best beach house decorating ideas we’ve come across.

Everywhere from San Diego to Orange Country there is an amazing selection of beach houses.To help you make the right home decor decision, here are our 13 best beach house decorating ideas that will transform your coastal hideaway into a modern paradise.

1. Abandon the topic

Your beach house should be the epitome of splendor in a modern or classic style, not an ornate display of the best HomeGood things. Instead of using the seashell theme throughout your beach house, think outside the box.Instead, you can give your home a comprehensive style choice. Adhering to the style of shells, do not choose a shower curtain covered with shells.

Instead, think of subtle hints you can make to nod towards style rather than being too harsh. Skip the vase full of tiny shells instead of one big shell on the sideboard.

2. Disposal of old furniture

One of the greatest gifts that humanity has given to home decor over the past 20 years has been the recycling of old furniture. Homeowners can visit a local thrift store and find some of the most old-fashioned, outdated pieces of furniture and completely change their appearance.From painting wood to changing handles and turning iron chains into a coffee table design, recycling old furniture and objects can give your home a creative touch.

34% of people aged 30 to 59 are engaged in upcycling to create something on their own, and 27% do it for fun, upcycling has become a popular new trend over the past few years.


If you lack creativity, you can find incredible recycled furniture on Etsy ready-made. There are also many companies that will design and manufacture furniture to specifications if you have a creative idea.

3. Walls with wooden panels

Nothing feels more comfortable in a coastal home than reclaimed wood. More precisely, restored wooden walls.The inclusion of reclaimed wood in the wall decoration can give your home a warmth that ordinary wallpaper or wall paint will never give.

Try to include an element in the wall cladding that is connected to another part of the interior of your beach house. We have seen wood-paneled walls created as characteristic walls that have the same wood finish as chairs in a separate room.Tying these small details together can be an interesting collaboration that will make your guest wonder which interior designer you have invited to complete this task.

4. Marine style

You will find that many coastal homes have faded furniture in their design. This is a key element for creating a marine-style home.The sun-bleached surfaces are perfectly combined with the feeling of the scuffed coast. The bedroom is the perfect place to embody this image.

Use light fabrics in a nautical style to enliven the bed linen. You can even mix pillow options, which will add a more interesting style, but at the same time you will feel relaxed.Soothing wall paintings can be a welcome addition to your space, especially soothing watercolor paintings with seascapes.

5. Fresh window settings

There is something especially delightful about a beach house with sand and a light breeze. On those warm days when you want the windows to be wide open, think about some decorative window options.Nothing says more about the coast than soft curtains made of natural linen, fluttering in the wind. This material will help you easily and stylishly frame your adorable look without overwhelming it.

The lightness of the material makes it easy to remove it from the road. You may even consider putting light bedding, blankets or pillows next to the window.The relaxation area next to the window will be an ideal place to relax, read or just explore the surroundings.

6. Copper Ahoy

Copper is one of the best elements that can be used to decorate your beach house. You can use this charming metal in decorative ornaments, pendant lights and even in a charming bathtub.You can imagine a deep copper bath in the cabin of the captain of the ship, and this is what gives such a wonderful addition to your bathroom its charm.

An old-fashioned bathtub can give your bathroom an almost royal look and will certainly impress all guests who want to take a dip in the tub. You can combine the style of copper baths with accent elements, such as hanging baskets for toiletries made of shiny copper.You can also combine the bright orange color of copper with light blue shades and cool pale colors in the rest of the bathroom.

7. Anchors up

The nautical theme may seem a bit corny in your office — if you don’t choose a full—length nautical chart, it can be pretty epic – but for kids it’s the perfect choice.The marine theme is practical in its choice of color, which makes it an easy long-term choice for a children’s bedroom. You can easily mix the theme with new underwear and updated decor as they grow up.

You will also find that bright colors related to the marine theme can decorate the room, and your children will be happy with your choice.

8. Shore facing

There is something charming about the faded wood trim that can be found in many coastal house designs. Your kitchen is the perfect place to embody this style.From the shabby chic dining tables to the dressers at the end of the room, you can create an amazing white wood design. They are perfect for beach house and design.

One of our favorite design ideas that we have seen is the use of coastal faded wood, but as a wooden wall cladding. Whitewashed cladding helps give your kitchen a beach hut-style feel.You can even paint your cabinets in a contrasting dark chalk grey tone to give them a fantastically chic look. Country-style details go well with this setting, for example, an old-fashioned plate stand, hanging mugs and even a white stove.

9. Soothing color solutions

One of the most important things we hear about coastal projects and beach houses is that they make people feel relaxed. It’s something about being thousands or just a few feet away from the waves.When entering a beach house, you should feel as if you are entering a vacation. You can help yourself achieve this goal by using small techniques of color psychology.

You always want to start with a neutral base of colors. Don’t use monochromatic tones for sharp contrast, instead focus on muted tones. Off-white, sandy colors and softer shades of gray can create an environment that seems both attractive and soothing.

You will often see offers of bold colors in contrast with soft muted tones, but in a beach house it is sometimes nice to even tone down accent colors.Pastel colors can be a good focus, especially with colors like coral, with such a beach effect.

10. Simple layouts are better

You will find that the layout of modern coastal homes is a key difference from the traditional styles you may have seen in the past. Old-fashioned coastal homes focus on densely packed floor plans.On the contrary, using a more minimalist room setting with a layout in the same style can be very different from a more traditional design.

To mix this minimalist style, you have to focus on the function of the room being the highlight. For the dining room, this means making the dining table a highlight. For the living room, make the sofa a highlight.If you are outdoors, a campfire spot should be your focus. Be sure to focus on leaving a free space around it so that your guests can move around the room comfortably.

Keep in mind that when making these design changes, the furniture you use will be especially important. With fewer accessories cluttering up your room, if your furniture doesn’t stand out, it can leave you in a room gray and lifeless.Instead, choose furniture that matches the style of your coastal home. You want them to be able to stand out on their own and be the real center of attention in the room.

11. Add textures

In the decor of a beach house, one of the most important elements to consider is how the elements of your room look the way they feel, which is also known as visual weight.One of the most important things you will notice on the beach is the feeling of it. It’s tactile.

From the sand between your toes to the rocks in your hands, so with your beach house you want to do everything you can to recreate those sensations.You can do this by layering textures together, things like woven rugs, smooth pottery, and jagged wooden ornaments all play a role in telling a texture—based story.

You need textures that don’t just seem obvious; you want them to be visually obvious.Keep in mind; this is still your home, so you don’t want everything to have sharp edges and uneven surfaces. Mix these textures with soft components such as blankets, plush pillows and decorative pillows.

12. Mix modern and traditional

The final touches to the interior of the beach house should be accessories. Modern beach house decoration ideas will stick to just a few accents that you will find in a typical beach house.

However, there is nothing wrong with mixing things up and including a few modern elements, such as trendy pieces of furniture or lighting. This blend of modern and traditional can give your home a whimsical twist.

Be sure to focus on the beach. You can use traditional elements, such as beach signs or driftwood, and modern objects that work on contrast, such as chevron-patterned pillows or wallpaper, and even fancy lighting fixtures.

13. Don’t give in to sea fever

One of the last conclusions is not to get too hung up on the classic beach house cliches. We have seen many houses in need of cosmetic repairs due to sea fever.

From anchor-themed wallpaper to seashell mats and rubber rings dressed in starfish, there’s nothing cute or attractive about these styles.

If you want to add a touch of coastal elegance, stick to the small details. Do not cover your room with a fish net, use it as a small element, for example, a small amount of mesh used as a curtain binding.

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