An Inside Look Into the Tragic Life of Giligan’s Island Star Zsa Zsa Gabor

An Inside Look Into the Tragic Life of Giligan’s Island Star Zsa Zsa Gabor

Let’s delve into the captivating life of Zsa Zsa Gabor, one of the most intriguing and renowned actresses of all time, as documented by a close friend of her family. By examining her life through a magnifying glass, one can discover numerous fascinating aspects about the legendary actress from the past. It has been suggested that Zsa Zsa Gabor even surpassed the Kardashians in fame during her time. Nevertheless, let’s appreciate this tribute to the extraordinary life of the beloved celebrity, Zsa Zsa Gabor, without getting caught up in comparisons.

A Star Is Born

Zsa Zsa Gabor, originally named Sari Gabor, was born on February 6th, 1917 in Budapest, Hungary. She had two sisters, one of whom, Eva Gabor, also became famous. Ultimately, all three sisters achieved fame.


Zsa Zsa enrolled in a Swiss boarding school and participated in the Miss Hungary pageant in 1933 when she was very young. However, due to her age, she was unfortunately deemed ineligible and disqualified from the competition.

A Family of Famous People

The trio of Gabor sisters achieved celebrity status by excelling in various fields such as television, socializing, and performing in movies and TV series. Zsa Zsa, in addition to her successful literary career, notably wrote the immensely popular How to Catch a Man along with two other related works.

The Gabor sisters, especially Zsa Zsa Gabor, were famous not just for their public personas but for various aspects of their private lives. Zsa Zsa’s romantic relationships, marriages and other activities were sources of fascination, drama and mystery.

Starting Her Climb to Fame

As early as 1934, this socialite and actress of Hungarian-American descent started her career in the entertainment industry in Vienna, Austria. When she was just 17 years old, she made her debut on stage in Vienna by singing in a light opera.

After Richard Tauber discovered her, she received the initial guidance that led to her fame. At the age of 19, she won Miss Hungary, which marked the beginning of her rapid ascent to stardom. Her rise to fame continued to accelerate.

Coming to America

Due to the tense situation in Europe during 1941 and being of Jewish descent, she chose to relocate to America. Zsa Zsa, along with her siblings, made the move to the US when she was 24 years old, and their mother joined them three years later.

Zsa Zsa Gabor garnered attention in America even before arriving there by revealing to the media that she had once danced with a prominent German leader. This was indicative of her efforts to establish herself as one of the most famous socialites across the globe even before entering Hollywood.

She Started Her Acting Career

At the age of 19, Zsa Zsa and her sisters boarded a plane to Hollywood with the sole purpose of achieving fame. Upon arrival, she pursued acting, but it was a challenging and time-consuming process to secure a role.

Zsa Zsa Gabor began her career in the film industry with her first acting role in Lovely to Look At, a musical movie in 1952, where she played a supporting character. From that point onwards, she continued to progress in her acting career without any reluctance.

Becoming Famous

Zsa Zsa had a breakthrough in her acting career when she appeared in a popular movie that same year, playing a supporting role. It was actually her first film and it catapulted her to fame. Her arrival was significant and greatly appreciated post the world conflict and she cherished it dearly.

Zsa Zsa successfully accomplished her goal of becoming a renowned actress and social figure after being cast as the lead in the movie Moulin Rouge in 1952. Following this, her fame and popularity only continued to grow among her supporters and the general public.

Going on From Here

In 1952, Zsa Zsa Gabor’s career took off when renowned directors Orson Welles and John Huston began to take notice of her, resulting in her being offered increasingly more roles. Following her initial supporting role, the offers continued to pour in.

After her debut role in that year, she acted in Moulin Rouge and We’re Not Married, both of which earned her recognition as a serious actress. In 1953, she enhanced her career with her performance in Lili, and many renowned directors took notice of her.

Easily Fit In

During that time in history, the female immigrants from Europe were admired for their effortless charm, beauty, and aura of enigma that intrigued anyone they encountered. As a result, they were readily welcomed into the social scenes of New York and Los Angeles.

Zsa Zsa swiftly integrated into the group of famous people and enthusiastically embraced her position as a socialite in Hollywood. Before long, the stunning sisters who brought their rich and delightful beauty to the United States and the world of entertainment gained widespread recognition.

A Sought-After Actress

This young individual had a distinctive approach and personality that left people in Hollywood and American social scenes puzzled. However, her poise and elegance impressed numerous individuals, causing her to become a highly desired actress by many renowned figures in the film industry.

Her distinctive elegance and grace had a European quality that set her apart from the norms of the New World. The Gabor trio had an aura of mystique and attractiveness, yet Zsa Zsa’s allure was the most prominent among them.

She Declined the Role of Lady Chatterley

Zsa Zsa Gabor turned down the opportunity to portray the protagonist, Lady Chatterley, in the film adaptation of D.H. Lawrence’s renowned romantic novel, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, even though she hadn’t achieved recognition at that time.

Zsa Zsa Gabor declined the offer due to the novel’s contentious subject matter, as per her statement.

A Successful Career

Since the start, it was apparent that the objective of this person who is socially active was to thrive in the entertainment sector. They sought after all the benefits that come along with a career in the spotlight, but above all, their aim was to achieve widespread recognition.

As per Sam Staggs’ book, Zsa Zsa Gabor and her siblings were not just popular due to their fame, but they strived hard to achieve it by being dedicated and focused towards their objective.

The First Book of Many

Although she may not have been the only author, she collaborated on her initial book, “Every Man for Himself” in 1944. Zsa Zsa Gabor stated that this book draws upon partial inspiration from events that occurred in her life.

An American magazine later purchased this book, which showed that she was a highly skilled and adaptable artist. Her ability to sing, write, and perform made her a valuable and multifaceted individual.

A Busy Social Life

Besides her acting career, Zsa Zsa also put in efforts to establish herself as a renowned socialite. Her lavish lifestyle and marrying and divorcing nine times are clear evidence of how socially active she was.

Despite being among the initial celebrities, there are those who believe that her fame was solely due to her reputation. However, there are others who disagree, and a detailed analysis of her professional and personal life may shed more light on her story.

Open Doors

Following her debut in Lovely to Look At, significant figures took notice of her, allowing her to secure more roles and ultimately become a prominent film star. This was the opportunity that paved the way for her talents to be recognized and admired in various movies.

Numerous outstanding films ensued shortly after, a few of which were even released in the same year as her initial minor part. After this, she continued forward without hesitation, and now we shall examine the movies in which she participated.

Moulin Rouge

After her notable appearance in the musical, Lovely to Look At, she began her acting journey with her debut in this movie which propelled her to fame and established her reputation as an actress.

The climbing star was noticed by many important people in Hollywood, including John Huston who directed the movie where she played the character of Jane Avril, the can-can dancer.

We’re Not Married

Zsa Zsa Gabor played one of the couples in an American comedy, portraying the character of Eve, a gold digger who attempted to frame her kind millionaire husband after marrying him.

Zsa Zsa Gabor had a bustling year in 1952 as this movie was also shown during that time, which commenced her extensive acting career. Though not her only lead role, the movie had an impressive cast of contemporary stars.


Zsa Zsa Gabor acted in another film called Lili which was produced in 1953, a year after her first acting performance. In the movie, she portrayed Rosalie, the assistant of a charming magician who was desired to be replaced by Lili.

Despite not being a part of the main cast of the movie, Zsa Zsa Gabor still left a significant impact on the viewers. Following this, her career in movies experienced a lull, but she continued to remain popular by featuring on various TV game shows and talk shows.

A Dry Spell

During the following years, she was mainly cast in unimportant movie characters, such as Lola la Blonde in The Most Wanted Man, in 1953. Later on, during the year 1954, she appeared in a few other movies. It was in 1956 that she secured the lead role in Death of a Scoundrel, alongside her former husband, George Sanders.

The year after that, in 1957, she played a role in just one movie, The Girl in the Kremlin, directed by Charles Martin. But this was not the end of Zsa Zsa Gabor – she made sure of that.

A Spur of New Movies

In 1958, she again started playing roles in several movies, including titles such as Touch of Evil. That was a new start, other movies such as Queen of Outer Space, The Man Who Wouldn’t Talk, and Country Music Holiday followed.

All these movies were directed by big names in the movie world, giving her a lot of recognition. Among these names were Herbert Wilcox and Orson Welles, to name a few.

More to Come

From 1959 to 1962, she had a few roles in movies, and in Pepe, she even played herself. At this time in her life, she had quite a number of things going on, like getting married to a list of husbands.

Even these spells in her social life didn’t deter her from focusing on her acting career. A long list of movies followed in the years that came.

A Long List of TV Appearances

From as early as 1953 to 1995, she appeared in more than 55 TV shows and talk shows. She had many recurring roles and a long list of TV series to put behind her name.

In many of these TV shows, she appeared as herself and not in roles cast for her. In 1988, she even appeared in the TV movie, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special, as Princess Zsa Zsa. A tribute to her life was made in This Is Your Life in 1994.

Theater Was Her Love

Even though she strove to become a movie and TV personality, theater was still her first love. From a young age, in 1935 and up to 1993, she performed in several theater shows.

She started with the show, Der Singende Traum, and the last show she appeared in was in 1993. In this show, she played Cinderella, which is rather fitting.

First Husband

Zsa Zsa Gabor married her first husband, 35-year-old Buran Asaf Belge, a Turkish government official, in 1937, at the age of 20. Rumor has it that she proposed to this man who was 15 years older than she was.

To celebrate their union, the Gabor parents gave her a 10-karat diamond ring as a wedding gift. In 1941, their marriage started to collapse, and they both decided to go their separate ways. Zsa Zsa applied for an official divorce when she arrived to America.

Glamorous Marriage to Husband Number Two

Shortly after arriving on American soil, she met the hotel magnate Conrad Hilton, who had recently become a bachelor. They met at an upscale club where they were flirting with each other, and he offered her $20,000 to accompany him to Florida.

Zsa Zsa refused this offer, but only two months later, they were married, which happened on April 10, 1942. They had a daughter together, but that marriage didn’t last, and they got divorced in 1946.

The Third Husband

The marriage to George Saunders, a British actor, lasted from 1949 to 1954, almost a full six years. The reason Gabor claimed she divorced him was that he wanted to turn her into a housewife, which she wasn’t interested in.

In her own words, “we were both in love with him, so when I fell out of love, he didn’t.” Two years after their divorce, they both played in the same movie, Death of a Scoundrel, in which they starred together.

Along Came Husband Number Four

Zsa Zsa Gabor and the investment banker Herbert Hutner married in 1962, which lasted for only four years. They divorced in 1966 because he was too generous and kind, according to Zsa Zsa.

Zsa Zsa was the banker’s second wife, while he was her fourth husband and was nearly 10 years older than her. They had no children together, and according to Zsa Zsa, he nearly annihilated her drive, whatever that meant.

Fifth Husband

Number five in the long line of Zsa Zsa’s husbands was Joshua S. Cosdan, Jr., and very little was known about him. According to those who knew him, he was an oil businessman, and they were married for just one year.

They got married in March of 1966 and were divorced only one year later, in 1967, and she didn’t say much about him. However, there are photos of them traveling and spending time together.

Husband Six

Jack Ryan, the designer of toys like the Barbie doll, Chatty Cathy, and Hot Wheels, was husband number six for Zsa Zsa Gabor. Unfortunately, her marriage to Jack also only lasted just one year, from 1975 to 1976, before they ended it as well.

After the divorce from Zsa Zsa, Jack never remarried again and remained single until the day he passed away. It looks like even this brief period of marriage to Zsa Zsa Gabor had quite an impact on her sixth ex.

Lucky Number Seven

Her marriage with husband number seven, Michael O’Hara, lasted for five years. This may have been the longest of all her marriages. They met when he was helping her get divorced from husband number six, and they dated for seven months.

They got married on the 27th of August, 1976. Sadly, in 1982, they also decided to part ways and got a divorce. This divorce probably didn’t take that long because he was practicing as a divorce lawyer.

Husband Number Eight(ish)

Felipe de Alba was (un)lucky husband number eight. However, the marriage was annulled because she wasn’t yet legally divorced from her previous husband. This lasted only one day when it was discovered that her divorce wasn’t yet finalized, but they didn’t stay together anyway.

Only one day – that’s how long this marriage lasted. Some prefer to see it as if it never really happened, and it seems they both wanted out. Felipe also had a career in law as a divorce attorney. He also used to be a character actor earlier in his life.

Final Husband – Number Nine

Frederic Prinz Von Anhalt was the name of the ninth husband, and their marriage lasted from 1986 until her passing. With this last choice, it seemed like she finally found the one man she wanted to share the rest of her life with.

He changed his name from Hans George Robert Lichtenberg after he paid Princess Marie-Auguste of Anhalt to adopt him so he could become royalty. He was 26 years older than her last husband, and Zsa Zsa started to call herself Princess Zsa Zsa, Duchess of Saxony.

More Than Just an Actress

Looking at her life, it can be seen that Zsa Zsa Gabor wanted to be remembered as more than just an actress or socialite. Her bubbly personality made her a favorite among many in show business and otherwise.

The press and countless others scrutinized many of the things that happened in her social life. While many will remember her as the serial wife, others will fondly remember her as a professional actress they admired.

Famous Things Zsa Zsa Said

Many of the things Zsa Zsa had to say became famous, although some of them were more notorious. One was that she was a good housekeeper; every time she left a man, she kept the house!

Another quote from her is this: “Being a bit crazy helps you to stay sane in this world.” Also: “Being jealous of a beautiful woman doesn’t make you more beautiful.”

Larger Than Life

Her prowess as an actress and her social life made her become not just a celebrity, but far more than that. She became known for more than just acting, and her social reputation started to surpass her reputation as an actress.

Adding to all this, she also became an author of a range of books that made her famous for other reasons. All these contributions to the life of a celebrated actress and socialite made her a larger-than-life figure in Hollywood. And, let’s be honest, she was larger-than-life just about everywhere else, too!

A Long and Fruitful Life

This celebrity is one that can say that she worked hard on her claim to fame. That’s also what the author of the book, Finding Zsa Zsa: The Gabors Behind the Legend, said about her.

The Gabors worked very hard to become famous and weren’t just famous because they were famous. More than anything else, this is what Zsa Zsa Gabor, lately known as Princess Zsa Zsa, wanted and achieved.

There are a lot of couples in Hollywood that we watch come and go. Not every single one is meant to be and not all of them last through the ups and downs of life in the public eye. Nearly 30 years after they initially met, though, husband and wife duo Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith are still going strong!

Fallen in Love

When you’re talking about someone who’s as much of a household name as Pierce Brosnan, it’s no surprise his life has stayed rather public over the years. His relationship with Smith has been rather public as well, unsurprisingly.

However, it hasn’t made for the drama-fueled stories we’re often used to hearing about in Hollywood. Rather, these two seem to be truly in love even decades down the road, painting a rather wholesome picture of their life as a couple.

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan is a man who nearly needs no introduction. The Irish actor has been in some of the biggest movies we’ve seen in recent history and branched out as a producer.

You can catch him in films like Mamma Mia! and Mrs. Doubtfire but his most memorable role is probably taking on the mantel of James Bond himself. Starring in GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, and Die Another Day, Brosnan was the fifth Bond.

Brosnan’s Previous Marriage

Brosnan’s marriage to Smith isn’t his first marriage. The star married actress Cassandra Harris in 1980 and was with her until her passing in 1991. The actor has also been rather open about his grief and how it has affected him — both in his love life and other aspects of his personal life.

The star has shared his appreciation for life despite misfortune for one, saying, “I have been very lucky in my life. I was able to go through quite a lot of lives and still retain a certain identity and love of life.” When asked about losing Harris to ovarian cancer, Brosnan has said, “That kind of sorrow becomes an indelible part of your psyche.”

Smith’s Support

Later on, Brosnan would credit some of his path through grief to the support from Smith. He discussed Smith’s regard towards Harris in an interview.

He said, “The memory of Cassie and her fight against cancer is never forgotten. Keely has always been kind and compassionate and encouraged me to mourn Cassie.” He added of the importance of his wife’s support, “I suppose Keely is my North Star, always looking out for me.”

Rediscovering Love

Of course, dating again after the loss of a partner isn’t easy. It seems like Brosnan and Smith did a lot to support one another, though.

Discussing meeting Smith well after their relationship started, the James Bond actor said about their meeting, “I had a great marriage, which sadly had its own ending, and I was lucky enough to find love again. We were meant to find each other. I thank God for her every day.”

Keely Shaye Smith

We’ve talked a lot about Pierce Brosnan at this point but who is Keely Shaye Smith? You actually might recognize her from a few different places. The star has worked as an actress, TV host, journalist, and author.

You can see her work on a season of General Hospital or the more educational The Home Show from ABC. True crime fans might recognize her for her work on Unsolved Mysteries for two years as a correspondent.

A Chance Meeting

When these two famous faces finally met, it was a chance meeting. Smith was actually at the same party as Brosnan in the hopes of interviewing Ted Danson. The bad news was that the interview fell through.

On the other hand, it seems like the 1994 beach party in Cabos San Lucas had more potential than a single project. It was here Brosnan and Smith met for the first time.

Love at First Sight?

When it comes to meeting a long-term partner for the first time, people might ask what you thought the moment you met each other. Did you know then?

For these two, it seems like they definitely saw something special in each other right away. Brosnan once told People, “Wherever I went in the world I missed her, and I’d send her tickets to come so we could be together. We just seemed to fit.”

Smith’s First Thoughts

He isn’t the only one who shared his first thoughts on their meeting, though. Smith also spoke to People about her initial reaction.

“He was captivating,” Smith gushed, “Tall, dark, and handsome — everything that everybody would immediately be attracted to. He had this mischievous sparkle in his eye. I thought, ‘Wow! Wow!’” We have to say, as far as first thoughts about someone go, this is pretty high praise for her future husband.

The Couple’s First Date

Even famous couples we’ve swooned over for decades had to start somewhere — so, of course, Smith and Brosnan had a first date. From what Smith says, it was a romantic affair.

She once described their first date, saying that the pair “sat down under the stars and he held my hand. There were fireworks going off over our heads, and Kenny Loggins was singing. We talked until three in the morning.” It seems like it was meant to be!

Seven Years of Dating

In Hollywood, we’re used to seeing a lot of couples rush to the altar. For some, it really works while for others it fizzles out as quickly as it started. This couple decided to forego this trend, though.

Rather, Smith and Brosnan dated for seven years before they decided to tie the knot. Still, fans managed to stay rather up-to-date on their relationship thanks to public appearances and interviews.

Activism Before Tying the Knot

One thing that we saw from the couple before they tied the knot was quite a bit of philanthropy. That’s something that continued into their marriage as well.

While they were dating, the couple worked with both the Natural Resources Defence Council and the International Fund for Animal Welfare. In 2007, they donated to help replace a Kauai playground. The couple has also been involved in supporting the Roots and Shoots program by Jane Goodall.

Introducing Dylan

Many fans know that Brosnan is a father as well as a husband. Before he met Smith, he had one son with Harris and adopted two of her children in 1986.

Before Brosnan and Smith tied the knot, they expanded their family further too. In January 1997, about three years after they first met, the two announced they’d welcomed a son into the world — Dylan. As he’s gotten older, Dylan has stepped into the public eye like his parents as an actor, model, and singer.

Already a Father

Before becoming a father to Dylan with Smith, Brosnan did become a father during his previous marriage to Cassandra Harris. Brosnan and Harris had their son, Sean — and Harris had two children, Charlotte and Chris, from a previous marriage.

When their father passed, Brosnan adopted both Charlotte and Chris, becoming their father as well. So, he was no stranger to parenting when he welcomed his kids with Smith.

And Next Comes Paris

The two didn’t stop there when it came to growing their family either. In 2001, the couple would welcome another son into the world.

This time, the two announced the birth of their younger son, Paris. Much like his older brother, Paris has made a name for himself as a model and his Instagram is full of his work. As for his parents, they haven’t shied away from posting about their love for their son either.

Postponed a Few Times

When it was time for the wedding bells to chime, the couple did face a few delays. In all, their wedding was postponed three times.

The first time, Smith and their then-four-year-old son were stuck in their home during a flood. Then, the second date was moved when Brosnan’s son Sean was in a car accident and sustained injuries. The final postponement was rather happy, though, when Smith found out she was pregnant with Paris.

Wedding Bells

Still, in the end, nothing was going to stop this couple from getting married. Three postponed dates later, the two had their big day.

The pair held the ceremony in Brosnan’s native Ireland, at Ballintubber Abbey to be specific. The 2001 ceremony was beautiful and largely kept a bit private prior to the couple announcing their new union. Once everyone heard, they were quick to gush over the details.

An Important Anniversary

After all of those postponed dates, the couple’s final wedding date landed on August 4th, 2001. The anniversary has proved incredibly important to both of them. This date wouldn’t be forgotten later either.

As we’ll see, the two are happy to post about their anniversary every year and make it clear that they’re still as smitten with one another as the day they tied the knot and their life together before that.

Charlotte on Their Wedding

Of course, Brosnan had all of his children there and his daughter, Charlotte, even served as one of the bridesmaids.

Charlotte once spoke to People about the occasion. She even shared her own personal feelings on Brosnan’s remarriage, telling them, “Just seeing the ultimate love that these two people have for each other was unbelievable. My dad found it again, and that makes me happy.” It seems like the whole family was smitten with Smith!

Strength and Passion

Even years down the line from their meeting, Brosnan hasn’t been afraid to share exactly how he feels about his wife with the world.

One thing the star noted after they were married was how strong his wife was and how much he loved it. Once asked about his marriage to Smith, he responded, “She has this strength that I wouldn’t be able to live without. When Keely looks at me, I go weak.

Stepping Out on the Red Carpet

Over the years, the couple hasn’t shied away from public appearances either. So, the paparazzi keeps their eyes peeled for the happy couple on the red carpet.

In 2004, the two made a joint appearance at the Academy Awards, donned in a Bond-worthy suit and a red and gold gown. The couple would appear again that same year in a matching black suit and gown for the 2004 Oscars as well.

A Malibu Appearance

The two stars have also stepped out in Malibu before. It makes sense, given that they did take up residence there for quite some time. Still, fans and photographers alike were excited to see them step out for an event in Malibu in 2007.

The two actually appeared for a press conference titled “Terminate the Terminal” to stop a terminal installation off the coast of Malibu, California. Like many other causes, the two stepped out to make their stance known.

Spirit Awards Appearance

Another public appearance from the couple came in 2010. This was when the pair appeared at the 25th annual Film Independent Spirit Awards in LA, held in March of 2010.

The actor didn’t take home any awards that night but people still took note of his presence. While not the star of the show, photographers rushed to snag a picture of the couple as they approached the red carpet.

Love Is All You Need

In 2012, Brosnan went for a romantic comedy role and starred as Philip in Love Is All You Need. All in all, the movie was a success! The married pair headed out together for premieres and screenings too, of course.

This is a snapshot a photographer snagged while the two were attending a screening of the movie shortly after its release. As usual, the two were caught arm-in-arm with big smiles.

Instagram Updates

Like many stars, the Brosnans keep fans updated on social media a lot. This includes a lot of content through Instagram, especially as birthdays and anniversaries roll around.

Given that the couple started dating in the ’90s, they were already long-together by the time Instagram became popular. Both of these stars joined in 2013 only a month apart and their Instagram has since seen an array of posts celebrating their relationship.

Brosnan Speaks on Love

In January 2018, Closer had the chance to sit down with Pierce Brosnan and the star talked about his love life a bit.

He told them, “You have to trust and follow your heart and try to meet the best people in life.” The star also added, “I’ve been a married man most of my life — that’s the way I like it. I’m one of those guys who believes you need a strong woman in your life.”

Keely Comments Too

Of course, the actor wasn’t the only one to comment on their relationship either. Around the same time, Smith added her own opinions about her husband.

In a touching quote, she said that “Pierce is intelligent, captivating, and his real beauty emanates from the soul. And […] he’s aging beautifully.” It seems like this is one Hollywood duo that truly love each other and enjoy one another’s company.

Adding More

Smith added more to her comments about her husband as well. Each one really paints the picture that these two are deeply in love.

In one Instagram post, she told her husband, “Thank you for joining me on this wild, joyous ride into parenthood, for your love, support, and encouragement. Your heart is so big, so generous, so tender and compassionate. You inspire me every day and you continue to make me laugh. God bless you! My heart is filled with gratitude.”

Building a Home Together

The two have discussed building their private life as well as their careers. Brosnan discussed this with Parade, highly praising his wife.

“We have a beautiful garden. We have a wee cottage out there on the North Shore, and it sits on five acres, which Keely has groomed. She’s a get-your-hands-dirty girl. She tells me what to do.” He also described their Malibu home, which sustained extensive fire damage in 2015.

2018 Mamma Mia! Appearance

Aside from his role as James Bond, one of Brosnan’s more famous roles is the one he took on for Mamma Mia! and its sequel.

So, when Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again released in 2018, of course, Brosnan took to the red carpet with his wife. The two easily stole the show both for Brosnan’s performance and the appearance of the beloved Hollywood couple. Not to mention, people were quick to compliment the dress Smith donned.

Life Is Beautiful

In 2018, the happy couple had the chance to celebrate 25 years of their relationship. The two were quick to make their declarations public.

On Brosnan’s Instagram, he wrote, “Thank you for the love, my love, of these past 25 years onward.” As for Keely, she added a simple “Happy Anniversary” to her husband and added, “Life is beautiful with you in it!” It’s the sort of sweet exchange fans have come to expect from this couple.

Poisoning Paradise

As we’ve mentioned, Brosnan isn’t the only one with big projects underway in Hollywood. In 2018, Smith also released a movie titled Poisoning Paradise.

Brosnan was quick to support his wife’s endeavors, too. When Smith celebrated the release of the environmental film, Brosnan was quick to jump online and offer a shout-out to both her and the film, saying, “Stepping out for another showing of Keely’s movie Poisoning Paradise. Still working and loving life after 25 years.”

Anniversary 2020

Of course, the Brosnans rarely miss a chance to celebrate their love for one another publicly. So, it’s not much of a surprise Pierce jumped online to share his feelings.

In August of 2020, the two celebrated the 19th anniversary of their wedding. The actor posted a picture of the two with the caption, “Happy anniversary my love Keely…my brown-eyed girl, should I fall behind wait for me…as ever, my love.”

2021 Anniversary

Just like the year before, the pair jumped online in August 2021 to celebrate their anniversary with public messages to one another.

Pierce jumped on Instagram once again to let his wife and the world know exactly how he felt about her. He wrote, “Happy anniversary, my dear Keely, my love is forever growing with you…” It was definitely a sign that the two were still head over heels for one another.

And a Bit of Throwback

April of that same year, Brosnan made sure to add a few moments with his wife online even without the prompt of an anniversary or holiday. The star shared a throwback photo of himself and his wife spending time together on a boat.

The photo is captioned, “Like only yesterday, the years fly by my love, so many dreams with you, onwards my love.” It didn’t take long for the likes and positive comments to start rolling in.

Anniversary Wishes

In 2022, the couple got to celebrate another anniversary. As we’ve come to expect, the two were quick to share their marital joy with the world.

As per usual, the Mamma Mia! actor took to Instagram. He shared a wedding photo of the two before adding the caption, “Happy Anniversary my love Keely, we danced that night and still dance the dance today. I could do it all again.”

And the Other Half

As you may have expected, Brosnan wasn’t the only one from the pair that made sure to post an anniversary note in 2021. She posted on the anniversary of them starting a relationship, not their wedding.

Smith posted, “Happy 27th my love! Celebrating the day we met (April 8th, 1994 as well as the we married August 4th, 2001). Love you and the life we share,” before adding a throwback photo of the two lounging in a hammock.

Appearing Online as Well

Another, more recent time the couple stepped out together was for a Valentine’s Date that involved dinner and a Van Gogh exhibit.

The paparazzi didn’t catch them at the immersive L.A. exhibit either – the two shared their Valentine’s Day plans on Instagram. Along with this photo of his wife, he added the caption, “A beautiful St. Valentine’s Day with my love @keelyshayebrosnan at the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit…kissing Van Gogh.”

Looking Back on Love

There are times, even outside of anniversaries, that you might sit back and contemplate your life with your partner. Brosnan definitely did.

In April 2022, the actor jumped on Instagram to share a quick but touching thought about his wife. He wrote, “28 years ago this day, the 4th of the 8th we met in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico…and married in Ireland at Ashford Castle three years later on the 8th of the 4th…4884…my love always, you have made my life one of joy and happiness, light of my life, love.”

Enjoying Each Other’s Company

When you’re together as long as this couple has been, you might start to get a few questions. For instance, how do you make it work so well?

First of all, it’s clear these two are well-matched for one another. If you ask Brosnan, though, he points at one key concept as what keeps their relationship going. The star says the two spend a lot of quality time just enjoying each others’ company.

Quality Time

The pair isn’t shy to share what really helps them bond. It’s quite simple really — they talk about spending a lot of quality time together.

The Bond actor once shared a story about a road trip the two of them shared. While many people use a road trip to listen to their favorite songs or even catch a nap if you aren’t driving, Brosnan said, “We didn’t listen to any music, but we just listened to the sounds of each other’s voices and sorted out the world.”

Just Watching the Sunset

We see a lot of stars while they’re working. We don’t really know what they’re like when the cameras aren’t rolling unless someone says something.

The answer was expectedly wholesome and touching. The actor told People back in 2017, “It was yesterday. I painted in my studio, then I went down and sat on the beach, read and did some drawing – and then I had lunch with Keely.” He continued saying that the two watched the sunset together and “It’s very simple – and the best.”

Fans Continue to Follow

Even though this couple has been together for nearly three decades, it seems like their joint charm hasn’t faded as far as their fame is concerned.

With the couple being rather public and still going strong, plenty of people tune in every time they make an appearance or add a social media post. Each time, fans are quick to leave a like and comment about how wholesome the couple is.

Even Other Celebs Love Them

While fans flock to these posts, not all of their fans are watching from outside of the sphere of fame. Even other celebs love this couple.

When the pair posted one photo, comedian Chelsea Handler was among one of the famous faces to show up in their comments section. The comedian left a comment on an anniversary post congratulating them by saying, “Congratulations, you two! Way to set an example!”

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