35 Celebrities That Suffer From Bizarre Phobias

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35 Celebrities That Suffer From Bizarre Phobias

Though celebrities may seem superhuman at times, they are similar to regular people. Just like anyone else, they have fears and phobias – like arachnophobia, acrophobia, and claustrophobia. However, learning about the specific phobias of certain celebrities might offer a sense of relief and comfort about one’s own anxieties. For instance, knowing that famous people are afraid of raccoons, coat hangers, or house plants may provide some solace.

Orlando Bloom – Pigs

Although Orlando Bloom appears brave on screen, his real-life persona does not reflect this as accurately. As Legolas in Lord of the Rings, his fearlessness adds to his attractiveness, but in reality, if he were confronted with a litter of pigs, he would run away without hesitation.

Indeed, it is true that Orlando Bloom has a fear of pigs, commonly known as Swinophobia. According to reports, Bloom even hurriedly ran away when a pig accidentally wandered onto the set while filming Kingdom of Heaven.

Kendall Jenner – Little Holes

Kendall Jenner recently surprised her fans by sharing a significant secret about herself that most people didn’t know. She informed the public that she suffers from severe trypophobia, which is a fear of small holes that form unusual patterns.

I have certain triggers that can cause me to become upset, such as pancakes, honeycomb, and lotus heads (which are the worst). Even though it may seem silly, a lot of people actually share this fear. Looking at small holes makes me really anxious since I don’t know what could be inside them.

Adele – Seagulls

Although phobias may appear mysterious, they usually have a specific cause. Adele, a highly acclaimed musician with multiple Grammy awards, started experiencing a fear of seagulls since she was young. According to her, during a walk along the Tenby promenade while she was eating an ice cream, a massive seagull suddenly grabbed the ice cream from her, making her believe that the bird would carry her away too.

Although many adults have come to the understanding that seagulls cannot carry them away, Adele still requires some form of confirmation or support.

Billy Bob Thornton – Antique Furniture

Despite sharing a vial of his blood and revealing other frightening aspects of his past to Angelina Jolie, it may be surprising to know that Thornton has a fear of antique furniture. He has expressed that being around it makes him feel scared and unable to eat or breathe.

Thornton has an unusual apprehension towards spaces that are equipped with pre-1950s furnishings. Adding to the peculiarity, his companions have suggested the possibility of him being fatally injured by an antique chair in a past existence.

Megan Fox – Dry Paper

Megan Fox’s papyrophobia, which is a fear of paper, could hinder her work performance. It is not an optimal situation since the material of her scripts is paper. To cope with her fear, Fox has a cup of water within reach to moisten her finger before flipping pages while memorizing her lines.

The only method she will use to handle paper is through this way. Although the origin of this fear is unclear, her fear of germs and public restrooms appears to be more prevalent.

Oprah Winfrey – Chewing Gum

It may sound surprising, but there is an actual phobia dedicated to the fear of chewing gum known as chiclephobia. Despite being a talk show host and one of the most eminent women in the world, Oprah has an unexpected fear of chewing gum.

According to reports, Oprah formed this habit when she was young after observing her grandmother arrange used gum in lines within the kitchen cupboards. The purpose of keeping them remains unknown, but it evidently had a profound effect on Oprah.

Meryl Streep – Helicopters

It’s difficult to process that the most renowned and prominent actress, none other than Meryl Streep, has a dread of something. She experiences an overwhelming sense of terror towards helicopters, which is known as corcoranophobia.

We attempted to pronounce that word two times, but ultimately gave up as it was incredibly difficult. Although Streep cannot identify one particular event that triggered her anxiety, it is widely recognized that the acclaimed actress refuses to travel in helicopters.

Taylor Swift – Sea Urchins

Taylor Swift has a serious fear of sea urchins that affects her so much that she avoids water. She revealed this phobia during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, stressing that it’s not a joke, despite how it may come across. Though there isn’t a specific term for this type of fear, it greatly impacts her life.

Additionally, Swift is afraid of being apprehended. Due to her celebrity status, this fear is heightened as she is particularly anxious about being falsely accused of a crime.

Ellen Page – Tennis Balls

It may seem unbelievable, but the Juno star has a phobia of tennis balls. It’s true, she is extremely scared of the little balls that are used in the sport, to the point that she cannot even bear to watch tennis matches on TV. According to her, this fear has always been present and whenever a tennis game is on, she has to leave the room.

While filming X-Men: Days of Future Past, Page utilized her fear of certain things to her advantage on-screen. In order to effectively convey fear, she had to resort to using tennis balls as props during the filming of scary scenes.

Kyra Sedgwick – Talking Food

Discussing unusual fears, Kyra Sedgwick’s spouse revealed her phobia of interactive food. During an appearance on The Tonight Show, Kevin Bacon described how Sedgwick quickly exits a room upon encountering talking food on television, particularly the menacing California Raisins.

The two actors’ work has been hindered by fear. Bacon disclosed that he had to decline an M&M advertisement due to his wife’s disapproval.

Emily Blunt – Garden Gnomes

Blunt’s portrayal of Emily in The Devil Wears Prada might suggest that she is tough enough to handle criticism. However, given her tendency towards ruthlessness, she was careful to prevent her greatest fear—a fear of garden gnomes—from becoming apparent on set, as it could show vulnerability. Blunt has had this phobia since childhood.

She mentioned that in her childhood, her friend had garden gnomes which used to scare her. As a young child, she was always apprehensive and uncomfortable around objects that resembled human beings such as puppets.

Matt Damon – Snakes

Making fun of each other is something that actors enjoy greatly. While shooting We Bought a Zoo, Scarlett Johansson expressed that what she enjoyed the most was observing her fellow actor Matt Damon’s fear of snakes, also known as ophidiophobia, when they were introduced to the set.

Damon has acknowledged being afraid, however, Johansson claimed that he wept uncontrollably when around the creatures. In a particular scene, Matt was required to deal with snakes and he revealed that Johansson’s teasing during the movie’s production aided him in conquering his fear.

Uma Thurman – Confined Spaces

As an actor, you may encounter your greatest fear during filming, as Uma Thurman did while shooting Kill Bill. During the making of the film, the actress had to confront her fear when she was trapped inside a coffin. Being claustrophobic, Thurman has a fear of enclosed or confined spaces.

Quentin Tarantino, the director of Kill Bill, disregarded her fears and placed her inside the coffin, covering it with soil. Nevertheless, Thurman currently finds it amusing and regards it as a typical day at work.

Nicole Kidman – Butterflies

It’s likely that most people are unaware of the correct term for being afraid of butterflies, but it’s called lepidoterophobia. Despite being a highly acclaimed actress, Nicole Kidman cannot hide her fear of butterflies.

According to the actress, she experiences anxiety from butterflies because she believes they have an eerie and bizarre quality to them.

Lance Bass – Things That Buzz

You might recall singing along to the songs of Lance Bass, a former member of NSync, but please don’t hum to the music that has a buzzing sound. This popular artist from the 90s is terrified of buzzing things such as mosquitoes, bees, flies, and speakers that produce unpleasant sounds.

Bass has revealed that he shares a common fear with many people – the sound of a buzzing fly near his ear. This particular fear is called Phonophobia and is often part of a larger phobia, which includes the fear of loud noises.

Britney Spears – Reptiles

Although she is a renowned singer with record-breaking international sales, the fear of reptiles prevents the Oops!… I Did It Again star from being in the same room as them. Despite being less visible nowadays, Spears continues to sell millions of records globally.

It’s difficult for us to comprehend the level of fear she must have experienced while performing I’m A Slave for You with a yellow snake draped around her neck.

Katie Holmes – Raccoons

We’ve familiarized ourselves with Katie Holmes since her adolescent years, ever since her participation in the TV show Dawson’s Creek. Witnessing her transformation from a teenager to her union with her long-time admirer, Tom Cruise, led us to believe that we know nearly everything there is to know about her – or so we believed.

During her appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Holmes shared her fear of raccoons, considering them to have a deceptive nature, despite their popular image as adorable and cuddly animals with striped tails.

Kylie Minogue – Clothes Hangers

Kylie Minogue garnered considerable fame from the Australian soap opera Neighbours before becoming one of the most renowned pop stars in history. Along with her vocals, her fashion sense has also been highly praised.

Minogue consistently appears flawless whether it’s during her stage performances or while she walks down the red carpet. Nevertheless, this may pose as a challenge for the petite star due to her intense fear of clothes hangers. The sound of hangers clinking on a clothing rack or banging against each other, in particular, seems to bother her immensely.

David Beckham – Flocks Of Birds

David Beckham, the most adored soccer player worldwide, seems unstoppable on the field, showing no fear of opponents or the ball. However, looks can be deceiving as this affectionate husband and father, who belongs to one of the most well-known families, is afraid of groups of birds.

Beckham, who is usually perceived as tough and masculine, gets extremely scared when a group of birds fly towards him. This makes it difficult to understand why he chose to have a tattoo of four birds of prey on his neck.

Johnny Depp – Clowns

A lot of people suffer from a fear of clowns known as coulrophobia, so it’s not unusual. However, it’s quite unexpected that the actor, who is renowned for wearing elaborate costumes, is scared of clowns who are typically associated with entertaining children. It makes us curious as to how he was able to portray the character of the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, considering his strikingly similar appearance to that of a clown.

It is interesting to note that in order to manage his fear, Depp supposedly keeps various clown-related objects around him (such as wigs and red noses) as a way to protect himself from harmful influences. However, Depp is not the only one with this fear; even Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter, shares this phobia.

Howie Mandel – Germs

The existence of Howie Mandel is a testament to the fact that it is possible to coexist with your fears and devise methods to cope with them instead of allowing them to conquer you. He is afflicted with an extremely popular apprehension called mysophobia, also known as germaphobia, which causes individuals to be scared of germs, soil, and pollution.

Mandel, who is a strict germaphobe, is well-known for avoiding handshakes by choosing to fist bump. Similarly, well-known personalities like Jerry Seinfeld and Howard Hughes also identify themselves as germaphobes.

Cameron Diaz – Doorknobs

This is an example of how phobias can have a significant impact on people’s lives, as seen in Cameron’s struggle to attend auditions due to her fear of doorknobs. It is suspected that her fear of germs may be the root cause of this phobia, as she avoids touching them directly and instead tries to open doors with her elbows.

Fortunately, the actress possesses exceptional beauty and abilities, which allows her to perform unusual customs without receiving much criticism.

Tyra Banks – Dolphins

On the runway, Tyra is renowned for being the most fierce and confident model. However, when it comes to the ocean, she is probably the most timid person around. Surprisingly, she has an intense fear of dolphins, which most of us find to be delightful, enthusiastic, and lovable creatures. This fear is referred to as delfiniphobia.

Although Flipper evokes nostalgic memories for most of us who grew up watching the mammal, Tyra has apparently experienced fear since she was eight years old. According to her, she has nightmares of being in a swimming pool and being approached by dolphins, causing her to feel frightened.

Rita Ora – Toilets

Rita Ora’s fear of germs might make her seem like a germ Diva, but in reality, her fear is related to the contents of the toilet bowl. She has expressed that she always thinks that something might emerge from the bottom of the bowl.

Sometimes I have the feeling that there must be a beginning to a passage or tunnel, and occasionally a thought crosses my mind, “What if something were to emerge from the toilet?” This has been a source of anxiety for me, and I consistently turn on the light when I use the bathroom to alleviate it.

Christina Ricci – Houseplants

Despite playing a creepy character named Wednesday in the eerie film The Addams Family with peculiar creatures like a walking hand, Christina Ricci’s own fear of houseplants, known as botanophobia, may come as a surprise as she had frightened many of us with her acting.

According to the media, she has stated that being around them in the same room is intolerable for her. She finds the verdant plants unsettling, primarily due to her perception of them as unclean.

Sean “Diddy” Combs – Toes

When it comes to dating, individuals can have specific preferences. However, music artist and producer Diddy has a particular requirement that he must see a woman’s feet before starting to date her. He states that he insists on seeing the toes on the initial date, and it is mandatory for him. While he may not engage in a kiss, he will undoubtedly check to see if the second toe is lengthy.

During his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he declined to look at Beckinsale’s legs and stated that he has a genuine phobia of elongated second toes.

Alfred Hitchcock – Eggs

Although Alfred Hitchcock is famously known for revolutionizing the psychological thriller movie genre and referred to as The Master of Suspense, he is not as fearless as people may assume. Despite his ability to horrify audiences worldwide with his films, the director has a phobia towards what others refer to as breakfast.

Hitchcock harbors a phobia towards eggs. He was once quoted saying, “Have you ever witnessed a more repulsive sight than a yolk rupturing and spilling its golden contents? That smooth, hole-less, spherical object is quite unappealing to me.”

Helen Mirren – Telephones

The actress who received an Academy Award for her performance as the monarch in The Queen has disclosed her fear of telephones, stating that she is extremely scared of them.

The thought of picking it up makes me very anxious, so I try to avoid it whenever possible. Although she can address a vast audience through her movies, Helen Mirren gets scared even when speaking in front of one person. Additionally, she is anxious about answering phone calls and has stated her appreciation for the answering machine’s creation.

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Elevators

Jennifer Love Hewitt, the actress, has two fears that are often experienced by many people – elevators and sharks. Elevators are commonly feared in society because they can trigger two phobias: agoraphobia, which is the fear of being trapped and unable to escape during a panic attack, and claustrophobia, which is a fear of being in enclosed spaces.

The female performer stated that she will not enter an elevator containing more than five individuals. Additionally, Hewitt asserts that she has a fear of sharks known as selachophobia.

Katy Perry – The Dark

Could it be that Katy Perry’s song Firework was inspired by her fear of the dark? Perry disclosed in a 2010 interview that she has nyctophobia and is afraid of darkness. She even sleeps with the lights on due to her belief that malevolent things happen in the dark.

Perry takes precautions to keep her feet covered while sleeping, as she has a fear of an ominous witch hiding under her bed and potentially nibbling her toes.

Aretha Franklin – Flying

Aretha Franklin’s severe fear of flying nearly ended her career, which is different from the fear of flying experienced by many other celebrities like Bette Midler and Katherine Heigl. It is believed that the turbulent flight on a small plane in 1984 may have been the reason behind her phobia.

The singer’s fear of flying prevented her from accepting performances worldwide. Although she had this fear for most of her career, in the later years of her life, she made efforts to overcome it.

Andy Roddick – The Easter Bunny

Sometimes phobias can turn macho men into crying babies. Andy Roddick is a professional tennis player who was once considered number one in the world. In 2002, while in Houston for the Davis Cup, he and all the other athletes were asked to attend an Easter Brunch.

The hotel hired mascots to parade around and give out gifts. One of these mascots was the Easter Bunny. Within seconds Roddick had a minor meltdown. He even told hotel staff to keep the bunny far away from him.

Carmen Electra – Olives

Glamor model turned actress, Carmen Electra, became a hit after posing in a famous men’s magazine and appearing on Baywatch. However, she certainly has a strange phobia. Electra is reportedly afraid of olives, although there have been no reports of why the celebrity is scared of this salad accompaniment.

That’s not all. Apparently, she is also afraid of open water, not ideal when you are playing the role of a lifeguard. Her fear resulted in problems while filming.

Mama June – Mayonnaise

Reality TV star, Mama June, has revealed she is deathly afraid of mayonnaise. Apparently having a fear of the creamy, white sauce is normal and has a clinical name of mayophobia. The Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star says that the fear began from traumatic incidents when she was young.

She recalls having a babysitter that fed her nothing but mayo sandwiches. Her avoidance of the burger accompaniment may also be a reason she lost a dramatic 300 pounds.

Pamela Anderson – Mirrors

Sometimes people’s phobias affect or restrict their lives in an obvious way – for example, going in closed spaces or up high heights. However, we are struggling to see how Pamela Anderson’s phobia impacts her.

It is hard to understand how the Baywatch beauty looks so immaculate at all times when she is afraid of mirrors (eisoptrophobia). She must have a make-up artist every day as there is no way she can look that good without checking out her reflection.

Channing Tatum – Porcelain Dolls

Words that come to mind when you think of Channing Tatum; hot, manly, suave, the list goes on. But when confronted by his phobia, porcelain dolls, these words don’t seem such a great fit.

Tatum’s fear was exposed when he appeared on The Ellen Show while Ellen DeGeneres deliberately brought a doll on stage. This was unquestionably not to the liking of the Step Up actor who immediately jumped out of his skin and almost fell off his chair.

Matthew McConaughey – Revolving Doors

Known for his many rom-com appearances, Matthew McConaughey is certainly a hunk in the Hollywood scene, but his phobia makes him seem slightly macho. He has told media that he is afraid, even terrified, of revolving doors, of all things.

“I get anxious just being near them,” he said. He also has a fear of tunnels but that has not stopped him from pursuing his career as last year he featured in the film The Dark Tower.

Eva Mendes – Water

Eva Mendes is not the only celeb who suffers from the fear of water, also known as aquaphobia. Will Smith, Carmen Electra, and Snoop Dogg are amongst the long lost of celebs who have openly admitted to the fear – acknowledging that they cannot swim.

Actress Mendes cannot swim either but faced her fear of water by buying a huge house with a swimming pool in 2011. Although it’s safe to say that she has never used it, we’re guessing her husband, Ryan Gosling, and two daughters enjoy the pool!

Most people understand the value of having nice eyebrows. As with most grooming habits, eyebrow trends have changed over the years. From thin and arched to thick and bushy, these celebrities have weathered a variety of questionable eyebrow styles. Take a look at how these famous eyebrows have changed over the years.

Victoria Beckham

Until recently, Victoria Beckham had the narrowest arches in the pop world. As the style world has embraced a fuller brow, the former pop star admits that growing out her brows has been difficult.

Jessica Alba

Most would agree that Jessica Alba’s eyebrow technique is on point. We had no idea, however, that she has naturally skinny eyebrows! While many people have turned to the cosmetic tattoo procedure known as micro-blading to bulk up their brows, Alba used a more natural method.

Since 1999, Jessica Alba’s brows have nearly tripled in size. The actress claims to have achieved fuller brows by using prenatal vitamins. She quit plucking hairs for two years and began taking prenatal vitamins to help her naturally thin brows develop.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox recently admitted that overplucking her brows and sunbathing are two of her worst beauty regrets. The actress has a distinct beauty aesthetic, and it turns out that part of it can be attributed to an aspect of her eyebrows.

Fox’s brows are taken care of by Tonya Crooks, a celebrity brow artist and the creative director of Arches & Halos. Besides hair plucking, Crooks tints her brows an extremely dark brown to make them more apparent and dramatic. She then fills them in to create an “ombré appearance.”

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has come a long way from her first big break on the Disney Channel’s Barney & Friends when she was 10 years old. At the age of 14, Selena made one of her first red carpet appearances. Her brows had been tweezed to make them appear thinner.

At the age of 29, she’s now one of the world’s biggest stars, as well as one of the most-followed celebrities on Instagram. Today, her eyebrows appear to be much darker and fuller, as well as feathered out.

Penelope Cruz

Early in her career, Penelope Cruz’s blunt bangs and thin eyebrows drew comparisons to Audrey Hepburn’s look in Roman Holiday. Back then, thinning brows and higher arches were highly fashionable and popular amongst women.

With dramatically arched brows, bright cheeks, and lips, the Academy Award nominee made her face the emphasis during the 2007 ceremony. Over the years, Penelope Cruz’s brows have thickened and become more feather-like. Today, the general public is a huge fan of how the actress’ brows have thickened and darkened.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron was a strawberry blonde beauty who won a modeling competition in South Africa and later relocated to Los Angeles. At the premiere of Cider House Rules in 1999, she channeled Old Hollywood with her structured curls and pencil-thin brows.

She wore platinum hair to match her silver gown on the night she won an Oscar in 2004. Her bronzed complexion was accentuated by her soft brows, showing just how much her brows have changed throughout the years. Today, she opts for a slightly darker and feathered look for her brows.

Gwyneth Paltrow

A good brow can make or break a person’s face, as we all know. In recent years, brows have progressed from the slender spider limbs we saw carved across people’s faces in the 1990s, to the over-defined painted-on look of the 2000s.

Today, many women have embraced the natural appearance of their eyebrows. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow was one of many celebrities who drastically changed their appearance with the power of eyebrows. Just take a look at her pictures from back in the ‘90s and compare them to pictures of her now.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway shows how just brushing your eyebrows can make you look insanely beautiful. For anyone who wants to experiment with their eyebrow routine to change up their look, this is a great hack. Simply brush your eyebrows.

There may be a hint of brow powder, but it’s only a smidgeon. Her brows look like they’ve been perfectly combed into place in order to frame her eyes in just the right manner. This polished look emphasizes her large, glowing peepers and her big smile.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore’s brows are one of her most famous physical features. Barrymore’s previously thick brows took a turn to match the era’s trend of significantly skinny eyebrows when she graced the Los Angeles screening of a Reservoir Dogs in 1992.

The actress’ brows were pencil-thin by the mid-’90s. These days, however, Barrymore’s skinny brows are now a distant memory. Although she hasn’t adopted the current trend of very thick brows, she has opted for a far more natural and subtle look in terms of brow shaping and makeup application.

Lucy Hale

The Pretty Little Liars actress revealed that she used to overpluck her eyebrows back in the day and that they looked crazy. Today, Lucy Hale looks a lot different than she did in the past, and her bold brows play a big role in that.

Despite all of the plucking, she has always had thick brows, she told People. She still does her own brows, which is surprising. She also explained that she gets nervous when people try to touch her brows. Whatever she’s doing, it appears to be working.

Kim Kardashian

It’s hard to believe that brows can have such a significant impact on your appearance, but it’s true. Kim Kardashian’s brows were significantly thinner in the late 1990s. Thanks to her old arches, Kardashian is barely recognizable in a vintage Instagram photo shared by Kris Jenner.

Kardashian’s beauty routine is actually extremely intricate, and she often goes into great detail about it with her social media followers. She disclosed that Anastasia Soare, a well-known brow artist to the stars, is the specialist in charge of her brows.

Jennifer Anniston

During the 1990s, Jennifer Aniston’s “Rachel” haircut became one of her most memorable features. Despite the popularity of “the Rachel,” Aniston was not a fan. However, Aniston’s famous hairdo was not the only thing she disliked from that era.

Aniston declared in an interview that she will never bleach her brows again. She had to bleach her brows for a photoshoot which resulted in her having to use brown shadow to fill them in for three months. Aniston’s brows have fortunately healed from their over-plucked and lightened days.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani appears to be more prone to start trends than to follow them. Stefani’s brows appeared to be much thinner. throughout the 1990s. During the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards, her thin arched adorned eyebrows were on show with a bindi and studs outlining her eyes.

Stefani revealed in an interview that she once ended up in the emergency room after agreeing to get her eyebrows bleached in order to have incredibly thin eyebrows. Thankfully, Stefani attained brow-goal status in 2015 and has been sporting thick brows since then.

Paris Hilton

From velour tracksuits to tiaras, Paris Hilton has never hesitated when it comes to creating new fashion and makeup trends. While her clothing changed frequently, her thin and blonde brows have remained largely the same for a long period.

Hilton stated that, while hers weren’t “beyond thin,” she now prefers a “thicker brow.” She also admits to getting her brows tinted. Otherwise, they are hard to see as she described in an interview. We think that her bigger and darker brows are definitely “so hot!”

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is showing people that even the tiniest brows can be recovered. Jolie’s brows are so thick and well-defined, that it’s hard to believe she used to be all about the thin brow trend.

Jolie’s brows are not the super-thick kind that was all the rage in 2018, but they are formed in a way that appears natural without being wild. Given her desire to appear as natural as possible, it is no surprise that she has ditched her tiny, overly-plucked arched brows in favor of less-groomed brows.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner favored thin brows for most of her adolescent years. They were a long cry from her modern-day arches, but they were never nearly as twiggy as the ’90s style. Jenner began her transformation to Brow Queen in 2014, with long lashes and finely shaped brows.

Jenner’s brows had officially reached the pinnacle of perfection by the time she attended the Met Gala in May 2017. Jenner’s brow specialist, Erin Bryant, noted in an interview that bigger brows give off a youthful image. Regardless, Kylie’s brows are stunning.

Lena Dunham

In an interview with Vogue, Lena Dunham said that she began plucking her brows in middle school. She reportedly tried to fill in her brows at the time, which drew unwelcome attention from her classmates.

Thus began an almost two-decade ordeal in which her brows never truly recovered. Dunham learned about micro-blading, a semi-permanent tattooing method for filling in and adding symmetry to a person’s brows, in the summer of 2016. Dunham resolved to put it to the test and was blown away by the outcome after a 40-minute session.

Lady Gaga

Gaga’s go-to look in the past had been bleached eyebrows. While only a few people can carry off this style, the singer might be one of them. At the Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 fashion show, Gaga spoke with Vogue about her brow regimen.

She said she bleached her eyebrows daily because she likes to keep them light. When your brows are bleached, you can easily change their appearance by filling them in. Lady Gaga’s brows now have a much more natural look that matches her hair.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows were notably lighter and tamer in previous years. The actress said that she used to wish she had fewer bushy brows and would attempt to pluck them. Delevigne believed they looked like enormous slugs on her face, despite her mother’s insistence that they were the model’s best feature.

These days, the fashion icon understands everyone’s fascination with her signature brows. She likes being able to encourage other girls to feel comfortable with their own bodies after being embarrassed by them for so long.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora was one of the celebrities who had adopted the edgy “invisibrow” or bleached brow trend back in 2014. At the time, the actress expressed her excitement with her daring appearance.

She went on to say that the process had seriously burned her, as bleaching does sometimes. She was even afraid that her brows were going to fall out because of the harsh chemicals. Ora’s brows appear to have returned. While bleaching her brows was entertaining, her new brows are stunning.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid hasn’t exactly joined the bold brow club, but she has switched up her brows. Her brows have become even more prominent as a result of this. Hadid, like Cara Delevingne, used to be self-conscious about her brows. However, unlike Delevingne, that’s not because her brows were excessively bushy.

Hadid’s brows are actually naturally thin, she uses a brow pencil to thicken them up just a tiny little bit. Hadid’s brows aren’t overly thick, and if you didn’t know better, you’d believe they were completely natural.

Jennifer Lopez

Like the rest of her style, Jennifer Lopez’s brows have evolved throughout the years. The actress has always had well-groomed brows, but she did succumb to the tiny brow craze of the 2000s. You know, the one where the eyebrow was just as thick as the tail at the start?

While they weren’t as bad as the ’90s brow, they were pretty bad. Lopez’s brows now appear thicker but in a natural way. They’re powerful without being overpowering, and they complement her face shape perfectly.

Michelle Keegan

We were thrilled to learn that British actress, Michelle Keegan, loves the eyebrow serum from Eyebrow Queen. Keegan has a fantastic pair of brows that are sculpted and bold and always appear polished. The Our Girl actress went all out with her brows in 2016, after them micro-bladed.

It wasn’t always like this, though. As we can clearly see in the before and after shots, Michelle’s brow structure has significantly changed. Her brows have gone from barely there to beautiful arched.

Nicole Richie

Nicole has always favored arched brows. Today, however, her brows are thicker and darker. Her transformation is a fantastic example for individuals with thin brows, as she managed to fill them in a bit while still keeping the shape she prefers.

She does regret over-tweezing her brows, though. She’d also shaved them off at one point. Now she’s able to get a stunning set of brows by just taking an eyebrow brush and brushing a small amount of brown eyeshadow through her eyebrows.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz, one of Hollywood’s most famous stars, has gone through several transformations throughout the years. If you look closely, you’ll notice that her eyebrows have changed as well. Cameron’s brows are still thin, but they’re softer and more natural-looking now than they were in the 90s.

Cameron’s brows were fairly light back in 2000. In recent times, the shape has remained the same, but a strategic hue gives them further dimension. We think we can all agree that the natural-looking, yet darker, eyebrows have definitely elevated her look.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith has always been known for her stunning hazel eyes. However, the same cannot be said when it comes to her brow situation. Although natural is generally a wonderful look, this was a little too natural.

As an adult, Jada decided to fill in her brows and emphasize her arch. Her new form makes her eyes appear larger, and the arch is perfectly placed. Every now and then, all brows require a little attention.

Jennifer Lawrence

As we all know, a strong eyebrow can greatly affect a person’s face. Brow trends have progressed from being one of the most overlooked aspects of a person’s beauty routine to becoming one of the most crucial. Take, for example, Jennifer Lawrence.

This is an excellent start, however, these brows don’t appear to have been filled in at all. Her brows have regained their mojo thanks to some more length and a little color. Her brows are slightly darker and fuller, which draws attention to the rest of her face.

Julia Roberts

Eyebrows can often soften and balance a person’s look by framing it with their shape. A thin brow can throw your entire look off, making your excessively thin brows the focal point of your face if you have stronger facial features.

A bigger brow would help to create a nice equilibrium for your face. Julia Roberts deserves kudos for resisting the impulse to over-pluck her hair. Her brows are now a little more groomed, but they are still quite natural. Honestly, she looks gorgeous either way!

Kate Winslet

Brows have the ability to radically transform the appearance of the face. The appropriate brow shape can help to define and lengthen your face. When done correctly, and in accordance with the structure of your face, they may bring out all of your best features and give you a professional appearance.

Eyebrows are such a prominent feature that even a minor alteration in shape can transform your entire appearance. We like Kate Winslet’s arched brows from 1998, but we prefer the lighter brows she has now.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek’s attachment to her tweezers used to be much stronger back in the late ‘90s. Just take a look at her tweezed to perfection, yet thinning to an inch of its life, eyebrows. In comparison to that, she now favors a much more natural-looking shape for her brows.

Did you know that as a child, Hayek’s grandmother shaved her head and eyebrows on a regular basis in the hopes of making her hair thicker, glossier, and darker? Her shiny and dark mane is a testament to her success.

Sienna Miller

A well-groomed brow shapes the face and gives it a more natural appearance. A well-shaped, broader brow can dramatically alter the appearance of your face. Just look at the two photographs of Sienna Miller, a well-known starlet.

While her brows from 2003 aren’t horrible, they do look better when they’re thicker and bushier. Natural, thicker brows have always been the most attractive on the face. So if you are looking for inspiration to change up your look, maybe consider opting for thicker eyebrows.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Yes, even the most discerning fashionistas will agree, tweezers have definitely helped Sarah Jessica Parker’s look. Sarah Jessica Parker’s brows used to be all about letting them grow wild and free, but these days she prefers a more finished look.

While she favors the polished look, her bush and natural-looking brows are pretty nice too. Thick brows can be appealing since they help define the beauty of your face. Take inspiration from this and embrace your larger brows.

Demi Lovato

Just like many other celebrities on this list, Demi Lovato’s eyebrows darkened and became stronger when they dyed their hair darker. While Lovato’s hair has gone from blonde to pink to black on multiple occasions their eyebrows have remained dark.

The celeb’s brows have thickened over time as their career has progressed. The only thing that has stayed the same throughout all these years, is their ability to pull off any look they attempted.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera’s brows used to be penciled in, but they’ve been filled in now. Filling in missing hairs with a pencil is a terrific way to change the look of your eyebrows. If you want to get a dramatic brow look or darken your brows, tinted pomades are a wonderful choice.

Aguilera’s taste in fashion and makeup has changed throughout the years. From pencil-thin eyebrows in the early 2000s to her current more natural look, the pop diva isn’t scared to take risks when it comes to her eyebrows.


Madonna is known for frequently reinventing herself throughout her career. The “Material Girl” is still an aesthetic rebel years after she originally shook the popular culture world with youthful brows and a bleach-blonde haircut. Madonna was the epitome of ’80s beauty.

During the ’80s and early ’90s, Madonna’s makeup routine included excess blush, dark lipstick, heavily filled-in brows, and even a false beauty mark. Decades later, the pop icon has embraced a softer and more natural look. Her tamed and lightly-defined brows complement her more mature style.

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie’s brows have grown longer and darker than before. Her career has taken off, but so have her brows. Robbie’s brows are significantly thicker now than they were at the start of her career. We adore the volume and nicely feathery finish of these arches.

If any of you reading this wants to steal Margot’s signature look you should definitely seek expert aid with cleaning up and tinting your brows. You can also fill in any gaps with a hardworking brow pencil.


Adele’s journey and development throughout the years have been extraordinary, no matter how you look at it. In October 2019, the Grammy winner flaunted her new figure at Drake’s 33rd birthday party in Los Angeles.

In addition to her new form, Adele’s brows have taken center stage on her face. They’ve been drastically filled in and darkened, as you can see. We think her bold brows are a perfect way to accentuate her large blue eyes.


Rihanna has thicker brows, but they aren’t much darker. According to an interview, the pop star uses eyebrow products from her own beauty line, Fenty Beauty, in order to accentuate her eyebrows.

She starts by explaining how she likes to use the brush side of the Fenty Beauty Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler to bring all of her hairs in line. After that, she begins tracing with the arch. She has also claimed that the arch actually governs the entire dynamic of the brow.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is well aware that when it comes to royal-approved brows, hers are among the most desired. Markle decided to leave the thin ’90s’ brows where they belong: in the past.

Meghan’s brows, in particular, have changed over the years, and she often styles them a little thicker. Her makeup artist suggests finishing the look using hairspray as well as a mascara wand. There you have it! The secret to the most royal eyebrows. Just take a peek at the difference a fuller brow can make.

Maisie Williams

At the 2021 Brit Awards, Maisie Williams showed off her bleached brows and platinum hair. Williams, who plays Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, made heads turn when she showed up at the award show with an entirely different look.

At the event, Williams’ new look resembled the fair locks of the show’s dragon queen, Daenerys Targaryen. While the bleach-blond brows are gone, the star’s bold brows look like they’re here to stay.

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