Selena Gomez’s Reaction to Benny Blanco’s Marriage and Kids Statement : Here’s What She Said”

Selena Gomez's Reaction to Benny Blanco's Marriage and Kids Statement- dailyjugarr

Selena Gomez thought about being a single mom before she met Benny Blanco. She was okay with adopting a child if she did not find love by age 35. But now that she is with Benny, her plans have changed. Benny wants to marry her and have kids together, and Selena is happy about it. She is cool with Benny being open about their relationship and future plans.

In an interview with Howard Stern, Blanco, who has been dating Gomez for almost a year talked about thinking of marriage and kids.

“He can not lie. If he is asked a question, he will answer it” Gomez says in Time magazine.

“I was alone for five years and got used to it” Selena said at the Time 100 Most Influential Companies event. “Many people fear being alone and I struggled with it for about two years before accepting it. Then I decided that if I did not meet anyone by 35, I would adopt.”

However, things changed last year when she began a romantic relationship with music producer Benny Blanco. They are now thinking about their future together.

On “The Howard Stern Show,” Benny said that he and Selena often talk about marriage and having kids. He said, “That’s my next goal. I have a lot of godkids and nephews. I love being around kids.”

Howard Stern asked when he would propose and Benny replied, “When I look at her, I think, ‘I don’t know a world where it could be better than this.”

Selena told Time that she initially saw Benny as just a friend until she realized she had feelings for him. She said, “It just happens when you least expect it.”

“I cherish every moment with him,” she added. “I do not know what the future holds but he is not going anywhere anytime soon.”

Despite their plans Selena emphasized that Benny is not her only source of happiness.

A source told ET, “They are excited about growing together and getting closer. Benny thinks Selena is amazing and she loves that he cares for people and protects her. They make each other happy and their friends and family are thrilled for them.”

Selena’s thoughts on adoption and future motherhood come soon after her ex Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey announced their pregnancy. Justin and Selena dated on and off between 2010 and 2018. After their final breakup, Justin quickly started dating Hailey, and they married in September 2018.

Two weeks ago, Hailey shared her pregnancy news with a video showing her baby bump in a custom wedding dress as she and Justin renewed their vows in Hawaii.

Selena admires Benny’s openness and strength saying “I know what people can do to those I love. My fans, who I adore can say hurtful things about how I live my life. But Benny is not fazed by it, which is really impressive. I cherish every moment with him.”

As for their future, Selena says, “I do not know what the future holds, but I do know that he is not going anywhere anytime soon.”

Plans can change unexpectedly especially when you meet the love of your life!

Although Selena is not rushing things with Benny her friends and family can see them getting married and having children one day. “Her friends and family could not be more excited for her,” an insider told Us Weekly. “She sees this relationship going the distance. They have talked about marriage and having children and are on the same page.”

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