40+ Celebrity Men Who Are Far Less Bald Now Than They Used to Be

40+ Celebrity Men Who Are Far Less Bald Now Than They Used to Be

Women consider their hair as an essential aspect of their identity, as it is the first thing people notice about them. Having a bad hair day can ruin their entire day. However, many fail to realize that men also place importance on having good hair, and the idea of going bald is frightening. We have compiled a list of celebrity men, including John Travolta and Steve Carell, who appeared to be losing their hair at some point, but now have a full head of hair.

John Travolta’s Ever-Changing Hairline

John Travolta is a well-known personality who has showcased his versatility in various genres, ranging from musicals such as Grease and Hairspray to acclaimed movies like Pulp Fiction and Saturday Night Fever. He has had a prosperous and extensive professional journey, and his notable feature throughout has been his impressive hairstyle.

He experienced baldness, which is typical for many mature men like him (at 68 years old). However, he unexpectedly regained his hair. Although we acknowledge the transformation, we believe he looks fantastic regardless. He decided to completely shave his head in 2019 and looks even more impressive now.

Jude Law, Still a Heartthrob

Jude Law has been a subject of admiration for many women due to his charming appearance, accent, and eyes over the years. Despite nearing the age of 50, he still looks attractive, with only a slight decline in his hairline during the early 2010s.

He resolved that issue in 2014 and has regained his energetic and enthusiastic nature. His efforts were fruitful because he is still thriving in his acting career and will be seen in Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore in 2022.

James Nesbitt Isn’t Ashamed

James Nesbitt is an actor from Northern Ireland who is currently playing a role in the series Bloodlands. He has appeared in numerous other films and series. He started experiencing some hair loss in the beginning of the 2000s.

Nesbitt has been quite forthcoming about undergoing two hair transplant procedures, and there’s no reason for men to feel embarrassed about opting for this option. It’s entirely up to them whether they want to embrace baldness or not, and they have the freedom to explore alternative solutions.

Kevin Costner Fills Out

Despite Kevin Costner not having the same level of fame as before, he has achieved numerous accolades at the age of 67. This includes winning two Golden Globes, two Academy Awards, and three other awards for various accomplishments.

In addition to his acting career, he also holds roles as a producer, director, and musician. He opted for a hair transplant method which noticeably improved his hairline. It would be great if we could persuade him to shave off his goatee.

Jon Cryer’s Elaborate Illusion

Jon Cryer is an actor who is easily recognizable, but his name might not easily come to mind. His most well-known performances include his role in Two and a Half Men and his portrayal of Duckie in the movie Pretty in Pink, which will appeal to fans of ‘80s films.

He was experiencing significant hair loss on the crown of his head, but then there was a sudden transformation as though the hair loss never occurred. According to his explanation, the entire occurrence was an intricate deception that he accomplishes with the aid of a group of proficient individuals.

David Silva’s Sudden Shiny Scalp

David Silva is a renowned Spanish footballer who has played for several teams and is presently a member of the Spanish team Real Sociedad. Being a popular player, his admirers observe everything he does, and they were puzzled when he unexpectedly shaved his head.

Suddenly, his hair began to grow quickly, suggesting that he might have needed to shave it for a hair transplant. Nevertheless, whatever the cause may have been, he now has an attractive head of hair that surpasses others.

Wayne Rooney’s Legendary Transformation

Rooney’s exceptional soccer abilities surpassed his previous renown for his distinctive appearance. Being the leading scorer for both Manchester United and England validates that one can succeed despite physical changes, such as a receding hairline.

The sudden change in his hair is surprising and almost as controversial as the lawsuit his family has been handling. He appeared with a head full of hair, which is unexpected as he had previously struggled with thinning hair.

Chris Martin’s Fix

Chris Martin may not be a familiar name to you, but you surely recognize the band Coldplay. Martin played a vital role in establishing the group by co-founding it and serving as its lead vocalist, pianist, and rhythm guitarist. When Martin observed his hair thinning, he resolved to “fix” the situation.

He underwent a hair transplant procedure, which resulted in his magnificent and impressive hair appearance, and he appears to be experiencing greater satisfaction. He now shares the sense of joy and well-being of a serene paradise, similar to the way his calming indie melodies make us feel.

Jeremy Piven’s Secret

If you have seen Entourage, Jeremy Piven is undoubtedly familiar to you. Although he achieved critical success by winning four awards for his acting, his hair was certainly not winning any awards. For this reason, he took the necessary steps to address the issue.

Although he hasn’t directly confessed to undergoing a hair transplant, there are individuals who claim that it is quite clear, as the scar resulting from the procedure is visible. It is apparent that his hairline has significantly shifted forward in a mysterious manner.

AJ McLean’s Fresh and Clean Look

AJ McLean’s hair is back, along with the Backstreet Boys. We’ve witnessed his hair journey and he has been open about his hair issues, which is a positive thing.

In 2011, he underwent a hair transplant procedure and was considering having another one in 2021. However, he later shaved his head completely and appeared to like his new look. We believe that he looks good in both styles.

Declan Donnelly’s Mystery Hair

Declan Donnelly, a British television host with an extensive and prosperous career on TV, is widely recognized as one of the iconic TV presenters in the duo Ant & Dec. However, similar to many men, he was experiencing difficulty with his hairline, until he found a resolution.

The publicist insisted that he did not undergo a hair transplant and utilized alternative means to address the issue, even though he was cognizant of the problem. The reality may remain undisclosed.

Hugh Laurie Changes His Mind

Hugh Laurie’s portrayal of Dr. House has become an iconic representation of a grumpy medical genius with addiction problems. However, off-screen, Hugh Laurie appears to be much more approachable and amicable. When he experienced hair loss, he opted to undergo a transplant procedure.

He once commented that a man with a bald spot attempting to conceal it is even more pitiful. However, it seems that his opinion has shifted as he currently has a head full of thick, beautiful hair.

Wes Welker’s Widely-Known Procedure

Wes Welker, a former player and current football coach in America, had a successful run as a wide receiver, but his hair was a constant issue. Fortunately, his accomplishments weren’t limited to the football field.

Welker is open about the treatment he underwent, and he has even publicly endorsed the doctor who performed it, Dr. Robert Leonard. This demonstrates that even accomplished sports figures can feel self-conscious about their appearance.

Rob Brydon’s Natural Regrowth

Rob Brydon, a Welsh actor famous for his role in Gavin & Stacey, may not be well-known among those residing outside of the United Kingdom. His most recognizable physical feature, a noticeable bald patch, has transformed into a full head of hair.

He has never verified having a transplant and has simply stated that it was a natural regrowth, however, there is some doubt regarding this claim. Nonetheless, what matters the most is that he is self-assured.

Mel Gibson’s a Silver Fox

Mel Gibson is a popular actor who is widely recognized, even by those who haven’t watched any of his films. However, it is unlikely to have never seen Braveheart or Mad Max.

Although we don’t have a confirmation whether he underwent any treatment for his thinning hair, it’s notable that he currently possesses thick, glossy hair, and could be effortlessly labeled as an attractive older man.

Nicolas Cage’s Successful Treatment

Throughout Nicolas Cage’s career in acting, we have observed his male pattern baldness and hairline recession. However, this changed one day when he appeared with noticeably full and voluminous hair.

According to specialists, he did not undergo a hair transplant but rather underwent a hair loss treatment that seems to have been effective. It appears that he doesn’t have to resort to stealing the Declaration of Independence to discover the solution for preventing hair loss.

Kyran Bracken’s Disappointing Results

Kyran Bracken, a once renowned rugby player, transitioned to figure skating and currently operates his own traveling show on ice. Additionally, he manages various side businesses. He has publicly acknowledged his unsatisfactory hair transplant.

Although he appears to be improved, he mentioned that he is still encountering spotty hair loss, which prompted him to seek medical attention in the first place. It must be disheartening to spend money on enhancing your look only to realize that the issue is still present.

Billy Bob Thornton’s Looking Good

Billy Bob Thornton, an American actor who has been consistently releasing movies since the 1990s, has a unique persona, and he is currently developing a new program with Paramount+. It’s no wonder that he took necessary steps to address his male pattern baldness.

He underwent a hair transplant and it seems like he has improved his appearance significantly! While he may have a lot more gray hair now, he’s still maintaining his strength when it comes to his hair and acting abilities.

Tom Brady’s Hairline Scores Big

Tom Brady is an extremely renowned personality whose fame is hard to miss. He is not only an accomplished football player, widely acknowledged as the best quarterback ever, but he also shares a beautiful life with his wife, the fashion model Gisele Bündchen.

Although Brady has not confessed to having a hair transplant, his improved hairline has caused fans to speculate that he may have had a particularly effective one and is keeping it a secret. Whatever procedure he underwent seems to have yielded impressive results.

Jason Gardiner Shuns Hair Loss

Jason Gardiner has gained popularity as a judge on various TV programs, however, he has now opted for a different lifestyle of residing in a tent. Additionally, he has decided to embrace a full head of hair rather than baldness.

He has acknowledged undergoing a hair restoration procedure, which appears to have had great results. Even without hair, he remains an appealing person, but physical appearance is not a significant concern when residing in remote areas.

Elton John’s Wigs

The sensation we experience when we gaze upon Elton John’s bare scalp can be quite amusing. Since many of us are accustomed to seeing him wearing wigs, it’s unusual to realize that this wasn’t always the case.

Elton has disclosed the unsuccessful outcomes of his hair transplantation surgeries in the 1970s and 1980s, which led to him resorting to wearing wigs. However, regardless of where the hair is sourced from, we admire its color, and Elton is able to carry it off with flair.

Edward Norton’s Hard to Work With

Edward Norton is an American actor with rumors circulating about how hard he is to work with. Perhaps that’s why we don’t see him in much anymore, or maybe it’s just a personal choice.

His hairline must have been hard to work with as well, because he clearly did something to it. He hasn’t admitted to anything, but everyone has noticed how much his hairline has improved, especially after he starred in American History X.

Robbie Williams Got Bored

Robbie Williams is an English singer and songwriter who was really popular in the 1990s. He says he retired in 2006, but he’s got a new album and anniversary tour coming up, so who knows?

He reportedly got a transplant when he was younger because he “got bored,” and you can tell by the extra thickness. He’s since lost a lot, though, and is trying to embrace hair loss after several failed procedures. Rock it, Robbie!

Louis Walsh Opens Up

Louis Walsh is an Irish TV personality, having been a judge on shows like The X Factor with renowned mean guy Simon Cowell and Ireland’s Got Talent.

Part of what supposedly motivated his transplant were some jabs from Simon Cowell about how he was losing his hair. We’re not surprised Simon was being rude, but we’re glad Louis is happy with his new hair. Men shouldn’t mock each other over something most of them experience, though.

Jamie Foxx’s Hairline Moves Up

Jamie Foxx is an actor, singer, comedian, and fox. He’s always been known as being a good-looking man, even when he started losing his hair. He keeps it cropped short, maybe to make it less noticeable.

Fans had noticed that Foxx’s hairline was moving further and further up, just for him to suddenly have a full head of hair again. He hasn’t admitted to having anything done, so we may never know what went down.

Calum Best’s Best Look

Calum Best is an American TV personality who’s no stranger to hair loss. He’s been on several reality TV shows, but he’s also been very real about going through hair loss and getting a hair transplant.

He’s been open about having had three surgeries and how it may not be possible for him to have more. If we can’t, we hope he can learn to be happy with his hair as it is!

Brendan Fraser’s Comeback

Brendan Fraser is America’s sweetheart. After becoming a major star only to disappear from our screens for several years, Brendan is back and better than ever. And like most older actors, he’s back with a full head of hair.

All the changes his hair went through as an actor had a negative effect, which ultimately led to him getting a hair transplant. It looks like it was successful, because his hair appears thicker and more voluminous.

Gordon Ramsay’s Ramped-Up Locks

Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity chef, although whether he’s famous for his cooking or for his quick temper is debatable. We feel bad for whoever pointed out his thinning hair to him, as they probably endured a lot of yelling.

His hair transplant isn’t the first cosmetic surgery he’s undergone and probably won’t be the last, but we can’t blame him as his thick hair and white shiny teeth suit him well. Someone give us tips on how to achieve that blonde!

“Bye Bye Bye” to Joey Fatone’s Hair

We all know about the rivalry between NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys, but did you know that their poor members were also competing for the worst hair loss? Joey Fatone was having problems just like AJ McLean.

The good news is that both of them successfully fought their hair loss and won. You can see how different Joey’s hairline looks, and the balding spots are gone. Now, they can focus on coming back and making more awesome music (hopefully).

Steve Carrell’s Season Two Makeover

Anyone who is a fan of The Office could tell you about the drastic difference in Steve Carrell’s hair, and appearance in general, between the first and second seasons. Part of it was styling, but part may have been something more.

Carrell’s career took off around this time, so most people suspect he had a treatment to thicken his hair. He hasn’t admitted to anything, but whatever he did, it was definitely an improvement.

John Cleese’s Strangely Shaped Skull

John Cleese, a major star in the Monty Python movies, is now 82 years old and still going strong. Just like Monty Python is known for the humor, Cleese has had a sense of humor when it comes to his hair thinning.

Cleese said, “Because I have got a very strange shaped skull, very pointy, and I don’t like wearing wigs” when someone asked him why he got a hair transplant. It may not seem like a big difference, but you can see the improved thickness as well as an increase in his confidence.

Bono With or Without Hair

Bono, one of the few people in the world who gets to be recognized by one name with the likes of Madonna and Beyoncé, is the lead vocalist of the famous band U2. In addition to odd sunglasses, he loves his hair.

It may not look like a major difference, but if you look at his hairline, you can see that the hair there is definitely fuller than it is in the first photo, which would imply that he had something done.

Bend it Like Beckham’s Coif

Everyone knows that David Beckham is a ridiculously handsome man — and that he and Victoria are a ridiculously good-looking couple. They’re so good-looking that some of us may have forgotten when David Beckham had very little hair.

He’s never revealed how exactly he got his hair back, but he’s definitely nailed that long on-top, shorter-on-the-sides look that so many men go for. Tell us your secrets, David!

Pegg’s Hair Revived From the Dead

Simon Pegg is an English actor and comedian who’s best known for his funny movies like Shaun of the Dead and Paul. While he may have starred in Paul, he didn’t exactly want to be as bald as the titular character.

The changes in Pegg’s hair are very subtle, but it’s clearly thicker than it used to be. He’s never said anything about hair loss treatments, but a lot of men are curious as to what he did to achieve the subtle, yet obvious transformation.

Antonio Conte Counts on Transplants

Antonio Conte, a former Italian soccer player and the coach of the Tottenham Hotspurs, is well-known for having gorgeous hair. At least, that is, after a period of obvious thinning. He managed to coach his hair back into shape, though.

Since becoming a coach, Antonio Conte has had at least two hair transplants, which is super obvious. The thin spots are gone, and we’ve got to admit that we’re a little jealous of how shiny his hair is.

Ben Affleck’s Bald Spot

Some people know Ben Affleck for his acting. We know him for being part of not one, but two Bennifer relationships — having been with both Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner. However you know him, you may not have noticed the work on his hair.

Affleck is another actor who’s decided to keep his secrets, but the fact that his bald spot on the back of his head has disappeared and his changed hairline points to something having been done.

Cesc Fabregas’ Changes

Cesc Fabregas is a soccer player from Spain who’s been in the sport a while. He’s played for a few different teams, currently playing for Como 1907. His hair has also seen a few different looks throughout the years.

While we know he’s sporting different haircuts in these photos, it’s undeniable that his hairline changed. We’re just glad that he hasn’t gone back to the mullet he sported during his days with Arsenal F.C.

Lewis Hamilton’s Hair Victory

You don’t need to be a fan of Formula 1 to know that Lewis Hamilton is really good at racing. He’s won seven World Drivers’ Championships and 103 races! Few people can rival his skills.

Hamilton says that the changes in his hair density are due to using better-quality products. We doubt that’s the only reason, but we may never know the truth. If it’s just products, then he should share which ones, as lots of men would like to know!

Elon Musk’s Fame

There are a lot of reasons you may know Elon Musk. Maybe it’s because he went to space. Perhaps it’s because of Tesla. It could be because of the headlines he made after he gave his child a very odd, unpronounceable name. But, it’s probably not because of his hair.

Musk is another man who has never directly addressed the changes in his hair, but the difference in these photos is so obvious! The newer hairstyle definitely complements his face shape better than before.

Joe Swash’s Openness

Joe Swash is another Englishman to grace this list, best known for starring in EastEnders, a soap opera made by BBC. He’s also had a lot of other success on television, although he may not be a name you recognize immediately.

Joe Swash, unlike the last few celebs we’ve seen, has been very candid about having multiple procedures done to improve his hair, and they definitely worked! Between that and the facial hair, he’s looking fantastic.

Matthew McConaughey’s McConaug-Hair

Matthew McConaughey has done it all. He’s acted in all kinds of movies, and starred in a Lincoln car commercial that still generates memes to this day. He’s a multi-talented man, and one of his talents is apparently growing his hair back.

In McConaughey’s case, he says all he had to do was shave off his thinning hair and rub in an ointment every day for 10 minutes. This led to it growing in even thicker than before he shaved it off!

Lebron James’ Values

Lebron James is a force to be reckoned with and perhaps one considered one of the greatest athletes of all time. His basketball skills are unbeatable, having won four NBA championships and even two Olympic gold medals!

There are some signs that Lebron tried a few things to thicken his hair that all failed, but whatever he’s doing now is clearly working! He’s said that his hair is one of the most important things about him, and we totally understand that sentiment.

Jamie Laing Keeps His Blonde

If you don’t know Jamie Laing, you must not watch a lot of reality television. He’s been on shows like Made in Chelsea and Strictly Come Dancing among others, and hosts two podcasts.

Laing joined the ranks of men being open about their hair transplants, saying that he started losing hair as young as his teens. Since his blonde hair is part of what makes him so recognizable, we can understand why he wanted to keep it.

Jimmy Carr’s Carefully Curated Persona

Jimmy Carr is a British-Irish comedian, known on British television for his deadpan sense of humor. He’s hosted all sorts of shows, and as a host, it’s important that he looks the part — which includes having good hair.

His hair transplant has evoked some ridicule from other celebrities, but we doubt he cares that much since the procedure was very successful, just like his career. Ignore the haters, Jimmy, and keep making people laugh!

Shane Warne Shaped Up

Shane Warne was an Australian international cricketer. He sadly passed away in March 2022 from a suspected heart attack. Before that, though, he was very open about having undergone a hair transplant.

He reckoned he made them cool, and we hope he’s right for anyone who wishes to get one. Whether or not men want a hair transplant, we just hope that spiky look becomes a trend of the past. It just draws attention to thin patches.

Taylor Swift performing on her 1989 tour, songs of which she no longer has the right to perform
It’s safe to say that it hasn’t been an easy year for pop superstar Taylor Swift. Within a year and a half, she had someone sell the recording rights to her first six albums twice. And she didn’t have a say in it.

Taylor Swift Doesn’t Own Her Recording Rights

A little known fact outside of the music industry is that upon signing with a label, a musician generally loses the recording rights (also known as master recordings) to the music they release with that label. The same happened with Taylor Swift’s first label, the Big Machine Label Group. Last summer the label was sold to music manager Scooter Braun for a deal estimated between $300-$350 million. What made matters worse is that Braun had managed none other than her longtime rival, Kanye West.
At the time, Taylor called the deal the “worst-case scenario,” and it’s clear why. After the deal was official, Swift said she was planning to re-record new versions of her old songs in order to devalue the original recordings.

Taylor Swift Denounces Scooter Braun as He Sells Her Master Recordings

Taylor Swift performing on her 1989 tour, songs of which she no longer has the right to perform

It Could Be a Good Thing for Fans

After news of Swift’s back catalog got sold again, the pop star identified the buyer as Shamrock Capital, an LA investment firm. Although Taylor was given the opportunity to become a partner with Shamrock, she refused because of the fine print. If she were to become an equity partner, it would mean that Braun would continue to profit from her work “for many years.” In negotiating with Braun to buy her recordings outright, she was offered an unacceptable non-disclosure agreement that she turned down.
As a result, Taylor Swift announced she will be moving forward with her plans to create new recordings for her earlier music. She added that doing this has already proven to be creatively fulfilling and exciting in the past so, fans, rejoice! We might get brand new (sort of) music from Tay-Tay soon.

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