10 Nail Colors You’ll See Everywhere In Spring 2023

10 Nail Colors You’ll See Everywhere In Spring 2023

The summer season has arrived, and many individuals tend to focus on taking care of themselves through beauty treatments. Even though getting a manicure may not be preferred by all, there is a devoted group of people who enjoy them.
The colors and designs that come to mind when choosing a shade or design for your nails can be influenced by the seasons, and summer is no exception. Whether you are planning to visit the beach or staying close to home, you can style your nails to match the weather and atmosphere around you.
Regularly getting a nail makeover is an excellent way to experiment with different styles and colors of nail polish. This allows you to try out several shades and enjoy various looks during the summer season. In anticipation of summer 2022, we have compiled a list of the top 10 nail polish shades that will be popular and widely seen.

Barbie pink nails will be everywhere

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Hot pink is currently a popular choice for manicures and is on many people’s to-do lists. It’s considered by many to be the perfect summer color and has even been named the official color of this year’s season by Cosmopolitan. While there are many creative ways to wear hot pink, sometimes it’s best to simply stick with the color itself and not add any extra designs or embellishments.

Creamsicle nails pour on the nostalgia

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Although you may associate Creamsicles with summer and happy memories, it’s not easy to find a nail polish that perfectly matches their vibrant color. Fortunately, This You Need, a beauty website, has discovered Essie’s Tart Deco, which the site author Sarah claims is the perfect creamsicle shade. To complete the look, simply add a thin white line at the top.

Sunshine yellow is a summer classic

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If you want to embody the essence of summer, few colors can do it better than the vibrant hue of sunshine yellow. Summer is all about radiance and warmth, and the ORLY brand has a cruelty-free nail polish called Claim to Fame that will satisfy your search for the ultimate summer yellow shade.

Rainbow nails always spark joy

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Although Rainbow may not be classified as a color, it can be used in nail art. With June being Pride Month in the US and many other countries, a colorful and vibrant rainbow manicure is a perfect way to welcome the upcoming summer months. It’s a festive and enjoyable way to celebrate.

Purple nails are perfect for vacation

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If you’re planning to go on a trip this summer and want to add a touch of royalty to your vacation, then sporting a purple manicure can do the trick. As stated in Let’s Eat Cake, the purple shade from Essie can give you the queenly feeling of Singapore Slings, which may match your vacation mood. Looking for other alternatives? You can also try ORLY’s Crash the Party, which is elegant and stunning.

Citrus nails evoke summer fun

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During summer, people often associate citrus fruits as a representation of the season. You can enhance your summer-themed manicure by choosing a green shade that will remind you of the refreshing taste of lemon-lime. According to the founder and CEO of Pear Nova, bright colors like orange, yellow, and green are perfect for a summer palette.

Ocean blue will make every day feel like vacay

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If you plan on going to the beach this summer to enjoy the warmth and waters, it’s important to find the precise shade of blue that complements the surroundings. Even if you’re unable to visit the ocean this year, a manicure in an ocean blue tone can make you feel like you’re almost there.

Deep pinks bring to mind summer sunsets

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Although hot pink is expected to be very popular during the summer of 2022, there are also other shades of pink that are worth considering. For a more romantic feel, try a deeper shade of pink that can evoke the peaceful beauty of sunset during summertime.

Ombre French nails are perfect for weddings

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Although the Ombre French manicure needs two colors for its creation, it results in a stunning appearance, making it a perfect style for the numerous summer weddings that you may be attending as a guest or a part of the wedding party.

More than one color is always a fun option

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If you are struggling to decide on a single color for your summer 2022 manicure, consider using multiple colors all together. Embracing a bit of chaos during the summer may lead to unexpectedly delightful results that you end up adoring.

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