OMG, I Can’t Believe They Said That: 40+ Dating Disaster Tweets

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Here Are 40+ Tweets About Bad Dates That Are Both Awful and Hilarious

Dating can be challenging, and for every successful love story, there are several unpleasant dates. It’s commonly believed that you have to go through bad experiences before finding the right person. However, the following dates went so bad that they have even made people uncomfortable on the internet. Have a look at the worst first dates ever, and see if you can avoid deleting all of your dating apps.

Different Isn’t Always Better

It seems like this unfortunate man was unexpectedly involved in his date’s relationship issues. She had thought that things would be better if she were with someone else, but after having dinner with this man, she realized that her ex-partner was actually the best option for her.

Although we sympathize with the OP, we cannot resist being swayed by this romantic tale in which he is certainly not the main protagonist.

He Was Playing the Game

The individual in question seems to possess a bold and fearless attitude. Although impressive, their actions of juggling dates at such a high level raises the question of why they did not plan them for separate times.

We can only conclude that he refused to commit to a single woman, even for a short period. This level of fear of commitment is unprecedented. Nonetheless, we’re amazed by the self-assurance this man demonstrated by creating his own rules for dating.

Have All the Desserts

In all honesty, this lady deserves to have 10 desserts, one for every pound that she needs to lose. We have complete confidence that she looks stunning and we are curious to see the man who made this comment as his own self-confidence may not be very high, which may explain his judgmental attitude towards her.

We do not wish for a future occurrence, however, if it happens again, it is recommended that this girl orders two desserts; one for consumption and another for hurling at him.

Thanks for the Life Hack

The lady seems to be living in the future (2088) while the rest of us are still bound to the present (2022). Her brilliant advice on how to end a disappointing date is impressive, and we could definitely learn from it in the days to come. She values time, as it is equivalent to money, and can recoup her expenses by cutting the date short.

We want to contribute to the great concept of this woman – it is advisable to wear clothing on a first date that you don’t mind staining with a drink spill on purpose.

Keeping it in the Family

This is equally disgusting and unlucky. It is understandable that they would be linked together, right? Surprisingly, those two individuals had more similarities than what they ever anticipated.

We are relieved that they realized their mistake before their relationship progressed beyond just kissing. Family gatherings are already uncomfortable and it would have made it worse. However, they might benefit from attending more family reunions since they seem unable to recognize their own family members.

It’s Too Late for That

If someone’s tooth fell into our mouths while kissing, we wouldn’t just be scared but terrified. It seems rather disturbing for that to be considered a form of flirtatious conversation.

We assume that it was considerate of him to caution her instead of letting her face an unpleasant shock, yet he should have refrained from kissing until the matter was resolved. We appreciate his good manners, but he lacks foresight.

Worst Third-Wheel Ever

It is an unusual situation where both individuals involved in the date may concur that it was their worst first date experience. However, at least the mother appeared to have a good time.

While she’s certainly no matchmaker, this mother does seem to be incredibly wholesome and she obviously looks out for her daughter, so it’s difficult to get too upset. Maybe the dating world just isn’t ready for adorable moms like this one, yet.

Who Is His Ex?

Oh, the challenges of being in a relationship in Hollywood. It’s difficult to move on from a past relationship when your former partner is a celebrity constantly in the limelight.

However, it was a wrong move on the part of that guy to purposely watch a movie in which the actress starred. What’s more, bringing his date to the movie was just inappropriate. If he wanted to flaunt his relationship with a stunning actress, it’s apparent that his plan was unsuccessful.

Why Is That, Though?

Though we empathize with the man, we’re curious as to why the woman’s last date with him led her to swear off romantic relationships altogether. What might he have done to cause this shift in her feelings?

It is evident that he lacks knowledge about the mistake that occurred, hence we have the impression that he has good intentions but it is possible that his date’s perspective of events is included in this list.

Talk About Planning Ahead

The majority of people are interested in being aware of their position in their romantic relationship and they find it admirable when their partner openly shows their emotions. Nonetheless, some individuals also desire a mysterious partner who arouses their interest.

Finding a balance between these two opposing ideas can be challenging, and occasionally, an individual may unintentionally favor one over the other. However, in this particular scenario, the person completely disregarded the balance, similar to how Leonardo DiCaprio avoids dating women of his age.

She’s a Fast Learner

To be fair, this woman has done exactly what was asked of her. Her date wanted her to say “please” more often and that’s the very word she used to get away from him. We truly can’t say that we blame her.

This guy’s strategy of trying to mansplain manners to a grown woman isn’t exactly the best way to score a second date… or even get through the entirety of a first one.

He Dodged a Bullet

This guy may just be the luckiest man alive. Not only did he drive through that snowstorm safely but he also dodged a huge bullet by getting rejected by his date.

We do understand this woman’s belief that her date was being inconsiderate by arriving late but she could have asked him why he wasn’t on time before deciding to leave. Oh well, given the dedication that guy put into even showing up at all, it’s safe to say that it’s her loss.

This Is Just Too Cute

This one hits a bit different knowing that they got married in the end — it’s actually an adorable first date story. Sure, it’s a bit embarrassing, but this woman clearly found her wife’s manic-pixie-girl energy to be endearing more than anything.

It just goes to show that no matter how quirky someone is, there are always those who will love them for it. Let’s just hope that this woman knows what her wifey looks like now!

That’s Her Villain Origin Story

Every villain has an origin story — something that pushed them over the edge to become the antagonist they are today. Well, this date appears to be that woman’s story and we really can’t blame her for the cynical dater she’s become.

If everyone had to endure a date with this guy, it’d simply be a world full of anarchy. We bet he’s one of those guys who wonders why he attracts “crazy” women, not realizing that he’s what’s making them crazy.

Nan Was Probably Angry

Imagine being a perfectly happy spirit, doing ghost-like things, and then suddenly being summoned to witness a horrific first date. We’d be annoyed, to say the least.

Watching our grandson blow his chances of getting a girlfriend wouldn’t really be our first choice of how to spend the afterlife. We have no idea why he would choose a date to speak to his deceased grandmother but he’s probably earned himself a lifetime of getting haunted because of it.

A Meet-Cute Gone Wrong

This story could have made for a really good meet-cute but, unfortunately, it just wasn’t meant to be. Romantic comedies would have us believe that this initial hatred towards each other would fuel this couple’s eventual romantic passion and then everyone in the restaurant would spontaneously burst into song.

Unfortunately, this interaction simply ended in an extremely awkward evening and maybe some leverage if this guy tries to give the OP another ticket in the future.

Accidentally Running a Charity

It appears that this poor guy ran an accidental charity! Well, there are a lot worse things in life than unintentionally doing a good deed. Here’s the thing — how did this woman know to sit with him for a free meal?

Our theory is that it was, in fact, the woman he was meant to be on a date with and she just wanted a nice dinner without needing to make small talk, so she sent that text after the fact.

There Are Places for That

Here’s what makes interactions like this confusing — there are those who work in an industry in which a customer can pay for intimacy. So why wouldn’t someone just go to one of those places, rather than take a person out on a date, if they just want to exchange money for physical favors?

Ironically, that woman may have been planning to kiss her date before he asked that question. Now, he’ll most definitely be going home alone and he’s out a decent amount of money.

We’re All Confused Here

Something tells us that everyone meant well here but literally, not one person had a clue what was going on. Clearly, the couple on the date was confused and each thought that perhaps the other knew the elderly couple.

Meanwhile, we can only assume that the elderly couple also thought that they knew these youngsters, somehow. We take this as a hilarious misunderstanding rather than anyone having ill intent. Even better, it’s a great story that both pairs can tell for years to come!

Well, It’s Not All Bad

This has got to be the most creative way ever that someone’s gotten a client. While we don’t approve of the deceitfulness, we have to admire this guy’s work ethic!

Before feeling too bad for this woman, let’s keep in mind that a cute date is a dime a dozen but a decent mortgage rate is a lot harder to come by! We’d say this woman can consider that evening to be a huge win.

It’s a Solo Date

Clearly, this guy wanted to see that specific movie more than he wanted to spend time with his date. Well, at least he knows his priorities! As far as bad dates go, this one really isn’t the worst.

The woman still got to see a movie and didn’t have to spend too much time with a guy it wasn’t going to work out with. It’s actually a pretty good strategy for a person who doesn’t want to be rude and leave a date early but they’re not having fun.

Not Enough Said

We disagree that enough was said here… we have a lot of questions and concerns. To be fair, this seems like an honest mistake to make but we can definitely see how it’d be a serious mood killer.

As long as this guy helped his date heal and stayed with her in the hospital (if needed) we’d say he deserves a second chance. Maybe she should do the driving on the next date, though…

That’s a Morbid Third-Wheel

We’ve heard some pretty bad third-wheel stories but this one has got to be the worst. We appreciate that this guy is desensitized and doesn’t notice anything strange about having a body in the car but he should really try to understand his date’s perspective.

Taking one’s work home with them is always frowned upon, but in this case, it should be straight-up illegal! We hope this guy’s next date will be a gothic woman who will appreciate her man’s dedication to his morbid work.

That’s Technically Not Cheating

We’re not really sure how we would react here. It’s technically not cheating if he’s trying to cheat on his date with… his date. Or is it? At least she can rest easy knowing that this guy truly does think she’s the most beautiful woman in the room.

He should probably work on drinking a bit less, though. A person doesn’t make that kind of mistake from just a couple of drinks and a trip to the bathroom.

How Not to Handle Rejection

This guy needs some serious lessons in how to handle rejection because he simply proved this woman right in not wanting him. Here’s the thing — men who get a lot of women don’t need to brag about how they have a lot of women.

We have no doubt that this woman feels she dodged a bullet. Had this guy responded in an appropriate manner, she may have even regretted her decision. Instead, he’s moving on to “the next one” a.k.a. his hand.

Um, a Little Help Here?

We completely appreciate this woman’s desire to be a strong and independent individual. That being said, she may have been a bit overeager here. There’s nothing wrong with letting a guy be a gentleman every now and then.

We hate to say it but it seems that this woman deserved her moment of embarrassment. Maybe next time, just let the guy do his thing? She can always simply tell him that she doesn’t like chivalry, that’d certainly be less awkward.

Don’t Drink and Text, Folks

Ah, the dangers of drinking and texting… one could easily end up sending the wrong message to the wrong person. Really, though — why was this guy texting while on a date anyway? We’re sure that the date he regretted was a perfectly nice guy.

After all, he still gave him a ride home after being insulted, didn’t he? We certainly wouldn’t do the same. Chances are, after posting this, the OP will have no problem finding plenty of dates.

Well, if He Was Hungry…

How was this guy unable to wait even just a few more minutes until the date actually started? The woman was early, after all! The one thing we’ll say in this guy’s favor is that he certainly knows what he wants and is a go-getter who marches to the beat of his own drum.

Unfortunately, he might be just a little too independent for this woman. Oh well, better luck to her for next time!

So… Is She?

He can’t have actually thought this would work out in his favor? Now, he’s lost both women. We feel like he’s seen one too many Mary-Kate and Ashley movies from the early 2000s, where they’re constantly swapping places on dates and stuff.

Dear random guy — if those sisters were to swap places on a date with you, they wouldn’t be fighting over who gets to stay. They’d be fighting over who gets to throw a drink at his face and storm out.

Who’s Really the Victim Here?

Something tells us that the OP isn’t the real victim here. How much younger is “a little younger” to him? Our bet is that he’s really closer in age to the grandma and was trying to creep on a much younger woman.

The fact that this girl didn’t even fathom he could be hitting on her kind of tells us that she’s nowhere near his age range. This is some perfect karma right here.

Four Reasons Why She Left

We’d like to counteract this list by making our own list explaining the four reasons why this woman likely left her date in the middle. 1) He’s superficial, evidenced by the items on his list. 2) He’s arrogant and just assumes that she’s interested in him.

3) He’s organized enough to make a list but not organized enough to be on time. 4) He’s giving some serious small, um, “package” energy. See? We can make lists, too.

If it Ain’t Broke…

We understand this woman being offended but we don’t actually think her date was that bad. What’s wrong with playing the field a bit? She can’t really expect loyalty and commitment from this guy before they even go on a first date!

That being said, he should really diversify and not take all of his dates to the same restaurant. We get that he probably has the logic of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” but, clearly, it’s broken.

It’s Official: Chivalry Is Dead

We’re all for gender equality but let’s settle this debate of who should pay on the first date, here and now! Men get to walk down the street without fear of being harassed. They get equal pay in the workplace. They also get bodily autonomy, without the government’s involvement.

What do women get? A free dinner when on a first date. We’re sure that the women of the world would gladly trade and let the guys have the free dinner if we get all the other stuff.

Nobody’s Perfect, Especially Not Him

Was this supposed to be a compliment? We argue that she’s still too good for him, given his desire to list her flaws. Unfortunately, this just highlights his own flaws and insecurities. We hope that this woman’s response was to list all of his flaws for him. That’s only fair, after all.

Then she should have said, “You were right, I am too good for you,” done a hair toss, and walked away. We would have slow clapped her out of there.

Those Must Be Fascinating Sheep

This guy is clearly very niche and needs to find someone who has the same interests as him. There’s nothing wrong with having unique interests but maybe he should try to find his Little Bo Beep instead of wasting time looking for Cinderella.

It’s a bit cruel but we think, given what a terrible time this woman was having, she should have ordered the lamb for dinner. Just to see how he’d react…

Norma Bates, Is That You?

We would leave this date straightaway. Not even because this guy, inexplicably, brought his mother along. More importantly, he treated his mom like a dog and had her wait in the car.

We hope that, at the very least, he cracked a window for the poor woman. Was he at least planning to bring her some food?! We’re getting some serious Norma and Norman Bates vibes here, which means that it’s most definitely time to go.

That Probably Wasn’t Tea

Okay, seriously, what was in that tea? His poor girlfriend probably wasn’t expecting that from just an innocent daytime tea outing! We bet the Brits would be proud, given that this guy has combined two of their favorite things — tea and getting wasted.

We hope that guy’s girlfriend broke up with him after that. We also hope that the girl from the next table refused to go out with him afterward. After all, we all know how a date with that guy goes…

He Needs New Friends

This poor guy really needs some new friends, or at least familiarize his friends with his extended family. We hope that he at least got to enjoy a nice family dinner with his cousin. We doubt either of them will ever agree to going on a blind date again, though.

Especially not one arranged by this particular friend! We’ve learned our lesson from this guy’s unfortunate story. Before someone sets up a blind date for us, we’re showing them our family’s photo album.

It’s the Wrong Fairytale

This guy’s over here pretending to be Prince Charming when, in reality, he just wants to date The Little Mermaid. If he doesn’t want a date who can speak, then he should highly consider going all Lars and the Real Girl and just having dinner with a doll.

We’re also pretty offended, on ths woman’s behalf, that her being cute is “enough” for him. Is he enough for her, though? The answer should be a resounding “No!”

Good for Her

Good for this woman, knowing her worth and not putting up with a rude date. Eating pizza alone sounds like a way better evening than sitting through a dinner date with that guy.

We’re not usually advocates for wasting a perfectly good drink but this seems to be beyond justified. It’s not a wasted drink if it teaches an important lesson to someone who really needs to learn it. Kudos to the beautiful OP!

Mixing Business With Pleasure

We all know that people in MLMs are extremely pressured to sell and they can get quite desperate for new clients but this is truly a whole new level. We wonder if this method actually works and how many of his “dates” were just potential clients? Or how many clients turned into actual dates?

Something tells us that this poor guy is left both single and at the bottom of the MLM’s pyramid.

Um, Thanks for the Offer?

The fact that this guy thinks his date would even want his contributions to make a baby just shows how truly out of touch he is with reality. To assume someone would be grateful to have his children really exhibits an impressive amount of unearned confidence.

Our advice? He shouldn’t procreate for a very, very, long time. At least not until whatever head injuries he’s suffered from his athletic career have healed.

Did He Just Mansplain Feminism?

Let’s get this straight — not ony is this guy against feminism, but this guy actually just mansplained feminism to his date. Wow. We’re all for freedom of speech and expressing one’s views but he should really consider his audience.

It’s not even like this woman was aggressively lecturing him about feminism, she was just answering his question about where she went to college. Ironically, he kind of proved why we still need feminism.

Marking His Territory

Our only guess here was that this guy tried to make a joke to cover up for the fact that he sneezed all over his date’s food and it just didn’t go over too well. Either that, or he’s got an extremely primitive way of marking his territory and letting everyone know that woman’s his date.

We have a feeling that the OP has had enough of this guy’s bodily fluids and he won’t be getting lucky anytime soon!

Sarcastic People Problems

We love dark humor just as much as the next person but there truly is a time and place for everything. We can probably all agree that a first date is not the time to experiment with those types of jokes.

Let’s just say that one needs to know the person pretty well before they can joke about hiding their body. Something tells us that we may see this guy on Dateline at some point. Let’s just assume that the OP noped out of there as quickly as possible.

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