2023 Celebrity Breakups

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In 2023, the entertainment world was totally shook by a bunch of super famous 2023 celebrity breakups. Like, seriously, everyone from Hollywood big shots to music legends called it quits out of nowhere. Fans were left totally shocked, dude, as all the news was about broken hearts and relationships that couldn’t be fixed. It was a major reminder that even in the fancy world of fame, love doesn’t last forever, man.

Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello

“We’ve made the tough call to split up,” the couple said in a statement they gave to Page Six on July 17. “We really love and care about each other a lot, so we kindly request that you respect our privacy while we figure out what comes next in our lives.”

Ariana Grande & Dalton Gomez

After being married for two years, the singer and real estate agent decided to go their separate ways, as confirmed by Dailyjugarr! News.


Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin

So, check it out, the Bear star and the Californication actress called it quits in May 2023, yo! They were married for just over three years, but things didn’t work out, man. It’s a bummer, but that’s how life goes sometimes.

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner

Yo, after a solid 18 years of being together, the couple decided to call it quits, man. The rep for the Yellowstone star told Dailyjugarr! News in May that some uncontrollable circumstances went down, forcing Mr. Costner to go through a divorce process. It’s a real bummer, and they’re feeling pretty sad about it, dude.

Kim Zolciak & Kroy Biermann

Hey, check it out! After being married for a solid 11 years, The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum decided to file for divorce from her former NFL player hubby in May 2023. In the whole divorce drama, Kim, who has kids with Kroy and a couple more from a previous relationship, asked for primary physical custody of the kiddos and joint legal custody. But guess what? In the end, they actually worked things out and reconciled. Talk about a rollercoaster, right?


Cher and Alexander “A.E.” Edwards

Hey, guess what? So, like, six months after they started making everyone wonder if they were dating, a legit source spilled the beans to Dailyjugarr! News in May and confirmed that the singer and the music producer actually split up. Bummer, right? Relationships can be a wild ride, man.

Halsey and Alev Aydin

Yo, check it out! In April, the singer went ahead and filed some legal stuff to ask for full physical custody and joint legal custody of their son, Ender. She had the little one with the film producer back in 2021. Word on the street is that the split was all cool and friendly, man. An insider told Dailyjugarr! News that they’re planning to co-parent and keep things amicable. That’s good news amidst the changes, right?

Toni Garrn and Alex Pettyfer

Hey, listen up! In April, the model dropped a bombshell and announced on her Instagram Story that she and the Magic Mike actor were splitting up after being married for two years. They have a daughter named Luca together, by the way. Toni wrote that they made the tough choice to divorce, but don’t worry, they’re gonna keep things friendly. They’re gonna stay friends and co-parent their precious angel, Luca. It’s nice to see they’re putting their kid first, right?


Shannen Doherty and Kurt Iswarienko

Check it out, man! In April, the Beverly Hills, 90210 actress went ahead and filed some official court papers, and guess what? She mentioned “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for calling it quits with her hubby of 11 years. She even mentioned that their official separation date was January 15, 2023. Divorce is never easy, but sometimes things just don’t work out, you know?

Glen Powell and Gigi Paris

Hey, check this out, man! In April, a source spilled the beans to Dailyjugarr! News and confirmed that the Top Gun: Maverick actor and the model actually split up. Can you believe it? They were dating for a solid three years, but things didn’t work out, dude. Breakups can be tough, but life goes on, right?

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

Hey, check this out, man! In April, a source spilled the beans to Dailyjugarr! News and confirmed that the Top Gun: Maverick actor and the model actually split up. Can you believe it? They were dating for a solid three years, but things didn’t work out, dude. Breakups can be tough, but life goes on, right?


Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan

Yo, check it out! The Bachelor star made it official in April and confirmed that he’s back on the market. It’s been eight months since he rekindled his on-and-off relationship with the lawyer, but things didn’t work out in the end, man. Breakups can be a rollercoaster, but hey, it’s all part of the journey, right?

Ricard Foyé and Andy Foyé

Hey, listen up! The Survivor contestants, after being together for a solid seven years, decided to go their separate ways. In April, Ricard took to Twitter and shared the heartbreaking news. He mentioned how telling their kids about the separation was always going to be tough. Alongside a family photo that included their children Aurelia and Lucia, Ricard expressed his feelings. They had a great run with so much love, their two beautiful babies, and even two angel babies. Breakups can be painful, man, but it’s important to cherish the good times and the love that was shared.

Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth

Hey, check it out! The actress and the former CAA agent decided to end their journey together after being married for over 11 years. In March, they released a joint statement, expressing their careful and thoughtful decision to get a divorce. They acknowledged the wonderful years they shared and mentioned that they’re moving forward with deep love, kindness, and mutual respect for everything they’ve built together. It’s always tough when long-term relationships come to an end, but it’s nice to see they’re approaching it with grace and understanding.


Sophia Culpo and Braxton Berrios

Hey, listen up! The star of The Culpo Sisters confirmed in March that she and the NFL player actually called it quits. She went ahead and called herself “single” in a TikTok video, making it pretty clear. They were together for a good two years before deciding to go their separate ways. Breakups can be tough, but sometimes it’s for the best, you know? Life moves on, and new chapters await.

AJ McLean and Rochelle McLean

Hey, guess what? In March, the couple made an announcement that they were hitting the pause button on their relationship. They shared a joint statement with Dailyjugarr! News, mentioning that they’ve decided to temporarily separate to focus on themselves and work on their marriage. Their goal is to build a stronger future together. They plan to come back together and keep nurturing their love for each other and their family. Sometimes, taking a step back can lead to growth and a stronger bond. Let’s hope things work out for them!

Tinx and Sansho Scott

Hey, check it out! The TikTok star went ahead and confirmed in March that she and the photographer actually broke up. She shared a TikTok video where she straight-up said, “I don’t have a boyfriend anymore.” Breakups can be tough, man, but it’s important to stay strong and keep moving forward. It’s a fresh start for her, and who knows what exciting things lie ahead, right?


Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix

Hey, listen up! The stars from Vanderpump Rules had a rough time in March. The guy in the equation ended up cheating on his partner with another cast member, Raquel Leviss. It caused quite a stir, and he took to Instagram to publicly apologize to his partner, Ariana. He owned up to his mistakes, admitting he was selfish and made reckless decisions that hurt someone he loves. No one deserves to go through such pain, especially in such a public way.

Amid all the news about the affair, Raquel also stepped forward and issued her own apology. She acknowledged that there was no excuse for her actions and took full responsibility. She expressed deep regret for hurting Ariana.

Breakups, especially with betrayal involved, can be incredibly difficult. It’s important for everyone involved to reflect, learn, and grow from these experiences, striving for healing and understanding.


Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman

Hey, listen up! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star went through a major change in February. Her eight-year marriage officially came to an end when her husband filed for divorce. Legal documents obtained by Dailyjugarr! News stated that there’s “no reasonable hope for reconciliation.” In the filing, they also mentioned that the official separation date was noted as February 19, 2023. Divorce can be a challenging process, but sometimes it’s necessary to find a path towards personal growth and happiness.

Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun

Hey, check it out! In February, her representative confirmed that she broke things off with her fiancé. But guess what? She wasted no time and shortly after that, she debuted a new romance with Tyga. Love moves fast, man! Sometimes relationships change and new connections form. Let’s see where this new chapter takes her!

Joanna Goddard and Alex Williams

Hey, listen up! The influencer from Cup of Jo opened up in a blog post in February, revealing that she and her husband decided to separate after being married for 13 years. Despite the change in their marital status, she expressed that they will always be super dedicated co-parents to their two wonderful boys, Toby and Anton. The love for their children remains strong, even though they won’t be together as a married couple anymore. Life takes unexpected turns, but their commitment to their family remains unwavering.


Amelie Zilber and Blake Gray

Hey, check it out! The TikTokers made an announcement in March, letting everyone know that they’ve decided to go their separate ways. They shared on their individual Instagram Stories that despite the breakup, they’ll always be there for each other and cherish the love they once had. They made it clear that nobody is to blame, and it was a mutual decision they arrived at. Breakups can be tough, but it’s great to see they’re handling it maturely and with mutual respect.

Falynn Pina and Jaylan Banks

Hey, listen up! The alum from The Real Housewives of Atlanta and her fiancé decided to call it quits, man. It happened about a year after they got engaged. They shared a joint statement in February, expressing deep sadness in their hearts as they announced the end of their journey as a couple. Breakups can be tough, especially after making plans for the future. It’s important to take the time to heal and find new paths forward.


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