35+ Spiders That are Extra Scary Because of Where They Were Found

35+ Spiders That are Extra Scary Because of Where They Were Found

Most individuals tend to get upset when they encounter spiders, regardless of having arachnophobia or not. There are certain locations where the presence of spiders is least desired. Regrettably, some people have come across spiders in the most unpleasant places, leading them to hope that they never experience such an unexpected encounter.

Resident Chef

Having a spider present in a location where you need to be is extremely distressing. While seeing a spider on the ceiling can be frightening, encountering one lurking on a door handle or on the keyboard of a laptop can be particularly scary.

The spider made a choice to experiment with a chef hat, but encountered resistance from the kitchen-dwellers who weren’t keen on his presence. Moreover, they strongly objected to his occupying the microwave, which is utilized frequently by most people.

Time to Burn the House Down

In some cases, when you come across a spider, it’s possible to easily trap it using a shoe or cup and release it outside. However, there might be instances where dealing with one wandering spider is not the only issue at hand.

It appears that the occupants of this house are faced with a greater challenge than dealing with a single spider. It seems that they may have to eliminate a massive amount of spiders from their kitchen before resuming cooking any meals. It would be wise to postpone cooking until this task is complete.

Adding a Little Protein

Numerous individuals prepare their coffee while still feeling drowsy in the morning. Indeed, coffee is expected to provide an extra energy surge when attempting to adhere to the alarm.

Don’t Take a Sip

Taking a sip of your drink that comes with your meal is the most revitalizing experience you can have, yet it’s advisable to closely examine the straw before indulging.

It is highly likely to miss this spider that can be almost tragically easy, resulting in a terrifying moment that may go unnoticed. This eight-legged creature is perfectly tucked in the straw, making it impossible to escape notice when taking a drink from the cup.

We’ll Never Sleep Again

As previously mentioned, there are occasions when spiders keep their distance yet still appear frightening. However, the disadvantage is that they do not consistently maintain that distance as one would desire.

The individual experienced a spider-related incident that was extremely distressing. They couldn’t shake off the constant tickling sensation in their ear, and upon inspection with a flashlight, a live spider unexpectedly appeared and even posed for a quick photo.

That’s Far Too Many!

We need to remain optimistic and pray that someone coincidentally witnessed this incident. Otherwise, the idea of someone nearly wearing a glove full of spiders is truly terrifying.

This glove apparently had only one spider, but it’s now turned into a terrifying sight as spider eggs hatched and the little spiders spread out inside the glove. This has turned into a frightening experience for anyone who’s scared of spiders and it’s something that’ll be remembered for a long time.

Don’t Look Up

It is pretty alarming to come across a spider directly above your head, especially when in the shower, which is an experience most people can relate to.

Although this individual is unaware, they are experiencing a situation that is more daunting than a mere small shower spider. The spider hanging over their head is not only uncomfortably situated but also considerably large, causing them to feel uneasy and fearful of it falling on them. Their skin crawls with the anticipation of the spider’s movements.

Fitting to the Name

It goes without saying that the majority of individuals would not appreciate finding a spider resting on something that they are carrying. Ultimately, most individuals avoid any contact with spiders.

However, there are moments when their appearance is just right and serves its purpose. Additionally, considering the title of the book is This Book is Full of Spiders, readers were well informed beforehand. It is worth noting that the spider that visited was only tiny.

Absolutely Not!

It’s a sad reality that no matter how much effort we put into it, occasionally spiders invade places where we don’t want them to be. Such areas might even be so frightening that they give us nightmares and compel businesses to reconsider certain aspects.

In this scenario, a spider landed in the most terrible location possible- inside a cookie that was about to be consumed by someone. Fortunately, before taking a bite, the individual noticed a distressing object embedded in the cookie that they were eagerly anticipating. A spider had accidentally dropped in at some moment, and eventually became trapped inside a vanilla-flavored wafer.

Time to Choose a New Outfit

Preparing in the morning can be a source of stress as it can be challenging to complete all necessary tasks within a reasonable timeframe, without any extra additions such as spiders.

Still, spiders aren’t arachnids that need an invitation. Plus, as we’ve learned, they tend to show up where you want them the least. This person had already picked out the perfect outfit for the day when a large spider took up home there. Time to find a new look!

Can You See Him?

It’s startling to suddenly see a spider somewhere you don’t want them. On the other hand, spiders that have mastered the art of camouflage are spooky in their own right.

Looking at this picture, can you spot the spider right away? He’s cleverly disguised and looks almost like just another spine on this cactus. The only good news here is that since this is a sharp cactus, there was probably no risk of directly grabbing this eight-legged visitor.

Far Too Close

You never want a spider to be close to something you might grab without looking. After all, no one really wants to pull their hand away only to see a spider tagging along.

As for this spider, it found its home next to the zipper on this coat. Luckily, it doesn’t look like this coat has been in regular use. Hopefully, this means that this spider wasn’t discovered after someone was already wearing the coat!

So That’s What’s Wrong

Taking apart an electronic is a great way for someone experienced to see what could be going wrong with their electronics. Rarely would you expect that problem to have anything to do with spiders.

While it looks like this board hasn’t been touched in a while, it’s collecting more than just cobwebs. On top of that, there isn’t even a single spider! In total, this person could contend with a couple of spiders or wisely put the cover back in place and call it a day.

Time to Buy a New Glass

As funny as it may seem to some, many people have a few favorite glasses in their cupboards. If you do, what would be the limit that made you finally toss it out?

If your answer was spiders, the person who took this picture can relate. They left a glass out for a while and eventually, someone rented the space. The question is, do you throw this glass out completely or do you just let the spider keep it? We’d probably skip out on reclaiming it ourselves.

At Least It’s Not Close

The bad news is that this is a pretty awful point of view. There aren’t many people who actually want to see a spider this up close and personal.

On the bright side, the good news is that this spider isn’t physically in the room with the person who snapped this picture. Still, on the lens of the camera, we have to imagine that a wayward glance at the TV would make you jump.

How Important Is Dental Health?

Everybody knows that your dental health is important. Almost everyone has been asked by a dentist whether they floss and brush their teeth regularly.

There are times that you forget or you skip a step, though. Since you brush your teeth in the early morning and late evening, it’s easy to do it without paying much attention. That is until you see this photo. A spider nestled in the bristles of a toothbrush would make anyone’s skin crawl.

Can’t Open That Door

If you see something outside of your door in the car, you’re usually safe. After all, a spider isn’t going to phase through the glass to get into your car.

Yet, if you have something balanced right on the spot where the door opens, there’s a risk of it falling in the car. Small spiders wouldn’t be a problem since they probably wouldn’t stretch across that space. A spider this big might keep you in the car for a while.

It’s Right Outside!

Camping is a great choice if you want an experience that will put you in touch with nature. Sometimes, you might find yourself so in-touch with nature that you might miss the comforts of home.

We would surely think about returning to the safety of our beds if we looked over in a tent on a camping trip and saw this spider. While it’s good that it’s on the outside of the tent, it’s still unsettling to see so close to you. The size of this spider doesn’t help our fears at all either!

He Found an Apartment!

Just like any other creature you might find in the wild, spiders have natural camouflage to keep them safe from predators. The fact that they’re often very small helps too!

This spider found the perfect place to move in when they were in this person’s garden. Where this plant indented, the spider slipped into the crevice. While this spider is spooky if you aren’t a fan, we’re impressed this person managed to notice them.

A Whole Family to Haunt the Car

It’s bad enough to see one spider hanging around where you don’t want it. Several spiders are only scarier, by nature, so it’s usually a situation to avoid.

Heading out to the car one morning, the first thing someone would notice is the big spider. If you were brave enough to come any closer, you’d notice that this is a family outing. We just hope that these spiders were only on the outside of the car.

At Least It’s Far Away

We’re not sure exactly how this person noticed this spider. If you can’t tell, this spider is building its home on the green light on a traffic light.

No matter how they noticed, they snapped an interesting picture of one of these creepy crawlies. The best thing about this spider is that traffic lights are high in the air and you’re only close to them in a car. Still, though, the backlight from beneath this spider is unsettling.

In the Bed!

Your bed is supposed to be a safe space. After all, it’s where you rest your head at night and where you lounge about when you need some time to relax.

While this might be a general rule, spiders don’t often care about the rules that humans set. As a result, this spider couldn’t help but take the chance to try out this soft landscape. Sadly, that probably wasn’t as relaxing for the bed’s owner.

Hiding Out

It’s hard to see exactly where this spider is. However, we’re sorry to point out that those dark parts of the photo aren’t just the top of a ceiling fan.

The bad news is that that’s actually the spider and it’s just as massive as it seems. Even worse, it’s easy to believe that a larger spider would have a harder time hiding but this spider clearly has no trouble at all. Maybe it’s time to just replace the whole house.

Tricking Predators and Prey

We’ve seen a few unsettling masters of camouflage on this list. However, this spider takes the cake on what it means to blend in with your surroundings.

This slender spider makes itself so narrow that it looks like a stick. Even if you saw it and noticed it was a bug, you probably wouldn’t even think it was a spider. While it’s impressive that this spider is so good at its job, it does make it all the creepier.

Under the Table?!

While we don’t always think about it, there are places that we touch frequently that we might not think about. Have you ever reach under a chair scooting into a seat or touched your leg on a table bottom?

If you reach under this table, you might get a nasty surprise. No one disturbed the beneath of this table for a while, so this big spider decided it was a great place to call home. It would definitely liven up dinner!

Spider vs. Spider

Most spiders are relatively harmless. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that they still don’t scare many people who would rather avoid them at all costs.

Spiders don’t even have to necessarily act too spooky to scare someone. Sitting there is enough! That doesn’t mean there aren’t spiders who aren’t willing to go above and beyond to send a chill up your spine. How about catching and eating another spider right in your home?

Washing the Windows

Having a service take care of your windows is a great way to save time and effort on your chores. It’s always a good idea to make sure your window washer isn’t a spider, though.

When this person looked out their window, they definitely didn’t see a window washer helping with household errands. Instead, they saw a massive spider sitting on the window. It was so large that they were caught off-guard – as we would be too!

We All Have That Fear

If there’s really one place you might not look at before you sit down, it’s in the bathroom. There are even all sorts of spooky things you’d never want to see there.

This includes something like a spider in the bowl below. We’d be especially freaked out if the spider was as big as this one! Not to mention, given that it’s right under the edge of the seat like that, this spider is definitely too close for comfort.

Renting a Drawer

There are times that you just have to know when to admit defeat. Sometimes you see a spider that has simply bested you and you should leave them to their spoils.

At least, that’d be the approach we’d take with this spider. While you could probably earn this drawer back eventually, it seems like a lot of risk to tangle with this spider. It’s probably best to agree that this spider is renting out this drawer now, free of charge.

Floating in the Pool

There’s nothing better to relax after a long day like a nice cup of herbal tea. After all, it’s free of caffeine and aside from the benefits of particular different teas, it’s a nice warm drink to relax into.

It looks like this tea relaxed more than just the person preparing it. It seemed so inviting that a spider had to jump in on the deal too. In the tea alone, this spider would probably stick out more but it blends in almost perfectly with the tea bag.

Far Too Large

We’ve looked at a lot of spiders that are creepy because of where they are. Yet, we have to admit that there are some spiders that would be unsettling almost anywhere!

This spider definitely counts. The most upsetting thing about where it is actually is that it’s inside this person’s house at all! In addition, there’s just something unsettling about a spider this big, even if it ends up being relatively harmless. All in all, the only solution to this problem might be to start fresh somewhere new.

They Really Like Bananas

If you’ve never worked in a grocery store, you might not be familiar with the fact that spiders love to hide in bananas. Shipments of bananas often come with a side of spiders.

That’s why this person found a startling surprise when they grabbed this bag of bananas. They didn’t catch sight of a small house spider either. This spider is large enough to not want to tangle with and it can only get out once you open the bag.

He Only Wants Internet

For many, the days of using ethernet cables to connect to the internet is behind them. Still, they show up in a lot of homes even if the owners don’t use them nearly as much.

This spider saw the chance for a free connection and took it, though. It crawled right into the port for the adapter and made its place there. While it’s not necessarily in the way, we probably wouldn’t want to see spider legs poking out of a hole in the wall either.

Waiting to Surprise You

There are some things in your car that you might not notice right away. For example, not everyone would think to flip down their visor to check for spiders before getting in.

While this person seems to have had their visor down already, it didn’t help the fact that this spider had gotten into the car in the first place. We just hope that this person noticed before they sat down and saw this spider at eye-level.

Get Them Out!

There are certain places that you don’t expect to see spiders because you probably assume that they can’t get in. Yet, seeing the world from such a tiny perspective makes it easier to find small spaces to slip into.

Seeing a sight like this would lead to a myriad of different emotions. For one, seeing it at a glance would definitely startle you. Upon closer inspection, however, it’s clear that this spider is definitely inside the display, not simply resting on its surface. This poses an important question: how could you get it out?

Black Widow From Walmart

By now, we’ve seen quite a few spiders who decided that fruit was a great place for their new home. The downside to this is that this means that spiders sometimes catch a ride home on unsuspecting people’s produce.

As for this person, they had a fairly dangerous encounter when all they really wanted was a snack! They posted this picture of a black widow spider they found in the grapes they had just bought from Walmart.

No One Leaves the Bathroom

For some people, a spider on the door isn’t a big deal at all. They’ll easily knock the spider aside or simply open the door and ignore the spider’s presence.

If you’re frightened when a spider makes its way between you and the exit, this photo will make your skin crawl. This spider was just waiting on the inside of the bathroom door to scare the next person who closed it behind them. Once you see the spider, what do you do? Is it better to just flee or try to remove the spider from the door for good?

How Long Has He Lived Here?

As we’ve discussed already, spiders can get in and out of spaces that we may not even realize are accessible to them at first glance. However, there are some spaces that are completely sealed.

This includes the inside of that snow globe that you bought as a vacation souvenir. Even further, the snow globes are usually filled with liquid and glitter to create the effect of snowing. What you probably don’t expect to see in your snow globe is the much less peaceful sight of a spider.

He Matches Perfectly

This is another example of a spider that’s mostly creepy because it’s just too good at what it does. While camouflage is necessary in the wild, it can be scary when it means a spider sneaks in close.

You can’t get much closer to someone than chilling out on their half-eaten grape either. Plus, this little guy is more than just well-camouflaged – he matches the green of those grapes perfectly! You’d have to be paying close attention or catch him on the move to spot him.

Reaching Around

Once you leave your home, it makes sense that you would start to see more spiders. After all, many types tend to live outside, so they’re bound to wander around in your yard or garden.

Not to mention, there are a number of different hiding places for a spider outside, making them hard to spot right away. Still, like any other creature, they have to come out from time to time. That’s when this spider was caught emerging from beneath this leaf.

Does This Happen Often?

It seems like the problem of poisonous spiders in grapes isn’t all that uncommon. Well, it’s happened more than once, at the very least.

Much like the last picture we looked at, this person picked up some grapes only to realize there was a particularly scary passenger in the bag. This black widow spider would have definitely made sure that anyone who wanted these grapes bit off more than they could chew.

We’re Glad They’re Appreciated

At the end of the day, while they spook us and send us shrieking away sometimes, spiders are important. As such, it’s nice to see that some people can handle would send many of us packing.

This post is a great example of someone finding endearing a few photos that most people react to with fear. While we’re glad that they appreciate the spiders, though, we’re still not sure we’re ready to see them up close and personal like this. Given that this spider is prone to jumping, that’s even worse!

Massive Spiders, Just Chilling

Once you get in the car, bugs crawling on the windows can offer an unsettling perspective. It’s bad enough when it’s a small insect or spider.

After this person got in the car, they happened to turn their flashlight on to see a horrifying sight. We have to point out that this photo isn’t zoomed in very far either. The spider on the window is really that big. We have to say, we’d probably just camp out in the car for a while.

Best Not to Bite Into

Adding fruits and vegetables to your daily routine is a healthy choice. Just remember, you should make sure to wash and check your fresh foods before eating.

Otherwise, you might find yourself missing something upsetting. It’s good to see that this person paid close attention while they were peeling this orange. On the other hand, a spider this big spoiling your fruit snack would definitely be hard to miss. Either way, we’d probably opt for a different snack later in its place.

Calling in Sick

There are a lot of reasons that someone might call in sick. For instance, you might need to nurse the flu, take care of a sick child, or maybe even just enjoy an extra day off.

This person had a terrifying reason to call in sick to work. They weren’t sick themselves but they were ready to go until they ran into someone unexpected. Obviously, this spider has a monopoly on this computer so it’s probably a better idea to move on.

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