45 Hilarious Pets Who Realized They Were Having the Worst Day

45 Hilarious Pets Who Realized They Were Having the Worst Day

Pets can be cute and amusing, but at times, they can be a great source of trouble. They often find themselves in difficult situations that might be funny in retrospect, but not so much at the time. These pets tried to get away with mischief but ended up ultimately failing. Enjoy scrolling through the amusing pictures of pets who are having a not-so-great day.

Friend or Foe?

“It is commonly accepted that dogs and cats don’t have a good relationship, and this belief has led to the creation of various sayings. However, it remains uncertain whether these two natural adversaries are actually friendly or hostile towards each other.”
It appears as though the dog has the cat’s whole head in its mouth. It’s unclear whether this is a form of affection or an attempt to chew on the cat’s head. Regardless, the cat doesn’t seem to appreciate the intimacy with its housemate.

Sit-Down Match

We have experienced sibling fights in which we struggled like animals and the victorious one was determined by who managed to physically overpower the other, usually by sitting on them. (Did you catch the pun?)
As it seems, domestic animals have a comparable way of resolving their conflicts. In this case, these two pets appeared to be competing for a place on the couch in a playful manner. However, despite the cat having won the dispute fairly, the dog utilized a clever tactic and took over the entire couch from the cat. To put it simply, it must have been painful for the cat.

All Tangled Up

To describe dogs as simply “boisterous” would not fully capture their energetic behavior. They are extremely active, often running and barking, but perhaps their most concerning tendency is their frequent jumping. Unfortunately, these leaps frequently result in some form of damage or harm.
It appears that the dog’s leap has caused him to become entangled in a nearby branch that is hanging low. The dog seems to be in discomfort while stuck in the branch. This particular dog hasn’t quite grasped the idea of venturing out and exploring different options.

Can or Can Not?

The photograph has the ability to cheer people up from a bad mood, as it is hard to resist laughing at the amusing behavior of the dog, who appears to be trapped with its head inside a metal container.
The sole reasonable justification could be that he attempted to clean the can by licking and got carried away, or possibly he’s secretly Popeye aiming to find his nutritious spinach.

Going Comando

Not every day is perfect and today is not a good day for this cat as evident from the fact that her fur, which is like her natural clothing, on the lower half of her body appears to be missing.
Her upper portion is adorned with stunning orange fur, however, the lower half seems completely hairless due to shaving after undergoing some surgery as suggested by the stitches. We hope that her gorgeous fur coat grows back very soon.

No Cactus Please!

While roses have only one thorn, cacti are covered in thorns. The cat’s curiosity led him to explore the cactus, but he ended up getting more than he expected, perhaps hoping to find a few roses hidden among the thorns.
It is evident to all of us that this action will result in no positive outcomes. Even the cat appears to have come to the same conclusion. Rather than assisting the helpless creature, we are left wondering about the motives of the individual filming the incident.

Hanging Out

The picture has successfully captured the precise moment when the cat became aware of being genuinely trapped amid those chair bars. Upon examining the gap between the bars and the cat’s head size, it becomes apparent that they do not match appropriately.
However, he was confident that he could succeed. It could either be a failed game of hide and seek or a situation that demonstrates the difficulty of owning a cat as a pet.

Grumpy Bunny

The furious feline bears a striking resemblance to the renowned cat character in the Tom and Jerry cartoon show, despite not being a fictional cartoon character herself. However, it’s not difficult to understand why she’s so infuriated, given the fact that her Halloween outfit is far from satisfactory.
This cat is all dressed up with a bunny atop her head and a pink bow tie around her neck, suggesting that she might be on her way to entertain kids at a party. It remains to be seen whether her outfit will invoke joy or fear among the children.

Let Me Take a Selfie

We all enjoy a humorous interruption in a photo, and we never seem to tire of taking selfies, including the iconic one by Ellen at the 2014 Oscars. Interestingly, even this cow wanted to participate in the trend.
The horse’s day is beginning to turn unfortunate as it appears to be stuck in half of its body in the fence. On the other hand, the cow seems to be finding amusement in the situation, judging by the smile on its face.

Play Date

Without any additional information, it may be difficult to comprehend the significance of this photograph. Nevertheless, the individual who possesses this furry creature had been driving by a park where various dogs were gathered together. Once this particular dog saw its companions, it became evident that it was eager to participate in their recreational activities.
Just because he isn’t wailing like a baby throwing a tantrum, doesn’t mean he was less expressive about his wish to join his four-legged friends in the playground. The fourth expressionless photo is an indication that his wish was ignored. Poor baby!

Vet’s Orders

Cats and dogs aren’t the only adorable pets that we love even when they’re having a terrible day. This little hamster has clearly been working too hard at running on his little wheel.
So, the vet had to put it in a tiny little cast. We know this little guy is seriously hurting, but we just can’t help but be completely enchanted by the cuteness of him. Get well soon, buddy!

A Little Too Close

Multiple pets can lead to conflict, though it can also lead to a friendship unlike any other. However, this person’s two very adorable dogs seem to fall right in the middle — the area of tolerance.
While the black doggy seems to be overly enthusiastic about hugging his friend, the expression on the white dog’s face is a clear enough indication of how he feels about this situation. It looks like he could have definitely done without the hug.

Think Fast!

This dog just wanted a day of fun, playing frisbee outdoors under the warm sun. But, what he got instead was a saucer straight in the face.
There’s probably nothing worse than having a frisbee smacked in the mouth. His expression is easy to decipher — he’s truly in a lot of pain. Hopefully, his next catch was much smoother than the first, and this embarrassing moment for the dog was a one-off.

Oops, I Did it Again

We’ve all tried to slip away quietly when we’ve committed a mistake that will probably get us grounded by our parents. This little dog was attempting to do just that when he tried to jump across the bed.
However, he fell short of his goal and ended up tangled all over in his blind. By the look on his face, he knows this is one mistake he can’t get away with.

Let’s Play Ball

Dogs love to play catch. If it was up to them, their owners’ workouts would only consist of then throwing balls around for their dogs to catch. However, just because it’s their favorite game doesn’t mean they’re very good at it.
This ultra cute black-and-white pup can’t seem to get a hold of the ball to save his life. It definitely isn’t for the lack of trying, though!

Is This a Good Haircut?

Not every haircut a dog gets turns out great. But, getting one is inevitable after the hair grows out too wild to manage. This dog got much more than he bargained for when he stepped into the salon.
From shaggy to nerdy. His owner had most of his hair chopped off, until all that remains is this extremely unappealing blob of hair on his head. Hopefully, it grew back as quickly as it was cut down.

Only the Head Remains

This is another example of a haircut gone horrendously wrong, so much so that it looks like the head and the body belong to two different creatures.
Once a gorgeous fluffy dog, this poor animal now looks like a head on a stick, literally. We’re pretty sure that his owner is about as pleased by this haircut as the dog seems to — which is to say, not at all!

The Toilet-Paper Conundrum

Dogs like to chew on things around the house. Pillows, clothes, and most importantly, your shoes are just some of the poor items that can fall victim to a dog’s games. This pup, however, decided to reject the regular items that dogs consume and went to chew on some toilet paper.
Not only is the toilet paper ripped to shreds, but there also seems to be toothpaste that has been destroyed beyond repair. The only saving grace for this dog is his ultra-cute look of apology.

A New Hairdresser, Please

Some hairdressers’ enthusiasm while grooming dogs can go a little overboard. So much so, that the dogs end up looking like baby goats at the end. Just look at the difference in this ex-adorable pet.
From being a carefree and fun-loving dog out of a morning stroll, the canine has been reduced to a dog with barely any fur on his body. We are indignant on his behalf!

Working Hard

We all have a hard time trying to save our electronics from our pets. Cats are easily enamored by shiny things, and their curious nature usually lands them in unusual places.
This cat looks to be pretty deep in her owner’s work life. We can only hope that the laptop only sustained minor injuries. Next time, just lock the door before working if you wanna save your electronics — and your sanity.

The Best Teamwork

Yes, we all know cats and dogs are supposed to be mortal enemies, but desperate times call for desperate measures. So, just like you and your siblings sometimes team up to do something that your parents disapprove of, this cat-and-dog duo seems to be doing the same.
The cat is clearly the mastermind behind this operation as he found a way to convince the dog to help him reach the water dispenser in the fridge. We just hope that he fills his friend’s water bowl as payment.

A Car Wash Gone Wrong

Car washes are fun — in just a few moments they turn your dirty car into a shiny new vehicle. But, being inside as the washer is running when you’re claustrophobic? Probably, not the best experience. This dog decided that he definitely didn’t appreciate being left inside.
From the looks of it, it appears as if the dog freaked out and broke a window trying to get out. Now, there’s not only a broken window, but also a freaked-out dog, and an even messier car.

Trampled Trampoline

It seems that it isn’t just little kids who love playing in the backyard. Even pet goats need at least some kind of fun enrichment in their daily life. This goat was given a lovely trampoline to jump the days away on.
Unfortunately, it looks like everyone involved in this plan should have read the manufacturer’s instruction manual. Because, if they had, they would know that this equipment wasn’t quite built for a goat, surprisingly enough.

Snow Day

One of the many things that kids and puppies have in common is that they both absolutely love getting that first drop of deep snow so that they can go out and play in the freezing weather.
This doggy was very excited to go out and play in the fresh frost — until he found out the hard way that the snow was about six feet deep, that is. What’s the dog equivalent of hot chocolate? Because this poor pup is going to need it when he finally makes his way back inside.

Cemented On

Fresh cement can be tricky to have around the house, especially when you have children or pets running around the house, creating chaos wherever they go. This pet’s owner surely wasn’t happy with the huge mess their furry friend made.
The dog inadvertently walked into the drying cement and not only ruined the surface but also got a majority of it stuck in his paw. This must have been one big clean-up for the poor owner.

A Rainbow Dog

Everything is fun and games to these furry house pets. But, sometimes, their best days are nightmares for their owners. Just look at this dog and what he’s done to his coat.
This dog had a jolly good time rolling around in colorful chalk until his white fur turned the color of the rainbow. Now, just imagine how much scrubbing his poor owner will have to do to get it all out.

Doggy Goggles

We love to dress up our pets. This owner decided to take an unorthodox route and instead of clothes and booties gave his dog some goggles to wear on his head.
Can we just point out how absolutely adorable this dog looks? She looks all ready to jump into the ocean and take a swim with the dolphins. Sadly, these protective goggles are not for a swim but are instead due to a procedure she had in her eyes.

A Moo Chair

It’s not uncommon to hear about kids getting their heads stuck in place, like in banister rails. But, it’s pretty uncommon to see a cow with its head stuck — and in a chair, of all places!
This probably wasn’t a very good idea by the cow, but we do feel bad for it. It looks pretty miserable. After all, who likes getting their head stuck anywhere?

Sharing Is Caring

This dog is probably the nicest dog to have ever lived with a cat because it looks like he’s giving his bed to his fellow pet and is himself slumming it in a small basket.
It’s obvious that the big basket was meant for the dog while the small one was meant for the cat. But, the dog is adjusting in the teeny-tiny basket, while the cat lounges in the big bed.

A Hole in the Wall

This dog is definitely not having the best day, not even the best day of the week, let alone his life. Being stuck in the wall will do that to somebody.
The story is pretty simple to follow — the dog went outside, saw a hole, and stuck his head in it. Now it seems like he’s having trouble pulling his head out of the hole. He probably regrets his decision a lot.

Car Troubles

We’ve all tried to fit into our toy cars even after growing out of them. Even now, when we visit a young kid, we can’t help but try to hop into one.
This cow also seems to want to visit the good old days as she tried to stick her head in an abandoned toy car. We love that she wanted to play, but maybe a toy car was not the best choice for her.

The Runaway

This dog is a classic case of act first, think later. In this case, he decided to give his owners the slip and run away from the house — like one does. The frantic owners spent hours looking for the little mutt, only to come back to this.
It seems that the dog decided to come back home and was eagerly waiting for somebody to open the door so that he can go back to his luxurious life. Hopefully, this taught him to appreciate what he has in life.

Chased Away

Being chased by dogs in the park isn’t all fun and games for everybody. Not even for other dogs, it seems. Just look at the face of this terrified pitbull, if you need any proof.
According to the owner, her pitbull always thought that he was top dog in the park until this another animal (is that a dog or a bear?) decided to give him chase. The expression on his face is just priceless.

Where Is the Food?

Good, old cats. When will they ever learn that everything is not what it seems? This one decided to give the magazine pages a lick, just because it had a drawing of food on top of it.
We can’t really blame the cat for this one because we’ve all been tempted by magazine spreads despite knowing that they’re 100% fake. The expression though is the perfect combination of disgust and betrayal.

The Fight

Cats have a reputation for being kind of mean, for hissing not just at strangers but also at their owners at times. It’s quite unsurprising to see cat owners with scratches on their arms.
So, it’s no surprise that some of them can also be pretty big bullies. Look at this poor white cat who looks like he’s seen his end as the orange one happily lounges on top of him.

Duck in the Middle

We don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the plight of this bird who has gotten herself stuck in the middle of a wooden fence. It seems to be an impossible feat, but this duck managed to do it.
The only plausible explanation is that the duck ran full speed at the fence, and misjudged the distance before jumping. This duck would probably like to kick himself for his mistake. Sadly, his legs are otherwise occupied at the moment.

High Above the Ground

Humans have an incessant urge to throw things up in the air. Balls, Cheetos, newborn babies, and, now it turns out, even dogs aren’t exempt from this list.
Just look at this unimpressed pup, hanging mid-air as he waits for his owner to realize what a bad idea it is. He’s probably planning how to get revenge on the girl. The moral of this story is, don’t throw your pets in the sky.

Stuck in the Middle

A cat in a goldfish bowl is not a sight that many of us thought we’d ever see. However, this one decided that his goal of the day was to get stuck in one. That’s one item off the checklist.
The way he is completely jammed in there looks painful. But, the most heart-wrenching part of this photo has to be the big eyes that the cat seems to possess. Somebody needed to get him out of there — yesterday.

Jumping Jacks

A jump is a tricky thing to execute perfectly in real life, and even harder to be caught on camera. More often than not, it turns into a skewered version of what you were going for.
It’s unclear what this dog was attempting to do — was it a front jump or a side jump? Either way, neither dog looks happy about the end result. The one below seems to be getting downright crushed!

Up on the Door

The always curious cats are known for their nimble movements, their feats of fancy feet, and their love for jumping onto things — tables, chairs, beds, and sometimes even on top of doors. However, this last one doesn’t end well very often.
Just look at the absolute terror on the face of this animal. It’s the look of a cat who knows he’s leaped more than he could handle, and can’t figure out the right way to get down.

Rescue Needed

Another day, another cat. Another place to get stuck. This cat seems to have gotten herself stuck in the window, probably in an attempt to jump out of it.
She probably thought that she didn’t need to open it more but the end result was a little disastrous. The cat looks to be in extreme pain, stuck between the two window panes. Definitely not her best day!

In the Dog House

Dogs are the poster animals for innocence. Their purity shines from their eyes, and they often get away with most of their antics, from chewing on your shoe to dirting the rug.
This particular dog took things a little too far and chased a deer. It seemed that people were not happy with his attitude, and Finn, the dog, was taken to the big house for some interrogation. He might be a hardened crook but we still think he’s adorable.

Free to Go

It looks like we’re not the only ones not immune to Finn’s cutness. At least this time, the authorities seemed to have let him off with just a warning for his deer chasing.
His owner was clearly happy to have him back home as she shared online that “His name is Finn, he’s out now but we’re still waiting to find out what’ll happen to him. He’s a good boy, he just hates deer.”

Diving In

It looks like there’s a pretty logical reason raccoons are called trash pandas — just look at this poor guy stuck in the public bin, if you need any proof. Seems like this guy tried to dive head-first into the can but didn’t quite think about how he would surface back out.
In fact, he was so stuck that animal control had to be called to rescue the poor, hungry raccoon from his uncomfortable situation. Hopefully, he learned from this not to go diving into strange bins.

A Coney Situation

Not every bad day happens because of a fight. Some just happen because your medical treatments come with after-care that’s not the most comfortable. Just look at this cat and you’ll get a good example of an incredibly unenjoyable medical device.
This cat has been fitted with a cone around his head, which allows the wounds to heal properly. However, based on his expression, the way to his speedy recovery is not something this feline appreciates.


While we humans might be big fans of the Disney classic The Lion King, we doubt that our feline friends have found it terribly entertaining since it came out. After all, people love recreating scenes from the movie with their cats.
This poor cat looks like he’s about to play out the infamous wildebeest scene. This horrified cat also looks just as betrayed as Mufasa probably was during that scene. Thankfully, the floor does look pretty close to the couch he’s falling from.

Don’t Wanna

This is probably the grumpiest and most adorable little kitten we’ve ever seen in our life! While we can’t figure out why this sweetpea is having a bad day, we can say that his angry glare is just so cute!
Hopefully, his day would improve once he let go of that table leg, got over this tantrum, and let his owner cuddle him a bit. Until then, we can just enjoy all this cuteness — lucky us!


Goats are known for all sorts of interesting things. For example, one of their hidden talents is their ability to jump pretty high compared to their size. Unfortunately, it looks like this goat was aiming just a bit too high.
It looks completely resigned to its fate of just staying on this stump forever. Hopefully, the person who captured this look of despair took pity on the poor goat and helped it down, eventually.

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