40+ Pets Who Made Their Owners Laugh



Pets are one of the few things that can bring joy to most people. Whether it’s a cute dog, a graceful cat, or a unique animal, these silly creatures are a joy to behold. They make our days brighter, join in our happiest moments, and have a special way of warming our hearts. It’s no surprise that we can’t get enough of them, as the internet is filled with pictures of pets. Take a look at our selection of hilarious pet pictures that are sure to make their owners smile.

Slowly Sliding Off

On occasion, pets find themselves in seemingly impossible poses and opt to remain in that position. In this particular case, the dog initially perched on the sofa before maneuvering off it, resulting in two legs protruding behind and two firmly grounded on the floor.
This adaptable dog patiently waited before gradually getting off the couch. It appears as though the dog even rested its head on the hard wooden coffee table. The dog’s agility and control is impressive to witness.

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Knock Knock, I’m Here

Dogs establish a routine easily and consistently. They wake up, eat, and walk at the same times every day, finding solace and contentment in a structured lifestyle. Such a regimen becomes ingrained, and it appears as though they have it memorized perfectly.
Frequently, this occurs because it is true. This cute dog most likely spent many years entering and leaving through a doorway. To his astonishment, the door is no longer present after some renovations at home.


He’s Seeing Red

It is enjoyable to offer a new toy to a dog, as they are usually enthusiastic about everything. Observing how they respond to new shapes, textures, and sounds is quite uplifting. The dog in question quickly grabbed a plushie dinosaur upon receiving it.
As evident from this humorous illustration, the dog, in its usual manner, obscured its vision with the red feet of the dinosaur when it seized the toy from its stomach.

I Can’t Even Look at You


Until now, we have only considered dogs, but we shouldn’t overlook their counterparts with four legs – cats. Although some individuals mistakenly assume that cats are distant, uninteresting, or unkind, they are actually amusing, warm, and have unique characters.
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It Fits Perfectly

Dogs can be lighthearted beings, even if they appear intimidating at times. Even canines that are taught for protective or military functions are affectionate at heart, and all dogs enjoy frolicking and having a good time. Despite the pleasure that comes with games like fetch or pursuing a ball, some dogs may need to diversify their activities a bit.
The impressive black canine enjoys playing with a ball that contains a cavity, and he finds pleasure in inserting his bottom mandible into it. Perhaps he prefers to dress up rather than running around.

So Close, Yet So Far


If you own a cat, you would know that cats have limited knowledge about glass. Even after a long time of sitting beside a window, a cat may still attempt to jump to catch a butterfly flying by outside.
Similarly, when a cat is approached through a glass window, it is common for them to rub against it in search of affection. It is, therefore, not unexpected that this small feline attempted to obtain some milk by licking a glass bowl, but unfortunately, that method does not yield any results.

Snoopy, Is That You?

Snoopy, the popular comic strip character, is closely linked with his canine residence which he frequently rests on top of. What is noteworthy is that Snoopy originally slept indoors in earlier editions of the comic strip but in 1958, he took to sleeping on the roof for the very first time.
Over time, Snoopy got used to sleeping on the roof. In a comic strip from 1963, Linus proposes that Snoopy sleep indoors, but everyone finds it absurd. It’s possible that like the animated dog, Snoopy uses his ears to sense the position of the house.

Did You Say ‘Walk?’


When dogs take a stroll, it’s not solely to exercise their limbs. Dogs have incredibly sensitive olfactory senses, so their experience of the world is vastly different than that of humans. Every new step is a journey through various scents, and that’s without considering the many sounds, other dogs, and unfamiliar people they encounter.
Walking is an exciting adventure for dogs, who find every little thing they encounter or witness fascinating. This explains why this particular dog resorts to giving their owner pleading looks when they want to go outdoors.

I Can’t Live Like This

If you are a small animal and come across objects like a wooden trunk, couch, or table of the same height, it is natural to use them as a headrest. The dog in question seemed to be exhausted, which is why it opted for a wooden trunk as a pillow instead of the dog bed that was available.
The dog’s bed being filled with toys might be making it unhappy. It seems like it would appreciate it if someone came and cleaned up the bed, so that it could sleep better.

Just Perfect for Paws

Humans have held the misconception for many years that the round openings present inside cars are designated for holding cups. However, it is indeed unwise and a safety hazard for humans to place containers filled with very hot liquid into those holes and attempt to sip from them while driving.
As per the information portrayed in the image, the round holes designed in cars are meant for the paws of dogs. By placing one paw in each hole, the dogs can move around as if they are driving the car.


I Really Need to Lie Down

Long-haired dogs face difficulties, particularly if they reside in hot environments. The maintenance and care of their long fur require extensive grooming, brushing, and consistent shampooing. Despite this, the effort is worthwhile since these dogs usually appear like celebrities.
On a scorching day in Korea, this cute puppy roamed around before pausing by the fridge to cool off. Resting on the chilly tiled surface, the dog yearned for a brief moment of relaxation.

Are We Missing a Part?

If you purchase your canine companion through the dog website, you will receive a manual of detailed instructions along with a disassembled package. According to this post, disregarding the guidelines could result in an odd-looking dog with limbs askew and a misaligned tail. A poorly assembled dog is far from aesthetically pleasing.
I’m joking. We understand that dogs aren’t typically sold in boxes that can be assembled. In addition, we’re aware that some dogs enjoy waving their legs around randomly. Let’s see you strike a pose!


Please Remain Seated

Usually, dogs assume a sitting position by supporting their weight on their hind legs and keeping their front legs on the ground. This is the common way of sitting taught to dogs when they are young. It’s unusual, however, that there are some dogs who opt for the human sitting posture.
Maybe the dogs are tired of standing out as different and instead prefer to fit in with their human companions. Regardless of their motivation, canines who assume a seated human-like posture never fail to amuse us. They look incredibly adorable and comical, and we have absolutely no objections.

Soaking Up the Sun

Up next is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which enjoys the warmth of the sun, stretching out and basking in its rays. These small dogs are quite energetic and independent, but they also relish spending time snuggled up with their human family. Dogs have a lot going on in their lives, what with all the walking, eating, and playing they do.
It’s great that Ms. Ella managed to set aside some time from her packed schedule to prioritize her own well-being. It’s worth noting that even dogs require self-care.


No Guests at This Time

It is widely accepted that cats have a strong preference for cardboard boxes over luxurious and technologically advanced toys. In fact, given the option, a cat will unfailingly choose the humble box over any other alternative.
Due to this, several cat owners find it gratifying to construct cardboard box shelters for their feline pets. Of course, these shelters are prone to being gnawed, bitten, and torn apart. Cats are really awesome!

You’re Crushing Me

In addition to their cuteness and naughty behavior, cats possess a liquid-like quality. Indeed, cats are capable of contorting themselves into various shapes and fitting into incredibly narrow spaces.
The image portrays an orange-colored feline that has settled down comfortably in a cardboard box. However, its situation was about to become even more comfortable as another cat appeared on the scene, calmly squashing its brother or sister, and presenting a graceful pose.


Everything Will Be Fine

This scared pup appears to be in a posture that indicates extreme fear. Unlike other dogs that sleep in various positions such as curled up, lying on their sides, or stretched out on their backs, this black dog seems to be moving back and forth like he has just seen something frightening.
Maybe another pet from a different house visited this dog and warned it to be cautious. Urgently, someone should give this innocent animal a relaxing lavender toy to ease its anxiety.

Potato-Shaped Pug

Were you aware that pug dogs can be traced back to ancient China? It’s true! These small, flat-faced dogs were highly favored by Chinese Emperors and even kept as pets by members of the imperial court.
The tiny yet strong canines have gained worldwide popularity and are commonly seen in various internet memes and GIFs. Someone’s chubby pug resembles a potato, which is humorously expressed by the phrase “Potatoes gonna potate,” as used in Taylor Swift’s song “Shake it Off.”


Everyone Say ‘Cheese’

We’re thrilled to present our inaugural humorous photo of a dog and a cat. It’s a well-known fact that photographs of animals are always fun, but including two different species in one image makes it twice as adorable!
This amusing photo captures a dog and a cat snuggled up closely as if they’re staging a family portrait. The dog appears like the elder brother with an excited gaze, while the cat seems like the younger sister with a distressed facial expression.

Got One Going Spare?

Having pets is great because you can observe them making odd facial expressions that may occur when you are with them, taken from a specific viewpoint, or captured on film. In this case, the dog’s peculiar facial expression makes it seem as though it could be mistaken for a human.
The expression in those eyes clearly conveys the message, “Hi there, can I please have one of those snacks?” Unfortunately, dogs cannot communicate with humans in the same way as people do, so we simply capture their amusing expressions by taking photos of them, instead of giving them snacks straight away.


Sorry, Did You Say Something?

Here’s another canine funny face, this time from a dog that’s pretty sure it heard the word “park.” This gorgeous white pooch was lying on top of their human but quickly flopped their head over when they thought they might get a trip outside.
Much like the last example, this dog’s humans made sure to snap a picture before giving in. We’re pretty sure this dog got to go outside. Really, who could say no to that face?

Mama’s Little Baby

Dog owners differ on whether it’s OK to hold your beloved pooch like a baby. While it’s second nature for many dog owners to cradle their fur baby in their arms, others think it encourages the dog to be spoiled. Clearly, this person has no issue with hugging their beautiful fluffy pup.
This dog is only seven months old, so despite its larger size, it still wants to snuggle into its mama’s arms. Personally, we’re all in favor of cradling those babies all day long.


We’re Hangin’ Out

Hooray! Next up is a more unusual pet, and a departure from the dogs and cats we’ve seen so far. Many people become very bonded with their pet birds, and enjoy their intelligence and goofiness. This is a pet budgerigar, usually referred to as a budgie or parakeet.
Budgies are a kind of long-tailed parrot, and are actually the third most popular pet in the world, after cats and dogs. These cute birds can mimic human speech, making them extra exciting to have around the house.

My One True Love

Gorgeous goats are reared and kept all over the world, usually for their fur, meat, and milk. In total, there are over 300 different breeds of goats, and a whopping 924 million goats living in the world. Now, that’s a lot of goat.
This person managed to snap a picture of their goat looking up at them lovingly, complete with exposed goat gap teeth. Have you ever noticed that goats have rectangular pupils? It’s because they need to have a long line of peripheral vision.


Am I Doing It?

Cats are pretty fussy creatures. If their litter tray isn’t clean, they won’t use it. And, if their water is stale, they won’t drink it. If a cat’s water bowl has any type of debris or hair floating in it, chances are the cat won’t go anywhere near it.
Because they prefer fresh water, many cats like to stick their heads under the faucet and drink directly from there. This cat was trying to do that but wedged her head underneath the fixture instead.

I’ll Never Let You Go

While cats are more restrained with their emotions, dogs don’t hold anything back at all. Dogs are at their happiest when they’re bounding, rolling, cavorting, and leaping. And if a dog likes something, you bet you’ll know about it.
This dog got their paws on their favorite ball, and lay in the grass holding it aloft. Full of love and adoration, this delighted doggo gazed at their ball, too beside themselves to even play with it. Now, that’s true love.


I’m Totally Invisible

We already know that dogs are dozy creatures, and here’s yet more proof. This long-snouted good pup decided to stick their nose out of the window, but forgot to include the rest of their head. Either that, or they’re involved in a pretty intense game of hide-and-seek.
We like to imagine that this dog is trying to keep out of sight because it’s being hunted by a boisterous Chihuahua. If it stays extra still, surely no one will ever find it.

Traveling by Tote

Miraculously, we’re around halfway through our list of funny pets and we haven’t used the word “derp” yet. This caption correctly identifies this dog in a tote bag as a derp. With its protruding pink tongue and expressionless face, this pup looks completely ridiculous, by any standards.
The actual word “derp” first came from an episode of South Park, but it’s now used to describe goofy facial expressions, especially on animals. Broadly, it means to be stupid or foolish.


If I Stay Here Long Enough

It can be really tough for dogs to sit politely when their human family is enjoying a meal. They know they aren’t allowed to jump up, and they know none of the food is for them, but still, they must sit there and smell everything. They have to watch as each human munches away on the delicious feast.
This dog’s expression is full of longing and desire. With its nose literally pressed against the table, it’s desperately hoping for someone — anyone — to accidentally drop something.

Dopey Little Derps

And so suddenly we’re faced with two more dopey little derp faces. These two flat-faced doggos have the exact kind of blank, cartoon-like face that’s described as “derpy,” and they even have crooked little front teeth. We can’t cope with them!
As far as we can tell, these two dogs aren’t even putting on a strange expression. It genuinely looks like these pups just have absurd little faces, and walk around looking perplexed 24/7.


Where Am I Again?

Ah, the graceful cat — a majestic beast that flounces from place to place with nary an issue. Well, that’s the case for most cats. This confused-looking fellow looks like he’s just woken up from a very intense dream where he was manically cycling a bicycle down a hill. Yes, we know that cats can’t ride bicycles, but just go with it.
This cat has its paws on display and its eyes stretched wide. To make it even better, its tail is folded along its front.

Giddy With Excitement

What we have here is a derpy dog face that’s also being thrown into amusing shapes by the weather. This pup is absolutely delighted to be bounding across the grass, and its mouth is hanging open in complete joy.
To fully round out this scene, we’d like you to imagine loads of falling confetti behind this pup, with the Kool & and The Gang song — “Celebrate” — playing in the background. If this was this dog’s last day on Earth, we’re pretty sure it would die happy.


Pooch or Puppet?

When looking at this next image, do you see a pup or a puppet? As this person rightly points out, their dog has a cute and fluffy face that almost makes it look like it’s not real. Thankfully it is, because we’d pick a pooch over a puppet any day.
We’d love if this dog’s human could teach it a bunch of sophisticated tricks so that it looks like it actually is a puppet. From our perspective, that’s a very good use of time.

Lounging Long-Eared Lovely

Here we are with the first bunny of the list. Many people now keep their buns inside and let them hop around the house free-range. This bun must have gotten a little overheated because it found itself a vent that it could cool down beside.
With its ears flopped and its paws by its side, this adorable bunny lies snoozing with its tongue sticking out. When it comes to the cutest things we’ve ever seen, this definitely makes the top 10.


Let’s Move Into Dog Pose

From the looks of things, this dog has also been poorly assembled from a flat-pack box. Either that, or this dog is a really advanced practitioner of canine yoga. While humans are stretching their limbs into cat’s pose or child’s pose, this dog is getting right in there and just tucking its parts wherever it can.
We don’t know about you, but we’d definitely tune in each week to watch a dog teach us yoga. Bring on the dog-a! Get it?

Look at My Legs!

It’s not just dogs that like to contort themselves into strange positions. This cat has managed to nail a pretty great chicken impressive, though it’s mainly focused on the leg area. With their striped orange and white fur, and stretched out toes, this playful kitty’s legs really do look like they belong on a farmyard bird.
Now, this cat just has to nail the rest of the impression, and it can go out there and masquerade as a hen.


Bounding at the Beach

Taking a snap of a happy dog mid-run almost always results in a good picture. In this case, this doggo looks extremely engaged, and rather focused on running and splashing as best they can. While someone might look at this image and see the bared teeth of a once wild animal, we just see a playful pupper that’s about to get its human soaked in water.
We bet that just seconds after this picture was taken, this excited dog had a satisfying shake and soaked everyone.

Time to Turn In

Unlike humans, dogs aren’t bothered about how they look. Sure, dogs like to be clean, but they don’t care if they have a weird expression when they fall asleep, or if their nose looks big from a certain angle. When you’re a dog, all you have to do is stick your head back, spread your paws, and relax.
This dog must have had a hard day playing at the park. This is a seriously pooped pooch, so we’re glad it found time to rest its giant paws.


Don’t Call Me a Chicken!

Remember that cat that thought it was a chicken? Well, here we have a chicken that thinks it’s a cat. Someone should introduce these two! This particular chicken must spend time with some cats, because it’s trying to emulate their slinky, liquid-like behavior.
Sadly for this feathered friend, chickens can’t compress their bodies the same way cats and some other animals can. This ambitious bird will have to work on its cat impression for a little longer.

I Just Need a Nap

Cat owners often worry that there’s something wrong with their pet because they sleep all day. Cats do sleep up to 16 hours a day and have no issues falling asleep in all sorts of random places.
Tired kitties might rest their eyes while leaning on someone’s hand, or they could even take a nap in their food bowl like this one. Apparently, it’s best to get pet cats into a routine where they eat, play, sleep and groom in a set order.


The Horror!

We highly doubt that this dog is actually scared for the sake of his plush toy buddy who is getting cleaned in the laundry machine. But let’s just pretend that this is what’s going on for a minute.
Toby is terrified that his best friend is trapped. He keeps going round in circles and seems to be drowning in a whirlpool full of water and bubbles. This explains the look of sheer terror on his face.

Hold On!

If you have seen the ’90s blockbuster Titanic, you are bound to get the reference that this person used in the following Snapchat message. Of course, they are alluding to that defining moment when Jack and Rose are hanging onto the raft.
On the other hand, maybe the cat is actually called Rose and her owner is simply telling her to never let go. At any rate, she looks like she’s terrified of the long drop below.


That’s Gonna Sting in the Morning

Cats are fairly picky when it comes to food, unlike their canine counterparts. With that said though, our furry friends have a tendency to try and wrap their teeth around virtually anything they can get their claws on. Take this cat, for example.
This white ball of fur thought they would try their luck against this cactus that was lying around the home. This photo was taken at the defining moment when some of the pricks drove into the cat’s gums. Ouch!

Already White

Here is another classic incident where someone’s pet was doing something that simply made them chuckle. Let’s face it, animals aren’t so clued up when a surface has been recently painted. They can’t read signs like this one.
As a result, this cat just lay down on the pillar like they usually would. Little did they realize though that it has recently been covered in a new coat of white paint. At least their belly is already white.


It’s a Trap!

So many of our favorite pets will try and stick their noses into the tightest of holes, simply to see if there is maybe some food at the end of the tunnel. That’s exactly what this ferret tried to do. It was too late though before they realized that it was a pretty small tunnel.
As a matter of fact, it was simply a toilet paper roll and as you can see, they had a tough time trying to get out.

Presents Time

Hey, even pets deserve to receive some presents when Christmas comes around. The owner of these wolves was keen to treat them during the festive season and even wrapped their gifts with some classic Christmas-themed wrapping paper.
As you can see, the wolves had no problem opening up their presents. We want to know what is in the boxes though… Maybe it’s a couple of steaks? Or maybe it’s some canine toys that they’ll be able to sink their teeth into.


She Nose What’s Up

Truth be told, the smaller the object is, the more likely a cat will try to play with it. Whether or not this tabby was interested in eating this tiny reptile, it seems like they were planning on playing with it, one way or another.
But you can imagine how surprised they were when the little lizard chomped on its nose and refused to let go. This is one of those scenarios where we wonder what happened next.

Get Me Out!

Heck, even birds get stuck every once in a while. It’s not just mammals and reptiles that stick their heads where they don’t belong and need some human assistance to set them free. This beautiful little bird seemed to get stuck in a toilet roll.
It looks though like he isn’t too uncomfortable. This is largely in part to the cushiony toilet paper surrounding the roll. We are sure that he’ll be flying out of there in no time.


I Need to Hit the Gym

Sometimes, it’s not that the hole an animal is trapped in is too small, it’s the fact that the animal is simply too chubby to fit in! It looks like this hamster bit off more than he could chew.
In what appears to be some kind of food tray, the hamster was distracted by the hole and thought that maybe this was where the rest of his food was. We just hope that he wasn’t too distressed while crying for his owner.

Having a Whale of a Time

Don’t you just love it when the perfect photo is taken and it wasn’t even intentional? That is exactly what happened when this dog was playing around on a dock somewhere.
It almost looks as if the pooch was reenacting the classic scene from the movie Free Willy, which is clearly what the sculpture in the background is a reference to. Not only is he doing the same movement as the whale, but he has the same colors.


The Contortionist Cat

This little kitty would make a great assistant for the practitioner of dog yoga we’ve met already. Considering yoga already has a pose called “cat pose,” it should be no surprise that furry felines like to stick their legs in lots of different directions.
Cats normally throw their legs around when they’re grooming themselves. This tabby cat likes to chew on his own ankles, munching away at the area just above his white socks. You do you, Oliver!

Show Us Your Teeth


Just look at the absurd face of this little dog. With its neck cranked up like this, this picture looks just like a grinning selfie of a human. Did you know that many dog experts and vets now recommend brushing your dog’s teeth?
It might sound weird, but it helps avoid a range of illnesses and conditions that might cause your pup pain or irritation. To clean dog teeth, you can use a special canine toothbrush, or treat puppers to a tooth-cleaning chew toy.

The Proudest Polar Bear

At first glance, this picture of a very happy dog looks just like a snap of a polar bear. With its big black nose, wide grin, and closed eyes, this canine could double as a bear any day. This very happy boy was excited to be on a boat ride.
Think about it — so much water, so many smells, and the opportunity to see some other animals. Dogs make particularly good pets because they can be taken almost anywhere.

Sploot and Smile, Ladies

When a dog lies on its stomach with its back legs lying behind them rather than tucked underneath them, that’s referred to as “splooting.” This smiley little pup is having a great time splooting in the grass, and isn’t afraid to show it.
Some dogs are more likely to sploot than others, especially if they have smaller or more flexible legs. For some dogs (and cats), splooting gives an all-over body stretch, and for others, it cools down their body temperature.


Look to the Camera

Concluding our compilation of amusing pet photographs is this silly snapshot of a puppy grinning from ear to ear. We sincerely wish that the owner of this adorable pup has taught it how to smile on cue; otherwise, they would be missing out on a great chance. This adorable and gentle dog has a satisfied expression and friendly eyes.
Dogs exhibit their joy through various means, including wagging their tails. Interestingly, some dogs demonstrate submission to their owners by displaying a toothy grin. What astute and cunning doggos!

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