Delta Burke Shares What Really Happened On Designing Women

Delta Burke Shares What Really Happened On Designing Women

Starting To Rise

During the latter part of the 1980s, Delta Burke appeared to be on the verge of great success. Her popularity grew even stronger with each new season of the TV show “Designing Women”. Unfortunately, her achievements came to an abrupt halt within just a few years. Her husband, Gerald McRaney, and other factors played a huge role in derailing her progress. Despite having reconstructed her life in the time that has passed, she’s now opening up about the true circumstances surrounding her downfall.


Strutting Across The Stage

During her teenage years in Orlando, Florida, Delta Burke started participating in beauty contests nearby, which ultimately launched her into the entertainment industry. Although Burke enjoyed being in the public eye, she was unaware of the detrimental effects of pageant pressure and later television on her mental wellbeing. Despite this, she was fortunate to have someone who supported her through these difficulties when she faced them later on.

Sorting By Size

Participating in pageants is a challenging task for everyone. Despite the increased tolerance in competitions over the years, there is still a criterion that competitors, especially females, must meet. Unfortunately, for young Delta, conforming to these requirements became a harmful addiction, leading her to face troubles after her success with Designing Women. At the time, Delta was merely pursuing her dream of becoming a famous person, unaware of the consequences it would bring.

Gaining A Foothold

In 1985, the creators of Designing Women had confidence in the success of their show, but the network had doubts. Despite the talented cast, including Delta Burke and Dixie Carter, it took some time to attract the desired audience. Eventually, by the second season, the show became a well-established hit and Delta Burke became a well-known name. However, the excitement did not last.

Bouncing On Speed Bumps

Designing Women functioned seamlessly for approximately five years with the stars complementing each other perfectly until an unexpected disruption occurred, as if from a pipe bursting. Delta was at the center of the chaos, expressing disdain for the show publicly. Although her remarks seemed abrupt, it eventually became evident that she would not be back for subsequent seasons, leaving everyone puzzled about the reason behind her departure.

Running A Sweatshop

During Delta’s dispute with the Designing Women crew, she alleged that the cast members were frequently obligated to work for 15 hours per day. As the conflict persisted, her statements became even more exaggerated, such as alleging that one of the show’s creators would gather the actors together and confine them in a room, solely to scold them, if they weren’t being detained on the set longer than required.


Breaking Apart

Delta’s dispute with the makers of Designing Women resulted in a detrimental outcome, as it caused a conflict with her co-actor, Dixie Carter. Despite having robust individualities, fans had previously questioned if the two would ever have a disagreement. However, Dixie had been one of Delta’s intimate friends for most of her tenure on the show. It took more than ten years to restore their relationship after their fallout.

Alone At The Alter

Delta and Gerald McRaney met on his own series, and after getting married, even Gerald appeared as a guest star on “Designing Women”, which led to a celebration with the whole cast. Later, Delta and Gerald decided to hold a vow renewal ceremony, but Delta’s co-stars were absent this time, unlike the first time. This only added to the effects that troubled Delta greatly.

Feeling Lost

From an outside perspective, Delta’s actions may have seemed unpredictable or hostile, but internally she was struggling to find her way. Emotions from her past pageant experiences had resurfaced and were affecting her greatly. However, instead of opening up about her struggles, Delta continued to fight through them. It wasn’t until she faced a career-threatening situation that she finally confronted the root of her issues, a process that took several years.

Kicked To The Curb

Amid increasing tensions, Delta Burke expressed her desire to leave the show, yet Linda Bloodworth Thomason declined to comply. Delta was unsure why. It was not until the final episode of the sixth season that the writers finally decided to write her off. However, they did so on their own conditions. Rather than gradually easing her out of the show, the writers insisted on keeping her until her behavior became unmanageable. And then, suddenly, she was no longer part of the show.

Piling It On

Delta’s sudden exit from “Designing Women” was attributed to her behavior on set, as the producers stated that she was too confrontational and contributed to a sense of disarray. However, there was an undisclosed reason that wasn’t widely known, which was that Delta had put on a significant amount of weight over the past few years, and some speculated that this was the root of several issues, as the team was unhappy with her appearance.

Rounds Of Applause

Despite the possibility that Delta’s weight may have played a part in her termination, the show ironically made use of her physical transformation. One standout episode tackled Delta’s weight gain head-on as her character attends a high school reunion, where her body is a point of fascination. This episode was highly regarded and earned Delta an Emmy Award nomination.

Who Said It First

Converting! Wait…

National Laughing Stock

The show made a deliberate effort to address Delta’s weight gain due to constant teasing by the tabloids for several weeks. Despite her happy personal life, the public’s ridicule negatively affected Delta’s mental well-being. She was even openly asked about her weight on radio shows. In this scenario, Delta felt alone and felt that only one person was there for her.

Retreat To The Bayou

After bidding farewell to Designing Women, Delta returned to the cozy sanctuary of her home in New Orleans. She chose to stay away from the limelight and concentrate on personal growth, due to the overwhelming public criticism. Delta opted to avoid revamping her public image and focused on self-improvement instead. She withdrew from the public eye but knew it wouldn’t be long before she made a resurgence.

Shaking Hands

The absence of Delta caused a rapid decline in the popularity of “Designing Women” after it had one last decent season due to the dramatic events involving Delta. However, viewers soon lost interest and shifted their focus elsewhere. In 1995, Delta and Linda reconciled, and Linda offered Delta her own spin-off titled “Women of the House.” This new show did not feature Dixie Carter, who was still estranged from Delta. Nevertheless, the journey ahead was still full of challenges.

Health On The Line

Delta had started showing signs of improvement by 1997, even though her progress was gradual. Despite having adapted to her larger physique, she faced a new challenge when she was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. This resulted in her having to reconsider her habits and way of life. While it was challenging to manage the diagnosis, Delta also discovered some unexpected positive effects that came with dealing with the disease.

Shedding Her Skin

Delta started a new diet plan to control her illness and noticed that she was losing the weight she had previously been criticized for. However, this positive change caused a new wave of media attention that constantly highlighted her newly slim figure. In a 1999 interview with People, she revealed that removing high glycemic foods from her diet, such as white bread and refined foods, contributed greatly to her transformation.

Talking It Out

Delta’s difficulties during the later part of Designing Women led her to confront her inner struggles. She acknowledged that she had been dealing with depression since her pageant days and sought help for it. Throughout her life, Delta faced the challenge of depression which was aggravated and possibly alleviated by a specific man.

Stuck With Stuff

Before Delta could continue with the rest of her life, she had to confront another significant obstacle. In 2008, Delta disclosed that she was not only dealing with depression but also had a condition identified as compulsive hoarding syndrome. She shared in her informative appearances on Entertainment Tonight by saying, “I used to possess 27 storage units at one point. My house isn’t large enough!” She also blamed her mother for the problem, stating that her mother had saved the diaper she used when she came home from the hospital.

Always By Her Side

Delta has always had the unwavering support of her husband, Gerald McRaney. Despite being married for almost 30 years, their bond remains strong. As Gerald was honored with an Emmy award for his contribution to “This is Us,” Delta stood by him happily. Despite their robust relationship, some still hold Gerald accountable for the events that occurred on “Designing Women.”

Placing Blame

Initially, it appeared that the initial conflict began due to Delta’s increase in weight, regardless of how much support they received. Delta began to gain weight only after her marriage, and many people started blaming Gerald for it. Several sources even suggested that Gerald stocked a room at their home with large amounts of chocolate to show his love for Delta’s personality rather than her appearance.

Together Til The End

Delta has faced various difficulties in her life, but she has managed to re-enter the public sphere gradually. This is especially true since she confronted her personal conflicts with resoluteness. Having a loving and supportable spouse has enabled Delta to avoid seeking the spotlight’s attention. Apart from her occasional acting opportunities, she experienced joy and satisfaction by owning and designing a line of clothing that caters to plus-sized individuals. While she may not have achieved her desired status as a star, she is at a much better place.

Taking A Gamble

During the summer of 2014, Kris Jenner was present at Riccardo Tisci’s birthday celebration in Ibiza when she encountered Corey Gamble. Despite their age difference, they connected well, and they didn’t anticipate their romance to extend beyond the summer. However, to everyone’s surprise, the two have remained together after five years. Kris, who has been married and divorced twice before, discusses her thoughts on marrying Gamble and entering her third marriage.


Making A Move

The road manager of Justin Bieber didn’t hesitate when he saw Kris and confidently stated that she looked great. He waited for the right moment to approach her and struck up a conversation. He then requested her to join him on stage and dance together, which they did with enthusiasm. Despite their significant age gap of 15 years, they both enjoyed themselves and didn’t let it get in the way of having fun.


Questioning Kris

Kris and Corey had a romantic encounter in Ibiza and it was discovered by Kendall, Kylie, and Scott Disick when they saw something on Kris’s phone that indicated it was more than just a casual fling. Disick made a joke about Kris’s flirty texts and how uncomfortable it was. When Kris was asked about Corey, she became embarrassed and abruptly ended the conversation.


Kim’s Concerns

Kris was customary of providing counsel on romantic affairs to her daughters, but this time around, the tables had turned, and they were uneasy about their mother’s new younger male partner. Kim expressed her apprehension, given the numerous pictures of Kris and Corey online, and how her advice to take things slow went unheeded. Even though Kris was unfazed about the age gap in her relationship, her offspring were undoubtedly perturbed.

Kris The Cougar

Corey Gamble is not the only young man Kris Jenner has been involved with. Despite her marriages to Robert Kardashian and Bruce Jenner, Kris had an affair with Todd Waterman, a 24-year-old soccer player, when she was 36. This affair led to the end of her marriage to Kardashian. Given her past with younger men, some people thought Kris should have been more cautious with Corey.


Everyone Questioned Him

When the news of Corey and Kris’ relationship initially surfaced, there were doubts and queries about who Gamble was and why he was present at a high-profile party. Later, it was disclosed that Gamble worked with Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber’s manager, and was already well-acquainted with the Kardashians. Nevertheless, since Corey is close to the same age group as Kris’ daughters, people began questioning Gamble’s intentions when he started pursuing a woman 40 years his senior.

Drama Escalated

Besides Kim’s comments regarding her mother’s new, younger partner, Khloe also took part in the conversation by directly questioning Corey about his true intentions towards Kris, who is much older and holds significant power. She boldly inquired whether he had a history of being attracted to older women, to which he responded with a humorous anecdote about hitting on his second-grade teacher. Corey further elaborated that his attraction was not solely based on age but rather on the emotional connection he shared with Kris. Although Gamble had already impressed Kris’ family, their relationship was still in its early stages.

In With The Family

As Kris and Corey’s relationship continued for a longer period, the Kardashians gradually embraced him as a member of their family. Among them, Kourtney developed a close relationship with Corey as they were of similar ages. Kris acknowledged that Corey was an amazing person, and the kids loved him. Corey seemed to appreciate the Kardashian Jenner family, and he admitted that he never lived in an environment with so many people and this dynamic before. So, the question arises whether it was only the family that kept Corey connected to them.


Reassuring The Kids

Kendall Jenner expressed her opinion on the age gap between Kris and Corey, wondering what activities they shared together. Corey promptly replied that they engage in a variety of activities and that Kris has an abundance of energy. He also asserted that spending time with Kris is superior to being with a woman his own age or younger, and that they engage in more activities than those of younger generations. Given the fact that Kris and Corey grew up in different periods, it would be unexpected for them to have similar interests.

kris-corey boat

Kourtney And Corey

In 2016, the Kardashians discovered that Kourtney had a strong bond with Gamble. This made Kim express her discomfort by saying that their relationship seemed odd. According to Kim, they spent a lot of time together, going out at night, hanging out during the day, and even going on hikes. When Khloe brought up a photo of Kourtney, her kids, and Gamble on a hike, Kim felt that it looked like a family photo and was inappropriate. This made her wonder if their friendship had crossed a line.


Can’t Keep Up?

Kris acknowledged that Kourtney and Corey were close, but she also revealed that she found the activities they engaged in to be tiring. Despite her efforts to keep up with someone who is 15 years younger than her, as a mother of six, Khloe couldn’t help but feel worried about the direction of Kris’s relationship with Corey. As a young man, Corey may want things such as marriage and children in the future, which Kris had already experienced many times.


Crazy For Kris

Jenner acknowledged the necessity of discussing with Corey about their future together. She admitted that she did not want to marry, but enjoyed a good time with Corey and cherished his companionship. On the same note, Kris shared Corey’s sentiments about their relationship and stated that he did not desire to have children but loved Jenner and cherished their time together. However, due to Kris’s incessant involvement in her children’s affairs, Corey would have to reduce his involvement.

kris-kardashians corey

Working For The Money

Despite Corey frequently being spotted with Kris and the Kardashians, speculation began to circulate that his role was more that of a bodyguard than a romantic partner to Kris. Corey was quick to respond when Kylie’s home was burglarized, and Gamble took charge of enhancing security for the Kardashian and Jenner clans after Kim’s robbery in Paris. Their arrangement began to be disclosed to the media.

Getting His Money

According to Page Six’s insider, there were speculations about Corey’s job position in relation to Kris. The source claimed that Kris paid Corey a stipend to take care of her children and ensure their safety when they go out. This means that Corey was essentially working for Kris. On the contrary, there were opposing statements saying that Corey was not receiving any compensation and that he was only committed to his relationship with Kris. Those individuals believed that Corey’s efforts in protecting Kris and her family were fueled by love.

kris-corey love

Kanye’s Love For Him

It wasn’t just Kris’ daughters that Corey was developing a bond with. Corey struck up a friendship with Kim’s husband, Kanye West, and despite Corey dating Kanye’s mother-in-law, the two seemed to have a lot in common. Kris allegedly encouraged the relationship with Kanye and believed that Corey would be a good influence on the rapper. However, people couldn’t help but notice the similarities in Kris and Corey’s relationship, and appearance to Kim and Kanye, leading suggestions that Kris just wanted to be like her daughters.

Friends In High Places

It wasn’t just Kanye West that Gamble became friends with through Kris. Corey started hanging out in high profile celebrity crowds with Kris and they were seen vacationing with Tommy Hilfiger, aboard his yacht in Greece. In addition, Kris brought Corey along as her plus one to many high fashion events, mingling with the likes of Olivier Rousteing and Carine Roitfeld. However, Corey looked more like a tag along than in the group, was Kris beginning to get bored of him?

kris-corey tag

Slowing Down Kris

Gamble knew that going into the relationship, Jenner had an incredibly demanding schedule, managing her daughter’s careers as well as keeping her own life running smoothly. Jenner was used to being stressed out and pulled in many different directions, but it was something that Corey did not seem to understand. Kris told Corey that if he couldn’t understand or accept her hectic lifestyle, then it was a “deal breaker” for her. Perhaps Corey thought that dating Kris would be relaxed and calm.


Boyfriend Balance

Despite Corey wanting Kris to slow down her hectic lifestyle, it was obvious that Gamble was a positive influence on Kris and the stress levels in her life. Corey made sure to do sweet and caring things for Jenner, and when she was struggling with many different projects, Gamble organized a spa day for the 62-year-old. It seemed as though keeping Corey around was beneficial for the matriarch and he was the person who was looking after Kris.

kris- corey relax

Conflicting Interests

Although relaxing and vacationing was something that both Kris and Corey enjoyed, there were many other things that strongly emphasized their 15-year-age gap. Kris was often seen taking Corey antique shopping as it was a passion of Jenner’s. Corey looked less than interested on their regular outings and when Gamble took it upon himself to tell Kris that he wanted to take her rollerskating, Kris declined and gave the excuse that she had knee surgery. Was Corey going to resent following Kris around?

kris-corey bored

90% Jenner

It was evident that Corey and Kris’ relationship was very much one-sided, and Kris’ daughters noticed it too. Kim noted, “Mom and Corey’s relationship is definitely 90 percent what my mom wants to do and she doesn’t really bend and do what Corey wants to do.” After much persuasion from Kim and Corey, Kris agreed to take part in Corey’s hobbies, later admitting, “I don’t like being out of my comfort zone, but I will do whatever it takes to make Corey happy and I actually had fun.”

kris-corey slow

Kids Over Corey

The cracks in the relationship were beginning to show on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when there was an incident with Kylie and Corey told Kris that he was dealing with it. When Corey told Kris not to show up to the scene, she responded, “I think what you don’t understand is these are my kids!” Upon Corey telling her to “chill out,” Kris shouted, “Don’t tell me to chill out! You can’t tell somebody when they’re having a panic attack to chill out!”


Salt In The Wounds

Things between Kris and Corey were already tense on the reality show, but to ass to the pressure, people began to notice that the couple do not follow each other on social media. Considering the Kardashian’s and Jenner’s all have a huge social media presence, it was unusual that they weren’t connected in that sense. Although it was pointed out that Gamble didn’t have a large social media presence, people believed it was revealing information in to their relationship status.

kris-corey social media

Strike Three

In 2017, Kris was asked once again if her feelings on marriage had changed, now that she had been with Gamble for three years. She replied honestly, “You know I’ve done that twice and it didn’t work out so well. So, I don’t know. You never know. ‘I’m going to take a page out of Goldie [Hawn] and Kurt [Russell]’s book or Kourtney [Kardashian]’s book. I just think as long as things are going to well, why ruffle it up?”

kris-corey good

Going Solo

Following this revelation, Gamble was seen partying without Jenner at Los Angeles nightclub Poppy. Corey was said to be drinking, “socializing and dancing a bit, really enjoying the music.” Gamble’s solo outing raised eyebrows and left people wondering if he was ready to leave his 62-year-old girlfriend, Jenner, and embrace his young age. Kris was only ever seen out at clubs if it was an official appearance or event. Her clubbing days were well behind her and it was clearly something that Corey wasn’t over.

kris-corey clubbing

Clashes With Khloe

In addition, Corey and Khloe got into a rift with Gamble allegedly speaking badly of Kardashian. Khloe stated, “When Corey and my mom started dating I was definitely skeptical because my mom just got out of a 24-year marriage and I was just being protective.” Khloe said she assumed their relationship was fine until she heard otherwise. When it was suggested that Gamble didn’t care, Kourtney hit back, “You should care. If you’re dating my mom you should care if her kids like you or not.”

kris-khloe corey

Kris In The Middle

With the drama heightening between Khloe and Corey, Kris was caught in the middle and stated, “If that energy was out there it’s not OK with me. My kids come first over anybody ever for the rest of time, so I want one big cuddly happy family. Anything else is never going to work for me.” To make matters worse, when Khloe confronted Corey, he said that she was not his child and that “We are technically peers.” Things were spiraling.

kris-corey khloe middle

Taking A Step Back

Tensions were rising between Corey and the Kardashians and he found himself in an awkward position, with his girlfriend taking the side of her children. Corey was present when Khloe and boyfriend Tristan Thompson announced their baby new to the family, but Corey stayed in the background and could barely bring himself to embrace and congratulate the newly expecting parents. It took weeks before Khloe and Corey managed to quash their issues, but it seemed that Corey only did it upon request from Kris.

Controlling Kris

In March 2018, it had been weeks since Kris and Corey had been seen together, encouraging rumors that they had split. There were also reports that Corey was at dinner with friends and spent the entire night texting Kris, and not being present with the others. The source claimed, “He was away from them all with his head down on his phone for hours, Corey looked lost and absolutely miserable all night.” Did Corey just want to embrace being young and away from Kris’ control?

kris-corey control

Back Together

A couple of weeks after the split rumors, Kris and Corey put on a united front and were spotted out together, attending the birthday party of Tristan Thompson. The couple looked to be happy and in high spirits on their night together. It was clear that they were very much still a couple, and sources said of Corey’s decision to stay with his older girlfriend, “He’s gotten used to having such a lavish lifestyle and being part of one of the most powerful families in the world.”

kris-corey happy

Make Or Break

Although Jenner doesn’t have the best track record of keeping men as they can’t keep up with her crazy lifestyle, Gamble seems to be quite content and taking full advantage of the 62-year-olds $60 million fortune, and her friends in all the right places. For the time being, Kris and Corey seem comfortable with one another and enjoy their time together, but only time will tell if Corey is able to keep up with Kris and the Kardashians forever.

kris-corey love

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