40+ Weird and Wild Facts We’ve Never Really Thought About

40+ Weird and Wild Facts We’ve Never Really Thought About

Sometimes our idle mind can conjure up odd and unconventional information – ideas that may initially seem too peculiar to be true, but upon reflection, reveal themselves to be accurate. These musings are often referred to as “shower thoughts,” as they tend to emerge while we’re in the shower. Below are a few curious and unnerving facts that we may not have previously considered.

Internet Unavailable, Except When Loading Ads!

If you are currently reading this, it’s highly probable that you use the internet frequently. Therefore, it’s likely that you share the feeling of annoyance when the internet speed is slow or delayed. This issue most likely originates from the internet service provider’s end.

It can be extremely frustrating when web page content fails to load properly, making matters even worse when irrelevant ads are loaded instead. Slow internet is already a challenge, but this only adds to the irritation.

ASAP: A Threat in an Acronym

The abbreviation ASAP is widely used in modern language, especially in educational and work environments. Requesting something to be done “as soon as possible” is a rather gentle form of communication. Nevertheless, utilizing it as an abbreviation can make it sound more forceful or urgent.

Picture yourself receiving an email from your supervisor requesting you to send in a report with the abbreviation “ASAP.” This emphasizes the need for urgency and may put you under pressure to complete the project quickly. The irony lies in the fact that the acronym’s meaning contradicts the situation’s sense of immediacy.

Think of the Children!

Imagine a scenario where someone from the previous generation is using “Think of the children” as a justification. It is probable, that this kind of argument is not very rational. The absence of realism in their thought process is the reason behind it.

If people had considered the welfare of children, many negative incidents could have been avoided. Unfortunately, this point is often misused by older individuals during inappropriate debates.

Colors? No Time for That!

Many of us were once very careful when selecting candy or ice pops, but we didn’t notice that we had become adults when we began to enjoy the treat regardless of its appearance.

It can be seen as a sign of growth and development when we reach a point where we no longer focus on the appearance of things we desire, but rather appreciate them solely for their functionality.

Rick Astley’s Most Unique Ability

Over the past decade, Rick Rolling has become a widely popular meme. It is incredible how the song “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley has gained immense popularity due to this meme.

Let’s say that Rick Astley sent a video to one of his friends, who later discovered it was a Rick Roll. This demonstrates that the meme has a significant impact in today’s society, as the singer himself used it to prank his friend.

Pure Melon

During summer, one of the most delectable fruits we consume is a Watermelon. Its uniqueness for the season lies in its composition being 90% water. Consider the possibility of acquiring only the pure melon.

If you heat a watermelon in water, you essentially eliminate the majority of its water content and end up with a minimal quantity of watermelon, regardless of the fruit’s size.

Please, Smoke Detector Makers!

Whether learning how to cook becomes a positive or negative experience depends on your fortune and hard work. It can be frustrating when the smoke detector goes off due to burning food in the kitchen.

You acknowledge that you are cautious enough not to cause a real fire and don’t appreciate being reminded of your poor cooking abilities. Please don’t be too critical, smoke alarms – we are doing our best.

The Smartness Paradox

Has it ever crossed your mind that you may not be as intelligent as you believe yourself to be? This is a significant realization that many people come to at some point in their lives. If you firmly believe that you are as intelligent as you think, it is likely that you are not as intelligent as you believe.

Real intelligence is attained by recognizing the scope of one’s own knowledge. Those who keep this notion at the forefront of their minds are genuinely intelligent.

From – You Know Who

“In numerous movies and TV shows, it has become a popular practice to include a note with the signature “From- You Know Who” towards the conclusion. This is often seen as a sweet act by someone who wishes to remain anonymous, possibly a secret admirer or romantic partner. When applying this concept to the Harry Potter universe…”

When individuals usually refer to the primary villain of the story, Voldemort, as “you know who,” the notation of such a phrase at the end of an alarming occurrence would likely cause widespread panic among the wizarding population.

The Grocery Store Fitness Tracker

For various individuals, visits to the supermarket can be thrilling, needed, or even frightening. Searching for a particular item in a particular section can become repetitive and time-consuming.

Also, if you were someone with anxiety, you probably would rather not ask anyone about its whereabouts. If you accumulate all the times you did this, it is likely that you walked a few kilometers inside stores over the last decade.

You Won’t Believe How Green Greenland Is!

Contrary to the name, Greenland is actually not that green. You might as well consider it as the first-ever clickbait on the map! Greenland is actually mostly covered in ice and snow most of the year, and the foliage that is able to stay alive in such weather is not one of much greenery.

It really makes you wonder what kind of thoughts were going on when the country was named. Never judge Greenland by its greenery!

Can You Keep a Secret?

It’s a wonder why so many people do this. Have you been asked, “Can you keep a secret?” any time recently? This is a strange question because of the unlikeliness of anyone actually responding with a “no.”

Besides, responding to this question negatively to someone who asked this to you is also not doable since the person who asked you this is probably someone who trusts you. Strange question or not, the default answer is always “Yes.”

Naps as a Child and Naps as an Adult

This one is a classic. People often think about this, especially in their hectic adult lives. It’s amazing how, as children, most of us hated the idea of taking a nap. The reality is actually very logical, however.

As children, most of us had enough energy to not actually need a nap every day, so it was natural to want to do just about anything else. As adults, however, a nap sounds like bliss in order to remove all the stress amidst a working day.

Elephants, Snorkels of Nature

Elephants are quite unique creatures – their gargantuan size and their extremely hard tusks just to name two things that make them so. However, the most unique trait they have is their nose. The long tube that they have for noses is actually amazing.

Additionally, if you think about it, they have natural snorkeling abilities due to this. They can stay underwater for as long as they wish, just as long as the end of their nose stays above water!

Gummy Worms: Less Worm, More Bones

Soft, delicious, and chewy are just some of the terms that come to mind when thinking about gummy worms. “Bones” are never among them, however. This is weird because gummy worms are actually made from animal bones and hard tendons.

That is how they get the chewy texture – Probably not a fact you needed to know if you enjoy your gummy worms, but it is what it is. Animal bones are very much important in gummy worm production.

The Eternal Struggle of College Students

Are you a college student? Then you are probably in one of two boats unless you are a master of the utilization of time. Either, you are ridiculed for sleeping far too much than you should. Or else, you are scolded consistently for not getting or not being able to get enough sleep.

This is super frustrating, as for those who sleep too much, they are just giving their body what it needs, and those who don’t are just trying to keep up with their studies.

Trust the Number of Reviews, Not the Ratings

When looking up the feedback for a video game or movie, we often tend to make the mistake of noticing the numbered rating. In reality, we should be doing this against the number of reviews.

If there is a large number of people who have given poor ratings to some media, chances are it is review-bombed. However, if a movie has very few ratings overall, it’s likely that it’s not worth a watch if the ratings are negative.

Rude Awakening

No matter how old we get, some things remain constant. Our bodies will always need water in order for us to survive. We will always need sleep to function well. Adding to that, we will also never get over the horrible feeling of a rude awakening.

You know that moment when you are woken up without any warning or necessity, and you cannot go back to sleep. Few feelings beat the frustration of waking up without warning by an external cause.

The Eternal Ancestors

It may be obvious to think this, but it’s still quite fascinating. At any point in time since the dawn of humanity, you have had an individual who is related to you through blood ties.

That is essentially how you exist today, thanks to that person. Imagining all the possibilities that your ancestor was taking part in 500 years ago is astounding and overwhelming, given how wide that can be as a train of thought.

The Reality of Reality Shows

Reality shows have some of the most unrealistic content in any form of media. It’s weird how they are still referred to as “reality” shows when so much of it is artificial. The camera angles to whatever is being said are all scripted.

Strange as it is, this idea still works. It would probably be better to refer to them as shows, instead of reality shows. No, watching a reality show is not necessarily a bad thing. However, one should be aware of how staged everything on screen is!

‘Either’ or ‘Either’?

How do you pronounce the word “either”? There are two ways to do it, and both are perfectly alright. The strangeness in this lies with how different they both are. One has the focus of the “I” in the word. It’s pronounced with the same effect as “Sky.”

The “ther” part is pronounced the same in both cases, more or less. The other pronunciation is “ee” with a “ther” at the end – kind of like “ski.”

The Priority of the First Job

The first job often ends up being one of the most important elements in the entirety of our professional lives. Once we have landed a job for the first time, it’s likely we will be using that experience for future job pursuing.

The best and worst part of this lies in how our academic history ends up not really meaning much afterward. Whether this is good or bad mostly depends on your results. One thing is for sure, though – having fun at one’s work is probably the most important element of a job.

There Is No Association Between Shadows and Darkness

Shadows are used to associate with darkness, especially in creative writing. Contrary to this, shadows actually are anything but associated with darkness and only exist because of light. Being a literal product of light, it can be weird when you think about how often shadows and darkness are put together.

If no light existed, there would be no shadows! Shadows only exist when light is present. So maybe, shadows should not be associated with the antagonists as much as they are in the next story we write?

College: Boomers and Millennials

This is another classic in our society. The majority of boomers who did not have a good life think that going to college would have solved this issue. On the other hand, many millennials actually regret the fact that they did go to college.

The difference is mostly caused by time. Education, the economy, everything is drastically different now from the time boomers were younger. Education was also not really as pricey then as it is today!

Thanks to Our Favorite Ogre

“All-Star” is a hit song from recent decades, but what made it so popular? Well, most likely, the answer is Shrek! It’s amazing how popular this song got after its inclusion in the classic Shrek movie.

Even today, the Smash Mouth song is used in many parts of the internet as a meme or just for enjoyment. It’s highly unlikely for this song to have become as popular as it is now without it being featured in the movie.

Retro Electric Cars in Reality

The day when electric cars are normalized, the world is going to be considered a better place mainly because of how electric cars do not have harmful carbon emissions from burning fuel. However, it’s not really all good.

Imagine what car companies would end up doing with this idea. It’s evident electric cars are on the pricier side, and car companies building retro, vintage models with electrical functionalities would cost you a fortune! However, this will eventually happen sooner or later.

The Feeling of Falling Without Having Ever Done So

Even if you have never actually fallen from a significant height, you probably have had dreams of doing this. Doing so would also give you the sensation of falling. This means that you now have experienced the sensation of falling down without actually falling down.

It’s amazing when you think how our brain is able to conjure up a feeling from sheer dreams without us actually going through it physically. Human psychology is a mystery.

Is Mario Really Superior to Luigi?

When thinking of the Mario brothers, you all know who is the more popular among the two. So, why is it that Mario is considered to be superior among the two? When putting it into context, it really should not be.

Given the fact that Luigi was able to have his own mansion while Mario was not. Next time when you think the younger brother is inferior, think about this. Maybe Luigi is secretly far more capable than Mario, and he just doesn’t want to embarrass his older sibling!

The Hidden Potential of Elsa

How powerful do you consider Elsa to be? If you think the answer is “a lot,” then you’d be right. The extent of the Disney character’s powers is still not really discovered. However, given that she was able to construct an entire castle without much effort, she could probably cause a lot of problems if she wanted to.

Imagine if she ended up freezing all the water in the world at any single point. It would require people to find alternatives instantly, which might be rather difficult!

Homer Simpson Is Frighteningly Lucky

The Simpsons is successful and Homer Simpson’s antics are a primary reason behind it. You don’t have to think very hard to understand why Homer Simpson is so lucky. The man works at a nuclear power plant as a safety inspector.

It’s unbelievable, therefore, that he has survived all this time without any terrifying accident. There’s no doubt that there are risks involved in working at a nuclear power plant, and the luck of Homer Simpson seems to stay eternally ongoing due to him not being in some terrible accident so far.

Romanticizing the Past

“Born in the wrong generation” is quite popularly said by a lot of us, both ironically and not. However, going just a few decades back would mean that you’d have to live life without many facilities you have today.

Just as an example, you would not have access to this article, nor any of the things you have ever found using Google. Next time you hear someone saying this, keep in mind that the further you go back in time, the harder life gets in many ways.

The X-Men Would Most Likely Be Sports Stars in Reality

If you are familiar with the X-Men, you know their powers – Beast with his animal-like reflexes and strength, Jean Grey with her telekinesis, and so on. What’s wild about this is how if these guys actually existed in our reality, they would probably make great use of their abilities in sports.

Imagine if Beast was to take part in a javelin-throwing contest, where the distance the javelin is thrown is the main point. Beast would probably make a fortune off this!

Money as Turtles and Rabbits

The last time you got your salary and spent all of it on necessities, you were probably gutted. It is very frustrating when money seems to come to us at the pace of a turtle and zips away like a rabbit when we spend it.

If the reverse could happen, it would be great. Imagine if we were getting money running to us while leaving us very slowly – Quite a delightful thought. Unfortunately, it is just a thought and not at all the way reality works.

We All Shine in Life – No, Really!

As kids, many of us are told to shine in life as motivation for the future. Maybe your parents are telling you this to try to convince you to pursue higher studies. What is weird is that, when you take this saying literally, it opens up a world of strangeness.

People actually shine in life, every single one of us! Most likely, at least half of the day. You are visible to others because of light reflecting against you, i.e. – shining!

The Rarity of Common Sense

Common sense is quite uncommon; most of us have learned this over time and experience. What is it then that makes us rage at the lack of common sense from others? Quite a strange fact when you think about it. If it is common sense, then they should know it.

However, if common sense is actually very uncommon, then it is not surprising that it is present in very few people. Conflicting ideas as they may be, this is just another fact of our reality today.

Control and No Control

A very liberating approach to life is to realize that there are things you can control and you cannot control. This sounds simple in context and when saying it, but, in reality, it can be rather difficult.

To not overthink things you cannot control is a true sign of your mind grasping reality. When we worry about what is in our control and stop worrying about what is not, it is a true moment of peacefulness and liberation.

“No Bait”

Contrary to what it says, “no bait” is actually found to be the most actively used form of baiting people. Social media baiting refers to stirring up controversy amongst others unnecessarily.

This can be done by giving unpopular opinions on something or just by being mean in general. Regardless of saying “no bait” or not, baiting is actually one of the more negative aspects of social media – as it tends to attract a lot of negative attention unnecessarily.

Anti-Balding Kits Are a Myth in Practice

Think of a corporate billionaire from today’s time. There is a good chance that they have gone bald or have been bald for years. So, it is quite weird how Anti-Balding Kits advertise themselves as guaranteed to work.

If they were so effective, then wouldn’t such billionaires without a hair on their head use them? Might seem like a reach, but there seems to be a good reason why Lex Luthor from the Superman comics is always portrayed as a bald individual. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that!

I Was Younger Then, or Was I?

Here is an obvious one. How often have you heard a friend say, “I was younger then” in response to a stupid decision they made in the past, but it was actually not that long ago. Also, you probably realize then that they are just trying to play this off as an excuse for poor decision-making.

While it is very sensible to say that time changes people, “I was younger then” is completely illogical in most contexts it is used today.

The First Influencer: Spider-Man

We are all aware of how often social media influencers are using their front-cam everywhere. However, has it ever occurred to you that a certain arachnid-like hero has been doing it for far longer?

Peter Parker’s job as a photographer for the tabloid newspaper, where he would take photos mostly of Spider-man. Now, most of you probably know that Peter Parker is Spider-man, and this makes his job the same as taking selfies. Easy work, easy paychecks!

Mind Reading? Useless Without Multilingualism

How often is it that a superhero with mind-reading abilities is able to read the minds of someone who does not speak English? The chances are, quite a lot! In reality, it does not make much sense, as the mind reader would need to know the language their target speaks.

We think our thoughts in one language or another, according to human psychological studies. So, it feels strange when a mind-reading wizard is able to decrypt what their adversary is thinking, despite them not knowing the target’s language.

The Employee Battery

You just got back home from work, and you are annoyed that you have to put your phone in charge. Let us assume that your phone has a normally functioning battery and you started the day off on a full charge.

This means that you used up your battery at work by doing something other than what you should have been doing – working! Your battery is a weird way to judge how much time you spent actually working, strange as it may be.

Love: Proven Through Boredom

Have you been in a committed relationship for a while now? It is quite likely, then, that you are beyond the “butterflies” phase. You do not feel excited at every point of your interaction with them. However, this is a great way to judge your feelings towards your partner.

You understand that you truly love them when you admire your partner, even at moments considered “boring” otherwise. This might just be an easy hack to understand your true feelings towards the person you claim to love at any given point.

Notice Me, OP

It is a special feeling when someone sees your comment on a post amongst the thousand others that are already there. It may be on Reddit, Twitter, or Facebook. What makes the moment a lot more treasurable is when the person who made the post notices your comment and not everyone else.

It makes you feel like your response was special amongst the many others who wrote something. Truly, an excellent example of wholesomeness on the internet!

Digital Reunion

The world as it is shows the importance of digital reunions. High school and university reunions have reduced over time in terms of being physically held. It is great to catch up with your peers from your past life, assuming you want to.

Digitization of this process has made us aware of how easily it can be done from home, without needing to find a time frame when everyone is available to travel to a single meeting point!

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