36+ Pet Owners Share Hilarious Reasons They Took Their Pet to the Vet


Pets are so much more than animals—they become members of our family. We would do just about anything to make sure our fur babies are happy and healthy. Sometimes, that means a couple too many vet visits.

From dogs having depression about their owners being on vacation to cats being too fat to clean themselves, these pet owners shared times they panicked and brought their pet to the vet and it turned out to be something silly. Prepare to have a good laugh at these hilarious vet stories.

Tied Up

No matter how many toys you buy for your furry friends, they’ll always find the things that aren’t theirs a lot more fun to play with. This can result in some pretty expensive accidents.

The cat owner was relieved to know that it wasn’t a growth or something more serious. But the kitten did have to be rushed into emergency surgery to remove the dozens of hair ties that she’d swallowed over the years and hadn’t passed.

Magnetic Effect

Even the smallest of pets can bring huge amounts of joy. This girl’s hamster was the light of her life. So when she found her lifeless in her cage, she rushed her to the closest vet. Upon examination, the hamster looked fine.

But then the vet noticed something that could have been causing the problem. We can assume that there will be no more strolls under the refrigerator for this hamster.

Public Service Announcement

Having a fur baby can be a stressful experience sometimes. You’re always worried that something could go wrong and that you’ll lose them. This owner was endlessly concerned about her cat who shouted every time he went to the bathroom.

Luckily, it turned out to be nothing and the owner could have a good laugh. We’re glad the cat is okay.

It’s a Boy?

UTIs are no fun for anybody, so when this owner suspected that her cat had one, she brought her to a vet immediately. However, when she was given the news that her cat was okay, she was also notified of something that she wasn’t expecting.

Can you imagine discovering something like that after years of loving and caring for a cat? We’d be totally shocked!

Pavlov’s Cat

This is probably not what Professor Pavlov had in mind when he trained animals with associations. This cat owner started to grow concerned about the fact that her pet was frequently running to her litter box and scratching.

It turns out that the cat wanted to be played with. We can’t believe she kept going back to the box because it was her reward for using it when she was a kitten. How adorable!

Just a Little Bloat

Dogs are man’s best friend, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the smartest creatures around. This hound with an extremely bloated stomach was rushed to the emergency room only for his owners to be told that he’d consumed a pack of burger buns with the plastic on.

We can’t understand why the dog would carry on eating the plastic—maybe it adds flavor.

First Cat Ever

Being a first-time pet owner is exciting, but it can also have you on edge. The smallest blip can send you into a panic and make you question everything.

When your new cat starts making a strange noise, your first instinct is to worry and rush them to the animal ER. Maybe this owner should have done a little research on cats before acquiring one.

Attention Seeking Cat

We usually associate attention-seeking and hypochondria with humans, as we’re often the drama queens of the animal kingdom. This isn’t exactly the kind of behavior we expect from domestic animals, let alone felines.

While faking a limp might be a manipulative way to get the attention of your humans, we can’t help but smile at the intelligence and creativity that went into this.

Muffin Top Crisis

Having a pet is not by any means cheap. They might be adorable and loyal, but nothing about the pet owner’s lifestyle comes for free. This cat clearly wanted to remind their owner of exactly that.

We can only hope that from this moment on, the owners kept the corn muffins well away from their pet cat, especially after such a hefty fine.

Strange Insides

No matter how much we prepare for vet visits, they never fail to surprise us. This owner and the vet were both in for a massive surprise when the cat was brought into the clinic for routine spaying.

We’re just thankful the cat was brought in when she was and that she’s doing okay. We can’t imagine finding all this out!

That Was Ruff

There’s truly nothing worse than chafing on a hot day. It’s uncomfortable, it’s irritating, and it doesn’t look great either. But did you know that dogs suffer from it too?

We had no idea either, and this owner learned that the hard way. No matter who you are, chafing is rough. We hope this pup received the treatment it needed.

Ball Games

Dogs don’t often think things through before doing them and it can quickly turn into a disaster. This poor pup swallowed a ball and needed to go to the vet and have open stomach surgery to remove it.

While the dog returned home as if nothing happened, the owner was £1,500 poorer from the surgery. That’s one expensive rubber ball!

Drama Queen

We can imagine that it’s probably very frustrating to be worried about your pet, and pay a small fortune to get them emergency medical attention, only to be told by the vet that your dog “maybe a bit melodramatic”.

Who even knew that dogs were capable of acting up for attention? The only cure for this might be a little more TLC.

She is Risen

This story is what we can only describe as a real, modern-day miracle. This owner was so sure that the trip to the vet with her cat would be the last one that she would take to her.

The owners must have been so relieved to realize that they weren’t going to lose their cat that day. If they’re anything like us, they’re probably wondering what kind of superpowers their pet possesses to make such a quick recovery.

Under the Influence

One thing that seems to be inevitable is dogs will eat everything that is within reach of them. Usually, you can catch them in time and prevent them from swallowing whatever it is they’ve eaten, but sometimes it’s a little too late.

We’re starting to wonder if this dog had consumed the green plant intentionally as he was really feeling the effects.

Shedding the Pounds

Keeping your pets healthy and in shape is so important. When you notice that your dog may be gaining a few pounds, there are a few easy ways to shed them. There’s even diet dog food that exists for this reason specifically.

The doggy diet was clearly working really well for her. If only it was this easy for us humans.

Piece of Cake

Once you welcome an animal into your home, they become part of your family, and what is family good for if you can’t worry about their wellbeing? When Cheesecake showed signs of serious tummy bloating, her owner rightfully became concerned.

Luckily, all this kitten suffers from is a case of eating too much and exercising too little. Poor Cheesecake. We’d much rather have this diagnosis than anything else.

Parroting Back Screams

Parrots are beautiful, intelligent, and receptive creatures that can really lift your mood. Their ability to repeat phrases back can be both humorous and problematic. When this parrot started squawking and screeching for no apparent reason, the owner was super worried and took the bird to get seen.

The vet examined Polly the parrot and seemed confused. They asked the owner “Do you watch horror movies at home” to which she replied that horror movies were her favorite. It turns out that the parrot was copying the blood-curdling screams that he’d heard coming from the TV set when the horror movies were playing.

Dumpster Diving Dog

Dogs are often lovable goofballs that can have us worried out of our minds for no good reason at all. Thankfully, vets are always there to rescue us.

While we’re glad this pretty girl was fine, we bet the owner wasn’t so happy about being £600 poorer. We hope this pup learned her lesson and will only eat from her food bowl from now on.

Fat Shaming Felines

There’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to having a little puppy fat, or kitten fat in this case. But this owner thought that their growing fur baby was in danger and took her to be seen by a vet.

There are always special diets you can put your pets on, but a few extra pounds can’t hurt anybody. We think it’s cute!

Feline Flatulence

It’s always worrying when your pet is off their food. It can be a symptom of so many different things, and a lot of them are negative. It’s always wise to take them to a medical professional when you’re in doubt.

We’re glad that this cat is healthy and it wasn’t anything too serious. We hope that her choice of cuisine gets more sophisticated with time.

It’s a Miracle

When you don’t have a way to talk with your human owners, it can be tough. You have to come up with creative ways to communicate your feelings to your people in a way that they will understand.

This dog happened to find a way that worked when its dad went out of town, even if it’s a bit unconventional. It’s too cute!

Smelly Cat

Every time we look at them, our cats are always cleaning themselves. However, it turns out that cats can get a little lax with hygiene.

Thankfully this kitty’s owner took her to get checked by the vet when this happened. We hope this lazy cat learns how to take care of herself so she won’t have anymore crazy vet bills.

Just Add Water

Cats are known for having a mind of their own. They always keep us guessing, which is one of the many reasons we love them. This kitty just decided she didn’t want to drink water, and she started acting weird.

We can’t believe it took two vet visits and $500 for the owner to find out the cat was dehydrated.

Toe-tally Outrageous

Dogs are the masters of having us worry over nothing. This dog appeared to walk with a limp, and on closer inspection, seemed to have a toe pointing in the wrong direction.

When you’re not a medical professional yourself, it can be worrying to spot something new in your pet’s appearance and not know if it’s normal or not. These owners did the right thing and it definitely made for a funny story. At least it was only $40 spent.

Stressed Out Kitten

Anxiety can do strange things to your digestive system. As it turns out, anxiety has the same effect on felines. This owner thought there was something seriously wrong with their cat so they ran to the emergency room.

We can only wonder what kind of things can stress out a cat to the point that it’s having an impact on their health.

Crying Over Spilt Sauce

Have you ever seen a scary movie and thought to yourself “That blood looks an awful lot like ketchup”? You’re not alone. This owner had the same idea and decided to take the dog to get help.

This dog has a taste for Italian cuisine and bagels. He was fine, the owners were relieved, and marinara and bagels were added to the shopping list.

Hopping Mad

While we always associate a happy dog with a wagging tail, there seem to be many ways a dog expresses its positive emotions. This dog decided to hop, prompting their owners to worry.

However, she found the cutest way to show her happiness and we love it! Maybe we humans should consider hopping around when we’re happy, too. It’s so cute!

Swollen Ego

Imagine going to the emergency room to get medical treatment for something, only for the doctor on call to assume that the flaws in your appearance were part of your medical condition. We’d be super offended.

Thank goodness dogs can’t speak English because this guy would be mortified. He’d just sustained a wasp sting when the nurse referenced his swollen face. Sadly, it was just his face. Awkward.

Double Trouble

Being that they’re so playful, dogs will often get themselves into questionable situations without having too much regard for the consequences. This often comes at the expense of their owners who are the ones to foot the medical bills.

Thankfully, in this case, there was minimal damage on the dog’s part. We bet the owner gained a few more grey hairs.

Just Stubborn

If there’s one thing that almost every dog has in common, it’s the ability to follow orders given by their owners. Sit, fetch, paw, dogs are usually very responsive to these things and appreciate the social interaction that comes with it.

However, some dogs, just don’t follow commands. Maybe they’re planning a revolt and it starts with ignoring your owner’s commands.

Cat Scan

Worrying about your pet can really take it out of you. But imagine taking your cat to the vet to perform an emergency ultrasound to determine why they weren’t eating or drinking only to be told that your feline is severely constipated.

At least this cat got a good grooming. Cats are lucky that they’re so cute and lovable.

Sassy Cat

Did you know that pets can hold grudges against their owners? This kitty wasn’t thrilled when her favorite owner went on a week-long work trip, and she decided to act out.

Not only did she ignore the owner, be she went as far as to pee outside of the litter box. We’re glad she was just feeling a bit lonely.

Keep an Eye Out

We can only imagine the scene. The owner frantically looking around, throwing off the couch cushions, shouting “Where did I put my glasses?!” only to hear a crunching sound coming from the dog in the corner.

It’s always the most unlikely subject. But how can you be mad at this adorable, sleepy pooch? She doesn’t look like she could hurt a fly.

Just Purrfect

When your cat is displaying weird symptoms—be they physical or behavioral—it’s always good to take them to a professional to get them checked out. But this owner was probably super underwhelmed at the vet’s answer.

We bet the owner was very relieved to learn that it wasn’t something more serious than being a little weird. Too bad it cost them $200 to find that out.

Cool Cat

When you take strong medication, it’s important to keep it somewhere safe so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands or paws. After this woman saw her cat acting weird one day, she figured out she got to her anti-seizure meds.

The cat was probably super chilled out and enjoying the relaxation. Though it’s not recommended for any animal to take human drugs, we’re glad that the kitty is fine.

Puppy Eyes

Even when dogs mess up a little, it’s so hard to stay mad at them. Look at those eyes! How can you get mad at your dog when they look up at you like this?

We’ll tell you how. When you spend $150 to see a vet because your dog seems to be seriously suffering, only to be told that your pet is simply a drama queen.

Udderly Ridiculous

Not all dog owners are dog experts. This particular dog parent took their pet to the vet’s office to get a stubborn tick removed from the dog’s upper chest. Anyone who understands basic anatomy would have realized that that was no tick.

That poor dog! Can you imagine how annoying it must have been for them? The owners probably felt a little silly after that, too. But it definitely makes for a hilarious story.

Cat Fight

Dog parents will do anything and everything to protect their pets. After this woman saw a snake covered in blood in her home, she rushed all her pets to be checked.

Her kitten with an angelic face doesn’t look like the type of feline to ferociously attack such an aggressive, dangerous reptile. But that’s exactly what she did. Thankfully, all the pets were fine. The snake, on the other hand, was not.

Dog’s Dinner

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than losing a pet—it’s pretty much like losing a family member. We’re just imagining the owners’ extreme eye-rolling once the dog they thought they were saying goodbye to suddenly perked up and downed an entire bowl of food.

When in doubt—give dogs food. Maybe if dogs knew how much vet bills were they’d quit being so dramatic.

Sick as a Dog

We’ve all felt a little sick after downing a whole bag of snacks in one sitting, but it doesn’t usually result in a doctor’s visit and a whopping $500 medical bill.

This dog decided to eat an entire pound of candy corn and was then rushed to the emergency room to be told he was fine, just a little dehydrated. But candy corn—really?

Sober as a Judge

Have you ever staggered into your parent’s home under the influence and done everything in your power to act as if you’re totally fine? As it turns out, some animals have that capability too!

Either this pup was putting on an act in front of his owners and was fine the whole time or he was putting on a pretense for the vet. Either way, we’re glad the dog is okay. He deserves an Oscar.

Vets Orders

When the vet—a paid professional and animal expert—gives you pet advice, it’s usually backed up with years of medical research and good intentions. It’s probably best to take said advice and stick to it for the sake of your dog.

After a bout of 3 a.m. diarrhea and a $700 vet bill, this family was taught this lesson the hard, messy way. Moral of the story? Listen. To. Your. Vet.

Scaredy Cat

A drastic change to our usual environment can be taxing on all of us. It can really throw you off and affect you in ways you didn’t think were possible. But who knew that it would affect cats in the same way?

It honestly baffles us to think that these creatures descended from lions, yet a little fung shui throws them off completely.

Patience is a Virtue

Most things pass with time, and objects swallowed by dogs are no exception to this rule. When this puppy swallowed the silicone wrapping of a muffin, the owners were told by the vet that the dog would eventually pass it and that they’d just have to give it a little time.

Maybe the dog ate the cupcake holder intentionally to teach their owners a little life lesson on the importance of patience. Consider this a lesson learned.

Canine Rivalry

Even when they’re different breeds, dogs raised in the same household can grow up to act like siblings. Just like siblings, this doggo wanted what his brother had and was willing to do almost anything to get it. When the elderly dog needed the vet, the Beagle decided to act. Literally act, though.

We can’t say we’ve ever heard of a dog wanting to to go the vet. Now, that’s a first.

Shaking Like a Dog

Gas does weird things to us all. We were interested to learn that dogs also suffer from bouts of gas that have them acting in all sorts of ways. If you’re not a vet yourself, it can be alarming when your dog’s behavior is erratic.

They were probably all very relieved and amused to discover that the dog was just reacting to something pretty trivial.

Gut Feeling

Constipation isn’t fun for anyone, especially if you can’t communicate that you’re uncomfortable. This dog clearly had to go for so long that his owner thought the lump in his stomach was something far more serious.

It might have been a huge medical bill, but we’re sure that the dog’s owners were more than glad to learn that it was something curable.

Hiccup in the Road

It’s not unheard of for cats and other domesticated animals to overreact to ailments, making their owners panic and think that it’s more serious than it is. In this instance, it was reversed.

Gabe the cat didn’t know what came over his owner when he was rushed to the vet. After all, has he never heard a cat hiccup before?

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