Cindy Crawford: ’80s Supermodel, Wife, and Soccer Mom

Cindy Crawford: ’80s Supermodel, Wife, and Soccer Mom

Cindy Crawford, who is currently 56 years old, gained immense popularity as a supermodel during the 1980s and 1990s, making her a household name. Despite being an iconic figure on the catwalk, Crawford’s personal life also includes being a wife and mother. Read on to discover more about her.


Marriage No. 1

In 1987, the famous photographer Herb Ritt hosted a barbecue where Cindy Crawford, who was just 21 years old at the time, met her first husband, Richard Gere, who was already 38 years old.

young crawford and gere
Despite Crawford’s booming career, she still felt awe-struck by the famous people that surrounded her, such as Jack Nicholson. Even though there was an age difference of 17 years between them, they got married in a Las Vegas wedding ceremony when Crawford was 25.

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The Toll Age Takes

During a 2014 episode of Oprah’s Master Class, Crawford openly talked about the problems that existed in her initial marriage. She held the age difference responsible for the breakdown of her marriage, stating that she was still in the process of maturing.

At the age of 22, she was more open to letting him be in charge of everything, but as she grew older, she did not always want to play a secondary role in their marriage. Gere had difficulty accepting this change.


Starting Serious

According to Crawford’s account, when they were introduced in 1987, they immediately hit it off and became serious with each other. Crawford rarely talks about their brief marriage, but has mentioned that they began dating almost immediately. Moreover, Crawford has mentioned that during their relationship, she was also gaining popularity.


crawford gere 2
After dating for a few years, they suddenly flew to Vegas and got married on December 12, 1991. The fact that they used aluminum foil rings raised suspicion among the public.

The Perils of Success

Although Crawford attributes the breakdown of their relationship to the significant age gap between them, it appears that their marriage was troubled from the beginning because of their equally challenging careers. They frequently found themselves working in different parts of the globe – she as a renowned supermodel, and he as one of the most popular actors of the early 1990s.

Their schedules were so hectic that it seemed like only their respective assistants could assist in coordinating their availability.

Bizarre Separation

In 1994, just prior to their divorce the next year, Crawford and Gere faced rumors about their separation. They disputed these rumors publicly by placing an advertisement in the Times of London stating that they were committed to each other as heterosexual and monogamous partners and that any talk of divorce was entirely untrue.


The couple wasted a large sum of money on their Beverly Hills mansion, which was strange, especially considering their eventual divorce. Interestingly, it was reported that neither of them had ever slept in the mansion when they put it up for sale.

How to Navigate Fame

In Oprah’s 2013 special, Crawford discussed her marriage to Gere and highlighted the benefits she gained from being with an older actor who had more experience in the limelight, including learning how to manage fan requests for photographs and autographs.

maxresdefault (1)
He educated her that while she might not always be able to fulfill their desires, what really counts is having a sincere communication with them.


Seen With Other People

Months prior to the separation, following their peculiar advertisement in the Times of London, Cindy Crawford was observed in the company of John Enos, an actor. They were captured on camera together in a limousine and Crawford was frequently spotted without her wedding ring.

During another occurrence, Gere approached Sylvester Stallone regarding rumors that he was with Crawford right before their divorce announcement. Stallone described the meeting as the strangest encounter he has ever had.


Intimate Strangers

Crawford revealed in a recent interview on the WTF podcast that, almost two decades after her highly publicized divorce from Richard Gere, they maintain a cordial relationship, but due to their infrequent contact, it’s almost as if she’s unfamiliar with the present version of Gere, as he seems to have reverted back to being a stranger in her life.

She repeats that a challenge they faced was her young age when they got married and his pre-existing fame, making it hard for them to establish a strong bond of friendship.


Alleged Infidelity

Rande Gerber, the spouse of Crawford for two decades, has been accused of being unfaithful twice- first in 2004 and then again in 2009. An ex-waitress, named Harmy Kubiak, who used to work for Gerber, made the first allegation, stating that she had physical relations with the father of two and businessman.

In 2009, there were comparable accusations that arose from two ex-staff members who alleged that Gerber made unwanted advances towards them and that they were fired unjustly after rejecting him. Despite this, Gerber refutes all of the allegations and remains happily married.


Picture-Perfect Family

Crawford, in her second marriage to Rande Gerber, had two children. She was previously married to Richard Gere and did not have any children during that marriage. Crawford’s children, Presley Walker and Kaia Jordan, are both models, with Presley Walker graduating from high school at the age of 17 and Kaia Jordan being 15.

In 2015, both Presley and Kaia were signed by IMG models and during the past year, they have modeled for renowned fashion brands such as Alexander Wang and Dolce & Gabbana on the runway. Their unmistakable prominent cheekbones have earned them the description of being the exact replica of Crawford.


Fears for Kaia

In an interview with Vogue Australia last winter, Cindy Crawford expressed concern that her daughter Kaia may not achieve the same level of success in modeling that she herself had achieved in the past.

She informed journalists that her only worry for her daughter in regards to the modeling industry is the possible pressure she may face if she does not achieve the same level of success as her mother. This may be challenging as she is entering the same field as her successful parent.


Afraid of Children

Starting with her first child, Presley Walker, in 1999, Crawford admitted to her fear of having children. She shared in a February interview with Vogue Australia, how she used to think that having kids would negatively affect her career. She was afraid of gaining weight like her mother did after having kids, fearing that it would be a permanent change. Overall, she found the prospect of having children to be daunting.

Fortunately, Crawford has offspring who are currently working as models, and her physique remains impeccable.


The Young and the Scandalous

During her adolescence, Kaia, who is Crawford’s 20-year-old child, created a stir due to a selfie she shared on her Instagram account. Many found the photograph to be quite suggestive considering her young age.

People left critical comments on the nearly naked picture she shared, with some blaming her mother Cindy for allowing her to pose in a way that they deemed indecent. Someone even compared her to Lolita, the underage character from Vladimir Nabokov’s book, and advised her that it was not a good image to portray.


Motherly Guidance

Cindy Crawford has been advising her daughter Kaia on her modeling career as it flourishes. According to Kaia, her mother has consistently urged her to remain genuine and true to herself. She believes that this aspect is often neglected for girls in the industry who may feel the pressure to change themselves.

As Crawford’s daughter has grown older, Crawford no longer accompanies her to photoshoots, but still monitors her well-being to ensure she is taking care of herself.


Face Off

Although Crawford’s children are pursuing the same profession, Kaia indicates that there is no sign of sibling rivalry between them.

Teen Vogue Celebrates 13th Annual Young Hollywood Issue
It is true that she sees herself as a modeling guide to her older brother Presley, who apparently lacks knowledge about the fashion industry despite having a famous mother. She mentioned that she has been introducing him to fashion designers and assisting him in understanding the people of the fashion world.


Like Mother, Like Daughter

Although numerous people have talked about the strikingly similar appearances of the well-known mother-daughter duo, Kaia has stated that she doesn’t wish to compare herself to her renowned mother.

In a recent interview with Refinery29, Kaia expressed her appreciation for the valuable advice given by a certain individual. However, she also expressed her hesitation in taking photos beside this person due to their incredible beauty and apparent lack of aging, which she finds unfair.


From Runway to Role Model

Crawford has mentioned in interviews that she strives to be an example for her children by refraining from openly criticizing her body in their presence.

Crawford has shared her experiences in helping her daughter Kaia transition into her teenage years, specifically in building a positive self-image. Crawford can identify with Kaia’s struggles with her hair and eyebrows as she also went through similar challenges during her own teenage years.


Mole Problem

Crawford frequently acknowledges her acceptance of her distinct mole located above her lip corner. Despite being a target of ridicule during her schooling era, her mother advised her against removing it. This suggestion proved to be beneficial as several females attempted to imitate her by drawing fake moles once she became a superstar.

Although her daughter Kaia did not get the mole, her son Presley did. When Presley expressed interest in removing it, she passed along her mother’s wisdom to him.


Top Model Secrets

Cindy Crawford shares valuable advice with young models, including her own children, emphasizing the importance of thorough preparation. She advises aspiring fashion icons to conduct research on the photographers they will be working with in advance of the shoot, in order to fully comprehend their unique style and provide them with the desired results.

According to her, by observing and analyzing the work style of each stylist she worked with, I could understand their requirements and correspond with them effectively.


From Friends to Family

Prior to marrying her current husband Rande Gerber, Cindy Crawford was already wedded to ’90s heartthrob Richard Gere, but Crawford explains that she and Gerber were initially friends.

As per the celebrity, maintaining a strong friendship forms the foundation of a healthy relationship. This helps to maintain a certain level of respect towards each other’s opinion not only in parenting and personal life but also in work matters. Both individuals genuinely listen to each other and value the bond of friendship in their lives.


Mean Girls

During Crawford’s high school days, a group of envious girls arranged a trick where they made Crawford believe that a shop located in a nearby mall was interested in hiring her as a model. At that time, Cindy was not aware that modeling was an occupation, but she attempted to appear like one.

Upon arriving at the store, she received bewildered looks, and it dawned on her that she had fallen prey to a cruel prank.


Tragedy in the Family

When Crawford was a youngster, her tightly bonded family was shattered when her younger brother was identified as having leukemia at only two years old. Cindy was only eight years old when her family was informed of the devastating news.

Despite undergoing several rounds of treatment, including experimental ones, Jeffrey did not respond well to any of them. He was only three years old when he reached a point where he didn’t want to continue treatment anymore. Tragically, on the day he was supposed to begin his next round of treatment, which he had already refused to undergo, he passed away.


Beauty and Brains

Crawford’s innate intelligence played a role in transforming the modeling industry. Her ambition was evident from the beginning, as she graduated as valedictorian of her high school. Crawford was granted a full scholarship to Northwestern University to study chemical engineering.

However, she left her studies after completing only one semester in order to focus on a modeling career. Utilizing her determination, she secured prominent contracts, and her academic knowledge to uphold the standards and creative ideas of her colleagues.


Victim of Morning Face

Crawford, despite being 51, experiences many mornings when she isn’t completely satisfied with her appearance. Although she strives to maintain a positive self-image, she has shared that as she’s aged, she cautions photographers about early morning shoots because she may not be as camera-ready as she used to be in her younger years.

She says that she is willing to get up at any time you want, but her facial expressions show that she is not very fond of getting up before 7 or 8am in the morning.


Artfully Unclothed

When she was a young model, Crawford didn’t have any concerns about posing for Playboy. Although she doesn’t completely undress anymore, she’s still ready to take off some of her clothes for photo shoots. Now, her biggest challenge is dealing with the reactions of her husband and son.

According to the Los Angeles Times, she mentioned that her son has shown her some of her sister Kaia’s Instagram pictures. Cindy considers them apposite and elegant, but her son and husband disregard her viewpoint due to her previous uncovered history.


Street Corner Serenade

Cindy Crawford accompanied photographer Helmut Newton on a street corner in Paris, where she sported a bathing suit and heels, which Newton referred to as his uniform. Crawford remembers Newton placing his hat on the ground and offering to snap a polaroid photo with her for anyone passing by, but for a fee of 100 francs per photo.

As per Crawford’s statement, they had a great time out there until they had earned sufficient money to treat themselves to a delicious lunch.


Instagram Ham

With the widespread use of social media, Crawford and her spouse have also established their online identities. Crawford has expressed her admiration for platforms such as Instagram, which allow any girl to become a model, rather than just those like her daughter who have an advantage.


Kaia and Cindy
Kaia, the daughter of Crawford, feels ashamed of her mother’s uncool Instagram account. In an interview on The Thick, both Crawford and Kaia talked about how Kaia poked fun at Crawford for frequently using or incorrectly using hashtags.

Cleaning Out Her Closet

In the latter part of the interview, Crawford disclosed that she had accumulated high-end attire for her daughter to wear in the future. Although Crawford intended for Kaia to wait until she turned 17 before pursuing a modeling career, she did not prohibit her from signing with an agency at the age of 13.

Cindy and Kids
The wardrobe of clothes that belonged to Cindy during her early years is eagerly waiting for Kaia to fit into them at some point in the future. Considering the striking resemblance between them, it’s likely to happen soon.


Marching to Her Own Beat

Despite the fact that many famous people have become involved in many different types of fitness crazes, such as Crossfit or SoulCycle, Cindy Crawford disclosed in a 2015 Harper’s Bazaar interview that she has persisted with the same workout regimen for more than two decades.

She stated that her current routine is almost identical to the one she showcased in her fitness videos, with some minor adjustments. She has released a total of four workout videos, with the initial two being launched in 1992 and 1993, and the latter two being released in 2000 and 2001.


Botox Bogus

Despite being open about her efforts to age gracefully, Cindy Crawford has also succumbed to the plastic surgery trend at 56 years of age. Although she admits to being scared of botox injections, she has undergone them.

Despite feeling scared about plastic surgery, she expressed willingness to give it a try. Her main objective for considering plastic surgery is not to alter her appearance but to maintain it. She believes that plastic surgery should not necessarily change how a person looks, and if it does, then it defeats its purpose.


Film Failures

Crawford swiftly transitioned from modeling on the runway to appearing on television through MTV’s House of Style and various commercials. She ventured into acting in 1995 with her debut film, Fair Game, and later on with The Simian Line.

Both movies were a total failure. Criticisms were aimed at her acting abilities in Fair Game. Due to her unsuccessful attempt to establish a career in movies, she mostly portrayed herself in various television programs.


Photoshop Faux Pas

Back in 2015, when she was 48 years old, a picture of Crawford went viral, claiming to be an original unedited photograph from a fashion shoot. Later on, it was discovered that the image had been stolen and altered with unattractive photoshopped modifications that diminished Crawford’s appearance.

Crawford responded with genuine pictures of herself, demonstrating her true beauty.


Picture a Lawsuit

As soon as Crawford became aware of the harmful and fake photograph circulating, she promptly reached out to her legal representatives. They communicated a warning to every outlet that had posted the photo, indicating that legal action would be taken if the image was not taken down from their online platforms.

John Russo, the photographer who captured the picture, declared that the image was taken from a photo session for Marie Claire Mexico in 2013 and was then altered to wrongly depict Crawford in a negative manner. The photo gained widespread attention on Twitter after it was shared.


Counter Claims

Crawford addressed the incident seven months later where her digitally altered real body caused controversy on the internet. She acknowledged that while she knows her body isn’t flawless, she may have an incorrect perception of her body image. Crawford admits that the altered photo did not accurately represent what she saw when she looked at herself in the mirror.

After the fake photo of the supermodel circulated online, the husband of the supermodel, Rande Gerber, shared a genuine and unaltered photo of her on his Instagram account.


Cindy Speaks Out

Crawford explained that although she viewed the misleading portrayal as harmful, she had mixed feelings about it because some women found it inspiring to witness her depicted with a bumpy stomach and cellulite.

Under the pretense of empowerment, the magazines shared the image to depict that a supermodel appeared just like an average individual. Although the image did not reflect reality, Crawford is content that women discovered her more relatable after the photo was released.


Long-Lasting Love

Crawford is not hesitant to express her affection for her spouse, Rande Gerber, with whom she has been married for almost 30 years. They frequently share pictures of themselves enjoying each other’s company. Crawford has mentioned that it’s crucial to set aside a particular time for a romantic evening because it may otherwise be forgotten.

Their plans for dinner and a movie also involve some intimate time in the bedroom, which helps sustain their passion for each other. Additionally, they prioritize spending alone time every night.


The Secret to 20 Years

Cindy revealed that the key to maintaining happiness for more than two decades is to give priority to her husband’s needs. She ensures a healthy balance between work and personal life to avoid making him feel neglected.

“If I’m away for three days,” she tells the Daily Telegraph, “Then I make sure I’m around the next week. I’m very realistic about how much time stuff takes and I find the balance.” Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Rande Gerber is still completely in love with her as well.


As fans, we’ve seen plenty of celebrity couples come and go, but one of the most eye-catching was the whirlwind romance and subsequent ten-year marriage of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. In recent weeks, Affleck has opened up again about his previous marriage and the biggest regret of his life.

Their Marriage In Shambles

At one point, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were one of Hollywood’s hottest couples. But all of that came to a raging halt, when it was rumored that Affleck had been cheating with the nanny. Their very public divorce made headlines and for a long time, we didn’t know what Brad was thinking. Now, he’s finally opening up about what happened.


Not Love at First Sight

Despite meeting on the set of Pearl Harbor, sparks didn’t fly between Garner and Affleck right away. The two got along fine but they had other interests at the time and didn’t generally get to know each other too well. For one, Garner was married at the time to actor Scott Foley, who is recognizable from shows like Scandal and Scrubs and movies such as Scream 3. The marriage between the two of them lasted from 2000 to 2004.

Together Again

Affleck and Garner crossed each other’s paths again in 2002 when they co-starred in Daredevil. Affleck played the titular character while Garner took up the role of Elektra, a role that would earn its own spinoff movie later. Despite the fact that Garner was still married and Affleck was dating Jennifer Lopez, he states that this set is where they really started to fall in love. Despite this assertion, Affleck proposed to Lopez a few months after filming.


Dinner Dates

From 2001 to 2005, Jon Favreau hosted a show called Dinner for Five. The premise involved a rotating cast of celebrities enjoying dinner and drinks together. Garner and Affleck were on the show together in January of 2003. Both actors had significant others at the time, but many viewers noted that the sparks between the two were obvious. Even a writer for Vulture commented that the genuine gratitude and affection between Garner and Affleck “still makes me a bit uncomfortable to see it on television.”

Garner Becomes Single

It wasn’t long after the episode of Dinner for Five premiered that Garner and Foley announced their separation and imminent divorce. Many fans were sad to see the marriage end and the couple was likely just as sad as any couple finding themselves in the middle of a breakup. However, before rumors could fly too freely, Foley made sure that TV Guide knew that infidelity wasn’t an issue in the relationship. As he put it, “There was no other relationship, there was no infidelity, nothing. People get divorced.”


Garner’s Side of the Story

Garner didn’t speak on the separation for a while – not as soon as Foley was comfortable giving an interview anyway. However, she did open up about her divorce in 2013 to Allure Magazine, well after it was finalized. She also stood by the story that there wasn’t any catalyst like infidelity that played a role in their relationship. As she stated, he was a good guy but – as many couples do – they eventually just imploded and had to go their separate ways.

Affleck and J. Lo

Of course, when Garner and Foley divorced, Affleck was still engaged to musician and actress Jennifer Lopez. Yet, this was another star-studded couple that wasn’t meant to last either. It was about a year later when the two called off their engagement. Lopez also didn’t open up about the break up right away. She did an interview with Vanity Fair years later in which she spoke about how hard the split was and how much it brought her sense of self and career into question at the time.


Beginning of an Era

The two former costars didn’t jump into anything right away – at least not in the public eye. As all parties attested, there was no grand affair leading up to the two breakups, so it isn’t so surprising in retrospect that Affleck and Garner didn’t show up holding hands the next day. They first stepped out as a couple in public on October 23, 2004. The couple was photographed at the World Series during a Boston Red Sox game getting cozy in the public eye.

On-Set Visits

One of the hardest things for actors is the constant traveling that their jobs demand. However, Garner and Affleck were determined that distance would be no obstacle to their new relationship. Only a few weeks after the World Series game, Affleck had to travel to Vancouver to work on the film Man About Town. That’s when Us Weekly reported that Garner had visited him, even including a cute picture of the couple in the rain.


Things Stayed Quiet

Despite these two reported events, the couple didn’t have a lot of press after this for a bit. This was because both actors, despite enjoying massive success at the time, kept the relationship exceptionally quiet. Only a few weeks after the World Series game, Affleck had to travel to Vancouver to work on the film Man About Town. That’s when Us Weekly reported that Garner had visited him, even including a cute picture of the couple in the rain.

The Wait Wasn’t Long

For fans that were eager to hear what the couple was up to, they didn’t have to wait too long. In April 2005, the pair was in Los Angeles to celebrate Garner’s 33rd birthday with plenty of friends and family. Only a few weeks after the World Series game, Affleck had to travel to Vancouver to work on the film Man About Town. That’s when Us Weekly reported that Garner had visited him, even including a cute picture of the couple in the rain.


Private Relationship, Private Wedding

Today, we’re fairly used to celebrity weddings being media spectacles. The private couple didn’t break their old practices, though, when they decided on an incredibly small and unsurprisingly private wedding. In fact, aside from the bride and groom, only two people were in attendance. This included Garner’s co-star from Alias, Victor Garber, who officiated the wedding and his husband. Garber later recounted the day as one of the “most special events of my life.”

It’s a Girl!

Shortly after the wedding, the couple announced Garner’s pregnancy with their first child. Word first spread of the story in May, and the pregnancy was even written into Garner’s role on Alias. The world first learned that they were expecting a daughter in September when Garner let it slip on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. On December 1, 2005, Garner’s spokeswoman and Affleck’s publicist confirmed the news that daughter Violet was born. Private as usual, the only information given at the time was that mother and daughter were both healthy.


Another Girl!

After Violet, the couple didn’t stop trying to grow their family either. In 2008, there was once again news that the couple was expecting another little one. In January 2009, Garner gave birth to another daughter that the couple named Seraphina Rose. Again, further news on the baby was scarce as Garner and Affleck protected themselves and their children from the public eye.

One More Time

The couple was destined to grow their family by one more. Only a couple of years later, Garner announced another pregnancy. In February of 2012, the pair welcomed their third child into the world. This time, Violet and Seraphina got a little brother and Affleck and Garner greeted their first son. With their usual privacy, the couple introduced Samuel Garner Affleck to family and friends. This time, Affleck also announced the birth of the baby on Facebook.


Plenty of Public Doting

As the pair got further into their marriage and their family, fans got to see a little more public adoration between the pair. This especially came from Affleck, whose career was getting plenty of attention at the time. One of the most notable comments at the time came from Affleck at the 2013 Golden Globes. When he won the award for Best Director for Argo, he thanked Garner with the sentiment, “I adore you, I love you. You’re my everything.”

The Adoration Continued

This wasn’t Affleck’s only doting public comment about his wife either. He mentioned Garner again in an interview in December 2013. When he sat down with Playboy, he got candid about his experience with Garner. Over the course of the interview, he mentioned Garner and said that she was, “by leaps and bounds the most important person to me.” It gave fans the impression that the couple’s marriage was picture-perfect.


A Story Breaks

Unfortunately, the ideal picture of marriage didn’t last for long. In June 2015, Affleck was vacationing with Garner and his family when he stepped out for a bit for a charity poker tournament. According to Us Weekly, he took the family’s nanny, Christine Ouzounian, with him. A month later, the same magazine gave readers an update on the story. Sources claimed that Affleck had been dating the nanny, then 28 years old, for a while. This insinuated that their trip was a romantic one.

Affair Denial

Affleck himself didn’t speak about the accusations right away. Rather, a representative responded to the outlet’s claims for him calling the story “garbage and full of lies.” They also stated that Affleck’s team was looking at legal options. Later on, the official story from Affleck’s team was that, yes, the pair struck up a romantic bond but only after the separation of Garner and Affleck – albeit before the final divorce. Once again, Affleck firmly denied any infidelity.


The End of an Era

After the story broke, fans watched to see what the couple would do in response. They didn’t have to wait long either. Only days after the story leaked, the couple announced their separation and pending divorce. The couple released a joint statement to PEOPLE about the situation in what they said would be their only public comment. They stated that it was a difficult decision, they were going forward with compassion for another, they were dedicated to co-parenting, and they plead for privacy.

Garner Speaks

It wasn’t until 2016 that Garner made a public comment on the divorce, which isn’t surprising given their commitment to their original statement. She eventually sat down with Vanity Fair and opened up about the situation. She made it clear that the story on the nanny wasn’t the culprit no matter how convenient the timing seemed. Chalking the situation with the nanny up to “bad judgment,” Garner stated that she wasn’t part of the equation.


So, What Was It?

Garner did offer up a more personal narrative on the divorce, although, it was characteristically devoid of any telling details. She stated that they had been separated for months before the story broke and before they announced their separation to the world. She also stated warmer facts as well. She called Affleck the “love of her life” and described him as “the most brilliant person in any room, the most charismatic, the most generous.” Ultimately, she summed him up with “He’s just a complicated guy.”

A Sliver of Hope

In 2017, fans had a sliver of hope that the Hollywood power couple might not call it quits. Once again, PEOPLE weighed in on the situation and cited an unnamed source with breaking news. The source claimed that the two had called off their upcoming divorce. However, they also claimed that the couple wasn’t back together. Instead, they simply stated that the two were giving things another try and working on their issues.


Affleck Makes an Announcement

In March, it seemed that there was hope that the pair were working on their differences. At the very least, it seemed as though Affleck was working on personal self-improvement in regard to his struggle with addiction. He even publicly shared as much on Facebook. He stated that he’d been through treatment for personal demons he’d been fighting and that he was striving to continue his road to recovery. He even cited Garner in his post saying that she supported him and was an excellent co-parent.

The Inevitable Came

Despite many fans’ hopes, the couple didn’t end up lasting. Nearly two years after their initial separation announcement, the two announced that they were officially filing for divorce. The announcement was first broke by TMZ. The two still remained civil, though. The outlet reported that they were seeking joint custody of their kids in both the legal and physical sense in their effort to effectively co-parent the three of them. With a legal process to work out, their divorce wasn’t quite finalized yet.

New Beginnings

By July 2017, Affleck reemerged to the world in a new relationship. According to reports, he started dating Lindsay Shookus months after moving out and filing for divorce with Garner. This marked his first public relationship since the separation from Garner. Lindsay Shookus was and still is a producer for Saturday Night Live. When the report released, there wasn’t much clear information on how the pair met and neither confirmed the rumors after they were spotted together.

Another Split

Shookus and Affleck weren’t meant to be, though. They didn’t date for long before reports circulated that the pair had broken up. It was only about a year after they were first reported as a couple that People confirmed their split. Once again, the two remained amicable. In fact, they were even photographed together after their breakup, and Affleck has gone on to host the popular sketch comedy show multiple times over his career.

It’s Finally Official

As we mentioned earlier, divorce is never a quick and seamless process. It takes time to go through the legal process. Many couples have well-established separate lives by the time their divorces are final. The same was true for Garner and Affleck. They finalized their divorce on October 5, 2018. This meant that their divorce process took a total of about three years from their initial separation announcement. This marked the final and definite end of a decade-long marriage, but the two continue to remain civil.

Affleck’s Recent Success

Today, Affleck is making headlines once again for his starring role in a new movie called The Way Back. The movie sets Affleck as a basketball coach who struggles with addiction which, in turn, negatively affects his marriage, career, and life overall. Of course, Affleck has been quick to note the similarities he felt between his character and his off-screen life. This has led him to open up even further about his past – including his marriage to Garner.

His Biggest Regret

One of the biggest taglines that outlets have picked up from Affleck’s recent interviews is his admission that the biggest regret of his life is his divorce from Garner. He went on to state that he still cares deeply for Garner and that she’s helped him over the years. Throughout the course of the interview, he states that he blames his “compulsive behavior” for putting a strain on their marriage towards the end. However, he also states that Garner has been instrumental on his road to recovery and he’s grateful to her.

A Hard Scene

Affleck states that one of the hardest things to film in The Way Back is a scene in which his character breaks down and apologizes to his wife. It would be hard to act out a scene with dialogue such as “I failed our marriage” if you’re that personally in-touch with the character. Sources close to him and even Affleck himself stated that the actor had a “total breakdown” of his own after filming the scene. Ultimately, he described the scene as a therapeutic exercise as well as a piece of artistry.

Garner’s Response

Garner hasn’t made any huge interviews in response to Affleck’s admission which isn’t too surprising. She has, however, quietly expressed her support of her ex-husband who is also a current friend. She’s stated over the years and re-stated recently that she’s proud of him for the progress he’s made and she’s there to support him. Sources have also reported that she said she’s “touched by his honesty” and surprised by the sentiment.

Garner’s Current Relationship

We’ve mentioned a lot about Affleck’s relationships over the years here, but it’s worth noting that Garner hasn’t been left out either. She’s currently in a relationship with John Miller who talented in his own right. If you aren’t familiar with him, Miller holds plenty of titles. He’s listed as a musician, artist, and writer. In addition, he’s also the CEO of a company called Cali Group which focuses on improving both the retail and restaurant industries.

They’re Characteristically Private

After seeing two of Hollywood’s most popular names keep a ten-year marriage so private, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Garner and Miller are rather private people as well. They’re openly in a relationship but that’s about all we know. The two have stated that they’ve bonded over shared experiences such as going through a divorce and co-parenting kids. They’ve been photographed together in public but Miller isn’t one to attend red carpet events.

They Aren’t In Any Rush

While Garner and Miller are happy together, the couple also doesn’t seem to feel pressured to rush into anything. They’re both focused on their kids and their careers and are rightfully happy just enjoying each others’ company when they can. The couple has been together for more than a year but fans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for wedding bells to ring. The two are happy just enjoying what they have and taking things at their own pace.

Miller and Affleck’s Interview

After hearing your girlfriend’s ex-husband say that their divorce was his biggest regret, it’s understandable that you might have some feelings on the matter. Despite the fact that Miller isn’t as in the public eye as Affleck, he has given his opinions. Generally, he states that he’s happy that the two are there for each other and that they support one another. He has shared his concerns over how the press will pull Garner into the matter and some sources have stated he’s uncomfortable with the interviews.

Affleck Is Past Shame

While he’s ready to admit what he did wrong and confess to mistakes he’s made, Affleck did make sure to warn about the power of shame in his recent interview. He points out that while shame is a way to see what went wrong and admit transgressions, he also warns that it’s a dark pit to get sucked into. He says it’s been a journey to look back on his divorce and not get sucked into a “vicious cycle” but that he’s ready to move forward.

What Else Is Affleck Doing?

If you’re interested in catching Affleck in more than just his upcoming movie, don’t worry! There’s plenty more that you’ll be able to catch him in soon. Aside from The Way Back, he’s also going to be in a movie called Deep Water this year. Next year, you can expect to see him in the Ghost Army. He’s also the director of the latter.

What’s Garner Up to?

Jennifer Garner’s career is also thriving today. She’s slated to play in Yes Day soon. She’ll also be involved in this project as a producer for a role behind the camera! She’s also slated for other roles as well, many of which don’t have official release dates yet. This includes My Glory Was I Had Such Friends and Fantasy Camp.

Moving Forward

Overall, the romance between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner was real. This also means that the struggle that divorce caused was genuinely heartbreaking as well. However, both parties are ready to move forward with their lives. They continue on with a strong bond, both as friends and as co-parents. They’ve shown that they are there for each other and we doubt we’ll see this change anytime soon.

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